The Vacation

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Clint and Elsa were on vacation for the first time since they'd been married which meant it had been five years. Both had been busy with careers, and getting ahead, but now it was time for a break.

Clint had finished his shower expecting to find his wife in the bedroom, but to his surprise she wasn't there. Still naked he walked out into the darkened living room and looked around.

Finally he saw her out on the balcony wearing only the thinnest of negligees. He could feel his cock stiffening as he quietly made his way through the open sliding glass door, and moved behind his wife who was totally mesmerized looking at the stars overhead. He slid his hands around her waist pulling up her negligee, and slid his cock between her legs while he moved his hands up her torso and cupped her beautiful breasts. Elsa was a gorgeous Scandinavian with shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes that could see right through a man. She mewed softly saying,

"Honey...what if someone sees us."

"Well then they are going to see one beautiful woman, and her horny husband making out on the balcony."

Then Clint started kissing Elsa's shoulder as she leaned back against him. He looked down at her breasts noticing how hard her nipples had become. He cupped her breasts in his hands, and began rolling her nipples between his fingers making them even harder as his wife cooed softly. He moved his hips so that his cock wedged between Elsa's ass cheeks as he slowly began to rock his hips slowly causing his cock to move up and down between her cheeks. He felt Elsa push back against his cock as she cooed even more, grinding her hips, and gently moving her ass from side to side. Still kneading her breasts, and teasing her nipples, Clint stopped momentarily, and pulled her negligee aside exposing her breasts to the still warm evening air.

"Baby stop...someone will see."

"Ya so? You know you'd love having someone see us you sultry little can't B.S. me. Now let's give them a show if someone is watching. I hope it's a guy....he'll be so fucking jealous he won't be able to keep his cock in his pants. He'll be jacking off watching."

"Oh fuck you think so?"

"Uh huh....I know so."

"What if it's a woman?"

"Then her legs will be spread, and she'll be fingering her pussy wishing it were her instead of you. Who knows....maybe it'll be you she wants. Maybe she'll see your gorgeous tits, and those hard nipples, and wish she was sucking them as she fingers her hot, wet pussy."

"Oh fuck Clint...stop're making me so fucking hot!"

"Ya you don't love it."

Clint stopped caressing Elsa's breasts long enough to push her negligee off her shoulders letting it fall away, and then pushed it down over her hips leaving her totally naked. Then he moved his cock from between her cheeks, and eased it between her legs, moving it back and forth against Elsa's pussy lips, splitting them apart as he continued rocking his hips. Elsa gasp and moved her hand down between her legs, grasping his cock, and pushing it upward using it as a sex toy as Clint started teasing his wife's nipples again. It was about that time that Clint heard a sliding glass door open, and then someone walk out onto their veranda. Hoping Else wouldn't notice he continued as he realized that it was a man, probably in his forties smoking a cigarette. He didn't notice them at first, but as he casually looked around he stopped when his eyes fixed on Clint and Elsa. With Elsa working his rigid cock up against her pussy, Clint wasn't about to tell her they had company. Keeping one on the guy, Clint was about to turn Elsa around so she couldn't see the guy, but it was too late. She saw the guy who by now had his rock hard cock in his hand, and was starting to jack off as he watched. Elsa gasp saying,

"Clint....Clint we have to stop...someone is watching us!"

"Ya I know, and look what he's doing. That's because you're so fucking hot hot that he can't stand it. Don't you find that a real turn on? A guy jacking off because of you?"

Elsa smiled, "Ya I guess so, but still...maybe we should go inside."

"Come on like it...just admit it. Look how hot your pussy is, and how hard your nipples are, and you're gonna tell me it's not a turn on?"

The more Else thought about it, and the more she looked at the guy jacking off, and smiling she had to admit it was a turn on. In fact the more she watched the more aroused she became. Suddenly Elsa felt an urge to give the guy a real show. She reached down grabbing her husbands cock, and turned so he would have a better view of Clint fucking her in the bright moonlight. She moved the head of Clint's cock between her wet lips, and then pushed backwards as Clint's cock eased into her pussy.

She watched as the guy gave her and Clint the thumbs up as they started fucking. She noticed him look toward his open door, and seemed to be saying something to someone inside his room when a gorgeous woman came out, and he pointed in her and Clint's direction. She waited to see the woman's reaction hoping she wouldn't call security on them. The woman not only didn't call security, she waved and smiled as she took her clothes off, and knelt down facing her husband. She started sucking her husbands cock as she and Clint continued fucking. After sucking his cock for a few minute the woman turned, and bent over as her husband slid his cock into her pussy. Elsa was beside herself with lust as she watched the couple fucking while they watched her and Clint.

"You still want to stop and going inside?" Clint asked.

"No...this is so hot...I had no idea watching two people fucking while they watch us would be so hot. Oh Fuck Baby...I think I'm gonna cum!"

Clint thrust his hips driving his cock deep into Elsa's pussy as her orgasm neared. All she could do was watch the couple across from them fucking as they watched her and Clint. Suddenly Elsa's pussy clamped down on Clint's cock, and her body started to shudder as she moaned and squealed as the orgasms shot through her. Once they had subsided she turned, and knelt down taking Clint's cock in her mouth, and began licking and sucking her juices from his cock as she eased her middle finger up his ass. Clint let out a loud groan as she sucked him off and fingered his ass. It wasn't long before Clint was filling her mouth with his hot load.

Once he'd finished Elsa stood up, and looked over at the couple across the way. The woman was now on her knees with her husbands cock in her mouth, mirroring what she and Clint had just done. Soon the man was cumming, and it was obvious his wife was taking it all. When he finished he stood up as they waved at one another, and then disappeared back into their room. Elsa and Clint went back into their room as well, with Clint sucking Elsa's pussy making her cum one more time before they showered and went to bed.

They awoke refreshed, and ready for a new day of sight seeing the following morning. They had a fun morning and afternoon, but after a shower Elsa was ready for a night out at one of the local restaurants in town. It seemed like a nice place, and the food and service were great. As they were about to leave Elsa saw a rose garden, and asked Clint to walk with her through the garden. As they walked along the path Elsa loved the beautiful roses, but Clint was more interested looking at Elsa's cleavage every time she leaned over to smell a rose. Naturally that had him thinking of sex as he looked around the garden looking for some secluded spot.

As they continued their stroll Clint noticed a large oak tree a few yards away. It was huge, with a large trunk, and a V shape that would be perfect for someone to sit in. His mind was working overtime as he moved Elsa in it's direction. Once they were standing in front of the tree he smiled. Clint took Elsa in his arms and started kissing her, working his way down her neck as he pulled her closer to him, running his hands over her ass, and lifting her dress as me moved his hands over her ass. Elsa was moaning saying,

"Clint...not here Honey....someone might see us."

"You mean like last night....So?"

Clint continued running his hands up and down Elsa's ass, and kissing her breasts, and running his tongue up and down her cleavage something she loved. Elsa's protests weakened as Clint moved his hand down the front of her thong and started teasing her already drenched pussy. He looked up and smiled,

"See....your lips say no, but your pussy says yes."

Clint pushed her back toward the tree, and told her to sit down between the huge limbs on either side of her. As she sat down, Clint slid her thong off, and lifted her dress. He then knelt down placing his head between her legs taking in the aroma of her arousal. The moment his tongue touched her pussy Elsa was cooing softly as he began licking her pussy. Elsa was soon beside herself with lust as Clint parted her sweet lips, and her juices began running down his tongue.

Just the idea of Clint licking her pussy in such a public place, and the thought of someone seeing them made Elsa all the more aroused. Clint was now tongue fucking her as she tried not to make to much noise, and bring attention to themselves. For whatever reason Elsa opened her eyes, and saw a woman standing at a distance staring at she and Clint. Elsa didn't say anything, because she was too aroused knowing this beautiful woman was watching Clint licking her pussy, and now sucking her clit between his lips. As Elsa stared at her, she realized that the woman was a waitress, and must have come out for a break. Elsa noticed her moving closer for a better look, and a place where she would have some privacy as well.

Elsa watched as she lifted her uniform, and slid her hand down the front of her panties. Elsa could see the waitresses fingers moving in her panties, knowing full well that she was masturbating while she was watching Clint sucking Elsa's pussy. Clint slid a finger into Elsa's pussy followed by another as he sucked her clit. Elsa closed her eyes and started cumming, grabbing Clint's head as she shook. When she finished her orgasm Elsa pushed Clint back, and knelt down as she unzipped his trousers, and removed his cock. Clint smiled,

"I thought you were worried about someone seeing us?"

Elsa looked up at him smiling, "I was, and we do."

As the waitress looked on Elsa started sliding her tongue up and down Clint's rigid cock. Else looked up to see her reaction as she continued sliding her tongue up and down Clint's cock to his balls and back up again, smiling as she watched the waitress continue fingering her pussy. Elsa began to deep throat Clint, taking him to the edge, but stopping short of his cumming. She stood up saying,

"I want you to fuck me in front of her."

Elsa turned around, and placed her hands on the two huge limbs to balance herself as she stuck her ass out, and parted her legs. Clint lifted her dress up over her sexy ass, and started running the head of his cock over his wife's pussy as she looked over his shoulder. The waitress was gone or was she. Clint caught sight of her again. She had moved so that she could see Clint's cock as it slid into Elsa's pussy. Slowly he eased his cock into Elsa's tight, wet pussy inching it all the way in.

Once he was completely inside his wife's pussy, Clint pulled his cock back slowly watching as the waitress continue to pleasure herself. Clint started sliding his cock in and out of Elsa's pussy faster, and faster until he was slamming his cock into her pussy, as his balls slapped against her thighs. They both were beside themselves with lust as Clint pounded her hot pussy, with Clint checking now and then to see if the waitress was still there watching. Finally Clint couldn't hold back any longer, and started cumming. Once he was finished Elsa stood up looking for the waitress, but she was already gone. With a little disappointment in her voice Elsa asked,

"I wonder if she saw you cum?"

"Oh I'm sure she lets get back to our room, we've got a busy day ahead."

Once they were back it was a shower, and then to bed wondering what they might get into tomorrow.

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