The horniest afternoon ever in Bangkok Cinema

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On Tuesday I felt very horny and wanted to try to find a gay cinema in Bangkok as I had the afternoon off. But Google etc said there were none in Thailand. But someone had told me about a dirty, very old cinema, showing very old movies, straight ones, but the audience were all male. It was located up a very old, smelly lane down by the river and quite difficult to find.

I paid my 50baht and went inside. It was a large broken-down cinema with most seats damage or broken……and it smelt of pure sex !!

I stood at the back till my eyes got accustomed to the dark. I should just tell you a bit about me. I am an Englishman, 6ft tall with an 8” thick cock and 2 lovely big balls. I am shaved all round my pubic area, so it looks and feels like a baby. I should also mention that I could soon see that I was the only westerner in there, the rest being Thais. Most of them looked scruffy and dirty and they were all ages from about 25 – 75 ! I watched for a while as they kept getting up, walking up and down the aisles and then picking another chair next to another person, when the action soon started each time. I had been warned not to take anything valuable in as it was bound to be stolen ! So I had put a few notes under my sock inside my running shoes. I also wore some quite short running shorts and a white tee-shirt, and a beautiful red thong under the pale blue shorts. Thais normally wear boxers, so I knew the thong would create interest.

I knew I was in for a tiring afternoon, as it was then about 1.30pm. and the cinema was about a quarter full of people. I looked for a good chair, not too broken, and no-one sitting too near to me.

Within a couple of minutes a scruffy smelly man came and sat next to me and put his hand on my cock. I looked at him, picked up his hand and pushed him away. He was very good and moved off straight away.

Almost immediately his seat was taken by another man. I looked at him and saw he was nicely dressed like a business man. He smiled at me and asked me in god english where I came from. I told him England and he smiled and said he had never seen an Englishman in there before. And then he slipped his hand onto my bare knee, below the bottom of my blue shorts. He pointed to the shorts and said very beautiful because they were in satin and shone and showed my package, but not too tightly.

I put my hand onto his leg, but he moved it away and said I should lean right back and enjoy the movie !! So I did that, just as a man behind me leaned forward and put his arms round me gently and started to massage my neck, at the same time trying to see what the business man was doing. This first man now moved onto the topof my crotchwhich was starting to erect, and showed itself in my shiny shorts. Everything was so gentle and slow.

Once my cock felt the hand stroking it through the material, it shot up very hard. The man smiled and put his hand under the leg of my shorts, and felt a very tautly stretched thong and cock, beginning to send out pre-cum. At that moment, another man came and sat down on my right hand side and bent down to see what was happening. When he saw the other guy’s hand up my shorts, he pushed his hand inside the waist band and pushed my shorts down. The first guy helped him, and soon the shorts were round my ankles ... and there was my erection pushing out my red thong and pre-cum on the top. Both men stopped to look at the thong and see that there was nothing on the side and just a little bit of material up the back. My cock and balls were still inside but straining to get out.

The business man then pushed down the wet thong to the floor with my shorts, leaving me completely naked from the waist down. Then they could all see….no pubic hair and a big erection on 2 big balls. At that point 2 younger men came and sat in front of me, and turned to look.One of them got onto his seat, turned round to face me, whilst his friend undid his trousers, got his little dick and bent down to suck it. The other guy, kneeling and watching and being sucked at the same time, leant over the back and tried to push his finger up my arse. But I am very tight there and pushed his hand away. So the business man next to me got out a small tin, took off the lid and handed it to the young guy who wanted to finger fuck me. It was Vaseline !! So he put a load on his fingers, wiped some on my arse and handed the tin back.

The business man took hold of both of my balls and gently massaged them, while the man on my right started to wank me – but far too quickly, so I slowed him down. The man at my back just watched the other 3 men attacking me – one wanking my stiff, wet rod, another one massaging my balls, and the third one now finger-fucking me, as I leant right back in my seat. I was in heaven, even if a slut !!

The guy in front obviously knew about finger-fucking as he quickly found my prostate and massaged that with his finer ends. But I could feel myself building up, and when he started on my prostate, I just said in English, be careful, I am cumming. I pressed back on my seat, lifting my arse up while all 3 speeded up. WOW………it came and came and came. The first 2 0r 3 shots went straight up my nice white tee-shirt, and then the guy behind me pulled it up very quickly and the last few shots went up my stomach. This also triggered of the finger-fucking boy because we heard him groan and shout as he shot his load into his friend’s mouth. He turned to face front, they got up and left immediately.

The wanker on my right then rubbed all the spunk around my stomach and licked his fingers, leant over and kissed me (!) and then got up and went to the WC. The business man asked me if I had enjoyed my visit, and smiled. He then pulled some tissues out of a pocket, handed them to me, got up and walked out. So the only one left was the massager from the seat behind.

He then got up, walked round and sat down on my right where the wanker had been. I was still cleaning up, but he pushed my hand away, leant down, took my still semi-stiff cock into his mouth and sucked it completely clean. Then he licked all round my balls, pushed me back so that he could get his tongue into my Vaseline-filled arse, and then licked all up my stomach, and told me it tasted beautiful. I started to pull down my tee shirt to see how much spunk had been caught there, but this man said no, and went back down on my cock.
He sucked it and licked it and fucked his own mouth with it, till it became strong again !!

Then he put his right hand under my balls, held my stiff cock with his left hand, and continued to eat me. I was very surprised how stiff it had become again after only 10-15 minutes. I did not think I could cum again so quickly, so was very surprised to feel things happening down below. Sure enough, I knew I was going to cum again, much quicker than the first time.

I told him I was cumming and he stopped smoking me and just licked the new pre-cum, for a while. Another man came to my left, sat down, and put my hand on his dick !! It was already stiff but not very big, like most Thais. He saw what the man was doing, sucking me, and said he wanted me to fuck him. He would face the screen, sit on my lap and then get on to my cock. I told him I had no condoms, oil etc and would not fuck without them.

So he asked me if he could wank me and I would wank him at the same time. I looked at the man who was sucking me and he said something to this new guy, and took my cock from his mouth. He leaned down and pulled up just the red thong and pushed me stiffly back into it, to show the new guy. The other guy got hold of it in his very small hand and started to wank me. The guy who was on my right took a small bottle of poppers from his pocket and also another small bottle. The second bottle contained a nice smelling baby oil which he put onto my cock and then placed the poppers under my nose. I took a sniff and waited, and then another one.

Then it hit me and as I gasped the younger guy started to wank me, holding my cock through the thong. I was reeling from the poppers, but he just gave me his little dick and shot his load onto the floor, after only about 2 minutes. And not long afterwards, I shot another load, this time with the spunk dribbling through the thong and onto the floor, missing my shorts. Then the younger guy went, and the sucking guy went back down onto me, took my wet and softening cock out of the cum-filled thong, pushed it down to my shorts and put it back again into his mouth.

His fingers stayed on my arse, and on my cock as he fucked and fucked his mouth on my erection to make it hard. I told him to let me rest, but after about another 10-15 minutes, it was no good……I couldn't hold off anymore, and shot into his mouth again and again. But I knew it wasn’t as big a load as the first three. He sucked me completely dry and then got up, and helped me pull up my thong and shorts from my ankles. Then he said something to me and left.

I was shattered, but pulled down my tee shirt to find it still wet and crusty. I decided I would go into the WC and see if I could wash it off a bit. I trudged up the side aisle and went into the gents. There was a tap there with some water coming out of it, so I dropped my shorts and thong again, and started to wash myself. Straight away, I heard a guy come in and tried to pull up my shorts, but he pushed down my arm and motioned to me he would wash me. He got water and gently washed everywhere, and I pulled down my tee shirt and I washed that gently, not to get too wet, but at least take off the crust of lovely dry spunk.

The man finished washing down below and then replaced his hand with his mouth before I could pull up my thong and shorts. I said in English I could not cum again as I had been there a long time and cum many times already. I don’t know whether he understood but he did not stop.

I leant down and pulled up my cum-filled red thong. He stood back to look at it, massaged the spunk which still stuck on the outside of it, turned me round to see an almost bare bottom, then turned me again, pulled up the thong completely and then the shorts for me. I said thank you, but he then adjusted me and at the same time, got my cock out of the side of the thong and out of the bottom of my shorts, and then started sucking again.

I tried to pull his head off my cock, but I had no strength and really was enjoying it. Someone else came in for a pee, saw what was happening, had his pee, then turned round to face us and started to wank himself off. That turned me on, and I cold not believe that I was feeling horny yet again. I leaned over the man sucking me and put my hands on the wall to steady myself. He started to suck me quicker. The man wanking himself, came over to me and tried to put his little brown cock into my mouth, but I shook my head. He backed off a couple of paces.

But I could see him getting ready to cum, and that was enough to make me start to throb.

The man shot his load onto the floor next to me, as I shot my load, which was much smaller this time, into the man’s mouth. He took my cock out and finished wanking the last few drops onto the floor. I almost collapsed.
I packed everything up, smile at them both and crawled out of the cinema to a waiting taxi.

I had a quick look at my clothes and they seemed not too bad, but a bit strange to be wearing at 6pm in the evening ! I had been in there over 4 hours and cum more than ever before in my life. I don’t think it will be too long before I go again, but I lay in my bath for over an hour back at home and re-lived it all. And I could not believe it, my cock stod up again, just thinking about it. But I did not think there was any more juice to cum out, so watched and had an early night, happy but very tired, balls and cock aching like mad.

And thinking WHAT A SLUT!!!

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