The visitor - part three

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We were just sitting around, relaxing. I am still in my armchair trying to be comfortable but with my stupid neck collar and painful broken hip, no position is truly comfortable. The mix of alcohol and pain medication is making me high! The sight of my husband sitting naked next to our visitor on the couch in front of me is making me hot.

Jake was caressing my husband cock gently as we were talking. It was truly surreal to be talking about ordinary stuff while my husband was being gently caressed to full hardness by this man! Jake had a giant hard on. His cock would have been more than welcomed in my ass. His cock was longer than my husband's and almost the same thickness, but longer for sure. My husband was big and long, I would say close to 8 inches long. I would bet 10 for Jake. Looking at his cock, I imagined it fucking my husband hard.

' Do you ever use dirty talk with your wife?`Jake asked my husband. `I did yesteday for the first time `he answered. `she gave me the most violent initiation to fist fucking anyone can imagine! But she told you that allready`he added. `I have never been fist fucked` Jake said. `My goodness! She had both her hands up my ass!`my husband said proudly. `You should give it a try, if you're into that kind of thing`he added. Jake told him how I had politely refused him the pleasure of trying it out. `Maybe later`Jake concluded, looking at me. This conversation had gotten them both as hard as can be. Jake leaned towards my husband and started sucking on his big cock again. `I realy want to fuck you`my husband said. I sat quiet and waited for the show.

Jake got up and got on all fours on the coffe table, facing me. He bent down on his elbows, his ass in the air waiting. My husband hesitated. He looked at me as if he needed guidance. `Lick his ass hole. Fuck him with your tongue, like you do to me' I instructed him. My husband bent down and started to lick. He sat on the edge of the couch pulling Jake's ass towards him. I could hear the sounds of licking and sucking. My husband was getting into it good. Jake was moaning with pleasure. `Fuck him with your fingers now`I told my husband. `the vaseline is right next to you if you need it`. My husband got up, put a little bit of the gel on his fingers and started to finger fuck our visitor. Jake was moaning louder.`You can talk dirty to me. Please talk dirty to me`he told my husband in a pleading moan. My husband looked at me. We never talk dirty, even when we do dirty things! `He's your bitch now. Is he your bitch? tell him, he wants to know`I instruced my husband.

My husband removed his fingers, placed his hard cock at the entrance of Jake's hole then, holding Jake by the hips, entered him completely in one single push. Jake lifted his head and let out a yell of pain and surprise. `Is this what you want bitch? You want to be fuck hard bitch? I will show your sorry ass!`my husband yelled. `Yes! fuck me hard! harder!`Jake pleaded. My husband placed one foot on the coffee table to get a better balance. He rammed Jake's ass as hard and as fast as he could until he came in a violent orgasm, filling Jake' ass with his cum. Jake was panting still. After my husband got out of him, he remained in his position for a couple of minutes, the time to catch his breath, then he got up.`Your turn now. I am so hard and so hot, I will not last long but I will fuck you`he warned my husband. He montioned my husband to the coffe table, inviting him to lay on his back. He took a cushion from the couch and placed it underneath my husband's butt.

My husbands was almost upside down! He was looking at me anxiously. I could tell he was nervous. Jake took some vaseline and stareted to rub my husband's ass hole. My husband closed his eyes. He was holding on to the sides of the coffee table, his head over the edge, his butt up in the air, at a level Jake could work with. Jake lifted my husbands legs and pushed them until his knees were to his chest, and started massaging his ass hole. I could very well see what he was doing to him: he entered one finger, then two. He entered both his indexes to stretch him. My husband opened his eyes and looked at me, from underneath, anxiously. Jake streched him a little more. I could hear whinning more than panting from my husband. No one but me had ever done anything like this to him. He looked at me with a pleading look. I was worried. Then Jake pushed is large, long cock into my husband's hole without a word.

My husband closed his eye for a moment then opened them again with a new look that ai did not recognize. He was looking at me. Jake started to fuck. It was slow. In, out, in, out. My husband relaxed and started to moan with pleasure. Then he smiled at me. `Fuck me bitch, fuck me harder! he yelled at Jake still looking at me with those eyes. So Jake did. `Fuck that's good!`he added in a louder yell. His cock was hard again. My husband was enjoying his first man fuck, his first gay fuck. `I'm going to cum' Jake said, almost begging for the order to slow down. `Stop!`my husband said. He pulled away from Jake. `Now you lay on the coffee table, on your back.

You will be my fuck toy` he ordered Jake. Jake layed on the table, my husband got on top of him and descended on the long cock. With one hand on Jake's chest and one stroking his cock, he used Jake's cock as long as Jake could hold. Jake came in a violent orgasm pushing his hips up and down uncontrolably. `I will finish in your mouth you fuckin bitch`my husband said. I could not recognize him! Jake sat up, my husband got on his feet, both still on the coffe table, and crouched down a little to get to the level of Jake's mouth. He fucked him deep and hard. Jake even gagged a few times; him, the experienced cock sucker.

My husband came in a loud orgam, holding the back of Jake's head with both hands. I thought Jake was going to choke! For sure he could not breath! My husband finaly let go, looked at me and said he needed a shower. He turned to Jake and asked if he felt like taking a shower. Jake only nodded yes and got up. `I would like it if you would leave us, just the two of us for a moment`my husband said to me, in a gentle voice. I looked at him surprised. But he asked so nice and so sweet, I said `sure, you boys go relax, I'm going to fix us something to eat`. From the kitchen, I could hear everything that was going on in the bathroom.....

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