The Vermont Boarding School: Part 6, The Piccolo (rev 1)

(Part 1 from 2)

Please read The Vermont Boarding School: part 1 through 5 to find out about Sean and Noah up to this point.

Sean and Noah woke up Sunday morning after a night with their mentors, Reese and Sanford, and their fellow freshman, Martin and Todd. It was a six-way interchange and everyone was satisfied when it was over. Satisfied? Hell, everyone got to fuck or be sucked resulting in a gratification as nice as any time in the past. Sean and Noah had planned to be with Martin and Todd after they finished sucking Reese and Sanford, but the mentors turned it into a group encounter.

Noah wakes up first and sits on the side of his bed with a hard on. He sees Sean stirring.

"I guess we still won't get to be alone with Todd and Martin tonight, so it'll have to wait until next weekend," Noah says.

"Good morning to you too," Sean yawns. "Got a hard on for Todd already?"

"Yes, No. Well, I gotta go pee. I woke up with this, and I'm aching a whole lot," explains Noah as he holds his hard dick through his underwear.

Noah didnít really have to explain. Guys wake up with hard dicks that require their bladders to be emptied in order to get some relief.

"I'm behind you. I'll grab our towels, and we can shower too," said Sean whose dick wouldnít be notice hard or not.

ďGawd, my dick really hurts like growing pains,Ē complains Noah.

Both walked down the hall. Noah's dick aches from either from the night before or from having a hard on caused by the pressure building up to pee or probably both. In any case, he needs to pee to relieve the pressure. Being hard for either reason is both aggravating and painful. Noah beats Sean into the restroom and stands in front of one the urinals. Sean takes the urinal next to him. Noah pees upward with the pressure of an open fire hydrant.

"At least it's easier to pee with a hard in a urinal. At home, I had to bend over and make a 45 degree angle to keep from peeing all over my bathroom wall," Noah says as he lets himself flow without needing to flex his Kegel muscle to push.

"Well, I don't have that problem yet," laughs Sean whose dick can still be easily manipulated whether or not itís hard. "but one time I didn't hold my dick good enough, and it flipped back in my pants, and I peed all over myself."

"I think Martin really likes your dick, and, of course, I do too," Noah says as he strains to pee.

ďThanks. It doesnít bother me that I am a little small compared to you guys,Ē admitted Sean.

ďWell, you learned a lot with that dick, and you taught me well,Ē said Noah without any condescension.

Gosh, Sean is handsome, but he is just entered puberty a little behind the others, Ok, a long time after the others, but who cares? Geez, some guys can ejaculate cum over their shoulders in the 5th grade, but Sean just started shooting a single drop that is lucky to make it to just below his naval. He will catch up.

Even though Sean is maturing late, he isnít self-conscious about it since he enjoys having sex so much. Between Sean's foreplay and his enthusiasm to make his partner experience the best sensations, his little creamstick doesn't matter. Geez, come on, itís about the numbness, the excitement, the ultimate ecstasy, the prickly feeling under your calves and thighs, the exhilaration flowing through every nerve just under your skin, the tingling from head to toe and from the soles of your feet to the temples above your ears. That's what we all want. It's the ecstasy, desire, and craving, not the size of your dick.

There are five senses. Except for sight, would any one trade the sense of feeling an exhilarating climax for hearing, for tasting, or for smelling. Hell no. Gawd forbid, if you had to choose one of your senses to give up, would you give up the sense of feeling your throbbing, tingling dick during sex for the sense of hearing, of tasting, or of smelling? Again, hell no. So who cares if the feeling starts with a 3-inch or 8-inch dick? Size isnít important for satisfaction for you or your partner, and Sean more than satisfies anyone he sucks or lets fuck him.

Anyway, while Sean's flesh flute, or in his case his piccolo, is not a tonsil tickler this year, it has potential. On his underside, his rosebud is a petite little target. Granted, it was difficult for Deavon to stretch the first time. After the encounter in the shower, only Jonathon, with his slightly undersized four-inch dick, fucks Sean now. Sean held his own and didnít complain when Deavon fucked him the first time, but he was much more uncomfortable than he admitted. Even though Deavon took it slow and only inserted the head of his dick into Sean at first, taking Deavon's dick all the way is really more than should be expected of him with his small stature. After he realized Seanís limitations, Deavon didnít try to fuck him again. He didnít want risk injuring him.

Noah isnít that big either, so maybe thatís why Reese and Sanford never fucked them. Geezus, they are seniors assigned to freshman which usually doesnít happen, and in this case, these guys are probably the least mature in the freshman class.

At least, when you suck Sean, your mouth doesnít get tired. Now that Sean is showing a few hairs around his dick in the last month, Noah feels a small shot cum the last couple of weeks that he sucks Sean. Sean is definitely leaving pubescence behind and entering puberty, but his rear star shouldn't be taking someone as large at Deavon or Reese or Sanford.

Sean looks over at Noah's dick, "Dang, you know, your dick has really grown since I first saw it a couple of months ago. I read that guys mature at different ages, so there is still hope for me."

Noah laughs, "Hey, my neighbor was your height when he was a freshman, and he's a junior and over six feet tall now."

"But how big is his dick though?" asks Sean.

"I don't know. I wasn't interested the last time I saw him, but I may find out the next time," Noah predicts. "But I feel your cum now, and besides, I see that little bush starting to sprout."

"It's starting to change a little, but I wouldn't call it a bush yet," says Sean looking down at his pink meat and a few hairs.

After peeing, Noah's dick has some relief and is only half hard.

"Ah. That feels better," he says.

Sean moves to the shower area, and Noah follows. No one is around this early, and they shower alone.

Sean reaches over and strokes Noah's dick with his soapy hand and says, "It feels great."

"Wow. Don't do too much. We have to be ready for Deavon and Jonathon tonight," cautions Noah.

Sean looks around to see if anyone is coming and bends over and sucks him a few strokes. Noah gets erect again.

"Ah dang," smiles Noah. "It's aching again. You are a walking torture chamber."

Noah reaches over and squeezes Sean's dick making it hard. Then plays with his balls. They dry off and return to their room.

Sean says, "It would be nice to see Todd and Martin before next Friday night, but we just can't study with Reese and Sanford, then suck them, and then get together with Todd and Martin and be finished before curfew at 9 p.m. Since Deavon and Jonathon are going to suck us tonight, we just have to wait."

"I know. I thought it through, and there's no way we have time in the evenings before Friday night," said Noah.

"Thought it through? So you really got a hard on for Todd," claims Sean smiling.

Because of the hall curfew at 9 p.m., its hard for classmates to spend time Sunday through Thursday nights with anyone except their mentors after in dinner since studying and getting tutored and sucking their mentors eats up the time. Of course, if you need to go the restroom or shower after 9 p.m., you just take a pass that enables you to go there and back to your room without being harassed by the floor monitors.

Hall monitors aren't assigned freshman or sophomores to mentor. Sean told Noah about a few monitors select a guy in the night and make him suck their dicks if they catch them in the halls after curfew. One monitor follows his prey to the bathroom or shower and gets his dick sucked there. He likes getting sucked in the bathroom area rather than do it in his dorm room. Sean and Noah's hall monitor doesn't do that. Sean thinks his hall monitor is getting sucked by one of the guys on the floor regularly. In any case, if you tried to go from one floor to the other to another after 9 p.m. you would certainly be a target to for a reprimand as well as having to suck or be fucked by a monitor.

"OK. I admit. It was nice fucking and sucking last night, but I would like to be with Todd all alone once," Noah says.

Sean tells Noah, "I'm gonna ask Todd and Martin at breakfast if they want to come to get together next Friday night after we finish our mentors."

Sean couldn't be a better roommate for Noah. They shared everything and enjoyed the extended foreplay and sucking each other after they got back from tutoring and sucking their mentors. Noah liked to be with Sean at bedtime, but Todd was so handsome that he was also attracted to him.

Noah says, "Sure, but I want Todd."

"That's fine, if it's OK with Todd," Sean responds. "Do you think he wants your big dick over my twinkie?"

Noah laughs, "Quick talking about dicks, or I will never get rid of this hard on."

Both Martin and Todd are handsome, they fuck and suck, and their dicks are as big as their mentors, but Noah has his sites on Todd, and Sean has no problem taking Martin. The get dressed quickly and head to breakfast.

Noah looks around the dining hall, "I see them. Are you going to ask them?

Sean says, "Sure," and walks to Todd and Martin's table.

"Hey Sean," says Todd.

"Hey Todd. Hey Martin," says Sean.

Sean bends down and whispers in Todd's ear, "Noah wants to see you next Friday night. Okay?"

Todd eyes showed he was excited and looked across the room to Noah and nodded yes.

Sean whispers in Martin's ear, "Can I cum with you in your room next Friday? Todd will be with Noah in my room."

It was a bit formal since they had such a good time last night when Sean and Noah first fucked Todd and Martin while Todd and Martin sucked Reese and Sanford, and then ended up sucking them off.

Martin turns his head and looks at Sean's crouch and then looks up, "Okay. Sure. I'll cum with you anytime. What time?"

"How about nine? There's no curfew to worry about on Friday. I would like to get together earlier, but everyone will be out in the halls and roaming around until then, and I don't want anyone banging on the door to get in. Also, you guys should be through with Jonathon and Deavon, and we should be through with Reese and Sanford by that time," Sean calculates.

Martin says, "Sounds good. Since we have to let Deavon and Jonathon fuck us first, we will be there as close to 9 and possible."

Sean whispers to Todd, "We'll meet around nine. You go to our room with Noah, and Martin and I will be in your room."

"Sounds like a plan," winks Todd.

Sean goes back to Noah and sits. Under the table where no one could see, Sean caresses Noah's thigh for a few seconds. "We're meeting them next Friday. Todd will meet you alone in our room at nine. I'm going to their room to be with Martin."

"So Todd said he wanted to be with me?" asked Noah.

"He looked excited when I said your name," Sean said in an encouraging tone.

"This will never change a thing between us," Noah said to Sean.

"Hey, look. I know if we do it with each other all the time, it will get old," explains Sean a little wiser and more experienced than his years and small stature would dictate.

Noah nods as he looks in Sean's blue eyes. After three months together, Noah and Sean have a unique bond with each other that neither of them has experienced before. Can a person be attracted to two guys at the same time? Sure. If so, can a person be attracted to three the same way? Well, there has to be a limit at some point, but Sean and Noah haven't found it yet.

Here is Noah who never had sex with anyone before Sean a few months ago and hadn't even known how to masturbate, and now he is experiencing mature feelings of attachment, loyalty, and commitment and getting his dick sucked just about every night. While Noah's affection for Sean is being stretched far beyond the straining point of a new a relationship, it was not really a temptation, but rather an experimentation. Is it that complicated?

The interactions between Noah, Sean, Todd and Martin, and with the four mentors are a proving ground and field training for comparing sensations and compatibility with the one that will be the ultimate mate. In simpler words, they are testing the field. So when the erotic sensations subside, will there be compatibility for a long term relationship? Is it supposed to lead to that?

OK, maybe this shit is too heavy for a freshman like Sean and Noah. Why analyze the situation so deeply? Lighten up. Bottom line, they get along great, and they have terrific sex with each other, and they are having terrific sex with the others. No more is expected of them at this young age. It's not that complicated. They are teenage guys, and they like to climax everyday. Guys either masturbate, get sucked or fuck every day after they do it the first time. Most want to do it everyday through their young years, like up to age, ... 75. Hugh Hefner is still doing it, and he's over 80. Dicks don't age.

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