The True Me : Part 11

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I could feel his eyes on me. "Andrew can you help me put some sunscreen on my back?"

"Um sure." He got out of the pool and came over to me. I handed him the bottle and turned around and lifted up my hair. I heard him cough kind of as if he choked. I smiled to myself. He started rubbing the lotion on my back and started going to my lower back. Hes hands were so strong. Felt like he could just pick me up like a piece of paper.

"Ok all done."

I turned around. "Thanks, well lets get in." I went to the pool and jumped in. He jumped in after me. "Wow your pool feels so good."

"Yeah." He smiled.

I swam over to him. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure anything."

"Have you ever fucked in the pool?"

"Whoa, what?"

I smiled, "Have you ever fucked in the pool and have you ever fucked anyone my age?"

"Umm no." He said nervously.

"Well then, todays your lucky day because your gonna do both." I swam closer to him and wrapped my legs around him.

"Whoa Nicole we can't do this."

"Why not?"

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