Top of The World Chapter 3

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The atmosphere in the room was suddenly still. Three pairs of eyes were apprehensively watching the intruder, my mom; who had just barged into my room and was staring at us incredulously. I immediately pulled my cock out of Suzy’s pussy; it came out with a large sloshing sound. 

Suzy quickly covered her dripping cunt; her face was deeply flushed with shame. She appeared frozen in her place, her fearful eyes watching my mother. Mike had cupped his cock and was trying to appear calm. 

Although; there was no reason fro me to be afraid of mom, nevertheless, my only concern was that I didn’t know whether mom was ready to share me with others. I had already promised Mike that I would let him fuck mom. However, truly speaking, I didn’t have any idea how was I going to persuade my mom. In a way, getting caught together with Mike and Suzy was good that I was spared of looking for excuses to tell her about my recent adventures. 

To my relief, the look of bewilderment was gone from mother’s eyes, and slowly her lips spread into a wide wicked grin. 

“I didn’t know that…” She spoke smilingly, her yes shining with a wicked sneer. “You are into such nasty games with your friends.”

“Mom…I.” I stuttered, though her smiling face had relieved me, I found myself at loss of words. 

“Won’t you ask your friends to leave now?” Mother pointed towards Suzy, who was lying spread-eagle, her tiny hands still trying to cover her naked oozing cunt unsuccessfully. “I think she have had enough of you two and she needs some rest.”

Suzy was listening attentively. She immediately jumped from the bed; took her clothes from the floor and scurried out of the room, without looking into my mother’s eyes. Mike too followed suit, leaving mom and I alone in the room. 

“For how long this had been going on?” Mom looked at me, I could read a mocking question in her eyes. 

“If you can believe me; it was our first get-together.”

I was totally relieved by now. Though mom was trying to maintain a straight face, but her eyes were belying her intentions. She was enjoying my predicament. I got bolder.

“What a fantastic get together. I hope you two studs have been careful enough not to pound that little nymph too brutally.” She smiled again.

“She is no little, mom.” I protested. “She is older than both of us.”

“I know honey.” She eyed my flaccid cock, languishing between my thighs. “I know, you gotta have fun with the girls of your own age. I am only concerned about that you take necessary precautions. I don’t want every teenage girl from our neighborhood banging my door, telling me that she is carrying my grandchild. Is she on pills?”

I shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t know. I had never given thought to this aspect of sex. I didn’t even know whether mom was using it or not. So far, we had never discussed about pregnancy and related things. 

“I don’t know, mom.” I left the bed and walked to the mom and put my arms around her waist. “I never asked her. What about you?”

“Certainly,” Mom watched my nakedness and lovingly touched my limp cock. “You are not the first man in my life with whom I screw and I am still fertile.”

“That’s great. So, one day we can have our own kids.”

“No way. I’m not interested in carrying another baby after so many years and that too from my own son. Don’t forget, we live in a small town. People will immediately know, who’s the father of the child. We just can’t take that risk.”

“May be we can go to some other place, a big city like dad’s. Where no one knows us.” I pulled mom into my arms and kissed her. Mom didn’t try to remove my hands, instead she responded with eager, returning my kiss. I felt my cock, reviving. 

I put my hands between her thighs and slowly slid it upwards, inside her skirt. Mom didn’t move. My hand touched her panties. I ran my fingers along her cloth-clad slit. I felt the dampness on her panties. Mom was dripping. Whatever she had witnessed in my room, few minutes ago, had affected her erotically and she was certainly horny. Again, I brushed my fingers along her wet crotch.

“Don’t talk like idiots. I left your dad to be remain here.” She replied after a while. “And fucking each other, doesn’t mean that I’d agree to make you the daddy of your own sibling. Forget this bullshit.”

Though her answer was in negative, I had a hunch that that was not she was thinking and she would love to bore our baby. I could wait till that time. 

“I am starved.” Mom suddenly changed the topic. “And right now I’m only interested in taking a nice shower and lunch afterwards. You must’ve been very busy with you nasty games and I’m pretty sure that you’d have forgotten to warm my lunch. ”

“Yeah…mom.” I stammered. “I too have to eat my lunch, but I feel, I need a shower.” I pushed my finger inside her panties, feeling her wet slit, densely covered with trimmed hair. I could feel growth of side-whiskers on her pussy lips. Mom needed a shave. I ran my fingers roughly across her slit. “Why not take a shower together, I would scrub your back.”

Mom didn’t say anything. She smiled invitingly and removed my hand out of her crotch and moved out of my room. I knew I was welcomed and I followed her to her room. Mom was horny and I knew soon she would be begging me to put my cock inside her streaming pussy. 

Once inside her room, she threw her purse on the bed and proceeded to undo her clothes. In a moment her skirt and blouse were lying on the floor. She stood before me, in her lacy bra and panties. Without caring about my presence, she reached back and undid her bra, letting it slid down along her body; revealing her magnificent tits to my hungry vision. Her dark nipples stood out hard and erect. 

Next mom bent forward and rolled down her panties and slowly removed them off her legs. I admired her full firm tits, her trim waist, nice shapely legs and rich fluffy cunt. Mom sure was a hell of a woman. She stood straight giving me the perfect view of her naked boobs and hairy cunt. Her bush appeared thicker; there were the growth of side-whiskers. 

“You need a shave, mom.” I pointed toward her bush. “Why don’t you let it grow fully? Your pussy looks good with that.”

“Don’t talk like my ex-husband, he always wanted me to grow my bush.” She giggled like a young schoolgirl and lewdly ran her fingers through her bush, and then she turned and entered into the bathroom.

I was right behind her, my boner sticking out of my pubic region. I watched her sexy ass wriggle as she walked. She bent and opened the tap and let the water fill the bathtub. I moved behind her and holding my cock, I gently rubbed the tip at her ass hole. 

Mom didn’t move, I was sure that she was enjoying the feel of my cock at her bunghole. I lowered my cock, and forced it between her thighs, bringing it in contact with her soft pussy lips from behind. I felt her juices gluing to my manhood. I thrust it forward; spreading her cunt lips, running the tip of my cock along her slit. Mom moaned loudly.

Mother had lost her patient as she turned around and entwined he arms about me, rubbing her wet pussy sensuously against my rigid cock. 

“You’re such a naughty young man,” She grabbed my cock and ran it along the slit of her dripping cunt. “You even drive your mama crazy with lust.”

“Just wanna fuck you, mom.”

“Not so fast honey.” To my reluctance she swiftly moved away. 

“You were right that I need a shave.” She ran her fingers across her bush. “Would you like to do it for your mom.”

That was a generous offer. Certainly, I was not going to give up such a great opportunity. 

“My pleasure, mom.” I grinned. “I’d love to.”

Mom closed the tap. The bathtub was only half filled; it could be filled later. She sat on the floor beside the tub and slowly spread her body on the floor. She lay there with her legs wide apart, he dripping slit open wide, her pussy juices oozing out of her creamy trimmed fuck hole. 

I knew, where mom used to keep her shaving kit; I took the shaving gel and taking a great chunk on my fingers, I carefully, applied it across her pubic hair. I smeared the gel to her pussy, slowly working it into rich foam. Soon, her cunt was fully covered with thick white foam. Mom was dripping so profusely, that a drop of her fluid oozed out off the layer of white coating covering her pussy. 

It was the time to shave her off. I took my mother’s sensor excel razor and was about to start the shave.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked her. “Only the side whiskers or complete shave?”

“My kitty is under your command,” She gyrated her hips erotically. “Do whatever you want.”

“Ok.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I just wanna see you bald.”

Carefully, I shaved my mother’s cunt. First, I stripped her pubic region off the hair and slowly proceeded to shave her pussy lips, making her slit bare. Within a minute her cunt was devoid of any hair. I moved the razor between the joint of her thighs and meticulously shaved that region also.

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