The only Aunty

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My name is Ellioth, I am a 18 year old guy and have been dreaming of fucking my aunt for years. I think it all started about 2 or 3 years ago. I was at my aunts house with my cousin, and she was about to go in to a shower, she went by me and my cousin with a towel tied against her and I realized how good her ass was, it was huge. When she went up to the shower I tried to get a sneak peek but as I followed her she noticed me, I tried to act like nothing and I think she did to, she walked in to the bathroom and looked the door.

Me and my cousin there after walked in his room again. Some time later I heard the shower stopped and after some minutes later I walked in to the bathroom and saw her panties and bra. I took up her panties and smelled them, I instantly got a boner and I chooses to take them and go direct home. When I said bye did I saw my aunt in her underwear and I got so fucking hard that my penis was about to explode.

Since that day I havenít thought of anything else than having her nice full hand breast in my hand and having my dick up her gigantic ass.

So letís talk a bit about my aunt besides her perfect body. She is my mothers big sister, she actually looked younger then she are. She works at my high school which makes it super hard for me to concentrate in school whenever I see her. She wears sunglasses from time to time and often have some type of yoga pants and blouse.

She often come up to me at school and randomly talks to me, I kinda like that but I often rumbles on the words when I talk to her, cause I canít think about anything but fucking her.
I donít think she ever noticed that I was so fucking sexually attracted to her, but once when I was coming over to her house to see my cousin there only was my aunt there. She told me that he was coming in a few minutes so I could wait there. I sat down in the living room and waiting, but then I suddenly got a raging boner and walked to her room to see if she was there (she wasnít) I went in her room looked after her underwear drawer and took like 5 pairs of paintes, I suddenly heard something and quickly put it down my pants. She asked me what I was doing there and I said I thought I heared somebody scream from up here, but I was surely just imagining.

I donít think if she ever noticed that I took her underwear, but I didnít regret it.

But now letís get in to the day when my dreams came true, I didnít only fuck my hot auntie, but one of the sexiest teacher at the school.

It was Wednesday morning and it was pretty normal. I woke up put my clothes on, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth. And then I walked to school. My first class where religion, it was pretty casual and boring, me and my friend joked around for the most of the time, second class where history I sat down in the classroom took up my school iPad listen to the teacher and actually started working and feeling pretty good about my self. We later got a lunch break, and had a good time. But I couldnít see my aunt anywhere. I looked around for her pretty sneaky and acted like nothing, but I wondered where my hot ass aunt where.

After the lunch break we had music, but it was okay. Because we had one of the sexiest teacher at the school, Elin. Every guy in my class where obsessed with her face, boobs and huge ass. And besides that, she had super tight yoga pants and small crop top where you could see a bit of the cleavage. I got a boner and asked if I could go to the bathroom. Elin said yes with her magical soft voice and it manned my dick even harder. I went to the bathroom fast and tried to hide my boner. And to make it even worse I bumped in to my aunt. Today she was wearing black dress which wasnít normal and stockings. She said hi donít u have class. I told her that I needed to go to the toilet and it was a emergency.

She said sorry moves out the way and walked away, I quickly just looked back to see her nice fat ass. I walked to the toilet jerked off but I could not cum. I think it took around 20 minutes and when I got back the class was already over, Elin questioned why I was away that long and I panic answered diarrhea. She said detention and I walked away. When school was over I got in to the detention and sat down, but I saw that Elin and my auntie was the ďsecurityĒ there. I looked around and I was all alone. My aunt was pretty choked to see me there and asked Elin what I did...

She told her that I skipped 30 minutes from the class. My auntie walked up to me and I just could not stop staring at her cleavage, she asked me what I where and what I did. I told her I was in the bathroom. She didnít believe me, then she asked me what I did in the bathroom that took that long time, and I said pissing. She knew that I where lying, and she wouldnít let me go, almost that she wanted me to say that I jerked of. After some minutes later did I say it.

Both Elin and my aunty became quiet. Elin walked up to her and dragged her to the back of the class room, and I could not have gotten a better view. They both where standing with there ass perfectly for my eyes to see, I noticed that Elin did not wear any panties or bra. My dick usual got super hard and I couldnít here what they where whispering about. After some time later, my aunt left the room. I asked Elin where she was going and she told me to not worry.

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