Trannys Feminize Dandy Boy - Sequel

(Part 1 from 2)

So being feminized is a sort of intimate experience? Believe me it's more than that! In fact I don't know
how I can say everything about how I feel now or then when it started happening to me. But that's how my
life goes. Things tend to get done to me. However much I try to regain control of my life I find others
dominate me.

For those of you who haven't read my story so far it is basically this: I was an effeminate schoolboy and
all my friends knew I was not cut out for macho things. Then one evening I lost my virginity to a
bunch of transsexuals in full view of my old school mates. But that's another story (mail me if you want
it). It was early afternoon and I was feeling a bit more in control of things. I knew Ian would come and put the
hormone up me but I was used to that by now. It has happened every day since that night with the trannies.

I planned to take my own car to be independent so I could leave whenever I liked. This was the big day! In
some ways I was dreading it and in others… Well!

Ian is one of the many from the local Rugby club who has taken a keen interest in me. But few people could
miss noticing the changes I have been experiencing. At first my nipples got very sensitive and contact with
my clothing made me feel extremely excited. But now he was making my breasts swell.

It was not only Ian who was checking progress under my shirt every day. There were lots of others, mates of 
Ian, old school friends and Rugby guys who regularly groped my small firm boobs which seemed to grow by the
day. But they were not even the main attraction. It was my bum. I have always had big and rounded buns but
my feminized buttocks were ripening like peaches for these virile guys who don't need any prompting about
what I really need. I can make any resolution I like about being independent but once someone slips his
hand under my pants I go all passive and just wait for it to happen, which it always does. I love it so much
I can't resist any of them once I feel they are going to do me.

Even on week days at least two or three guys often come round in the evening so the first thing I have to do after work is to shower and prepare myself. This is easy enough done as I can unscrew shower the head and
slip the bare hose up me and get well cleaned out inside before my guests arrive.

A typical evening is when five or six come round to watch football as well as visiting me. They don't like me wearing too much below the waist so I don't put on jeans as they'll just rip them off me. 

I find I have more control over things when I take the lead. If I get my shirt so it just covers my ass and
put on skimpy panties I find it intimidates them a bit at first. But they always do me anyway before the
match starts, and they like to give me a 'Fill up' during half time. After the game they take it in turns
to give me a good fuck in my bed. 

But it's during play when I have fun trying to distract them. It's no good for the first 20 minutes but then they get more responsive. Usually they cram on to two settees and I sit curled up on an armchair to one side with only a long shirt or bath gown on. This is where I find I can get some sort of control over them for a change! I let my shirt ride up a bit to show more of my legs by mistake! Then as I see them glancing my way I will casually run my hand up my thighs briefly exposing my crutch and then covering it again. By this time they are constantly taking their eyes off the match. But I keep them in suspense while they pretend not to notice. Then comes the stage where I run my hand over my bare bum and start feeling my crack. Then you can see them adjusting themselves under their jeans. Sometimes I don't have to go any further as someone says something like: "Go on Andy give it him just to keep him quiet". 

But if it doesn't produce immediate results I get a bit more explicit. It's nice when you know all the guys are looking at your bare bum! It thrills me to tease them by fingering my hole and I feel so sexy it's easy to let it dilate a bit so some cum starts to ooze out of me. It's a nice position to be fucked in as well because I can push my bum out over the edge of the chair. I gets quite funny if a goal is scored while one of them is fucking me.

Anyway to return to the goings on this particular afternoon. Ian and three others were not my first visitors that day. Mandy and two other trannies had called earlier. [See the previous story for info on her]. They had been shopping and had brought round a miniskirt they had found for me to try on. By the way, you do not refuse presents from Mandy!

"Come on get your pants off and lets try this on you" she said unpacking what looked more like a kilt except
that as well as the tartan there were shiny leather hems. It was very brief too and when she put it on me
I realized it had some extra pleats like one straight down the back which gave anyone easy access to my bum

"It looks perfect on you" she announced, "So now all we need do is complete the inauguration! Isn't it girls! So bend down and get ready for some tranny juice!" Mandy was rather keen on syringes especially when it came to using them to service my bottom. I assumed it was some extra hormone to speed up my feminising.

"Unfortunately some of us couldn't be here this afternoon but they have sent their contributions anyway." It was quite a large syringe half full of cum on to which she had attached a slim tube which she fed straight up my bum hole. "This is from Sally, Judith, Marion and Paula with love" she said as she depressed the plunger. It felt
really nice and warm inside. Mandy was meticulous about details and had warmed it in the microwave after
taking it out of a cold flask. "There was some of ours in it too" she said as an afterthought but now you're going to get it raw and natural as we say!"

Mandy was big with large boobs and a powerful cock. She was a fanatical feminist and loved dominating men.
"Bend over that chair then and pull your new skirt right up over your back. That's right now we're going to fuck you up your bottom. Let's do him girls!" Mandy drive a point home mentally as well as literally. She rammed me roughly so that I winced as my sphincter was forced to accept her rigid cock. Then she banged me really hard for several minutes before releasing a gush of hot spunk which I felt spurting deep inside my rectum. The other girls who had been watching at close quarters were quick to follow Mandy's lead and both gave me this same wild effeminate tranny fucking.

"So what are you up to today? I hope Ian is servicing you as arranged."
"Yea they'll be around soon" I said and then added
"It's a big day down at the club"
"Really!" said Mandy "Now that's interesting! Big evening too then?"
"Oh yea" I said and then realized that perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut.

But I am digressing again!

Ian had arrived with three of his mates to take me out. First things first of course and after he had stuffed my daily hormone dose up my asshole he and the others gave me a good fucking on the bed. By this I mean they held my legs up and got their cocks in amongst my internal genitals and gave my prostate a good massage as well as delivering loads of really thick virile masculine spunk up my bottom. They didn't suck my cock off this time as Ian explained he wanted to keep me at a high level of enthusiasm for after the match.

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