Top of the Morning

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It had been a good night. I was hoping for a better morning. So, I stood at the counter in the kitchen, rinsing the little bread plate I’d had my muffin on. The coffee cup would follow. I never heard him coming.

His arms came around me from behind, his hands going to the places they normally found when he held me from behind. I felt his face press against the nape of my neck, the slight roughness of his day’s worth of growth scratching gently as his lips pressed against me.

That kiss was electric. His lips parted and his tongue, my favorite tongue, touched me.

He held the kiss for a few seconds and his hands started to work their magic. They slid under his shirt…it was his shirt I’d put on that morning when I woke…to touch the skin of my stomach. His hands there were warm and large and a little roughened but gentle. As they caressed the soft flesh of my stomach, I thrilled to them.

His desire was obvious in the feel of his erection pressed against the small of my back. He dipped his hips just enough to press it against the soft curves of my bottom. I knew he loved the way I felt. And as I ground back against him, feeling that hard meat against my rump, his hands slid up above my belly and he cupped my breasts. At the same moment, I realized that he had padded through the house completely nude and that made me even hotter. The moan of desire and pleasure escaped me and he chuckled gently against me, his desire raging even though he seemed completely in control. That was my favorite part.

His hands were large enough to contain most of my breasts and he covered them, his palms against my swollen, hot nipples. His mouth opened wider and he nipped at me, shifting his hands until his fingertips pinched my nipples.

I literally gushed, my folds flushed with want. My white lace panties were getting soaked in the crotch and I renewed my pressure against him. Now his hands slid down to that soaked crotch. One thick finger wiggled into the leg band and stroked the hot, wet lips between my legs. If it was possible, he got even harder and this moan was louder.

He took a step back and turned me around to face him. I looked up into those deep, green eyes and knew in a second why I wanted him so often. I pulled his face down to mine and pushed my tongue into his mouth, kissing him to show him my desire, as though it were not already obvious to him.

He pulled away, a crafty grin on his lips. His hands slid down to the waistband of my panties and he pushed them down, going to his knees as they went to the floor.

His lips now pressed against my shaven mound, his tongue drawing little circles of desire on my flesh. It was a delicious sensation which he repeated all over me. Then, his tongue reached my clitoris.

The first electric touch of his tongue on my clit nearly caused me to lose my balance. His strong shoulders were my support and I helped him lift my bare bottom to the countertop. The perch would be necessary for what came next.
The next stroke against my little nub was even stronger and I let out a little yelp of exquisite pleasure. He laughed deep in his throat and the rumble of his voice rocked through me and put me even closer to the edge of the cliff.

His index finger slid between my dripping lips and I let out another cry at the feel of it. His tongue focused more attention on my clit as his other hand spread my labia. In seconds, my hips were bucking and my cunny was rocking against his mouth, screwing down against his finger. It wasn’t the digit I really desired inside of me, but I would take it for the next few moments. He pressed against my g-spot and I went over the cliff.

Brilliant starlight burst behind my eyes and waves of sweet orgasm rolled over me. From a small corner of my mind, I wondered who was screaming for a full second before I realized that it was me crying out the name of my lover.

I floated down to the counter, part of my desire sated. I opened my eyes and looked down at him, grinning crookedly up at me. Yes, he knew exactly what I wanted.

He made sure I was stable enough on the counter and stood up.

As his lips pressed to mine, I tasted my own fluids. I didn’t care and I pushed my tongue back into his mouth. I could feel the tip of his engorged manhood teasing me.

It drove me nuts for a few seconds before he pushed it into me.

The sweet agony of being entered by my man engulfed me. I felt him reach deep inside my femininity and I pressed hard against him, drawing him as deep as possible inside me.

His thrusts were hard and frenzied. I could feel every ounce of his desire to fill me, to give me every drop of himself, his instinctive animal need overcoming even his iron self-control. Sometimes, when he took me, he was careful to make sure that my pleasures were being satisfied and my needs were being met, but not this time. Luckily for me, my paramount pleasures would only be met by him driving himself into me and giving me what I most needed.

His thrusts became unsteady and he plunged all the way in. I squeezed him with my legs, my ankles pressed against the back of his thighs and he released a strangled, anguished cry that almost sounded like pain.

But I knew it was the sweet release of his semen into me. He came hard inside of me and I squeezed him with my arms, my legs again, my pussy. He held himself still inside me as he finished pumping his seed into my womb.

He gently pulled away from me, his softening member slipping out of me. The kiss he gave me now wasn’t born of the passion of his desire or his wants to dominate or possess me. Now, the kiss was about affection and happiness and love.

As good as my night’s sleep had been, I knew what I needed now was to feel him beside me, his arms around me. I wanted to lay my head on his chest and listen to his deep breathing as he slept.

Sure there was a wet spot on the floor of the kitchen and it was going to increase as we walked back to the bed and there were panties with a wet crotch laying near that spot, but some things were more important.

Holding my love’s hand, I took him to our bed for a well-earned rest.

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