Trick or treat

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 it was about five years ago, i was heading home to get ready for a halloween party. my wife and her friend were already home and in their costumes. i arrived to find jill wearing a mistress of the night outfit, it was all black and really showed off her fake 36c tits. I can best describe her looks as she looks like jennifer aniston or at least a sister of hers, if she had one. my wife wanted to go as a naughty nurse, but the costume shop was sold out, so she dressed as a hooker. She wore a short leopard print skirt that barely covered her red panties, and her push up bra nearly pushed her 36dd tits out of her small top. we arrived at the bar and had a few, when my wife noticed a party at another table ,it was a group of guys she went to college with. we joined them, and had a few more. I excused myself to get another round, and to take a piss. when Igot back to the table, they were gone, I found them playing pool. It was the girls against the guys.

The guys were winning so the girls started exuding their charm to make them miss. It started out as dancing and pretending to kiss, and made its way up to them leaning over the pocket the guys were shooting at and pulling their tops down exposing nearly all of themselves. At first i was a little leary of this but soon the booze kicked in and I started seeing how horny my wife was and I was pretty sure I was gonna get to fuck her in the ass tonight. The bar gave out the prizes and we didnt win, so I grabbed some beer to have a after hours party at jills. Myself the girls and two of the guys headed for her house while the other two and their women went home. Jill sat in the front with me and my wife sat in the back between them. my wife started getting giggly in the back so i adjusted my mirror and could see the guys "accidently" rubbing on her. Jill must of been getting jealous so she flipped around and said something and then pushed my wifes skirt up exposing her red panties. the guys moaned in admiration, as i pulled into the drive.

once inside the house we started drinking and dancing, jill couldn't take it anymore and grabbed one of the guys and led him back into her room, I wish you could of seen the smile on his face as she led him down the hall. We continued to dance and drink, and the booze was really kickin in, when i pulled my wife into the kitchen. I grabbed her and gave her a big long wet kiss, and began rubbing those huge tits oof hers. My hands worked down to her panties, her pussy was so hot and it had moistened her panties, she was so horny!

I asked if she was having fun? YES! she said, as i fingered her clit. Then I asked if she wanted to have some more fun? Her body shuddered as she said YES!

I told her to go in and start dancing by herself, then she would ask me to go get her new cd from the car, and while i was gone she would put on a show for him. I would sneak around back and watch.
She did as I asked, and when I got to the back of the house.I watched my wife perform a dirty dance for this guy, she moved seductively around the room. her hands running up and down her body, caressing her tits, and thighs. his look was priceless, I gave them a fww minutes and loudly stumbled back in, to give her time to pretend that I didn't know what was going on. I told her I couldn't find it and we met up in the kitchen again, her tongue nearly choked me as we kissed. I asked her if she wanted to do it again. She said yes almost before i could get it out. So i reached up her skirt and slipped her panties off. She nearly came right then and there.

I walked out of the kitchen and said in disgust I will go look for that damn cd one more time. So i left and took my post at the back of the house.

She was really putting on a show this time, He stood up to dance with her and she ground her hips hard into him, then placed his hand on her ass. She then shoved him back to the couch and spun around and bent over. She smiled at me as she danced then turned to face him. then she squatted down in a way to make her skirt go up exposing her trimmed pussy, his face lit up like a xmas tree when he noticed her panties were not on. she then made her way to him and began performing a lap dance on him pushing her tits into him and rubbing his crotch with her knee. I was so horny I couldnt take it so once again I noisly came back in. i put in the cd and we met up in the kitchen and talked again. I aksed her if she wanted to dance for bolth of us. YES YES she said please, so I walked int othe romm and said happy halloween and this doesn't go anywhere. her favorite song came on and she sauntered out of the kitchen. she moved to me and climbed up i could feel her hot pussy though my jeans. I helped her out of her shirt and when she took off her push up bra, her huge tits cascaded down like a waterfall. I told her i wanted to see her dance for him so she moved to him. dancing above him rubbing her tits and she lowered herself onto him pushing her hard nipples into his mouth.

He sucked hard on them and grabbed her ass. she moved down kissing his body and then stopping on his crotch her mouth worked allover it, then she looked at me and noticed I was stroking myself, so she then slowly undid his belt and pants. she pulled his hard cock from its hding place and slid it between her tits and squeezed, she then slid her mouth down and began licking the head of his cock. she sucked him long and hard for a minute then stood him up and undressed him. She then took his hand and made him stroke his cock as she pulled me up and undressed me, she sucked on my hard cock as she watched him. i nearly came in her mouth when she stopped and said not yet. she then finished undressing and pushed him on the couch. she then climbed up on him and worked her pussy allover his cock and then she raised up and pushed her pussy down on him devoring his hard cock they bolth screamed in delight. I watched her fuck him hard, the way her body moved and her moans as he pushed himself deep inside her. then she motioned to me and i walked up to her and she took my cock into her mouth, getting it good and wet, then she pushed me towards her ass. I was hoping for ass sex at the beginning of the night, but never thought I'd get this.

I shoved my cock hard into and made her scream. it took a few strokes but we soon found our rythum. She moaned louder with our thrusts, our cocks stretching her further then ever. She came quickly, and as her body tightened with delight, so did we, filling her pussy and ass withvour cumm. I pulled my spent cock out her ass, and turned around to get dressed, then noticed she wasn,t done. she had decided she wanted a taste of that pussy and cock cumm mixture and she went down on him slurpping up the mess. I stood there watching and felt my own cock growing hard again. She had sucked the life back into his. so i went back over. and pulled her back and began squeezing her tits, he tried to finger her pussy, but must not of been doing a good job, so she took over. He stood up next to me and we watched her fuck herself, her fingers moved in and out of her pussy with every thrust she added a finger, with her other hand she pinched her nipples.

She began to scream then asked us to cumm on her, this was the first time I'd ever heard that, so we began stroking harder and harder, her moans and demands brought us to the point rather quicky, we showered her with our cumm hitting her face and tits. she squeeled with delight then wiped off her face and then rubbed our cumm allover her tits. when she was done she stood up, kissed him on the cheek and led me into the bathroom and we took a shower, then slipped into the spare bedroom locking the door behind us.

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