The ultimate act of seduction

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100% fiction!

Hi friends. I am Rohan, a 25 year old physician. I am back with another awesome story. I am sure you all will like it. This incident happened just 5 months back. I was posted as a medical officer in Delhi, so had to shift there in my aunt's house. Her name is Kamaljeet kaur. She is also a physician.

She is a 45 year old plump lady with typical Indian looks. Let me describe her looks for you. She is very fair with medium sized boobs, a thick fleshy waist and huge ass, the biggest i have ever seen as it appears from her lower which she wears at night. In all her measurements must be 36-34-46. Coming back to the story i reached her house and found only uncle (her husband) there.

He showed me my room and informed me that he will be back at night from his office. I took rest and watched blue films till the door bell rang. I opened the door. It was my aunt. She was happy to see me and asked about my health. Friends let me tell you here that my aunt has a daughter. Her name is Suman and she got married last year. So only uncle and aunt used to stay in the house.

I have fantasized about my aunt a lot but never got courage to move ahead as she always considered me like a son. I had a very hectic schedule there so was heavily involved with my duties. A month passed by and i had something to cheer for as i was able to get leave for 4 days.

In the evening after returning from my job i found aunt preparing dinner. I greeted her and asked for uncle. I was on cloud nine when she told that he is out of station for a week. I went to my room, started making plans of how to seduce her and suddenly a plan struck in my mind. I went to the kitchen and said that i missed her. She responded with a smile and told me to take rest.

I came back to my room , did not lock the door and started masturbating fantasizing her. I had wrapped myself in blanket and was shagging very hard. I took me a long time to ejaculate. I cleaned myself and slept. i woke up at night and saw aunt setting the dining table. We sat on the dining table and started eating. Aunt asked "How is the dinner?". I answered "you have prepared it, so obviously it is delicious".

Aunt again said "do you have brains or not?". I replied "what happened?". Aunt said "what were you doing in the evening?". I was shocked to hear this and did not know how to respond. I looked down in embarrassment and was afraid to say anything. Aunt said "say something. you know very well what you did in the evening". I slowly apologized and said that it won't happen again.

She said "i know you are young and it is normal in your age to do this, but close your door next time". I politely nodded my head. We finished our dinner and started clearing the table. I was feeling relieved now. I said "aunt are you angry with me?". She replied "i was bit disturbed but not angry". I again said "thanks, aunt can i have a tight hug from you?". She thought for a moment and agreed. I hugged her tightly. This was my first time experience to hug a mature woman so firmly.

I moved my hand from her shoulders to hips. Perhaps she noticed it and moved me away from her. She did not look at me, lowered her eyes and told me to sleep. I came back to my room and started fantasizing her again. After some time she came to my room and told me not to think about that incident and concentrate on job. I thanked and hugged her again without asking this time.

This time i hugged her more tightly and started caressing her. She was standing silently and didn't try to move me away. I pressed her shoulders with both my hands and moved them down till i felt her bra straps. i pressed them too and felt her boobs which were pressed tightly on my chest. She stared at me but didn't say anything. I ignored her reaction and moved my hands towards her waist and in no time my hands reached her ass.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and aunt released herself from my arms. Now i thought that it was possible to seduce my aunt. I started reading lots of incest stories and came up with some tricks. The next day i turned on the tap of my bathroom and placed a small cloth inside its opening. I went to my aunt. She was cooking food and had not bathed yet. I told her that there was no water supply in my bathroom so if i could use her bathroom to which she agreed.

I entered inside and searched for her clothes. I found her bra and underwear. I took them in my hands and started masturbating thinking about her. After some time i ejaculated my cum on her inner wear and came out after taking bath. I was now desperately waiting for my aunt to take bath. When she came out after taking bath she looked at me and lowered her eyes. I was afraid to make eye contact with her.

Nothing happened till evening. In the evening i woke up and saw my aunt sleeping in her room. Without making sounds i went to her bathroom and started searching for her same underwear. i became happy as i didn't find it there. I again masturbated and took a long to cum. When i came outside i saw her coming towards the bathroom. She was shocked to see me but without saying anything entered inside.

I came back to my room and did some official work for some time. After sometime i saw aunt coming towards my room. She was wearing a pink sleeveless top and a black lower. I could not take my eyes away from her voluptuous body. She asked "what are you looking at?". I retained my senses and intelligently changed the topic by saying "aunt i am doing my official work". She said "i know that you are a hard working guy".

She came near me, caressed my hairs and said "you are a good boy but turning little naughty these days". She smiled and told me to get ready for dinner. I was answer less and became very happy. I felt that my chances are very bright now. From now on i intentionally started staring at her boobs and ass like a hungry wild animal. She was aware of my acts but didn't say anything as i never tried to touch her.

Next day she asked for my help in cleaning the house. I agreed and went to my room to wear vest and shorts. I decided not to wear underwear. We went to the store room and during cleaning i noticed that aunt was looking at my shorts again and again. After cleaning the room for an hour i went to the drawing room, sat on the sofa and spread my legs. Some part of my cock and pubic hair was clearly visible through the shorts.

I pretended to close my eyes and saw aunt looking at my shorts. I got very excited and spread my legs more giving her clear view of pubic hair and cock. She kept on looking towards it for some more time and went to her room. I went to bathroom, masturbated really hard this time and took bath. I came back to my room and indulged myself in official work. I was not able to concentrate. My full attention was diverted towards my aunt. I wanted to move ahead very badly now.

In the afternoon i freshened myself and went to kitchen. Aunt was already there. I hugged her from behind and kept my chin on her shoulder. I asked "what are you doing?". She said "i am cooking food for lunch". My eyes were struck on her awesome cleavage. I could see her white bra which was holding and lifting her boobs firmly. She knew it but didn't say anything. I said that i also want to learn to cook.

Actually i wanted to involve her in my talks to spend as much time as possible hugging her. I moved my hand on her ass and squeezed it. It was the first time i fondled her ass. She reacted and said "what are you doing?. I am your aunt and you are like a son to me". I apologized and went on the dining table. After having lunch she informed that she was going somewhere and will return in the evening. I went to sleep and when i got up it was already 8'o clock.

She wasn't back yet. I tried to call her many times but got no response. I got worried and started waiting for her. After half an hour she returned. I saw her, hugged her hurriedly and asked her the reason of not responding to my call. She consoled me and told that her mobile was on silent mode. After some time she called me for dinner. She was not talking to me. We finished our food and she started clearing the table.

I ended this moment of silence and asked her "what happened aunt?". She said nothing and kept on clearing the table. From her expressions it was clear that she was very tired. She also seemed to be in pain. I asked her again and again. She had to answer now. She said that she slipped in the bathroom and hurt her thigh. I said "don't worry aunt i will apply an ointment". She hesitated. i said "aunt i am a doctor. It is my duty to take care of you". Finally she agreed. We went to her room.

She lied on her stomach and closed her eyes. Oh my God her ass was huge. It was looking more big than it appeared normally. Friends she was wearing a thin one piece low cut maxi. The linings of her underwear were clearly visible. I paused and stared at her ass. She noticed my eyes and looked at me. I regained my senses and started moving her maxi up. She caught my hand and said that she would do it herself. She moved it up till her knees.

I started applying ointment by moving my hands round and round on her knees. I kept on massaging her knees and looking at her ass. After some time i said "aunt your maxi is getting dirty by this ointment, can i move it up?". Without waiting for her response i moved it up. She looked at me for a moment and again moved her face in the original position. I lifted her maxi up to the part where her ass began. Now her fleshy milky thighs were in front of my eyes.

I looked at them and took ointment in my other hand and started massaging both her thighs. I moved my hands in between her thighs and started spreading her legs slowly. My cock was getting very hard and i wanted her to notice it. I spread her legs more, sat in between them and moved my hands upwards towards her ass. I could feel her underwear now. I was getting out of control.

Slowly i started moving my fingers inside her underwear but couldn't as it was very tight. Then i asked "are you feeling fine now?". She said "yes i am feeling good". I again said "don't worry aunt,  i am going to relieve you from all your pains tonight". In no time i lifted her maxi exposing her inner wear covered ass. My cock reacted spontaneously when i saw her underwear pushed inside her ass crack revealing the shape of her massive ass.

It was enough for me. I rushed my face towards her ass cheeks. i started kissing them madly. Aunt was quick to respond now. She said "what are you doing?. I don't have any pain there". I replied "aunt you are very sexy. I have not seen such a sexy lady in my life" and pressed my face on her ass crack. Friends i could smell her pussy juices which gave me courage to carry on. I could also see her wet underwear which was an assurance that she was turning hot.

I moved my fingers inside her inner wear and started massaging her ass. I was burying my face inside her ass crack now. She was just saying me to stop without showing the physical resistance. I slid my fingers inside her ass crack and moved them deep until they reached her ass hole. Her body shivered when my fingers touched it. She was silent and i could feel her heavy breaths now. I took my other hand out of her underwear and started removing it while my other hand was massaging her ass crack.

She was saying no no and was breathing very heavily. I knew that it was a positive signal. I removed her under wear up to her thighs and buried my face inside her ass crack. I spread her ass cheeks and my tongue reached her hole. I started licking it hard like an animal. She was moaning continuously. Soon my fingers reached her pussy. It was damn wet. I started fingering her pussy slowly. She was lying in the same position and i felt the movement of her ass as i licked her ass hole.

I didn't want to waste time now and removed my pants and underwear. I had an immense erection. She moved her head backwards and looked towards my cock which was rock hard. I spread her legs, positioned myself between her thighs, lied on her, placed my cock on her pussy and gave a hard push. Ah ah ah came the sound from her mouth as i entered inside her. I was so horny that i started stroking her pussy very hard. I spread her ass cheeks, looked at her ass hole and was fucking her hard. She was moaning loudly and responded by lifting her ass with my every stroke. It turned me totally out of control and with some more hard strokes i ejaculated my cum inside her.

I kept on lying on her for some time. I went to bathroom, cleaned myself and came back to my room and slept. Next morning i woke up and saw her in kitchen. I hugged her again from behind and said "aunt i love you. "She immediately pushed me away told me not to talk to her. I was sad and came back to my room. So friends this was my first encounter with her. In next story i will narrate my experience of how i was able to fuck her huge tight ass. Please do comment on my story.

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