The Tuesday luck Part 2

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

The Tuesday luck part two here begins....

A couple of days passed and I had finally worked up the courage to approach Mom with my offer. Dad was still on his day shift, and Mom and I were alone. With my heart in my mouth, I heard myself tell Mom that I had a great new video that I thought she would like. She told me to get it and play it downstairs. I was trembling as I placed it in the VCR and pressed 'PLAY'. If you've ever passed a TV store in the street that has had a camera pointing out at the passers by, you'll know the delay when, at first, you don't recognise yourself on screen in their window. That is how it hit Mom. She knew the room in the video, but for a second or two she didn't know where she knew it from. It all became crystal clear as she saw herself enter, followed by Grandad and then the tramp.

Her mouth dropped open as I let the story play out. I wondered how she would react. At last, Mom turned to me and said: 'I suppose this means that I am to be your sex slave as well?' I looked at her and just nodded. She said that there can't be too many women who have been fucked by their Father and their Son. She asked what the terms were to be. I explained that, like Grandad, I'd want to have her on the week when Dad was on his night shift. I also mentioned that I had two copies of the tape, in case she was thinking of getting smart. Mom said there would be no need for any nastiness as she was quite looking forward to some young meat for a change. Encouraged by her reaction, I asked if we might go fuck now. 'It's too risky, your Dad will be home any time now', she began, 'but I could give you a quick blow job in your room, if you like'. Mom took me by the hand and led me upstairs. As we walked, she said that what she'd really like is if I took her out on a proper date. She said that she'd be certain to give me lots of attention and flirting. With my dick getting ever harder I suggested that next Friday might be a good night and we made it a date.

Mom pulled me into my room and left the door ajar so that we could hear Dad come in. She knelt in front of me and undid my trouser zipper. It felt like I was in a dream; I was actually going to be blown by my own Mom yes my own mother is my slave, just like I had fantasised. I looked down at her below me. Mom was having trouble getting the zip over my bulge so I kind of breathed in to make it easier for her. At last my pants were undone and, using both hands, Mom pulled the top of my shorts down thus freeing my hard on. I think she was impressed. 'My, my', she exclaimed, ' you have grown bigger since I last saw your little man. I know I'm going to like this' I still think about that first touch of my Mom's hands on my most private organ. Surely, this is what every boy dreams of at least once in his life, if he's honest.

Coyly, Mom looked up at me through half closed eyes as her hands pulled back the foreskin of my prick. It was already wet, and as she moved the tip of my knob around her face, it left a trail like a snail. She flicked her tongue into my slit and I felt my knees begin to buckle. Mom then opened her mouth wide and, still with her gaze holding mine, slowly enveloped my dick. Her mouth was succulent as it went about its business of bringing me to ecstasy. Mom's head began to move quicker back and forth and her right hand was at the base of my dick, gently wanking me. She twisted her head so that every time my dick thrust in, it made her left cheek bulge outwards. This, and the combination of her seductive stare, finally sent me to heaven. Mom sensed I was cumming and started to pull me faster. I exploded into the warmth of her mouth just as Dad came in through the front door and asked if there was anyone home. I could hardly breathe, let alone speak, and as Mom stood up in front of me and shouted that she'd be right down, I could see the final traces of my semen in her mouth before she swallowed. With a final wipe around her lips, she let go of my dick and gave me a smile and told me she was looking forward to our date.

I had to take the camera back to college, so I didn't know how Mom got on with Grandad when he came around the following Wednesday, and I didn't ask. I came home around four on the Friday and Dad was still at home. I told him I had to get to the bathroom to get ready as I had a hot date that night. As he left for work, Dad shouted up that I should give the lucky girl one for him. Oh, I'd do that alright I thought. Mom had asked me to wear a suit, and she was at home when I got dressed and went downstairs. She said that we should do this properly and that I should go out now and call for her at seven thirty. I went to a nearby bar for a drink and called back to my house at exactly the time arranged. I felt like a nervous youth on his first date. Although I had a key I decided to ring the doorbell. After what seemed like minutes, the door was finally opened and Mom stood on the other side looking like a million dollars. She had put her hair up so that it stood high on top of her head and her lips were painted a shiny deep red. Around her long slim neck she wore a black choker of pearls. She wore a little black dress, fitted to the curves of her body and strapless. Her legs were covered in sheer black nylons and on her feet she wore a pair of five inch, black sandals with straps that went twice around her ankles. 'Like what you see?' Mom asked. 'You look gorgeous, Mom', I replied. 'Don't you think you'd better call me Susan tonight, honey?'. 'No way', I began, ' Tonight I'll be fucking my mom, that's what is such a turn on. I don't want to forget who you are for one minute'.

I took Mom's arm and escorted her to the car. I opened the door and as she climbed in, the hem of her dress rose up revealing almost all of her thighs. I could feel my shorts were wet already. I had booked a table in a restaurant out of town, knowing that we wouldn't be recognised. I took great delight in making sure everyone knew we were mother and son. During dinner in a quiet booth, Mom came around close to me and rubbed the inside of my calves with her heels.

We finished dinner around ten, and I really wanted to get back and fuck mom's ass until my dick was too sore to be touched. But she persuaded me to take her out dancing. She said that the anticipation would be divine. The night club was dark, the music dirty and the floor was quiet. I ordered a couple of drinks and wondered if this was the place where Grandad had spotted Mom with the guy who'd fucked her in those photos. Mom teased me with the drinking straw as she ran her tongue around it before placing it between her ruby lips. She pulled me onto the dance floor as an old Barry White record came on. We held each other close, and the scent of Mom's perfume and swaying of her hips against my crotch drove me over the edge and I brought my mouth down fiercely over hers. I had kissed Mom before, as a son does kiss his mother, but now our lips were parted and our tongues explored each other's mouths the way lovers do. I ran my hands over her back and down to her ass. I gripped her cheeks and she kissed me harder. I could tell that she wasn't wearing any panties. The horny bitch wanted this as badly as I did.

I told her that I had had enough and that I wanted us to get down to some serious sex. I took hold of her arm and dragged her to the car. When I got in, I looked across at her. Mom had crossed her legs towards me. The tops of her hold ups were showing as her dress came high up her legs. Her strappy sandal brushed the knob of the gear lever and I was aware of what she was suggesting. I drove homewards at speed.

I put my hand on Mom's nylon covered knee. It felt electric. As the moonlight filtered into the car I observed my hand as it travelled along her long, slim thigh. At last I reached the top of her hold ups and touched her bare skin. Mom uncrossed her legs and I looked down to see that her knees were well parted. I let my hand move further up, slowly, very slowly. All of a sudden, Mom turned to me and told me to pull over and fuck her there and then. I told her that there was too much risk of us being caught and that we'd be home in ten minutes anyway. 'I can't wait that long, honey'. Mom pleaded. 'At least stop and eat my pussy'. I knew there was a pull-in about a mile ahead so I told Mom that I'd lick her out there. In the minute that it took to get there, Mom squirmed as she rubbed the tops of her thighs together. She was obviously dying for it.

As the car came to a halt, Mom pulled my head down to her cunny before I even had time to engage the handbrake. She was completely bare of pubic hair, and on that bright night, I could see the moisture shining on her swollen pussy lips. I put my tongue in Mom's snatch as far as it would go and devoured her sweet love juice. Mom was pushing the back of my head but I was in all the way already. I found her clitoris and flicked at it rapidly. It was just like a hard, little prick. Mom started to groan loudly and I was pleased we had the parking area to ourselves, even though I was aware of cars passing by. Mom thrust her hips into my face and I bit and chewed on her clit until, with a cry of 'Yes, yes , ohhhhhhh yesssss, Mom finally had an orgasm. As my head left her crotch, she told me, in panting breaths, to get home as quickly as I could because she wanted to be fucked bad.

Five minutes later, as I was about to pull up outside our house, Mom leaned forward in her seat and told me to pull down the zipper on the back of her dress. As I did so, she held the front of the flimsy material over her breasts. She was out of the car and teetering up the beech lined path towards the front door before I had unfastened my safety belt. I glanced at where she had been sitting and noticed she had left about a three inch circle of dampness. As I got to about ten feet behind her, Mom stopped and took her dress off completely. She sauntered the rest of the way in just her hold ups and strappy sandals. As I got to the front door and fumbled to put the key in the lock, Mom knelt down and started to undo my belt. Man was she ready for it or what!. I was so excited that my dick just sprung out as she got the zipper down. The door opened and Mom pulled me in by my prick.

By the time I closed the door and turned around, Mom was already spread eagled on the carpet at the foot of the stairs. 'Come on honey, don't keep me waiting any longer, fuck your Mom now', she begged me with outstretched arms. I fell to my knees at her parted legs and thought of what I was about to do. Mom looked so hot and inviting. Her hair was slightly disheveled and the choker of pearls around her slim neck made me want to tie her up and slap her around a bit. The thought of treating Mom rough finally got to my dick and I slammed it into her tight, wet snatch with fury. At first Mom gasped as I filled her up so violently. Then within half a minute she was wailing in convulsions as she climaxed again. I looked down at my poker as it rammed into her. Mom's long nails scratched over my back, and I knew I'd be wanking tomorrow as they acted as a reminder of tonight. I could feel the carpet burn my knees as I pumped at my slut mom, but I didn't care. Her body was glistening with sweat now, and it made me remember how she had tried to disguise the extent to which she had loved being fucked by the dirty old tramp that Grandad had brought with him. The thoughts of what a filthy whore my Mom was just made my dick even harder. I bent my head and forced my tongue into Mom's mouth. She didn't resist, but just kissed me back even harder.

I could feel my balls were starting to erupt and I knew I was only seconds away from cumming. Mom realised it too, and told me she was dying to have her son cum all over her insides. She took hold of my sack and started to gently squeeze it. I could feel my face contort as I tried to hold it back for as long as possible. Mom was encouraging me to let it come. Then, at last, with her soft voice begging me to let her have it, I let my fluids come pouring out into my own Mom's womb.

I rolled off Mom and we both lay down recovering our breath. I told her that she was a dirty bitch and that the thought of treating her roughly was the inspiration for the fuck I'd just given her. She cupped my flaccid meat in her hand and said: 'Yes, I am a dirty bitch. But remember, I'm your dirty bitch. If slapping me or binding me up turns you on, who am I to stop you?' I could feel myself getting hard again in her hands. It would be two hours before Dad got home. I stood up and told Mom, to go up to my room. She asked where I was going. I told her. 'Into the garage, to get some chains.'

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