Trekking trip without my boyfriend

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This incident happened in my second graduation year. I was staying in a rented single bedroom house with a bookworm friend of mine. She is always into studies and she has no time to spare for anything else. She was pretty, but she did not have a boyfriend. But she never had any problem with my boy friend, Rahul coming to our dwelling and having fun with me. When we used to make love in the bedroom, she would be studying in the drawing room. I make a lot of noise when fucking, but Sunaina seemed to be completely ok with that too. She is a fair and soft-spoken north indian girl, but I was a wheatish but very attractive girl. I work out weekly thrice to keep my curves sexy. Talking about me, I am 55 kilos (121lbs) with a 32DD-26-36 frame, black long hair with copper streaks, and brown eyes. I stand 5’7” tall and am interested in modeling. I wear glossy lip gels, mascara and make-up and high heals to enhance the look of my long legs and love wearing mini skirts and micro minis and tight shirts which gives guys an idea about the outline of my voluptuous breasts. I dress to kill. Yes, I was spicy hot for a college girl and I knew this from the gazes of all the staffs and students in my college and the passerby. Even girls love to take a glimpse of mine. Rahul too is a very attractive guy with very good physique and handsome face. When he proposed me in the first year to be his girlfriend, I rejected in the beginning, but he was persistent and then I had to say yes to him. The whole college was jealous of him.

With our relationship, I got introduced to Shyam, Varun and Shonai, who were Rahul’s friends. They were always together in whatever they do. I was then the new addition in this team. We had fun going for movies, playing cricket and volleyball, touring places and all. Of the six of us actually Rahul was the arrogant and picky. He was well built and always had his separatist views on everything. This made few clashes in opinion some times in the group, but still we were always united.

In the mid of second year of college, there was a major dispute between Varun and Rahul about Varun’s interest in bringing his girlfriend in our group, which Rahul opposed. Rahul was on the faulty side as he had already taken me in the group and was stopping Varun do the same. Without my knowledge, the clash fumed inside our group which made a ridge between Rahul and the other boys and as an aftermath, Varun somehow broke up with his girl. Everybody was angry with Rahul, but none raised their voice to maintain the status quo of our group.
And then one day Shonai called on me to ask if I am interested in a trekking which they were planning for the weekend somewhere in Madikeri where Shyam had a farm house. I said ok expecting the usual trip. They asked me to meet them near the college on Friday morning at eleven o clock. Our plan was to drive down to Madikeri and reach there by evening, stay back in Shyam’s farm house, go for trekking the next day and sight seeing the next day. Those days none of us had cell phones. So on Friday, sharp at 11 o clock I was waiting at the gate of our college. This was not the first time we were going on a trip like this. Shyam was already waiting for us near the gate with his four wheel drive jeep. I jumped inside and took my seat by him. Varun too came with a cigarette in his hand from the tea shop nearby and sat on the back seat. Shonai was ten minutes late to come.

We waited for Raul for about half an hour and decided to go and check in his house. We were welcomed by his mother who said Rahul has gone to Mumbai with his dad for some business purpose. I was shocked because he had told me nothing about his trip. We came off his house and the boys decided to call off the trip. But I insisted not to cancel the trip. For Rahul’s behavior we were pissed off with him and I was the most pissed off among them. I said we will continue as planned.
The boys were concerned whether I would be comfortable without Rahul in the team. I said that I give a damn about him anymore. So we decided to continue as planned and in no time, we were on our way. With Rahul not in the group, the boys seemed to be more relaxed and playful. They took chances in flirting with me and I felt that they were a little more touchy than usual. I did not mind them, as I knew they were frustrated to have a girlfriend. Varun seemed sad for letting his girl go. I tried making him comfortable and cheerful. We stopped in a bar in Mysore and bought some drinks, food and things needed for our short stay.

By evening we reached Shyam’s farm house. It was an isolated house in the middle of coffee plantations. It was used by the plantation workers and Shyam’s dad, when he visited. When we went, the place was empty as it was not season for any works in the farm. The house was maintained well and had so many bedrooms and a huge dining hall and kitchen. Everything was available in the house from fridge to kitchen utensils and a gas connection. As I had expected that Rahul also would be there in the trip I was carrying some revealing type thin fabric dresses for the night because it always used to turn him on. I hoped for some steamy sex there with him. I changed my dress to a night dress and we started prepared dinner together. When dinner was ready, we gathered around the table and started playing some card games. I was not very good in card games. The boys wanted to drink and I didn’t mind it. I was a social drinker. So they poured a little vodka for me too. We played and drank for hours. By the time they had drunk three or four pegs, I was in my first. Our discussion had changed from one thing to another and ended up in girls drinking. Varun believed that girls can’t drink more than three pegs before getting high. I opposed his idea saying my friend drinks more than them and still she would maintain her posture. They said she is one in a million and challenged me if I could take at least three pegs. I always loved challenges.

I said I can. Then they made me finish my drink and poured the second drink. I had no problem finishing it. Then they asked me to bring some side dish for the drink. By the time I was back, my glass was again full. I started sipping my third glass while we continued our cards game. When I finished the third glass, they attested that I am a good drinker. Initially I had no problem even after the third drink and the boys were in their sixth peg of the day. But as time passed, I could feel the kick of the liquor settling in me. Ten more minutes, I was fully out. I could not sit straight, so I lay back on the couch. The boys seemed high but they were in control and they were laughing at me. I don’t know when I dozed off, but I woke up in the night dizzily. I had lost my surrounding sense and was asking where I was. With great difficulty, I raised my head to see that I was lying on the huge dining table and my hands and legs were tied to the legs of the table. Then I saw a bright flash of light in front of my eye. And then when the light cleared I saw Shyam standing there half naked and taking my pictures. Gradually I could figure out Varun and Shonai behind him.

I asked them what they were doing and why they have tied me on the table. My head did not have a support, so it fell back over the edge of the table. I found myself so weak to shout or scream or even raise my head. Then they came around me and started running their hands all over me. I ordered them to stop what they were doing. I guess that agitated them, so they tore my night gown off me. I was wearing designer lingerie. They completely tore my dress off and started touching and feeling my body. I was so weak that I could not stop them, and even if I was strong, I was fastened tightly. Shyam continued taking my picture from different angles. Then Shonai came around and kissed me on my lips forcefully. I tried protesting, but in vain. He pushed his tongue deep inside my mouth holding my face straight. Then I could feel someone’s hands crawling under my bra. I tried to shake them off, buy they over powered me. My bra was pulled apart and was torn off in no time. They pulled off my bra from under me. Shonai stopped kissing me and took hold of one of my breasts. Varun was busy sucking my other boob. I was in tears and I tried crying aloud. But in the middle of the plantation, I knew no one would even hear me. Shyam was still busy taking pictures. He was clicking pictures every second. He did not want to miss any of the action. Now both Varun and Shonai were sucking on both my big boobs. My long hair was untied and was hanging down the table edge. From the corner of my eye, I saw Shyam getting naked completely. He walked across and stood in front of my unsupported head. I looked at him with a pleading face, but he was not to stop this from happening. He was well hung.

His cock would have measured easily about nine inches and was dark and thick. His erect cock was right in front of my backward hanging face. Then he made me open my mouth and pushed his hard cock inside me and started throbbing inside my mouth. With the obvious bent on my neck, it went deep inside my throat easily. All the while he clicked pictures. I chocked on his huge cock. By this time, Varun and Shonai were busy ripping my panties off me. They pulled it down, but could not take it off as my legs were tied to the table. Then they tried ripping it off. The strings of my g-strings broke and they pulled it off me. I was completely naked in front of three young boys. I knew there is no turning back now. So I decided to stop rebelling and start enjoying. I showed my enthusiasm in sucking Shyam’s cock into me. I wanted to tell them that I would cooperate if they release me, but with Shyam’s cock deep inside my throat, I could not speak anything. And when the film reel of his camera was over, Shyam took his king cobra out of my mouth. I told them that I would cooperate, but they did not believe me. Varun and Shonai were busy between my spread legs sucking hard on my clit and my pussy.

This is not the first time I was having sex with someone other than my boyfriend while I was in relationship, but this of course was the most different of all. It was a fantasy for me to get gang banged. I was crying out loud in pleasure when Shyam came back with a new reel in his camera and started clicking pictures again. Shonai climbed on the table with his legs on both my side, he was naked and his cock was hard and long and it had a bend to the left. He kind of sat on my belly and placed his cock between my massive tits and started pounding my tits. Every time he thrust, his penis head touched my chin. I lay there enjoying every moment of it. Varun’s tongue was deep inside my vagina now. I squirmed in ecstasy and squired all over his face. He did not stop sucking me still. I squirt very badly, throwing up the juices high. Rahul would die to have my squirt all over him. Every moment of this was being captured in Shyam’s professional camera. Same time, Shonai spurted his cum on my chin and it started rolling down my cheeks and on to my long hair. There was so much of it that it flowed like stream after stream. He spread his cum on my face and then he got off me and lay on the couch. By this time, Varun had stopped sucking me and he took his beer bottle from the tea table, opened it and thrust it inside my hot cunt. I cried out loud. It was a light and nice burning inside my vagina and the beer was cold which tickled my insides. The beer bubbled inside my pussy and flowed out of it. Varun drank the erupting liquid mixed with my quirt. He licked off the beer of my pussy lips and then he stood between my legs on his knees. He was finding it difficult to enter me when I was tied on the table.

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