Tony's Transformation

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Transformation : Chapter 1

It was a typical English wet summer and as usual I was spending the holidays with Aunt Katie and my first cousin Julie. We had been close as far back as I could remember, Julie was only a month older than I was. The fact that we lived fairly close together in Hampshire, and our mothers were twin sisters, had a lot to do with our close relationship.

My elder brother Reggie now lived in Australia and had recently married an Aussie girl and my father had been visiting them recently on holiday after a serious heart operation, when he was killed in a car accident. As soon as was conveniently possible my mother had left for Australia, and I had gone to stay with my Aunt Katie and Julie. Fortunately it was the start of the summer holidays and so it did not affect my school work. Aunt Katie had been a widow for many years. And she had a small chain of beauty salons all with managers, and as it was her own business, she had much greater freedom to be at home with Julie and me during holidays. Although of course we were now at an age when we really could look after ourselves.

Both Sandy and I were very similar in appearance as we both had long light auburn hair and our features were almost identical. We had virtually grownup like a brother and sister. In the early years as young children we had frequently slept together, until our respective parents decided that we ought to have separate rooms. Mother always refused to let me have my hair cut short, she said it was such a beautiful colour that most girls would kill for it. I frequently got teased at school about the length of my hair, but I loved my hair more than I hated being teased about it. So there was no opposition from me.

One day before this fateful summer while we were visiting my mother said facetiously to Aunt Katie
“One day I think we will have to dress Tony in some of Julies clothes, I have a suspicion that we will hardly be able tell them apart if they are dressed the same.”
Julie was present at the time and I noticed how she gave me a long searching look, to see how I had reacted to the comment, but I had no idea what was going through her mind at the time. Mother had always told me that she had hoped before I was born that I would be a girl, but she had always insisted that she loved me anyway, and was quite happy with me. However, I somehow sensed that there was still a latent longing somewhere within her for a daughter.

Holidays with Julie were always great fun, we seemed to have so much in common. We liked the same books, the same type of films, and we were both enthusiastic tennis players. Julie liked clothes and dressing up, and quite frequently Julie would use me as a clothes horse, by asking me to put on a dress to see how it hung, and she liked me to go shopping with her for clothes, as she said she valued my opinion.

Anyway, the year my father died I arrived at Aunt Katies for the summer holidays as usual, to be met by a rapturous Julie, who as usual was always glad to see me, and had lots of things to show me. She kissed and hugged me fondly. and very excitedly she dragged me away to her room to show me her new stereo. We had few secrets from one another, although we both had our own school friends from our schools.

The next day after my arrival was a Saturday. It was a wet and windy summers day and Aunt Katie was called into work as one of her Beauticians was off ill, and she had a full appointment book, for the day, so Julie and I were left to amuse ourselves.

At about 10.00 am Julie had a phone call from Aunt Katie, and I heard her giggling and I heard her say “I can’t wait to see him Mamma she seemed very excited. She said “Grab your coat Tony we are off to see mother she has a surprise for us.”
I tried pumping her on the way in the taxi, but she would not be drawn. When we got to the salon where Aunt Katie was working for the day she said to me.
“Tony I know that you have worn girls clothes from time to time for Julie. Some of my appointments have cancelled because of the shocking weather, so how would you like it if I transformed you into a girl for the rest of the holidays“.
I admit I was a little shocked and I was not sure that I liked the idea. I looked at Julie as my mind tried to grapple with what Aunt Katie had proposed.. Julie just looked at me and said

“Go on be a spot Tony.“
So I said cautiously. “As long as it is not permanent Aunty.”
“Of course it won’t be darling and if you really hate it you can change back straight away.”
“Well, we'll soon have you looking the part dear.."
Aunt Katie said as she led me to her working area, and settled me into the chair. Aunt Katie wrapped a smock around my slender, nearly hairless body. At that point, Aunty asked me softly.
"Are you comfy ?".
"Why are you really doing this, Aunt Katie I asked as a panic set in ?"
She said "Tony I know over the years how Julie has dressed you in girls clothes, and your mother and I have always wondered what you would look like as a girl, and I remember how your mother always wished that you were a girl. Well I thought it would be nice for you to surprise your mother when she comes home if it woks, anyway Julie always wanted a sister to play with. It is only for fun, and you can be a boy again whenever you really want to be!"

I thought about it and Julie looked at me and said. “Go on Tony it will be great fun!.”
So I was lost and agreed to go along with the change. I must admit that the few times I had tried Julies clothes on I had enjoyed the softness of girls clothes, and I had to admit that I had enjoyed the feelings that it gave me. A short while later, my head was under the faucet of the sink, as Aunt Katie expertly washed my hair with a sweet smelling shampoo. Next she rinsed a conditioner through it...or so she said. As I was waiting for the conditioner to work, I must have dozed off and I was awakened by an odd tickling sensation on my feet. I looked down and one of the shop assistants was filing and painting bright red nail polish onto my toenails.

"Well, Toni, I think that you are going to be a real beautiful young lady and I think we shall just have to spell your name Toni from now on" Aunt Katie said .
Have a look at your self in the mirror darling!" And she whirled the chair around, so that I could look in the mirror.

There was only one major change so far, My hair had been wrapped tightly in rollers, Aunt Katie now squeezed a foul-smelling liquid onto my rolled-hair. I knew what it was. I was getting a perm!
"Don’t worry Tony it will comb out when you want it to your hair will not only be curly--it will be absolutely adorable with that natural golden blonde colour that both you kids have.”

A short time later, after sitting under a dryer, I was having my fingernails filed and polished the same bright red as my toenails, by the same young lady who had previously done my toe nails, while Julie who had come back with a whole lot of shopping took over, and started to comb my hair out, under her mothers supervision, producing a flattering golden blonde pageboy style, reaching to just above my shoulders.

As the morning wore on I found that Julie had also gone out to buy some new clothes for me, to save me the embarrassment of shopping as a boy for girls clothes. While Julie went out to pick my clothing, Aunt Katie had started work on my face--tweezing my brows into a thin feminine arch, accenting my eyes with blue-green shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Finishing with a slight blush stroked on my cheeks which gave me a nice glowing look, while a red lipstick, that matched my nails, made my lips look wet, kissable, and desirable. In the end, I was definitely a Toni--and even I had to admit to myself that I looked absolutely stunning.

Julie came with me into a back room where she helped me on with a pink padded bra, padded out with tissue paper, pink garter belt, flesh coloured stockings and a white minislip. Over it all came a red mini dress, the skirt stopping a bout an inch above my knees. On my feet, Julie had found some red patent leather shoes, with a strap across the instep and about a two inch heel.

A look in the mirror together with Julie and we looked like two incredibly sexy twin sisters. Julie had also bought me a raincoat and an umbrella, together with a red handbag. There were a few other clothes in her bag like a very sexy nightdress and spare panties.
Just before our taxi arrived Aunt Katie whispered in my ear
“Even I did not think you would be this glamorous. Your mother will love her new daughter and it will definitely take her mind off losing your daddy.”

Julie had also bought a few items of jewellery for me, a heavy gold chain like the one she always wore and as we were waiting for our taxi Aunt Katie told me, if you like your transformation Toni then we will get your ears pierced on Monday darling and you can have some really nice earrings”

We were home for a late lunch and over lunch Julie said “How about going to the cinema this afternoon for your first public adventure.”
I must admit I was a little nervous, but after lunch we set off. Suitably dressed for the weather and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the local cinema . No one noticed us in particular except for a few boys who tried to ’come on’ to us , but it was obvious by their approach that they had no inkling that I was a boy. After the film we hurried home and we found Aunt Katie waiting for us.

She asked with a big smile “Do you like being a girl Tony?”
Julie caught hold of my hand and before I could answer she said “Mother I really enjoy having a sister!” I nodded shyly, and then Aunt Katie put both hands on my face and kissed me. “
Well what harm is there darling - although on Monday we shall have to get you some proper clothes of your own, and I think I will have to book you both in in for a beauty treatment and styling next week. Lets do the job properly.”

That night when I went to bed I found that my pyjamas had been replaced by a very frilly shortie night dress, similar to the ones that I had seen Julie wearing. I lay in bed my mind in a whirl as I went through the events of the day, I realised that I had enjoyed being a girl and I was looking forward to the rest of the holiday .

I was just nodding off when I heard a sound from across the room and I looked up to see the bedroom door swinging slowly open. I froze, trying to squint into the shadows, and then I saw Julie, standing in the doorway wearing a short nightie similar to mine.
“I couldn’t sleep,” she announced softly, as I sat up to look at her

“Julie your mother will kill us if she finds you in here at this time of night?” I whispered as quietly as I could.
Julie just shrugged. “Mother is fast asleep,” she answered, sidling over to my bedside.
“It’s awfully cold in here,” she observed, looking at me expectantly. She hugged herself expressively.
“I’m going to freeze to death standing here,” but before I could answer she grasped the edge of the covers and slipped under them beside me.
“God… Julie,” I croaked. “What… what are you doing, for Christ’s sake?”
“Just what you wanted Toni. I want you to be my lover tonight Tony. You know that I have loved you for a long time.”
“Try and tell me you haven’t thought about me in that way,” Julie whispered, nudging me playfully with her leg. I groaned, wondering what on earth to do, and then my breath caught in my throat as she began to wriggle beneath the covers. Then her hand emerged holding her nightie which she dropped to the floor with a giggle.
“Julie…” I began. I intended to remonstrate with her but somehow I knew that if I kicked her out it would spoil everything between us for ever. Just the thought of the lovely Julie naked beneath my sheets in my bed was quickly getting the better of me. My cock was hard at the thought of her closeness and what she was really implying. I sighed, surrendering to the inevitable and turned on my side to face her.
“We must be crazy, you know?” I whispered, sliding my hand over toward her. I experienced a sudden electric tremor of pleasure as my palm slipped softly across the flat warmth of her bare stomach.
“God… you’re so beautiful,”
I murmured as I slipped my hand up the smooth plane of her stomach and I felt her breath catch as it came softly against the sloping underside of her breast. I paused for a moment, just barely cupping the soft little conical mound and then I ran my palm over the top, feeling the stiff point of her nipple pressing up against it. Julie exhaled sharply and I gently teased the hard little nubbin, squeezing it teasingly between the web of my fingers and pulling ever so lightly. As I caressed her, I had a brief vision of the perfect tits as I had seen them briefly earlier that day .

Even though it was dark, there was just enough light coming through the window to allow me to see the deliciously conical forms pointing stiffly toward the ceiling. With the chilliness of the night air, the two lovely nipples were like hard little bullets and I slid my hand over each in turn, alternately cupping and gently squeezing the tender mounds beneath. I could feel a stirring between my legs as I bent my head to my lovely cousin and began to nuzzle her gently with my lips.

It is almost impossible to convey the sweet eroticism of that moment. I felt as much as heard her moan gently as I took her left nipple into my mouth and teased it, sucking her into me and flicking the stiff nipple with my tongue, first in a flurry of quick, viper-like movements and then more slowly, playing the flat of it over the hard little protuberance. I passed to the right nipple, repeating the performance there, and as Julie moaned again I slid my hand beneath the covers and down over the perfect flatness of her gorgeous stomach. I had never been with a girl before and I was just following a bit of instinct and what I had read in porno magazines.

I felt my fingertips slide over her pussy and her breathing suddenly became deep and slow. With a soft, barely perceptible sigh, Julie parted her thighs for me, raising them slightly and allowing me to reach down on to her wet warm pussy between. She gasped as I dropped my hand to cup the warmth of her lovely pussy.

I stripped off my nightie and as I leaned back toward her I felt the swollen head of my cock pressing hard against the projection of her hip. I slipped my hands back between her legs and down into the warmth, experiencing a wonderful surge of arousal as she groaned in absolute pleasure.

Julie’s sparse bush was little more than a soft tuft atop the rise of her pubic bone and beneath, as my probing fingers quickly discovered, the thick, fleshy pads of her outer lips were smooth and deliciously bald. I let my index and middle finger slide down on either side of the lovely tight crevice and I wiggled them, gently teasing her open. She was slickly wet inside and I bent to her in the darkness bringing my mouth to hers for our first, beautiful kiss. Our lips met and immediately she thrust her tongue almost hungrily into my mouth, twisting it with my own. I continued caressing her teasingly and then her tongue became suddenly rigid and erect as I parted her inner lips and slid my index finger into the hot, sweet wetness of her pussy.

Julie suddenly asked .”Have you done this before Tony?”
I had to be honest, and admit that I had not then Julie said
“Tony I am on the pill but I have never had sex, I was waiting for you. I know that we can never marry, but I will always love you, and I wanted you to take my virginity. I don’t think I will ever love anyone else quite like I love you.”
“I know Julie I feel the same, but there is nothing we can do about it.”
I felt her hand steal out and then gently encircle the thick hardness of my stiff, throbbing cock.
Then she slipped her fist deliciously down my swollen cock , gripping the base between her fingers. It was my turn to moan now and she drew her hand back up, slipping the fingers around the head and teasing back my foreskin with the same slow rhythm I was using on her clit. Her eyes were closed now, her breathing, deep and measured, and a moment later her hand suddenly gripped me as she went tense. A short, sharp little cry burst from her and she came, jerking her hips beneath my stroking fingers.
“No… Put it in me,” she gasped urgently. “I want you to make love to me now…”
She parted her legs for me, laying back, her pretty auburn hair spread in a fan about her head. She was looking deep into my eyes and I think I even saw a hint of nervousness there as I lowered myself on to her. She reached down and grasped my cock and guided me toward the entrance to her pussy .
Oh God… Sinking into her was like sliding my cock into a silken glove filled with a hot, exquisite oil. As the swollen head of my cock pressed up against the slick folds of her inner lips there was a moment of resistance, she gave a little moan and then I was inside her delicious warmth. I could feel her gripping me, almost sucking at me, she was so tight, and she groaned in pleasure as I pushed into her, stretching her wide with my cock. Bit by bit I pushed inside her and then I could feel my cock against the hard little ring of her cervix. She gasped.
“I want to feel it when you cum,” she panted. “I want to feel it inside me…!”
I began to thrust back and forth. She began rocking her hips to meet me, locking her lower legs behind mine, and then as we reached an incredible crescendo of motion I exploded inside her, my cock tight against the gate to her womb as I filled the tip of the condom with my thick ejaculate. Minutes later, as I was still pumping my load into her, she came a second time, crying out and raking her fingernails deeply across my back. We gripped each other, lost in the incredible power of our orgasms and then subsided, gasping through the final surges of pleasure.

I’m not sure how long we lay like that before I eased myself off her. We held each other, lying side by side as we basked in the afterglow and she traced her fingers through my chest hair lost in thought. Finally, she slid her hand down my stomach and lightly curled her fingers around my cock where it slumbered on my thigh. I awoke early the next morning as Aunt Katie came in and laid out some clean clothes of Julies for me to wear until we could go shopping, She kissed me fondly and said
“Good morning Toni dear, we will have to go shopping tomorrow to get you some lovely clothes of your own.”

The following morning my aunt steered us toward the ornate entrance of one of the many exclusive shops that lined the main street. I was not dismayed as I realised that this was a shop for young girls, and I felt a strange excitement coursing through my veins. Julie was holding my hand as we started shopping, Julie knew exactly the type of clothes that would suit me, as we browsed. Then with Aunt Katies credit card we started buying clothes for me.
"Come on Tony dear I want to make you look every bit as lovely as your cousin. But, Aunty Kate, this is expensive.?"
"Come now, Toni. - you know that you like wearing her clothes, but you should have your own clothes and you do look lovely in them darling.”
I found myself being propelled gently into these delicately scented havens of femininity.

No-one seemed to think of me as anything but a girl and it was also quite easy to hide the size of our shopping as we went from store to store. Smartly dressed shop assistants hovered around us and I must admit that at first I was feeling a little embarrassed and had it not been for my Aunt and Julie I would have fled. After a quick lunch I was taken by Auntie to have my ears pierced. It was not the most pleasant experience of my life and I had to keep turning the sleepers over the next few days my ears were a bit sore at first But by the end of the week I was presented with a whole array of lovely ear rings.

That summer was a wonderful summer I don’t think I had ever been so happy in all my life. Julie and I never had sex again as after talking it through, Julie explained that we could never marry as we were cousins, and if we continued a sexual relationship we could possibly end up being so close that we could never conceive of marrying separate partners. It was hard, but we both saw the sense of maintaining our self imposed restraint.

Within a few days of my transformation and after a little coaching from Julie I quickly became the almost perfect girl. We did everything together, and soon I had a very full and costly wardrobe well advised by Julie and Aunt Katie. But suddenly the holidays were coming to an end. It was a week before returning to school and I had heard nothing from mother until one day Aunt Katie called me to one side. I had been a bit down because it meant that I had to return to my real self as a boy soon.

She told me “Toni your mother is not coming home for a few months, as your brothers wife has died in child birth and she feels that she needs to be with him to help him back on his feet, she sends her love. Now the big problem is your schooling, you can not go home and live alone so you will have to stay with us, and I have contacted your old school and got a copy of your school records and I was able to alter your sex on the paper work for the benefit of the Headmistress at the Hazlehurst Grammar School which is Julies school. You are more girl than boy and I have no doubt whatsoever, that you can go into Julies class and no-one will know the difference, especially with Julie there to help and support you.”
I was sorry that I would not be seeing my mother but at least I had the consolation that I could stay as Toni, although the thought of being a girl in a girls school was more than a little bit daunting.

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