Today just got better and better

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Hey guys today an awesome thing happened me and my friend started playing a game of truth or dare yesterday while my other friends where at sport and it continued on to today as we ran out of time so I was walking past then he lets call him will for privacy reasons this name isnít his real name

anyway so I was walking past and he grabbed onto me and said hi and we started talking and I canít remember exactly how it started but we ended up playing truth or dare and we were throwing questions around like.

:how big is your cock?
: would you give a guy a blow job?
: would you give a guy a hand job?
: would you give me a blow job etc.)

but anyway we said no to those and stuff and then he said ok letís do a double dare and i said ok and i was trying to think and then I said ok I dare you to go into the boys toilets and pull your pants down and sing twinkle twinkle little star and he said ok but you have to come with me because itís a double dare remember so i said ok and we went into the toilets and he grabbed onto his pants and began to lower them and i said Iím not going to do it in the middle of the toilets in case someone walks in then he said where else are we going to do it so i said well i am going into a cubicle and he said well how will be know if we both have our pants down and i said we can trust each other and he said but that doesnít give me that legit feeling.

So i said ok we will have to go into a cubicle together than and he agreed so we went into one down the end it was for a disabled person so it was a little bit bigger but not by much when we got in and locked the door behind us he pulled his pants down and i pulled mine down as well and i had a raging hard on and he was sort of staring at it and he said to me how big are you and i said 7Ē because of course i had been curious at my size before and so i measured wow he said well letís get this over with ok i said i could see an erection forming in his jocks so we sung but quietly because people where coming in and out and when we finished he said ok umm.. what know and i said i donít know so he said ďTRUTH OR DAREĒ with a sort of sly smile.

Dare i said because i thought what could he possibly come up with and he said ok i dare you to kiss my dick and i said through your jocks and he said yeah and so i said ok and i knelt down and kissed his now hard cock it wasnít as big as mine but it was a good size maybe 5Ē and because i am an in the closet gay i was very excited and pre cum started coming out of my dick and he looked at the now wet patch at the top of my jocks and asked what it was and i said itís pre cum and he said are you that turned on and i said apparently so haha and he said well itís your turn and i said "i dare",

 you to kiss my dick and then he glanced at the wet patch and said ok so he bent down and gave it a kiss using his tongue against my shaft your turn i said and he said again ok i dare you to lick my dick i said through your jocks or.. And he said no the actual thing so i bent down and he pulled his hard cock through the pocket at the front of his jocks and i licked it from base to tip i felt him shutter with excitement then he said your turn again I said I guess this game has turned into dare or dare haha

yeah he replied i said ok i dare you to kiss me and he said ok so he leant closer to me and gave me a kiss on the lips to which i wasnít really expecting then he slid his tongue up to my lips and i knew he wanted it to go into my mouth so i didnít resist and i opened my mouth a bit and he slid it in exploring my mouth and then he took it back and lent back against the door your turn i said and he said ok i dare you to get fully naked so without hesitation i removed my shirt and i placed it on the toilet seat along with my shorts from off the ground and then finally i removed my jocks and my dick got caught in the elastic before slapping back against my stomach i pulled my jocks over my shoes as we wanted to keep them on because the floor was filthy and i placed them on top of my pile of clothes and then he said wow.. ok your turn and i said ok i dare you to get fully naked so he done the same with his clothes then someone entered the toilets and i said shhh so we where both silent and i stood on the toilet seat in case they looked under the cubicles and saw that we where both in there and then they left and i got back off and we where both fully naked apart from our shoes.

I couldnít help but think this was like something out of a fantasy story so any way i couldnít remember whoís turn it was so i took it upon myself and i said i dare you to turn around and bend over so he did and he stayed there for awhile and then i said ok your turn and he dared me the same thing so i bent over facing away and then he said your turn so i said i dare you to lick my ass and so he started licking my asshole it was new to me and i was sort of shocked at what was happening but i let him trying to be relaxed then he slipped his tongue inside my ass and boy did that feel good and then i said ok your turn and he said ok i dare you to lick my ass as well but i want you to push your tongue as deep as it goes and so i cringed sort of at the thought but he had done it for me so i manned up and done it his asshole tasted funny and it was a bit hairy but it was clean and he was enjoying himself so i pushed hard and my tongue slipped in and he moaned a little.

Then i retracted my tongue and he said itís your turn i said ok lets kiss again so we locked lips again our tongues in each otherís mouths and i pulled him closer and our dicks touched mine was overflowing with pre cum then i saw something out of the corner of my eye it was a boy from my class tom he was new he had just come over from England so he had a sexy accent he was looking over the top of the cubicle from the next one i freaked out because we where both naked me and will that is and i thought heíd tell everyone and he said oh my god are you guys gay? And i said nn.. no

and then will said yeah we are and tom said can i come in so we opened the door and he came in and then the bell went for fifth period and i was like shit we got to go and then will said we may as well miss it i agreed and tom came in and said so what are u guys doing anyway i said leading up to having sex i guess the he stripped naked as well adding his clothes to the pile and he came over and said what have you done so far and i said licked each otherís asses and dick and he said awesome and then he grabbed me and started kissing me he was very full on and will started licking my ass again

i was so exited then tom moved down to my cock his was now erect and was probably equal to mine and then he started stroking my dick and sucking it and i so desperately wanted his dick in my mouth so we all took our shoes off and layed our clothes on the ground and tom layed down and then i layed on top so we where in the 69 position and then will got on top of me and pushed his dick into my mouth i yelped in pain but he didn't seem to care and he forced it in anyway me and tom begun ducking each others cocks and i took toms cock in my mouth it was huge and warm i started sucking it and stroking it etc.)

We kept going for ages swapping positions every now and then so we all got an equal turn then i knew at some stage we would all have to cum so i said when u guys cum do it on my face! and they agreed and i got on my knees and started stroking and sucking both of there cocks and tom said well when you come do it on my face and i agreed and said with pleasure then i could feel toms dick tensing up and i knew what was going to happen so i layed back on the ground closed my eyes and opened my mouth a little bit and tom exploded all over my face it was amazing and warm then i heard will say its gonna happen to me as well and he cummed all over my face.

Then they both bent down and started licking the cum of my face and i said its gonna happen to me soon as well so tom layed down and opened his mouth and i cummed all over his beautiful perfect face and we kissed each other all three of us for ages then when we where gonna get dressed again i suggested we all wear each others jocks and they all agreed so tom handed me his and took wills and will took mine and now its holidays so nothing will happen for another two weeks :( but we all said first day back we gotta do it again so now tom is my boyfriend and will is one of my best friends hope you enjoyed the story and you can expect more in two weeks :)

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