Train ride

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Two young women were riding on a train from Los Angeles to Chicago. One had olive skin so perfect, jet black hair and a beautiful figure. Sarah was a gorgeous girl. She was dreading this long train ride and just knew it was going to be boring. One evening as she lay in her sleeper listening to the rails clack as they moved along she slowly ran her hands over her small perfect breasts. As she ran her fingers across her hardened nipples, she moaned. She loved to feel her soft skin, but was wishing for someone else's touch. She masturbated until climax and fell asleep.

A woman in her 30's, Samantha, was walking down the small hallway in the sleeper car. As she slowed and cocked her head to one side by a sleeper berth door, she heard a woman moaning. Initially thinking someone must be in pain, she heard the sound again. As she stood there listening, she realized, no one was in pain, but rather in ecstasy.

She quickly looked up and down the car as she didn't want anyone to see her lingering there. Sammi had light brown hair, sensual green eyes, pale skin, ample breasts and long shapely legs. She couldn't help but listen, the sound turned her on and she closed her eyes and imagined two lovers together. She was really missing her husband and knew what euphoria after climax felt like. Almost in a trance she heard the door at the end of the car open and quickly snapped to and went on her way.

The next day as Sammi was walking down the hallway, she had her eyes set on that mysterious door, remembering last night. As she approached, the door opened, afraid the person exiting could see her feelings all over her face, she looked down. She almost ran into Sarah, but noticed a wonderful smell of lavender coming from her skin. It sent chills through her body and she couldn't figure that out.

After all, this was another woman! She was expecting a man to come out after the girl, but she turned around and locked the door. "Is she alone?" she wondered, not exactly knowing why. Something was happening to her and she couldn't figure it out. As she looked at Sarah she saw an exotic olive-skinned beauty. Her skin looked so soft and she just wanted to reach out and caress her.

"What is going on with me?" she asked herself, she had never had these thoughts or impulses before! As Sammi walked off, Sarah looked after her, she could feel Sammi's eyes on her as she had locked the door. Sarah was thinking what a beautiful legs that woman had.

After lunch, Sammi returned to her berth to read for a while and pass the time. She was walking not really paying attention when all of a sudden, she was face to face with Sarah in the deserted hallway. She felt her face flush and tried to say something, but the words weren't there. It was like she couldn't breathe. Sarah touched Sammi's arm and said "Hey! You seem to be a million miles away. You okay?" Sammi shook her head yes.

Then, without saying anything she grabbed the back of Sarah's head and forcefully kissed her. Sarah jumped back, "what are you doing?!" Sammi was visibly flustered and started apologizing profusely, turned and started back down the hallway to her berth. She never looked back and couldn't figure out what had come over her. As she got in her berth, she sat down amazed at what had transpired in the hallway.

She also realized that it had felt good! She sat back in her chair, closed her eyes and replayed the kiss in her head. Slowly, she started moving her hands towards her thighs, lifted up her skirt and started fingering her clitoris. It was so moist and swollen, she never imagined a thought about a woman could make her feel this way.

She brought her finger up to her lips and licked it sensually, then slowly slid it into her vagina and gently pumped her hand in and out, rubbing her clit. She ran her other hand over her large perky breasts and could feel the nipple harden as she touched herself. She was writhing in excitement thinking about the girl in the hallway. As she came, she let out a loud moan and could feel her body quiver all over. This whole thing was new to her, it was confusing, yet erotic at the same time. How she wished that girl were touching her now!

Sarah, still in shock, watched the brown-haired lady leave. She could see that the woman was embarrassed as she rushed off. Sarah didn't even say anything, she was completely dumbfounded! Not that she didn't like women, but she had never had that happen to her before.

That night, Sarah couldn't get that long-legged beauty off her mind, she had looked into the greenest eyes she'd ever seen and the kiss was still lingering on her lips. She had to see her again! She opened the door, wondering if the woman would accept her advances as she walked down the hall.

Slowly, she knocked on the door. No answer. She looked down the hallway and saw that no one was around, so tried the door. It was unlocked! Checking the hall again, she slowly opened the door, peeked around and walked in. She then locked the door. This was wrong, but she couldn't help herself! She started checking out the bed, imagining being in it with that woman.

She found a pair of underwear that had been tossed on the floor, picked them up, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply holding them near her nose. Aaaah, she savored the smell of them. How she wanted to taste her! As she sat there she suddenly heard the key in the lock. "What am I going to do?" she panicked to herself. She backed herself into the front corner of the berth, hoping that she could hide long enough to sneak out when the woman used the restroom or something!

Sammi came in, plopped down and opened up her book. As she was reading, she realized that she could smell lavender. "Oh my God, my imagination has gotten away from me!" she said to herself. "This is ridiculous." After a minute, she decided even a fantasy can't seem this real. She looked around the small cabin and noticed the covers on the bed were a bit messed up and was sure she had made it after getting out of bed that morning. Finally, she walked toward the bed and the aroma of lavender hit her nose again. It was that girl! She had been here. But how, the door was locked?

Sammi decided to let it go. The girl must've been curious, she surely couldn't go talk to her! She couldn't control her lust. She started undressing and looking in the mirror ran her hands over her naked body. She thought to herself that it would be nice to have someone else touching her body right now. She sat on the edge of the bed and went to pull down the covers when she saw toes.

She let out a startled squeal. Sarah panicked and put her open hand over Sammi's mouth as used her body weight to push her back on the bed. "Ssssh! Ssssh! Please! I didn't mean to scare you, I was hoping to get out before you saw me!" Sarah could feel Sammi soften. Sarah took her hand away slowly, taking in Sammi's sensual naked body.

Without saying more, she started caressing Sammi's flat, toned abs, her hands moved down as she ran them softly over her thighs. Sammi shivered, but liked the feeling. She sat up and touched Sammi's silky black hair, then nuzzled her neck and took in the wonderful aroma. She felt a a stirring in her loins. Sarah put her hand on Sammi's breast and felt her breathing, in an instant she knew Sammi was excited.

She had the most beautiful breasts and Sarah bent down and start sucking on Sammi's nipple. Sammi moaned and Sarah put her other hand between Sammi's bare thighs. Her clit was so swollen and hard, she could feel the warmth and moisture. Sammi looked into Sarah's dark eyes and kissed her lightly, then darted her tongue into Sarah's mouth. It felt so right.

Sarah gently pushed Sammi back onto the bed and kissed her hard. Then slowly with her tongue traced down Sammi's neck, then just teased her breasts. Slight kisses on her belly and worked her way down between Sammi's thighs to that swollen, warm clit. Her tongue flicked just a little and Sammi thought she would explode! Sarah was so gently using her fingers and tongue, she brought Sammi to a full, body-shattering climax. It made Sammi feel weak, but oooh, she had never had an orgasm like that before!

Sarah stood up and turned as if to go, when she felt Sammi reach out and grab her around the waist. Turning Sarah around, Sammi grabbed the bottom of her dress and slowly pulled it off. As she pulled it up, she flicked Sarah's clit and ran her tongue up her abdomen. She discarded the dress on the floor and cupped Sarah's small breasts in her hand.

What a feeling! They were so soft, yet so exciting and her nipples were hard. Sammi licked her nipple and ran her hands all over Sarah's body, enjoying the softness of her skin. Then, without thinking moved up and kissed Sarah long and passionately. As she did she reached between Sarah's legs and stuck her finger into her soft moist pussy, exploring and pumping her hand.

Sarah arched her back in anticipation, and fondled Sammi's large breasts as Sammi moved slowly down until she was between her legs. She knew what felt good, but had never done this before. She savored the womanly scent and the taste. As she flicked her tongue over Sarah's clit and listened to her moan, Sammi herself got so excited again! Sarah came so hard she practically screamed!

Sammi was almost dripping with excitement as she ran her hand down to her own clit and slowly played with herself. Sarah ran her hands over Sammi's thighs and kissed her gently. She enjoyed seeing Sammi get off and as she watched, fondled her own breasts.

What a wonderful night they had, making sensual love to each other. They took pleasure in the softness of each other and the warmth of holding and kissing each other tenderly. Not many words were spoken that night, and they never saw each other again after long train trip, but they both had the vivid memory of that erotic night together.

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