Trans Bookstore Adventure

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I was walking near the corner of Polk and Post Streets past an adult bookstore when I noticed an attractive transgender standing on the corner. I walked up and struck up a conversation. I told her she was attractive. She asked me if I wanted a date. I smiled and I asked her if she was functional. Then I asked her if she would accompany me to the adult bookstore so I could suck her cock. She thought about it for a moment. Looked a little puzzled and then said yes. 

I gave her $40 plus some money to cover the cost of admission to the adult video arcade in the back of the adult bookstore. 

I then followed her into the store and we both obtained video arcade money and I got an extra $20 in one’s. We stopped to look over the assorted adult DVD’s out on display. This always makes me extra horny before heading back to the movie booths. After looking over several videos we decided to head back to the video arcade. 

We entered past the entrance to the arcade and down the corridor towards the video booths. There were a couple of men standing along the hallway. One winked at me. We chose a booth towards the back of the store and went inside and locked the door. I placed money in the dollar slot and the video started. I then searched until I could find a video which featured a Shemale. 

We then embraced and started exploring each others mouths with our tongues. She reached for my crotch and started to rub my cock thru my pants. I undid my belt and lowered my jeans. She then lowered my white boxer briefs. She then went to her knees and started to suck my cock. After few minutes of sucking I informed her that I did not want to cum to soon and that I wanted to suck her also. She then stood up and I went to my knees. 

I raised her skirt and lowered her panties a little to reveal a perfectly shaped cock with a crop of nice trimmed pubic hair just above her cock. 

“God you have a beautiful cock” 

I then took her cock in my mouth and I started to gently suck on her until she hardened. When hard her cock had to be at least 7” in length. I started to kiss and lick around her balls and cock and then I took her full length into my mouth. She must have been enjoying this because she began to fuck my mouth and moan. I sucked her for a few minutes more when she motioned for me to stop and stand up. 

When I was standing straight up again she dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock again. At the same time she started rubbing my ass with her free hand. I was loving the attention that she was giving my asshole and I was close to cumming when she suddenly stopped and went to her purse. She produced from her purse a bottle of lubricant and squeezed some into her hand and rubbed my asshole. She then obtained even more lubricant and she started inserting her fingers into my asshole, while she continued to suck my cock. I should have realized what was about to happen when she motioned for me to turn around and bend slightly over. 

I just then noticed that the movie had stopped. So I retrieved more money from my wallet and deposited it into the dollar slot. On the screen three shemales were taking turns screwing this lucky man in his late twenties. Both his mouth and ass were being brutalized by these chicks with dicks. Then I noticed a glory hole and cock sticking thru it. My luck she noticed it also. The door knob to the booth was also jingling back and forth. Luckily the door was still locked. 

She instructed me to bend over and suck the cock sticking thru the glory hole. Horny as hell and almost out of control I obliged. As I took his cock in my mouth I felt her cock pressing against my lubricated asshole. Slowly she began to enter me. The pain was intense and I was having trouble concentrating on the cock in my mouth. I was worried I was going to bite down, but I didn’t. She remained motionless in my ass for a minute while I adjusted to her presence. She then started slowly pumping in and out. A few minutes went by with the cock in my ass and one in my mouth. I have to admit I was loving every minute of this experience. I wanted it to go on forever. Now she was fucking my ass with powerful thrusts. At the same time she reached around me and started stroking my cock. I was in heaven. 

All of a sudden the cock in the glory hole erupted and shot torrents down my throat. Then the man in the other booth thanked me and left. She must have unlocked the door to the booth, because suddenly it opened and a middle aged man walked in. As my shemale continued to fuck my ass, he dropped his pants and presented me with his cock. He must have been at least six inches half hard. I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck. 

The shemale fucked me over and over. Slowly withdrawing her cock and then inserting its full length all the way to the tilt. Her balls were smacking my ass on every stroke. The trans-gender, our male companion and I had a good rhythm going. I was sucking his cock like my life depended on it. On every third or fourth insertion I suck on his cock head and then twirl my tongue around entire base, shaft and head. He started to hold my head as I bounced up and down on his cock. All three of us were moaning in extasy.

Suddenly the shemale announced that she was going to cum. She then pulled out and swung me around and stuck her cock in my mouth and came. She came in torrents. There was so much cum that some of it was leaking onto my chin. After swallowing her cum, I continued to clean her cock attempting to get it hard again. All at once I felt our male companion's cock at the entrance to my asshole. She instructed me not to panic and that I would love this. 

Slowly he entered me and started fucking me with nice long thrusts. As he did this, she continued to encourage me as I sucked her cock. She then stopped my sucking, dropped to her knew and took my cock into her hot mouth as our male companion continued pound my ass. This was just too much for me. She had only sucked my cock for a few minutes when I came. She held my come in her mouth, raised up and went forward and kissed me on the lips. She deep throated my mouth with her tongue. I sucked as much of my cum as I could from her mouth. Then she stopped and kissed me on the forehead. 

I was a little disappointed when she stopped and started straightening her clothes up. She got fully dressed, wrote her name and phone number down, left the note on the chair and left as this man was continuing to thrust in and out of my used asshole. 

Moments after she left, did another man enter. He was a little overweight. Yet he was still attractive. I was presented with yet another cock. I sucked this new cock with earnest until the cock in my ass erupted. After several more thrusts the first man withdrew his cock from my ass and I dropped to my knees. I continued sucking on the cock of the second man as the first man started playing with the video search until he found a gay movie. Suddenly the second man pulled out of my mouth and started jacking off furiously. Just as he exploded, I took his cock into my mouth and sucked in as much cum as I could. I milked the cum from his cock with my lips. He continued thrusting his cock into my mouth until he was totally satisfied and spent. I rose to my feet and then colapsed into the chair.

As the first man was getting dressed he exclaimed: “That was so hot” 

The second man strongly agreed and admitted he was watching our threeway with the transgender from the glory hole. Both men thanked me. We exchanged hugs.

I continued sitting in the chair totally spent as both men departed the booth. I locked the door and stayed there until I regained my senses. Then I dressed, grabbed that phone number and left.

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