The night I got a couple .

(Part 1 from 1)

This all started when I met a guy named Devin online. I knew instantly that I would be sexually attracted to him . We made plans for me and my husband and him and his wife to get together at a bar and have some drinks. So we met them not knowing what to expect. I drank just a bit more then what I shouldve and got totally drunk . I invited them back to my house for some more drinks knowing that I didn't need anymore but anything to get this man . We all went back to my house and had a couple more drink's just getting to know each other a bit more .After a few hours they decided to go home and I was left with my boring husband once again . A few days later I spoke to Devin online and he told me how badly he wanted me , how he wanted to taste my hot little pussy and wanted to have my cum dripping down his chin . 

I decided to meet up with him by ourselves at first . I met him at the beach knowing there wasn't any other place we could go and getting a hotel room for 45 minutes wouldn't be worth the money .So we pulled up at the beach at the same time he got out of his car and slowly walked up to mine's. He opened my door and pulled me out pressed me against the car and started kissing me long deep and hard. He had me at that instant , I pulled him into the back seat of my car . Pulling him close to me he pulled my shirt off of me and unclasped my bra letting my big beautiful tits fall out . He brought one nipple to his mouth sucking it and licking it making me hotter then hell .

I knew we didn't have much time and I wanted to tast his cock so badly so I pulled his pant's down to his knees and his big cock sprang out , I had to have it in my mouth so badly .I leaned down an took it into my mouth swirling the head with my hot tongue and then taking it deep into my mouth savoring the sweet but salty taste of his precum .That lasted all of 5 minutes when he pulled me up and on top of him . Placing my hot cunt over his rock hard cock I plunged down onto it and let out a long moan . Riding him up and down deeper and deeper while kissing his lips and looking into his ice blue eyes sent me over the edge and I came . I kept the pace faster and faster until he said he was going to cum , then I went harder and deeper and faster until he exploded deep within me . 

We got cleaned up a bit and vowed to meet up again .About a week later he called me and asked me if I wanted to meet up with him and his wife . I agreed knowing that I would be able to have him again ,even if it meant being with his wife also . I aksed him if he would be able to act as if nothing had happened previously between us and he said yes . I went right to there house and knocked on the door , she came to the door and opened it with a smile . I went upstairs and there he was waiting for me with a drink in his hand . I had to have a couple of drink's knowing that I was going to have this lucious man once again and having to pretend that I really wanted his wife also . 

After a few drink's I began to relax and he came over to me and started kissing me , right in front of her . I opened my eyes and looked at her seeing her smile made me feel better . Next thing I know I am half undressed already being brought into the bedroom by both hands her having one and him having the other . They removed the rest of my clothes and laid me on the bed. She removed her clothes and tossed them onto the floor came over to the bed and spread my legs , I felt her fingers spread my pussy lips and then her tongue on my clit . I looked over to see where Devin was and he was sitting in the corner on a chair smiling from ear to ear stroking his big cock .

She gently pushed two of her finger's deep into my hot pussy and pulled them out , bringing them to her mouth she licked my juice right off of them , this was not her first time being with another women . Then pushed two finger's deep into me again , licking my clit and fucking me faster , harder with her finger's . "I want to make you cum , I need to make you cum " " Cum for me my little bitch " with that I exploded like a bomb .She leaned down and licked every inch of my pussy clean and came up to kiss me .

" Now it is your turn I say to her " I rolled her over and layed her out on the bed , diving deep between her legs I began to eat her pussy like it was my last supper . Looking over at Devin I see him get up and come over to us . " Do you mind if I fuck her hard babe"? He asked his wife " No babe make her cum like a little bitch and when she cum's she will make me cum " she tell's him . Now I get what I really came for I think. He positioned himself behind me and begines licking my pussy and my ass top to bottom , I find myself eating her harder and faster shoving my tongue deep into her wet snatch . I feel his cock probing my pussy only putting the head in at first driving me wild . 

Bam there it is deeper and deeper but he is going so slowly , I scream out "fuck me hard " , I need to feel your cock hitting my cervix " with that he plunges deep and hard fucking me wildly like it is the last thing he is ever going to do . I start licking her pussy harder and sucking her clit making her moan and groan , her body is moving further and further up away from me . I grab her ass and bring her back down and continue this feast . I shove three finger's deep inside of her and she screams out at the top of her lungs " I AM CUMMING SO FUCKING MUCH , HOLY SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT , HERE IT COMESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" with that my face get's splashed with all her pussy juice , I do my best to lick it all up . 

Within seconds Devin is pounding me and she is screaming " BABY THAT IS IT FUCK HER HARD , MAKE HER CUM , I WANT TO SEE HER cum hard ALL OVER YOUR COCK " Within seconds I am cumming so hard I begin to squirt all over him , pussy twitching and moaning like crazy . He continue's this assault on my pussy without letting up and sends me 
into another mind blowing orgasm .A minute later he begins grunting and groaning asking me where I want him to cum , I tell him I want to swallow it all and he pumps a few more times then grabs my ass and spins me around . I open my mouth and he shoots it deep into my throat , I swallow as much as i can and share the rest with his wife in a deep long tongue kiss

We all get up and head to the shower . After the shower I tell them I really need to go but it has been a great time .Both of them pipe up with it won't be the last time either and bust out laughing . I have met up with Devin many more time's since then and have plans again to meet up with him and his wife this weekend . This time I will be bringing the toy's .

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