The Car Wreck

(Part 1 from 1)

Ida Mae Ludwig slid into the back of a car and started to cry. They exchanged insurance information.

"My radiator is smashed how will I get home" she sobbed.

"Don't get so upset Lady I'll take you"

Ida Mae calmed down and found out the boy's name was Brian Martin. He had gone to the same school as her son.

"Did you know Rick? she ask.

"Hell yes, he stole my girlfriend"

"Was her name Linda?" she ask.

"That's her"

"My son dumped her before he joined the Navy"

"Damn, she had good pussy"

The boy could see that the woman was shocked at his rude language.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Ludwig, I spoke before I thought"

"That's alright" she said wiping away the tears.

Ida Mae got in his car and let him drive her home. She invited the boy in and ask him if he wanted a drink.

"Do you have any whiskey?"

Ida Mae fixed two glasses of whiskey and water. They drank and talked until the bottle was empty.

"Damn it, I'm too drunk to drunk to drive home"

"You can stay here until morning" said Ida Mae.

She got a blanket and Brian slept on the couch. Just before dawn it rained and woke her up so she went downstairs to fix breakfast. She was surprised to see the boy naked. Brian must have been playing with himself when he fell asleep. She looked at his big limp prick and wondered what it would look like when it was hard. Ida Mae put her hand in her panties and rubbed her clit. She hadn't had sex since her husband left her. The boy woke up and smiled at her.

"Hi Mrs. Ludwig"

"Do you sleep like that at home" she laughed.

"Mom doesn't care" he replied.

"What does your dad say about you sleeping nude?"

"My dad sleeps nude like me"

Ida Mae couldn't stand it any longer. She was too horny to play innocent.

"Do you want to fuck me Brian?" she whispered.

"God yes" said the boy.

She took of her nightgown and stepped out of her panties. He looked at her big tits and firm body and said.

"You are a beautiful woman"

"I'm old enough to be your mother" she giggled.

"I think older women know how to please a man better than the young ones" .

"Let's go to my bedroom where it is more comfortable Brian"

He followed Ida Mae to her bedroom. They lay in bed and kissed until her pussy got wet with excitement.

"Do me now" she begged.

The boy mounted her immediately and rammed his big prick home.

"Yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeesss oh god yes - fuck meee!"

She had a climax. It was wonderful! Her husband never made her feel this good. Brian filled her hole with sperm and did her again. Finally the boy pulled his prick out of her hole and squirted cum all over the delighted woman. Then to her surprise he ate her pussy. No man had done that to her, not even her ex-husband. She ran her fingers through his hair and wished she were eighteen and he was her husband. Ida Mae's climaxes came in small waves until they built up to a big one. When the boy's tongue licked her asshole she exploded.

"GGGGGGGGGGGGgggaaw I lovee youuuu" she screamed.

Brian licked her clit until she dribbled pee with the excitement. When he stopped and rested she trembled and felt faint. Suddenly she started to cry.

"What's wrong?" ask the boy.

"I am in love with you" she bawled.

"I don't mind" said Brian.

"Would you live with me?"

"Yes" he replied.

"I'll do anything you want"


"Of course I will" she smiled.

"I like kinky sex"

"Like what?" she ask.

"I want my friends to fuck you"

"I wouldn't mind that" she giggled.

Brian moved in with Ida May Ludwig. They threw wild drunken parties where young men Brian's age gang banged the delighted woman. When Ida Mae got pregnant she was so happy she didn't care who the father was and the sex parties continued until the baby was born.

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