The next day

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

 I woke up naked in my bed. I could feel my brother Bull's dried cum on my thighs. "Oh what did I do?", kept running through my head. I heard the front door close, Bill was off to work. I got up took a shower and got myself ready for work.

All day I kept thinking about my brother. My pussy was wet and I had enjoyed fucking him. mom was coming home today what if she found out? My boyfriend called me and asked if I was going to stop at his place after work. I said I would, and watched the clock tick by.

I used my key to open my boyfriends front door. I jumped him as soon as I saw him. As he fucked me I kept thinking of my brother. At one point I almost called out Bill's name instead of my boyfriends. I came hard and wished it was Bill fucking me. With my eyes closed I felt my boyfriend pull out of my pussy and shoot his cum on my belly. I needed to get out of ther, I made up a reason and kissed my boyfriend goodbye.

I drove home knowing my mom would be home. I walked in and found Bill and my mom sitting at the kitchen table talking. I kissed mom on her cheek and glanced at Bill. My brother sat with a big smile on his face. I headed up to my room, I started to undress when Bill came in and closed the door. We kissed soft at first then his tounge parted my lips. His hands cupped my ass and pulled me into the hard lump in his jeans. I pulled away, "Mom cant catch us!". I asked Bill to go out with me and my friends later that night. He agreed and left my room.

Around eight my friend showed up and my brother and I went out to meet her. We went to a local bar and had some drinks. None of my friends thought anything of my brother hanging out with us. We shot some pool and everybody was having a good time. Around midnight my friends started leaving. The girl we had got a ride from wanted to go home. I told her to go ahead we would be fine. She was'nt all the way out the door before I had a cab on the phone.

Waiting for the cab I told my brother I wanted to go to a hotel. It was'nt long before we were in the back of a cab. I put my hand on his crotch and felt his cock come alive as I rubbed him. Oh I wanted to suck his cock right ther. The cab pulled up infront of a dirty motel not far from our house. We payed the cab and the clerk and headed for room number three.

Inside the room I headed stright for the bathroom. I took off my clothes and sat on the toilet, I had to pee. I held my g-string to my nose and sniffed the tiny crotch, it was soaked. I whiped my pussy and then checked myself in the mirror, I was ready. I walked out to find Bill on the bed naked. His cock was rock hard, his hand slowly stroking it. I crawled up next to him and we kissed. It was hot and ergent. Bill pinched and pulled my left nipple. I climbed up and slowly rubbed my shaved pussy from my brothers chin to his forhead. My clit throbbed as his tounge licked me. Bill shoved his tounge in and out of me. I told him to suck my clit, he did as he was told. I felt myself getting close as Bill ate my cunt. I came and started to climb off, Bill grabed my hips and pulled me back. His tounge licked at my pussy then it found its way to my butthole. I had never had my ass licked.

I hunched forward so he could reach it better. Oh I loved it, I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart so he could get all he wanted. His tounge pushed into my ass. I let go of my ass and started rubbing my clit. Cumming agine I spun around and started sucking my brothers cock. My brother was moaning and grunting, his face planted on my wet pussy. I heard him ask me to bite his cock. So I bit down on the base and he let out a muffeled grunt. I raked my teeth up the shaft and back down to the base.Bill started to finger my ass, soon he had a finger knuckel deep. I was groaning and wanted more, he pushed two fingers in me. I sucked his cock with all I had, Bill started to push three fingers up my ass. I pushed back cumming a third time. My brother was fucking better then anyone ever had.

He shoved me off of him and I got on my knees, my ass up in the air. Bill put his cock up to my asshole. I rocked my hips slowly back, the head of his cock started to push into me. It hurt but I wanted it so bad. Bills head poped inside and began to sink into my bowles. It took a seconed to catch my breath, slowly he begane to fuck me. In and out his cock slid, "oh yes fuck me". He picked up his pace, "fuck my ass!", I was agine rubbing my clit. "Pull my hair!", I screamed. With my long hair yanked back my brother slapped my ass. All I could do was grunt and enjoy the ass fucking my brother was giving me.

He thust deep into my ass and I felt his cum burst into me.
Great now I was my brothers slut, an anal slut at that.

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