Trevors Camping First

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“Hi my names Trevor, and I remember my first time very well; it was incredible!”

Let me see it was the summer of 2000, before my senior year in high school and my first year as a counselor at ‘Camp Olympia’, a summer camp I had been attending since I was nine years. The camp was the one thing I looked forward to all year long. There was always something to do and it was incredibly peaceful. It was the one place I could fell positive about myself.
Two months before camp I turned 18 so I could no longer attend the camp as a regular camper but as a counselor instead.

All of my junior year I spent getting ready for my summer by getting fit and healthy. I don’t mean to be conceded but I had a very taut stomach, and still do. The rest of my bodies in good place as well. I’m 6 ft exactly with light brown hair just down past my ears, and green eyes that everyone wants. But trust me it’s no gift more like a curse maybe, my eyes are the one thing that makes me look feminine no matter what I do. But overall I believe I looked good.

And by the looks I was getting from all the other counselors upon arriving, I would say they thought so as well. The counselors have to arrive a week early to get prepared for a summer of chasing around kids. I was looking forward to the full week, I just wasn’t sure what the fates had in store for me. All the counselors took time to mingle and introduce themselves before we gathered around the fire pit (which we used for camp fires, ghost stories and such), to get acquainted with our duties and all the rules and regulations before our names were paired with another counselor. We were then assigned our cabins, I didn’t hear the name of the guy I was paired with, cause I was to excited to pay attention. I couldn’t really get a good look at him either; he was on the other side of the campfire. I was sure he looked familiar though.
Soon we went off to our cabins to get some rest for the busy day we had ahead of us. When I entered the cabin I saw a really toned beautiful half naked body unpacking suitcases. He turned toward me and looked me in the eyes and proceeded to smile. I was instantly taken back to when I was nine years old and I was at ‘Camp Olympia’ for the first time; my first time away from home.

“Hello Trevor damn, you are looking good!” He replied seemingly seductive, as he looked me up and down. I just blew it off as a joke and didn’t really think anything of it. But he was the one that looked good no; maybe good doesn’t do him any justice dude was a Greek god. He didn’t have a six-pack no that wasn’t good enough for Xavier, he was sporting an eight pack tanned from head to toe and from what I could see at the time no tan line. He also stood just at 6 ft, with dirty blond hair just down to his eyes, which were icy blue. I can’t imagine that there was an ounce of body fat on him; his torso was long and thin but perfectly sculpted with amazingly glorious muscles.

Looking at this beautiful body for the first time made me feel something happen within myself I had never experienced before. Never had I been turned on by the sight of another man’s body and had certainly never had an experience with one. I never had an experience with a woman either for that matter. I just always assumed that I was a late bloomer and would grow into liking girls not guys; didn’t really see that coming.
But seeing Xavier after all this time, I guess that really changes things.

Xavier and I had met my first time here; he helped me get over being in a new place and being away from home for the first time. Both of us were loners so we hit it off instantly of course; he was the obese one and I was the feminine little geek.
Turns out for the last three summers he had been at a fat camp somewhere out west. He would tell me about it later and how he felt it was the best thing that ever happened to him, not only did his training help him get healthier and sexier it boosted his moral and helped him be more confident in himself. But that is another story so back to this one.
He must have noticed me checking him out again cause the next thing he said shocked the hell out of me and I wasn’t sure how to respond.
“Would you like to see the rest?”
“Um, oh…” I was trembling with fear, excitement and nausea all at the same time.
I had never felt this way and it scared the shit out of me!

Xavier moved closer, close enough to where I could fell his hot aromatic breath merging with my own. He came forward and lightly brushed his tender lips against mine sending electrical surges all through my body. Instinct must’ve kicked in, the next thing I knew we were like animals locked in a primeval state, sharing each others breathe, tongues slashing at one another like unsheathed blades which had never met. Crashing against furniture and the walls, knocking over lamps and end tables just loosing ourselves in one another.
In one move Xavier swooped me up into the air in front of him with my body still pressed against his, our lips still locked, with one arm he spun around gently laying me against the wall. Meanwhile he encircled my legs around his waist and locked my feet round his back; with the other hand he then locked the door and switched off the light.

Not only was it an incredible show of strength and agility, it was extremely fucking sexy and seemed to turn us both on even more; if that were possible.
Xavier again showed his strength when he carried me to one of the beds in the counselor’s room and gently laid me down. He quickly peeled off my shirt and was to my pants fumbling around with them before I could stop him.
“Wait stop, I’ve never done this before, and I’m not quite sure what to do.”
“Hey that’s cool, I’ll help you along.” He countered.
“Well can we slow it down a little then, I don’t want it to be too awkward.” I asked sheepishly.
“Yeah, hey sure no problem anything for you Trevor.” Said Xavier as he begun to kiss me slowly while caressing me all down my back and encircling my ass with his gentle yet firm grip. Next he lifted my bottom and slowly removed my briefs with one hand tossing them aside he began to stare down at my erection. “Wow Trevor, that’s a huge one.” He kina gulped.

My flesh scepter was nine in half inches by eight inches, pretty big; so I thought. I reach down to take hold of Xavier through his shorts and I was shocked for the second time tonight. He had to be every bit twelve inches and I couldn’t guess how thick he was.
“Is every thing ok?” He must’ve seen the worry in my eyes.
“Um, you said I had a big dick but wow; I mean that’s incredible what you’ve got there and to be honest it really scares me.” I felt embarrassed saying it but it was really scary and I had still yet to see it.
“Look I won’t ask you to do anything you’re not ready for ok, deal?”
“Yeah deal.” I replied as we began to explore each other’s lips and tongues once again.

Xavier slowly started working his tongue down my body beginning with my neck going in circles and lightly sucking, moving further on down to my right nipple pouncing on it with no remorse. I arched my back and torsos shoving my pelvis into the air from the shear exciting touch of his tongue wailing about inside his mouth and on top of my nipple; he then began to suck lightly just as he had on my neck.
“That fells incredible!” I moaned as he worked down to my abs and ran his tongue down my happy trail to the top of my bush. Then without hesitation or warning he swept in and engulfed the entire length of my shaft down to the base of my balls and proceeded to bob up and down taking me deeply into his throat and back out with graceful ease.

At this point I began to mumble out obscenities I had never used, under my breath trying to be as quite as possible and that was not easy.
“Jesus goddamn fucking Christ that’s incredible where did you learn to do that?” I asked quickly. He went down one last time pausing at the base of my shaft and using his throat muscles to contract around my cock.
“Fat camp!” He replied enthusiastically.

It was now my turn to show my new found strength so I quickly grabbed Xavier around the waist, lifted and spun him around to where he was lying on the bed and I was hovering over his body. I reached down and yanked his shorts and underwear off all at once; finally I see the monster that will soon take my virginity.
“It’s so gorgeous Xavier.” I cooed as I began to lower my head toward his lap.
He quickly stopped me pulled me to look him in the eyes and said.
“You don’t have to do that if you’re not ready.”

I paused for a minute thinking about it then responded.
“I want to, I want to explore every part of your body, even if that means your freakishly large tool.”
“But don’t expect me to perform at your level.” I quickly added.
“Not a problem.” Said Xavier as I began my decent once again; where I am completely certain not too many people have ever fathomed going.

I got face to face with his head, so to speak examining every inch of his sex pistol. Taking in its smell and creating a mental map of every vain, nerve and over sized pore. Finally I stuck out my tongue and sort of flicked it on to the tip of his head, which sent a few driblets of pre cum flying onto his stomach. I could tell Xavier liked it as soon as he tensed up his body and moaned a little.

Deciding to experiment a little I wrapped my lips around the base of his cock and ran up and down the length of it while lathering it up with my tongue. Then just like he had done to me without warning I swooped down to his balls and proceeded to pop them in and out of my mouth sucking on them lightly a little at a time. Next I sprung up from his balls and took as much of him into my mouth and throat as I could; at first I gagged so I backed off a little until it was comfortable and before I knew it I could take ten inches of Xavier without gagging.
After what seemed like hours of devouring his cock Xavier pulled out of my mouth and twisted his muscular body to where our cocks were at each other’s faces. He gulped down my cock once more and I followed suit getting the idea quickly. I had never heard of 69 but I loved it immediately. We sucked each other’s cocks for some time more when without even realizing it I moaned out.

” Make love to me Xavier, I want you in me!” The look on his face was surprise and amazement and I’m sure that’s what he saw on mine to.
“Are you sure about that?” Asked Xavier with a puzzled look.
No I wasn’t sure but that’s what I think I felt at the time and I wanted him to do it before I changed my mind.
“Yes, this is what I want.” I replied reaching down and wrapping my hand around as much of his cock as I could.
“Ok lay down and spread your legs.” He commanded respectively.

I did as he asked then he helped me experience another new thing for me. He picked up my ass into the air a little and cupped my backside with both hands with his extended thumbs he spread apart my hole and stuck his tongue as deep into me as he could. I almost fell out of his hands as I began to thrash and jerk about, I never would have imagined rimming would fell so great. Next he stuck one finger at a time into my love chute all the while still licking me through and through. I’m not sure how many fingers he had in me before he decided I was ready, I was to distracted by the attention he was giving my hole and sack with his tongue. He rose up repositioning himself between my legs for entry he assured me of his intent to be easy.

“I’ll go slow I promise, I would never want to hurt you.”
I nodded then held my breath while he sheathed his penis with a condom, I let out my breath and got one more in to hold before he placed the head of his dick at me pointing right for my virgin ass.
“You ready?” He asked seeming genuinely concerned.
“As ready I could get I suppose.” I replied barley able to contain my excitement.

I gasped and cried out a little as Xavier stuck the head in stopping just at the beginning of the shaft, he slowly rocked back and forth a little letting me get used to his size pushing into me further and further with each tender thrust. I was amazed when I felt his balls slap up against my ass, I didn’t think it would ever fit in the first place much less feel that damn good.

Xavier held himself inside me for a moment before he began to once again rock back and forth except this time he pulled all the way to the tip of his cock then gently all the way back to the hilt. I couldn’t believe how great it felt and how little of pain there was, it was like my ass was created to fit his cock. He took his time at first just moving in and out of me with care but before long his movements became quicker and his thrusts became more powerful and my head began to spin from all the intense pleasure I was felling.

All at once he pulled out of my ass leaving it felling very empty but not for long. He repositioned himself this time under me; straddling him he lifted my ass a little, aimed his cock and reentered me in one hard thrust. I cringed as it hit bottom but I loved every breath taking moment. I started to rise up and down bracing my back against his knees just riding like no one had ever ridden before. Xavier gripped my dick into his hand and began to pump it with the rhythm of my bouncing. Before long we were both moaning and patting in unison and then I felt my balls tighten and a swell of energy build up deep in my loins.

“Oh I’m coming!” I screamed as my body tensed up so hard I could fell the walls of my ass constrict around Xavier’s cock to where he couldn’t move.

The next thing I knew I was spewing my spunk all over Xavier’s chest and face, buckets of cum just kept pouring out of my dick onto his body, finally as the last drop plopped out my slit I could fell Xavier swell up inside me.
“Me too, oh god here it goes!” He yelled as he pulled out unsheathed his piece and spewed his love juice all over my back, the heat of his cum made me fell even more excited and some how I began to cum a second time just as much as the first.
“That was unbelievable.” Said Xavier when he finally caught his breath after finishing coming.
“No kidding, I hope it’s just as good the next time.” I replied into between the deep breathes I was still taking.
“There is a next time isn’t there?” I asked quickly looking him into his eyes.

He kissed me deeply and passionately before responding.
“Of course!”
The rest of the summer was just as hot as that first night we took every chance we got alone to our advantage. By the time we left camp at the end of the summer we had both become familiar with every inch of the other ones body taking turns topping and slowly falling in love. We both cried before leaving that last night together but promised to write each other all school year until we could be together again the next summer.

In case your wondering if that happened you will be happy to know next week will be our tenth year anniversary and Xavier tells me he’s got a special trip planned and I’m going to love it. I hope it’s the beach, I have never experienced sand in my crack; I hear mixed emotions, but still I look forward to it. Until next time happy camping!

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