The sperm clinic

(Part 1 from 1)

When Karma got a job in a fertility clinic a young man came in and said he wanted to deposit his sperm. She handed him a cup and said to find and room and fill it.

"You don't understand, I want to squirt it in your pussy" he smiled.

Karma looked at the handsome boy and whispered.

"Wait until I get off work and we will go to your house"

Men jacking off behind closed doors made her so horny she she wanted sex. His name was Fred and he was waiting for her after she got off work.

"Have you been waiting long?"

"About an hour"

Karma got in his car and said.

"I can only stay with you until six and then I have to go home to my husband"

"I like married women" he said.


"After I've used them for sex I can send them home"

"Why do you want me, I'm old enough to be your mother"

"Older women know how to please a man"

I like you" said Karma.

When they were in the his bedroom they undressed and Karma gasp when she saw his prick. It must have been nine inches long!

"My god" she giggled.

"Do you like my cock?"

"Yes" she whispered.

Karma spread her legs wide so he could bury it in her hole. Fred mounted her and stabbed his prick deep in her cunt. Karma closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride. He fucked her for an hour, she didn't know a man could last this long. When her husband fucked her she seldom climaxed because he went off to quick.

"Oh my god fuck meee!" she screamed.

"Shut up bitch or I'll slap you"

Karma always wanted rough sex so she whispered.

"Do it"

Fred pulled his squirting prick out of her hole and straddled her and slapped her until her nose was bloody.

"Oh my god I like it, fuck me again as hard as you can" she pleaded.

This time Fred rammed his prick in her asshole. Karma raised her legs so his prick could penetrate her shit hole as far as possible.

"Jesus god, I love it" she cooed.

This time when she climaxed she couldn't help herself and squirted piss. When he was done filling her rectum with cum she begged.

"lick my asshole"

Fred cleaned her asshole with his tongue and then ate her cunt. When it was time for her to go home she ask.

"Can I see you again?"

"I'll be waiting for you at my house"

That night when her husband had sex with her she lay there like a limp rag and waited until he was done. Jess fell asleep and snored. He didn't know his wife was cheating on him. The next morning when her husband went to work she looked in the mirror. She was forty-five but her breasts were still firm and her ass wasn't fat. Work went by slowly and finally quitting time came. She drove to Jess's house and knocked on the door. A large black man opened it and said.

"We've been waiting for you"

"Come in and have a drink" said Fred.

"Am I going to have sex with both of you?" she gasp.

"Yes, I think you will like to fuck Tyrone"

"Why is he so special?"

"His prick is bigger than mine"

"Oh my god!" giggled Karma.

"Fred told me that you like to be slapped?"

"I love it when men hurt me" said Karma.

"What would you do if I fist fucked you?"

"I would scream"

"Take your clothes off, I'm going to do it" smiled the black man.

"I want to get drunk first" said Karma.

Karma sat on the couch and drank vodka until she was numb. Then she pulled her panties off and pulled up her dress. Fred got Vaseline and smeared it on Tyrone's fist. The black man pushed his greasy hand against Karma's hole until it went in. She didn't scream until his fingers entered her womb.

"Take it out you nigger son of a bitch" she demanded.

"Shut your mouth white trash" he greowled.

Fred hit her so hard she had a black eye. Karma gasp.

"You didn;t have to hit me so hard"

"Quit complaining or I will hit you again you slut"

Karma shivered and climaxed so hard she pissed.

"Look the cow likes it" laughed Tyrone.

"I told you she would" said Fred.

Tyrone pushed his fingers into her womb again she fainted from the pain. She awoke and the black man was fucking her bloody cunt and Fred was jacking off.

"I love you both" she sobbed.

When Tyrone was done with her Fred took his place. Karma was in heaven, she hoped the men would fuck her all night. To hell with going home.

"That's enough for now bitch, I'm tired" said Tyrone

"let's rest for a while" said Fred.

Karma wiped the blood and cum off her cunt with her panties and ask.

"Can I sleep here tonight?"

"What about your husband?" said Fred.

"To hell with him, I want to live with you"

"I'll beat you and do nasty things to you" he said.

"That's what I want" she cooed.

"Live with me, I want a white woman to fuck"

"Oh my god I want both of you"

"We can share her"

"I want her every other week" said Tyrone.

"Done" smiled Fred.

She called her husband and told him she wasn't coming back and to find someone else to clean house and cook. Then she went home with Tyrone, it was his turn to have her. Next week Fred would get her cunt for sex. She had never been so happy in her life.

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