Transformation after Discovery

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

It's a Monday and the two of you have been off to work for a while and the house is quiet. It's the middle of the summer and college classes have not begun for the summer and with nothing to do, I wind up in mom and dad's bedroom.

What's drawn me into your room is still a mystery. but before me is a lay out of the scurried morning the two of you had since the power outage last night kicked off the alarm and the two of you had to get ready in a hurry as not to be late for work.

Towels on the floor in the bathroom, nightgowns, boxers and dark sheer pantyhose tossed around the bedroom in a haphazard display. I picked up the items and admired them. Mommies, I brought to my nose and inhaled her scent. It was captivating bringing me into a trance, something that I had to have and something that I needed more of now. I held her panties to my nose as I continued to look around the room. Picking up a pillow I found something that totally surprised me. It was a dildo with a rotating sleeve at it's base. I brought that to my nose as well and it smelled the same.

Mommy had been fucked the night before by Daddy with this dildo. I wanted it, I wanted it more than anything. I opened up my mouth and brought the cock like cylinder into my mouth and started to taste Mommy's essence. I LOVED it.

I put Mommy's panties over my face so that I could look out through the leg hole openings and inhaled deeply. I was overcome with Mommy's scent. I went into the bathroom and removed a pair of used pantyhose and began to roll them up and soon before I knew what I was doing, I had them on. I had placed Mommy's pantyhose on while sniffing at the crotch of her worn panties. I laid down on the bed comfortably with toys in hand and started to suck on Mommy's dildo.

It was at this time that Mommy stood in the doorway watching me. How long had she been there? Our eyes met and she simply said "Don't stop" I looked at Mommy as she started to remove her blouse, while stepping out of her pumps. She reached behind her and unzipped her skirt allowing it to fall to the floor. Now standing before me in nothing but her panties, bra and dark sheer stockings stood my mother. She approached the bed while one of her hands went down to her pussy and started rubbing it with total lack of how it looked.

mom's head rode back as she got closer and closer to me than kneeling on the bed she straddled my stockinged leg and started riding back and forth pushing down ever harder with each slide back and forth.

I couldn't believe it, I was dressed in Mommy's pantyhose and she's riding my leg bringing herself off. She reached forward and started to massage my hard cock through her pantyhose that I had on and bending down she planted a kiss on my lips that became one of the most passionate kisses we ever enjoyed. Our tongues snaking back and forth between our mouths. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders pulled herself down and pushed her pelvis down even harder on my stockinged leg as she rode back and forth with total abandonment.

Mommy exploded and than after resting on my chest for a brief period she got on the mattress next to me and opening up her legs wide she invited me into the HOT depths of her dripping pussy. What was I to do so I pulled out my hard cock from beneath the pantyhose and placing it at the lips of her beautiful pussy I pushed forward sliding back into the depths of the pussy that I came out of so many years ago. It was a sensation that has not been matched since and never lived up to before.

Mommy held me tight as I slid in and out. It was at this time that Daddy entered the room completely nude and bringing his cock to Mommy's lips told her to open wide and she did swallowing the cock that made me as I looked on in amazement.

While Mommy was sucking Daddy he brought a glass with a straw over to me and told me to drink. I consumed it totally and it was at this time that Mommy stopped sucking.

Honey, you love fucking me don't you?

Yes is of course my answer. Mommy pulls Daddy's cock closer to my lips and tells me to suck on Daddy's cock for me. I do as instructed and am soon sucking on Daddy's hard cock as it grows in my mouth.

Daddy pulls away and Mommy asks me if like sucking on Daddy's cock. Again my answer is yes.

Daddy comes closer and puts his cock back into my mouth for a few minutes. As he does this Mommy has put something greasy in between my cheeks..

Daddy pulls away and Mommy tells me that since I liked wearing her pantyhose I must want to be a girl.

I can't answer.

Mommy smiles up at me and says, that's OK honey, we know that you want to be just like Mommy, we found my panties in your room before. However what you don't know is that Mommy is a total slut and if you're going to be like Mommy, you are going to be a total slut too.

Mommy plants a passionate kiss on me and our tongues intertwine as she holds me closer to her. I look into Mommy's eyes and she tells me that the drink I just had was a drug that will change me from a boy into a slutty girl when I climax inside of her.

I can't believe what I'm hearing but I have to cum and she knows it. You want to be our total slut don't you honey. I shake my head yes and with that Daddy picks up the dildo that I found and brings it to the entrance to my manhole. Mommy tells me to slide deep into her and as I do, Daddy slides the dildo deep into me. This goes on for a while as Mommy encourages me on telling me that once I cum inside of her that I'll be Her and Daddy's slut for ever.

As I get close, Mommy stops the activities and asks me if I truly want to be a slut like her. I shake my head yes and with that Daddy pulls out the dildo and replaces it with his rubber covered cock and slides into me as I slide into Mommy.

Daddy begins to encourage me on as I make Mommy cum as my cock grows for the last time before it will for ever changed into the dripping pussy just like Mommy's.

We climax together and as I kiss Mommy passionately, the transformation is complete as Daddy and I shoot our loads.

We end this part of our encounter, me dressed up like Mommy converted into the slutty nasty daughter Mommy and Daddy have always wanted.

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