They tied me up and made me watch

(Part 1 from 1)

I have always wanted to share my wife with other man but this is just a fantasy and when we talk about we are not serious just something to kind of get us going as it where. We would always talk about a gangbang with a couple of guys fucking my wife Mary while I would record it, kind of the director telling the lads where to fuck her. I never thought it would ever happen and not the way I’m going to tell you about now.

This story starts with me and my wife making love in our bed probably fantasying about what it would be like to be involved in a gangbang. Mary was making the usual loud moans of excitement while I was shoving my cock into her. So we didn’t hear anything but just as I cum in her love tunnel, I look around and there are three guys watching us. They have ski masks on, the first thing they say is “Is that all you’ve got you sorry excuse of a man” with that Mary starts to scream and I try to get between Mary and the burglar’s but I am no match at all for them the just pick me up I try to kick out but it’s useless as the lads are just to strong for me they have no trouble at all getting control of me one say’s “lets tie him up and show him what real men are all about” Mean while Mary is still screaming trying to cover herself up. The lads are punching me and kicking me laughing at me making me feel like a wimp I’m just thinking to myself I am a wimp and what are they going to do. They get some rope from one of their bags, tie my arms behind my back they take a chair and sit me on it and tie my legs and then tie them to the chair. Still laughing at me they hit me a few more times but I’m not thinking about the hurt I’m just thinking of how much of a wimp I am and what are they going to do next.

They stop hitting me and this is the first time I get a real look at them, two of them are tall with big muscles and the other is smaller but just as big muscles wise. They get themselves naked and stand in front of me and show me their cocks. I remember thinking they have huge cocks still in a semi state probably the biggest I have ever seen, I thought I had an average size cock but I must’ve been wrong because the three lads must have been at least nine inches in a semi state. 

Their still laughing at me saying “Were going to fuck your slut wife and your going to watch the whole thing” another guy would say “we are going to show your wife what it’s like to fuck real men”. Mary is now just crying and shouting “leave him alone I’ll do what ever you want just leave him alone please just leave him alone” the lads just laugh again and say “See that, she has bigger balls than you. You fucking wimp” with a quick slap to the face they move over to Mary. Mary is trying to cover herself with the sheets from the bed but one of the lads just grabs the end of the sheet and pulls it away leaving her completely naked with my cum running from her pussy. One of the lads grabs the back of her head and spits in her face and says “You better be ready for the fuck of your life bitch” and slaps her across the face. One of the other guys gets on the bed moves to her face grabs the back of her head and shoves his semi hard cock in to her mouth and starts to slowly push in and out. All I can do is watch as his cock starts to grow in her mouth. It’s bigger than I thought I can’t believe she is able to suck his cock at all but she does. He starts to pick his pace up and is now just fucking her mouth pushing his cock, hard down her throat she is making gaging sounds but he doesn’t stop, he just keeps fucking her mouth. The tears are streaming down her face as this guy fucks her mouth. One of the other guy’s starts to play with her tits pulling hard at her nipples this makes her let out a muffled scream. This guy just laughs and continues to abuse her tits, pulling and biting her nipples. 

I want to help her but I can’t I’m hurting all over there is blood running from my nose. The last guy takes his position at Mary’s pussy and shoves two fingers up into her and starts ramming them in and out of her he gets my cum all over his hand so he gets up off the bed and walks over to me and wipes them across my face laughing at me. He moves back to the bed and starts fingering Mary again. The guy fucking her face starts moaning and fucking faster shouting at her “I’m going to cum you slut bitch” then he removes his cock and shoots his load all over her face. He climbs off the bed only for the next guy to get up there and shove his now rock hard cock deep down her throat making her gage again. The cum on her face is now dripping onto her tits Mary has stopped crying now and I’m not sure but I think she is starting to enjoy herself. 

The guy fingering her pussy now spreads her legs wide and places his cock at the entrance to her pussy and looks at me and say’s “now your wife is going to get the fuck of her life” laughing at me he pushes his cock in slowly stretching her pussy more than it’s ever been stretched before. I’m watching but can’t believe how much he is filling her pussy. I hear a muffled moan from Mary. She now has two cocks stretching her mouth and pussy to the limits. They move her into the doggie style position making sure I can get full view of what is going on.

The guy gets up behind her and shoves his cock deep in her pussy while the other guy has Mary by the hair and is shoving her head onto his cock making her gage with every push. I’m watching still in pain at my wife being abused more than she has ever being before. The guy in her pussy starts moaning and pushes hard into her pussy and dumps his cum deep into her. They start laughing as they watch his cum drip from her pussy, then one of the guys say’s “lets make the wimp lick her pussy clean” they grab me and move me closer to her pussy and shove my head into her pussy shouting at me to “lick your slut wife clean you wimp” laughing and laughing keeping my head shoved into her pussy I start licking. After licking her for a while they grab my hair and drag me away from her again saying “That’s all wimp we don’t want you enjoying yourself to much”. The guy shoving his cock deep into her mouth decides he wants a bit of pussy (or so I thought) he moves himself into position and looks at me and shouts “is she an anal virgin, Well she not going to be for very long” laughing he grabs the Vaseline for the bedside table and smears it all over her ass. Mary is screaming “please don’t please don’t” the guy about to fuck her ass tells one of the other guy to “shut that bitch up” so the first guy who has cum all over Mary’s face has a hard on again and grabs her hair and shoves his cock back down her throat which muffles her pleas for mercy. 

The guy behind her is now positioning himself at her ass and looks at me and with a smile starts to push his cock up her ass. I can hear the muffled scream coming from Mary’s mouth now she isn’t an anal virgin but she has never had a cock that size pushed up her ass. He starts to push in and out looking at me and laughing he starts to pick up his pace and shoves his cock deep into her ass. I can’t help myself but I start to get turned on by this my limp cock is starting to grow I shouldn’t be turned on but I am. I hear the screams from Mary turn into moans she is starting to enjoy this as well. The guy takes his cock from her mouth and she starts moaning louder and louder with every push of the other guys cock up her ass. The guy fucking her ass starts to push harder and harder and with every push Mary lets a louder moan she is defiantly enjoying herself now. The guy fucking her ass pushes hard into her ass and shouts “Oh yeah you fucking slut” and with one more push dumps his cum deep into her ass which makes Mary orgasm widely. 

Her whole body is shaking. The lads look at me and say “See told you all she needed was a real man to fuck her now we are going to Dp her” they move her so one of the guys gets under her and without been asked or moved she jumps straight on to his cock and starts jumping up and down on his cock screaming in pleasure “Fuck my slut ass I’ve never been filled like this before” This turns me on even more, I shouldn’t be but seeing Mary act like this is turning me on so much. Then the other guy gets up behind her and with one push shove his cock deep into her ass making her scream in pleasure “Oh yes, YES, Yes fuck me you bastards please fuck me you bastards”. I can’t believe it she is really loving this abuse. The lads start to fuck her hard Mary shouts out again in between orgasm “Yeah fuck me you bastards fuck me hard” the lads don’t need a second invitation and start to push as hard as they can stretching her holes to the limits this makes Mary cum hard again screaming in pleasure none stop. The last guy gets on the bed and grabs the back of her head and starts to shove his cock deep down her throat. 

This looks amazing Mary is now surrounded by three guys shoving their huge cocks into every hole she has and she is loving this and so am I. They keep fucking her for ages as they have all cum already they seem to be able to hold on longer than before. Mary’s whole body is shaking none stop as her orgasms must be none stop. The lads start to moan but instead of cumming in her holes they remove their cocks, lay her on the bed and wank their cocks until they each dump their loads all over Mary’s body. Mary is still shaking from her orgasm. The lads look over at me and laugh saying “I think your slut wife enjoyed herself” then they notice that I have a hard on this makes them laugh even louder. 

They untie me and tell me to fuck her ass saying “Fuck your slut wife’s ass wimp” pushing me onto the bed. I’m so turned on I want to do it I climb between her legs and position my cock at the entrance to her ass and shove my cock in balls deep. Wow what a feeling her ass in contracting around my cock. The lads laugh and start shouting “Go for it you wimp fuck your slut wife’s ass” I start fucking her hard, as hard as I can but I don’t last long as I’m so turned on from the show I’ve just witnessed. With one more hard push I dump my load deep into her ass. This gets another laugh from the lads. They grab me again and throw me off the bed leaving me on the floor they get back on the bed to fuck Mary again. 

Mary has no problem letting them either her whole body has gone limp. The lads take turns fucking her ass over and over again dumping a load after load deep into her ass. Mary is just in a constant orgasm screaming “fuck me on yes please just keep fucking me”. After about an hour or two of this constant abuse the lads finally stop. They get dressed and before they leave they say “we were going to rob your house but we enjoyed ourselves to much so we will leave your stuff alone” and they just leave. It’s over that it’s they just leave laughing as they walk down the stairs. Mary takes a minute to get herself together her body is shaking none stop. When she finally gets herself together she looks at me and says “sorry I didn’t mean to enjoy myself, my body just took over”. I take her in my arms and just hug her. We just sit there for ages trying to take in what has just happened. We talk about it and how turned on we both got. This started out as a night mare but turned into the best sex Mary has ever had. We have group sex all the time now but Mary says it has never been quiet the same as our first night. 

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