Tiny Coercive : Part III

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Tiny Coercive : Part 3. By Reavan

They comforted each other on the mattress, Sandra kissing Olivia's tears away.
"Oh Sandra, I feel so good now."
"You don't feel the pain."
"Not when you hug and kiss me; it's strange my cheeks are burning but when you kiss me it goes away."
"Well that what hugging does when you like the person you're with."
"Like, is not the word Sandra."
"What word would you use then Olivia?" She hugged her mentor tight and kissed her warmly.
"Love," she whispered shyly, kissing her again.
"You've only known me for a short time and I'm a woman. How do you know?"
"I don't care how long and I don't care if you're a man or a woman. I love you." She buried her face in Sandra's neck.
"Sandra, what did the madam mean by a man's 'erect penis'?"
"Oh, when a man is not aroused his penis is much smaller and soft hanging down."
"What do you mean 'not aroused'?"
"A man becomes aroused when he thinks about a woman he wants or sees her, particularly when naked or partly naked."Olivia raised her head looking wide-eyed at Sandra.
"You mean a woman makes his penis get stiff and stand out like the wood pole?"
"Well, not quite as hard as wood but hard enough to penetrate your vagina." a myriad of related thoughts bombarded Olivia's mind as Sandra reminded her they had work to do in the kitchen.

Daily Sessions

Ten days after Olivia's arrival they were in the drawing room for their daily afternoon session with the madam. Like on most other days they had prepared her bath first, heating water on the stove and pouring it in the tub. Olivia had learned by watching and doing how the madam should be washed. She had also been taught how to perform a sensuous massage on the madam, always before the sexual session.
On Some days they had been caned after satisfying the madam and other times just dismissed. Occasionally one or both would get caned before they had sex with her, which made the madam reach a climax in a very short time. On this day, after they both massaged her, she asked for the cane and then ordered them to lie on the floor on their sides performing mutual oral sex while she watched.

The madam had no interest in her servants reaching a climax; she demanded in her loud voice to see their bodies in the throes of passionate and continuous lovemaking. She then used the cane on their behinds to encourage a more spirited performance. As soon as she felt that one reduced her efforts the cane lashed lightly but still painfully across her globes. She shouted for them to get their fingers groping and digging and their bodies twisting and undulating wildly; ordering them to roll over on one side or the other, even occasionally with Sandra's full weight on top of
Olivia. Despite being at times crushed and caned Olivia lost count of her climaxes as her tongue explored Sandra's vagina and her fingers dug into her flesh.

This went on for what seemed like hours until they were covered with sweat. Then suddenly they were ordered to stop. The madam looked sharply at Olivia as she threw herself on the divan spreading her thighs and then reached for Sandra. They burst into action; Olivia lips to her madam's vagina, sucking and licking vigorously while her fingers dug into her globes; Sandra lips to her mouth and hands to her body, the two of them driving her to a prolonged climax.

After they caressed her for a few minutes, and waited, knowing the mood she was in, for the inevitable caning. She ordered them to slobber each others globes first; the spittle increasing the pain even though she caned them less vigorously than usual. She alternated between the two behinds, giving them a combined ten quick lashes. Then in a surprising departure from any other caning, she didn't caress or kiss their sore globes or let them soothe each other but made them stand with their backs to her, hands on top of their heads, suffering tearfully. Olivia could hear her madam breathe deeply almost gasping with pleasure as they stood there in pain with no hands or lips soothing their sore flesh.

That was the second time they had been caned while making love to each other.Two days earlier they had been caned, one at the time while taking turns performing doggie position strap-on sex.
The madam didn't cane them in a severe manner while making love but hard enough, along with her verbal outbursts to maximize the performance she demanded.

The Pantry

Back in the pantry they nursed two sore bottoms, hugging and caressing each other.
"Sandra do you think the madam feels her climax for a long time; that's why she canes us after?"
"You are very perceptive Olivia; yes, you just have to watch her face. It'slike she's in a trance when she reaches her climax and the act of caning us prolongs it for her. She didn't even caress our cheeks or let us do it, to soothe the pain; she must have been in a very deep trance."
"I'm trying to love her, like you said when she canes me but it's not easy."
"I took me a long time to learn Olivia."
"Sandra ... I wonder what's it like to be penetrated by a real penis; you know when it's flesh and blood not wood?"
"It's nice Olivia, really nice."
"Oh Sandra," She sat up laughing and shaking her head. Your fooling me, that's not nice; you were never married." Sandra turned over and reached for her tiny lover kissing her.
"I do have sex with the master sweetie."
"But ... but how could that be you're not married to him ... the madam is?"
"I'm a servant Olivia; a master has that right with his wench"

She kissed Olivia squeezing her tight.
"You mean being a servant is like being married?"
"Sort of, it's an unwritten law from the dawn of time. Think of the word master, what does it mean?"
"It means he's your boss and can tell you what to do ... I think ... and that includes submitting to sex?"
"You just said it yourself; he can tell you what to do. How could you refuse?"
"Hem ... do all masters make their servant girls have sex with them?"
"Well maybe not all but I think most of them do."
"Is there a ceremony like in a wedding, Sandra?"
"Kind of but not in a church; the master performs the ceremony himself."
"So if he wants to do it to me; I have no choice about it?"
"Of course not Olivia, he's your master."
"He doesn't like me that way then; I'm not pretty enough?"
"Why do you say that?"
"He hasn't performed the ceremony."
"Why? Do you want him to?"
"Well no ... I mean maybe yes; I mean ... I don't know what I want.

I just wonder what it would feel like; I mean ... having a real flesh and blood penis in there, instead of a finger or wooden pole. No one will marry a midget, so unless the master ... well ... you know ... does it to me; I'll never know what it feels like to have a husband."
Sandra kissed her warmly and slid a hand between her thighs.
Olivia spread wide thrusting her pelvis to meet the finger, moaning expectantly and then closed them tightly, cooing as the finger penetrated. Oh Sandra that feels so good" She climaxed and grasped Sandra's hand sucking on the wet finger. They relaxed for a while as many thoughts flashed through Olivia's mind
"Sandra, what is the ceremony like?"
"That I'm not allowed to tell you; it's an intimate ritual when a master takes a servant wife; the act itself is your personal memory for life. No servant wench must ever know the details ahead of time. If you did go through it, you couldn't even tell me."
"That sounds mysterious Sandra. A real penis, is it bigger that the big wooden carved rod and does it hurt?"
"A little bigger and it does hurt the first few times because of skin to skin friction but it's so nice when it's in there throbbing."
"Throbbing! Sandra, what do you mean?"
"It just does when a man's really excited and jams it inside you all the way;holding it there for a while; it throbs, then you squeeze it with your vagina each time it does."
"Squeeze ... with your vagina? What do you mean?"
"That takes practice I'll teach you sometime ... if you need it."
"Does the cream of life come out of the penis then?"
"Yes but not in your vagina; you must be quick when he's ready to ejaculate, to get his penis in your mouth and swallow it."
"Swallow it! You mean in your mouth, eat ... drink it down in your stomach; why ... why doesn't it go in ... ejacu ... what?"
"Ejaculate, that's what it's called when the sperm comes out. If it goes in your vagina you could get pregnant Olivia."

"Oh, so only a legal wife can have the cream ... sperm ... in her vagina, a servant-wife must ... swallow! Why in the mouth Sandra, couldn't it go on the bed?"
"That just part of being a servant-wife Olivia; the sperm must be taken into your body to make your master feel satisfied."
"But ... but how do you know when he is ready to ... to ejacu... ?"
"Well, when he begins to groan, it takes a little practice to know just when."
"What does it taste like Sandra, bad?"
"Just salty that's all; no real taste. I kind of like it."
"What if you spill some?"
"You lick it up wherever it is and apologize."
"Does he get angry then?"
"Not usually but I have been caned by the madam later on, if she noticed; so I'm very careful when swallowing."
"The madam is there when he does it to you?"
"Yes of course she's his wife that's her bed too but she's usually sleeping."
"The master doesn't cane you?"
"He gives me a few light hand-slaps sometimes but he's never canes me; in this household only the madam does."
"Do you think the master would do ... you know ... that to me?"
"What? Have sex with you?"
"Well yes just the one time, to see what it's like."
"You would have to see the madam and ask her permission first."
"Would she get angry and cane me?"
"Maybe, that's a chance you take." Olivia hugged her mentor, reflecting on her life and the real marriage that could never be.
"Sandra when you were working for that cruel master he didn't do it you. Did he?"
"Why do you ask that?"
"Well you can only get married once or is it different for a servant wife?"

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