Trail Head parking lot Head

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I was on my way home from doing sales calls in the LA area and I thought I would cruise by a 'cruisy' trail head parking lot before I headed home.

This parking lot has two sections, I parked went by one side and saw a little white pickup with a guy sitting in it...promising...., then I went to the other side and it looked like just hikers and mountain bikers getting ready for some afternoon exercise, so I went back to the other side to see if the white truck was still there. It was so I parked about 5 car widths between us, shut off my engine and rolled down the windows. The guy looked over and I nodded an acknowledgement, and he didn't mess around, he lifted his hips up and showed me a nice big cock that he was stroking.

I started the car up and moved it over to right next to him. Up close I can see that he is a Mexican guy wearing some painters work clothes, not bad looking. I told him, nice cock, and he says, You like? I said, yeah, you want some head? He says, yeah, but too many people here, lets go to the other side and up the trail. So we start up our trucks and drive out and around about a mile to another parking area where a trail starts, and he was right, there were not any people there. We get out and I follow him down a dirt trail. Ok, to describe me, I am 50yr, white, business (sales) guy, wearing Kakis and work golf shirt, nice shoes not the right clothes to be out on a hiking trail. 5'10, 190 7.5" cock. Normal dad type of guy.

I follow the guy up the trail, then I see him go off the trail, through some bushes, so I follow through the bushes, around a little corner to a nice little open secluded area. We settle in and finally really look at each other. He is about 30yrs old Mexican guy about 5'7" with a very muscular body from what I can tell. I reach down and start rubbing his still hard cock through his pants. He steps back and undoes his pants, and pulls out a semi hard uncut cock that is already about 5", so I dropped down to my knees and take his cock in my mouth. As I suck him he gets fully hard and a nice fat mushroom head slides out from the foreskin to a fully hard 8" or so.

I keep sucking and he pulls me up to my feet. I undo my pants and pull out my cock, and he reaches down and starts stroking my cock with one hand and roughly grabs the back of my neck and pulls me in for a kiss. As we stand there making out and he pulls my pants all the way down and my shirt up. He kisses his way down my neck to my man boobs and starts kissing, sucking and biting my nipples, still stroking my cock. He stands back up and we start making out again and he reaches back and grabs my ass with both hands and pulls me to him cock to cock and starts pumping against me.

As we passionately make out he suddenly breaks the kiss and pushes me to my knees and grabs the back of my neck and guides my mouth on to his really hard cock. I hear him say, you want my milk? Not sure what he is saying I look up at him with his cock in my mouth and he says again, you want? I nod while looking up at him I see his face contort and he shoots off the first shot, then another two big shots to the back of my throat. I stopped moving, just holding his cock in my mouth while he shot some more then oozes the rest of his 'milk' in my waiting mouth. When I feel his is done, while still on my knees and still looking up at him, I pull off his cock and open my mouth and show him my mouth full and then swallow it all. As he looks down with a great big smile.

I still have a nice hard on, but now that he has came, it feels like time to get out of there, so I pull my pants up and tuck my shirt in and head back out through the bushes and down the trail to my truck.

That was the good part of the story. Here is the bad part. Those bushes were poison oak. I was careful when I went through them, but apparently he wasn't, and everywhere he touched me, my neck, by man boobs, my cock and balls, and my ass now have poison oak. It fucking sucks and hurts to jack off as I relive this story as I was writing it. Next time, I'm just sucking him off in his truck in the parking lot...

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