Tiffany's Daddy

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"Fucking thing!" My 27 year old daughter screeched as she kicked the sofa.

"Hey Missy!" I scolded her as I entered the living room.
"I won't have that kind of language in this house! Remember - you're not too old for a spanking!" I laughed. 

Shocked at seeing me, she covered her mouth with her hand.

"Oh daddy…I'm sooooo sorry!" She grinned as she mumbled, " I bumped into the sofa and… I didn't know that you were….Oh shit!"
"Hey! What did I say about cursing?" I smiled as I waved my hand in a spanking motion.

Tiffany gave me her 'Who do you think you are?' look and sashayed over to the sofa, in her tight blue jeans, to pick up the phone.
In a moment of madness I leapt in front of her, threw my left arm around her waist and pulled her across my knees as I dropped onto the sofa in one fluent motion.

"Daddy! What do you think you're doing?" Tiffany giggled as she punched my thigh.
WHACK, my hand cracked against her cute ass. WHACK, I hit the other cheek.
"Daddy! Stop that!" she squealed, "That hurts!"

"I'll stop when you learn your lesson and apologise to me." I chuckled as my hand landed on my daughters' firm buttocks.
"Ouch! That really hurts. Stop it!" she laughed as she tried to wriggle off my knee, but couldn't as I held her too tightly.
"Apologise!" I told her as my hand landed on her ass for the fifth time, making it shake.

"Like Hell I will!" She defiantly screamed at me as my full hand cracked against her ass again.
"Well you won't be able to sit down for a week, then." I couldn't stop laughing as I continued spanking her ass.
"Okay! Okay! I'm sorry! I'm sorry for swearing." She shouted until I stopped. "Is that what you wanted to hear? Happy now?" 

As I released my grip she staggered to her feet. Tears were running down her cheeks as she danced around the room laughing hysterically as she rubbed her sorry ass.

"I told you that you weren't too big for a spanking, didn't I?" My laughter was nearly uncontrollable as I rolled around the sofa, watching Tiffany frantically rub her firm ass with both hands. 

Tiffany unbuckled her belt and peeled down her Levi's until she exposed her reddening butt cheeks to me.
"Look at what you've done!" she bent over waving her half-naked ass in front of my face, "I'll be marked for life!"

Tiffany is 27 and I'm 46. We've always been close, perhaps closer than most fathers and daughters. Tiff wasn't a Tomboy as a teenager, but she loved watching sports and working on my cars with me. She didn't share all of her girlie secrets with me but I probably know more about her than her mom did.

I howled with laughter as I tugged her jeans down to her knees, making her stumble.
My hands held her milky white thighs until she steadied herself.

"Would you like Daddy to kiss it better?" I giggled as I rubbed my face across her soft flesh.
Tiffany began giggling like a teenager as I planted a host of wet sloppy kisses all over her sore ass, running my tongue over the silky smooth skin. 
"Mmmmmm. That's nice!" She chuckled as she pressed her soft flesh against my face, "He, he, he! It's feeling better already."

With Tiffany still arching her back, I automatically pulled her tiny red thong to one side and ran my tongue down her butt crack until I touched her asshole.
"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" She squealed, "Daddy! Stop that!" But she made no attempt to pull away. I continued licking her starfish, making my darling daughter squirm as my hands gently slid inside the front of her panties until my fingers ran through her luxurious pubes.

"Ohhhhhh!" Tiffany moaned as she shuffled her feet until she could kick off her jeans.
As she opened her legs there was the unmistakable smell of female musk. 

I could sense that she was playing with her tits as I worked my tongue from her tight anus to the back of her soaking pussy. The position that we were in made it difficult to get my tongue inside her pussy, but the gap between her holes must have been very sensitive, as she kept groaning, "Oh daddy, oh daddy! Please daddy, no, no, no, please daddy."

One of her hands had joined mine inside her pants forcing my fingers further down until they slid past her floppy labia. 
"Aaaarrrggghhh," she purred as my fingers dipped knuckle deep, inside her hot greasy hole and twisted around and around. 

When I touched her clit Tiffany suddenly grabbed my wrist, and stood bolt upright.

During Tiffany's teenage years I would take every opportunity to catch glimpses of my voluptuous daughter in her underwear or would accidentally walk into the bathroom when she was in the shower. Thankfully, neither Tiffany nor my wife seemed to notice. 

When her friends would stay over for slumber parties I would 'surprise' them with cokes and candy, always knocking before I entered the bedroom, but making sure that I was fast enough to catch them in their tiny bra's and panties several times. I'm sure her best friend, Terri, knew what I was upto because she would always make sure I got a good look down her ever expanding cleavage as she leant forward to take her drink. 

When I was alone in the house I would quite often rummage through the laundry basket and find Tiff's used panties to masturbate into. I always felt guilty afterwards, but couldn't stop myself. Thankfully this stopped when she went to College then moved out of town to live with her boyfriend.

As she turned to face me, the enormity of what I'd just done hit me. 
Before I could say a word, she grinned and panted, "Oh daddy this is soooooooo wrong, but… I…daddy would you…please…I know that it's wrong, but…plleeeaaassee?"

Before I could answer she was pulling her sweater over her head and unclipping her bra.
Her breasts looked absolutely amazing as they bounced as free as nature intended inches from my reddening face.
Her eyes were glazed over with lust and her lovely brown nipples were as hard as diamonds as she stood in front of me, her father, only wearing a tiny red thong, which she was on the verge of dispensing with too.

"Are you sure about this?" I whispered as my cock ached in my pants.
My daughter placed a finger on my lips. "Ssssshhhh, don't say anything."
She sexily slithered her hips just like a stripper as she took her panties off and threw them across the room. I gasped when I saw her wispy pubic hairs sticking to her swollen cunt flaps.

Tiffany ran her tongue along her brightly coloured lips as she knelt in front of me. Her small hands stroked my thighs until they were both hovering over my ever-stiffening penis.
"Tiff!" I gasped.
"Ssshhh!" She chided me.

"I've wanted to do this since I was 14. Don't stop me now." She huskily whispered as she outlined my cock with her well-manicured fingernail, "and I don't think that you want me to stop. Do you?"
I shook my head and un-buckled my belt.
"He, he, he. I thought so!" My beautiful daughter laughed.

I lifted my hips as she pulled my trousers and pants down to my ankles.
"Fuck!" she grinned as my 7 incher sprang into life, "Daddy! That looks sooooo big!"
"Ooooohhhhhh!" I sighed as my 27-year-old daughter took it in her hand and licked my bright purple knob.
"Mmmmmm. This tastes nice." She chuckled as she covered the first two or three inches with her warm, wet mouth."

I couldn't stop myself stroking her hair as I pulled her head further onto my stiffy.

My daughter was an excellent cocksucker! She licked the shaft as if it was chocolate. Her mouth was like a vacuum when she sucked on my engorged knob head and I thought that I'd died and gone to Heaven when she curled her tiny fingers around it and sharply began rubbing up and down as she gobbled on my balls. 
Tiffany sensed that I was about to blow my wad, and gently stopped her magnificent blowjob. She placed a dozen soft kisses on the tip, tasting my pearly drops of pre-cum.

"Do you think that you'll last very long if I fuck you?" She whispered as she raised herself to her feet.
"You'll have to be careful," I grinned as I spotted strands of her love-juice dangling from her labia, "I'm not used to this sort of thing!"
Tiffany straddled my thighs, rubbing her soaking wet cunt along my aching cock. 

"Mmmmmm, daddy, this is just soooooo naughty!" she groaned as my cock entered her inviting hole.

My daughter bent forward, shaking her firm tits against my face as my 7 inches raced inside her until it touched her cervix.
As she shifted her position until she was comfortable Tiffany offered me a stiff brown nipple to suck. I felt like a teenager again as she slowly rode my cock, grinding her clit against my pubic area. My hands gripped her tight ass as my tongue flicked over her nipples and aureole, making her smile.

"Naughty daddy!" she laughed as I suckled her teats like a baby. "You've wanted to fuck me for years, haven't you?"
Still licking her fabulous breasts I confessed, "Oh yes! You wouldn't believe how many times I've wanked thinking of your beautiful body."
"He, he, he!" she giggled as she bounced on my cock, "Before I went to College I used to sniff my knickers after you'd cum into them, when I played with myself!"
I grabbed her arse and began bucking my hips, forcing my cock as deep inside her as possible, as I replied, "You knew!"

"Of course! That was when I first discovered that I liked the taste of cum!" Tiffany laughed as she began fucking me even faster.
Her arms were now wrapped so tight around my neck I was struggling to breath as she pressed her tits against my face.
Her eyes were now tightly closed as she continued riding my boiling cock.

"I loved licking your…ugh…sticky spunk…. Ugh…. When I…OOOOHHH…. fucked myself with mommy's dildo…ugh, oh…. the smell was……aaarrgghh…..Fucking awesome!" Tiffany whispered into my ear as she turned herself on. 
Her fucking became fast and furious as her arse bounced on her Daddy's cock. "YYYEESSS!" She screamed as her orgasm tore through her body.
I couldn't stop myself, I grunted like a scalded pig, "Uuuuuuggghhhh!" 

I thought that my balls had exploded as spurt after spurt of my hot cum flooded my daughters' heaving cunt at exactly the same time as her own wonderful orgasm. 
We sat joined together, shaking and trembling, hoping that the moment would never end.

As we 'came back to Earth' I began softly kissing her neck and shoulders.
"Oh Shit!" Tiffany gasped, "Daddy…what have we done?"
"Don't worry, it'll be our little secret." I whispered as I began rocking my hips again fucking her with my semi-limp dick. As she moved in unison I could feel my spunk dribble out of her sloppy cunt and onto my thighs.

"Daddy, daddy, we must stop!" Tiffany began to panic as she looked at her watch; "Mom will be home soon!"
"I know, I know!" I sighed, savouring the moment.

We disentangled our bodies. Suddenly embarrassed Tiff grabbed her clothes and ran from the room.
Fifteen minutes later, I was washed and clean again as my wife returned from work.

"Hi honey! I'm home!" She called to me in the bathroom.

Tiffany was coming out of her bedroom as I opened the door. Our eyes met for the first time since she'd ran out of the living room.
At first we both looked guilty, then my face broke into a shit-eating grin. Tiffany reciprocated.

I don't know why but I knew that our sexcapades would be repeated soon.

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