The Vacation : Part 3

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Elsa and Dana were so into their female lust that neither of them heard nor saw Clint as he walked back into the room. Clint froze as he looked at the sight before him. He could feel his cock becoming harder and harder as he watched his wife licking and sucking the strange woman's pussy. He knew Elsa had fantasies of being with another woman, but he never expected to actually see her with her head between another woman's legs licking and sucking her pussy, and yet there she was, and she seemed to be enjoying herself. As he stood there Clint decided to get out of his clothes just in case he got invited to join the party.

Elsa in the meantime was tongue fucking her lover as she squealed, thrusting her pussy into Elsa's face. Once he was naked he stood there as Elsa slid two fingers into her lovers pussy while she moved up, and started sucking her clit. Now the woman was really starting to cum, thrashing around on the bed, and lifting her ass off the mattress as she grabbed Elsa's head and ground her pussy even harder into Elsa's face. As her orgasm started to wane it was then that Elsa lifted her head, and saw Clint standing there with his cock in his hand, and a huge smile on his face. Elsa smiled and said,

"Hi Honey...did you enjoy your walk?"

"Ah ya...but this is much better I have to say. Whose your friend...she looks familiar."

"This is Dana, from the rose garden last night?"

"Oh ya. Hi Dana,nice to meet you. I see you two have been enjoying one anothers company. Should I get dressed and go so you two can keep going?"

Elsa looked at Dana asking,

"Dana, would you mind if my husband joined us. I've always wanted to do a threesome with my husband and another woman. What do you think?"

Dana smiled, "I'd love to as long as I can enjoy your husband beautiful, big cock in my pussy."

"Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way. I know I don't have to ask, but is that OK with you Babe?" Clint just smiled as he made his way onto the bed trying to decided where to start. Elsa could see Clint was having trouble making up his mind, so rather that wait she said,

"Clint, why don't you and Dana have some fun while I watch?"

"That sound like a good idea."

Clint moved onto the bed, but before he could even get settled Dana was pushing him down onto his back, and taking his cock in her hand as she started running her tongue up, and down the length of his rigid cock. Clint let out a moan, as he laid back, and watched as Dana ran her tongue up the side of his cock pausing and then swirling her tongue over the head, and then sucking it into her mouth where she began gently chewing on the head. He looked over at Elsa who was sitting in the chair, her legs draped over the arms, and her finger in her pussy as she watched Dana's every move. Dana continued lick her way down to Clint's balls where she took in one in her mouth, sucking it, as she teased him mercilessly. Then she moved her way back up, and took as much of his cock into her mouth deep throating him as she laid there moaning, and telling her how good she was at sucking cock. After taking Clint to the very brink Dana moved up straddling him, and then lowering herself down onto his cock as Elsa watched. She loved watching the head of Clint's cock disappear into Dana's pussy as he penetrated her inch, by erotic inch. One he was all the way in Dana started humping him slowly as she became used to his girth.

Elsa moved closer so she could watch her husbands cock appear, and then disappear into Dana's pussy. Clint reached up pulling Dana down toward him so he could caress and suck her nipples as he picked up the pace. Elsa was so aroused by the sight before her that she knew she had to become part of the action. She maneuvered around behind Dana and Eric, kissing her way up his legs watching his cock sliding in and out of Dana's pussy, her juices glistening on his thick shaft. She listened to the both of them as the moaned with pleasure, as Clint picked up the pace slamming his cock into Dana's hot pussy. Elsa placed her hands on Dana's ass, kissing her cheeks, and running her tongue between her cheeks making Dana squeal from the sensation of her tongue teasing her asshole. The more Elsa teased her, the more Dana moaned. With two fingers in her own pussy, Elsa eased her tongue into Dana asshole, penetrating her ass as deep as she could. Dana squealed,

"Tongue my ass....Oh fuck yes...stick you tongue all the way up my ass....Oh fuck that feels good. Oh yes....yes....I....I'm gonna fucking CUM!"

Dana started to shudder as Clint continued slamming his cock into her pussy, he to saying,

"Oh fuck...I'm gonna cum too!"

"Do it, Dana shouted...Do it...fill my pussy with your hot load!"

Clint groaned with one last hard thrust as his cock pulsed, and spewed his load into her hot pussy. Once he had finished cumming Elsa pulled his cock from Dana's pussy, his cum running down his shaft as Elsa engulfed his cock, and started sucking the last drops of cum from his cock. Then she licked his cock clean including his balls. As Dana laid on her back with her legs spread trying to recover from her powerful orgasm, Elsa moved between her legs, and began licking, and sucking her husband cum from her still quivering pussy causing Dana to cum yet again. Elsa lifted her head from between Dana's legs, her face covered with cum and Dana's juices. Dana reached out to her, and pulled her down, as the two women began kissing as Clint looked on in amazement. Never would had ever thought he would be in a threesome such as this with his wife and another woman. After resting, and a shower Dana thanked Clint and Elsa for a wonderful morning. Once she had gone Clint and Elsa embraced agreeing that was one of the most erotic things they had ever experienced.

After a relaxing afternoon by the pool Clint suggested that he and Elsa go out to club he had heard about from the manager of the resort where they were staying. Clint told Elsa the story was that this club was private, and one could only get in with an invitation that the manager of the resort said he would provide him for a small fee. Elsa was intrigued at the thought of possibly more erotic adventures so she readily agreed. She hurried off to get her hair, and nails done for their upcoming night out. She returned a few hours later looking beautiful, and was soon in the shower getting ready for an evening of who knows what. After her shower she took out the sexiest dress she owned. It was a silky black dress that was backless. She knew Clint would love it because it was designed so that there were several points of access for a man with roaming hands. She wasn't sure if that was the intentions of the designer of the dress were, but one thing was for sure...she knew Clint would love it. Elsa slipped on her black lace thong, and a pair of black thigh highs, and of course no bra. She looked at Clint who was smiling as she twirled around, the dress opening showing her legs and her thong. Clint clapped his hands saying,

"You are going to be the sexiest woman there tonight. I'm going to go get the invitation from Victor and then I'll be back."

Clint returned about twenty minute later as he and Elsa left for their night out. On the way Clint pulled into a restaurant with Elsa asking, "I thought we were going to the club?"

"We are, but they don't serve food there. It's strictly drinks and dancing, so first we need to eat first. Don't worry, this won't take long."

Clint and Elsa took their time eating because the action at the club according to Victor, the resort manager didn't really start until later in the evening. Finally Elsa and Clint arrived at the club. It didn't seem that special from the outside, but once they had presented the doorman with their invitation, and were allowed inside they could tell this was going to be someplace special. The bartenders were handsome hunks that many of the woman swooned over, and the waitresses were beautiful as well. After each had taken a drink Clint and Elsa looked around taking in the ambiance of the club. There were people dancing, and some were "dirty dancing" or trying to, while others sat a tables talking. Clint and Elsa each had another drink, and then went out onto the dance floor. They began dancing working their way into a little more secluded spot. They were both beginning to feel the effects of their drinks, and soon Clint had eased his hand through an opening in Elsa's dress, and was caressing her ass as they danced.

As Elsa and Clint continued their dancing, Clint feeling a little bolder, moved his left hand from Elsa's ass, and moved his right hand down, sliding it through another opening, and was soon palming Elsa's mound through her thong. Elsa felt her pussy starting to tingle from her husbands touch, his fingers running over her labia as he teased her clit through her thong. Elsa was to the point she didn't care who might be watching anymore as she moved her hand down, tugging at the zipper on Clint's trousers. She slowly pulled it down, and slipped her hand through the opening. She smiled when she realized that Clint had not worn any underwear, and she was now touching his cock. She quickly looked around to make sure no one was looking, and then freed Clint's cock from his trousers. Clint's eyes widened as he asked, "Are you crazy...what if someone see us?"

"Don't tell me you're afraid?"

"No, but it is a public place."

Elsa smiled, "A PRIVATE place silly, remember? I doubt if anyone is watching, and for that matter I bet some of them are doing the same thing."

Then before Clint could reply she pulled his even closer, and slid his cock between her legs, and began rubbing it against her pussy through her thong. As the two of them swayed back and forth Clint heard a familiar voice from behind ask, "May I cut in?"

It was Victor, the manager of the resort they were staying at.

"Victor. I ah, I didn't know you were going to be here? This is my lovely wife Elsa."

Victor took Elsa's hand kissing it saying afterward,

"Why not? It's my club."

Elsa in the meantime was mesmerized by Victor's charm. Not wanting to embarrass Clint or risk making him jealous she just smiled as Clint struggled for something to say. Victor laughed saying,

"If you two would rather be alone it's OK, but remember Clint, I told you this was a club where magic happens, and you wanted you and your wife to experience the magic. Besides, I've had my eye on your beautiful wife since I first laid eyes on her, and since you both had your way with MY wife I thought it only be appropriate to return the pleasure."

Clint looked at Elsa were both confused when it finally dawned on them that Dana must be Victor's wife. Clint looked at Elsa asking, "You want to? We've had a threesome with Dana, why not with Victor, if that's what you'd like. I have no problem with it."

Elsa smiled and whispered, "I love you."

Clint looked at Victor saying, "Why not Victor...this has been a vacation of firsts for us, why not make it another. By the way, is Dana here?"

Victor didn't answer, rather he smiled saying,

"Well in that case, since your beautiful wife already has you between her legs, maybe we can add a little pleasure. What do you think Elsa?"

"Yes. I'm open to anything as long as Clint is OK with it."

Clint watched Victor move behind his wife placing soft kisses on her shoulder. He couldn't believe what a turn on it was watching another man touching his wife and kissing her. Victor moved his hand up and down her arms as Elsa cooed softly tilting her head, and leaning against Victor's shoulder. He moved his hands down her arms one more time, and then move them over to her breasts, and cupped them in his hands, gently squeezing them through her dress. In the meantime Elsa moved her hand behind her tugging at Victor's zipper. Victor in the meantime pulled Elsa's dress open exposing her breasts, as he continued caressing them and toying with her nipples. After a few minutes Victor moved his hand down, and slid it beneath Elsa's dress, and began caressing her ass, and then with a powerful tug he ripped her thong from her body letting it fall to the floor. Elsa gasp as Victor whispered into her ear,

"Don't worry, I'll buy you another."

Then he eased his cock between Elsa's cheeks as the three of them continued swaying to the music caught up in their erotic rhythm of lust. Now Elsa had Victor's cock wedged between her ass cheeks, and Clint's cock still pushing against her pussy causing her to shudder with a small orgasm just from the sensations of passion coursing through her body. Elsa felt Victor remove his cock from between her cheeks and then kneel down. Then she felt him pushing her dress open more, and then his lips were on her ass, kissing her while his tongue moved between her cheeks. Parting her legs, not caring if anyone saw her she leaned back slightly placing her hands on his shoulders. She didn't even see Clint kneeling down until she felt him pulling the front of her dress open, and then his tongue moving over her labia. This was mind boggling; here the three of them were, on a dance floor with other people around them seemingly oblivious as to what was going on, and to make it all the more surreal her husband was licking and sucking her pussy, while a man she just met only moments before was tonguing her ass.

The strangest part was that she didn't care. All she cared about was the lustful erotica coursing though her body. Suddenly Elsa felt Clint take her clit between his lips, sucking it, and flicking it with his tongue while Victor penetrated her ass with his tongue. It was more than she could take as she gasp and started cumming. She squealed nearly passing out she came so hard. Victor and Clint stood up noticing they had attracted some attention. Thinking quickly Victor announced that the lady was fine...just too much drink. Then Victor led Clint and Elsa across the dance floor, through a door into another room. It was dimly lit, and from what Clint could tell they were in some sort of office or something. The three of them were now overcome with passion, but none as much as Elsa. She looked at Clint, and Victor saying,

"I want you both, now!"

"Are you sure?" Clint asked

"Yes. I want one cock in my pussy, and one up my ass at the same time. I've fantasized about this, and now that I have the chance, I want it. PLEASE do me now, both of you!"

Clint was surprised but never more turned on by his wife acting so slutty. Soon all three were naked and ready for action. Clint lay down on his back, while Elsa hovered over him sliding his cock into her pussy. Victor made sure her ass was well lubed, and then slowly eased the head of his cock into her ass. Once she was used to his girth, he began slowly inching his was into her ass until he was all the way in.

Clint could feel Victor's cock against his, and he had to admit it felt a little strange to him. They started out slowly to establish a rhythm as Clint fucked Elsa's pussy, and Victor fucked her ass. Elsa was amazed at how wonderful it felt having a cock in her pussy as well as her ass. Soon both men were pumping their cock into her as feelings of erotica filled Elsa, causing her to moan and squeal as both men continued their assault. She loved feeling Clint's cock in her pussy, and Victor's cock in her ass, and she knew that she would soon be cumming. It wasn't long before Elsa was having orgasms, one after the other, each one more powerful than the next. Suddenly Victor groan, and his cock began to spasm as he filled Elsa's ass with his load followed by Clint cumming in her pussy. Afterward Elsa lay on the carpet smiling and cooing softly. That's when the lights rose, and sitting on a sofa naked was Dana. She smiled saying,

"You looked surprised Clint."

"Well I have to admit, it's been an evening full of surprises."

Dana moved off the sofa, and down onto the floor where she began caressing and kissing Elsa. Elsa looked up and smiled as Dana kissed her passionately working her way down to Elsa's breasts, and then down to her pussy where she licked and sucked the cum from her pussy just as she had done the day before. Victor and Clint shared a drink as they watched the two women move into a torrid 69, their bodies writhing together until both were cumming over and over.

Once they had finished cumming, Elsa and Dana went over to where Clint and Victor were standing. Elsa knelt down in front of Victor, and began licking and sucking his cock until it was rock hard again. Dana had done the same with Clint, who was now as hard as nails. Victor took Elsa, and the two of them began making love over on the sofa, while Clint and Dana laid down on the floor with Clint between Dana's legs, licking and sucking her quivering pussy. Clint could hear Elsa moaning and groaning as Victor made love to her, whole Dana ground her pussy into his face. Clint took Dana to the edge, then moved up and eased his cock into her tight pussy. As he began slamming his cock into her pussy, Clint looked over, and saw Victor fucking his wife. Both couples fucked into the night, cumming and cumming again until it was finally was finally time to day good by. Clint and Elsa thanked Victor and Dana for a wonderful time, and in the morning checked out of the resort promising to return the following year as special guests of Dana and Victor. Both Clint and Elsa look forward to their next vacation.

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