The Top Girl Returns

(Part 1 from 1)

Nora Smith was probably one of the most popular chicks at BradFord University, and it was all because she was known to have a bubble butt. Her ass wasn't even big but it was jiggly and bubble, a lot of the guys really admired. "Hey, Nick can you buy me some chick fil-a?" Nora asked in a sweet way as lunchtime was right around the corner.

"Aw Nora, I can't today." "I'll let you grope my ass. And smack it." After hearing that Nick gave her his $20 bill and smacked and groped her ass, feeling it was totally worth it until he had nothing to eat later on. Nora had a lot of money from guys, it felt like it would never end. Her friend Victoria caught up with her during lunch. "Hey Victoria, wanna go to the mall after classes? I've got hell money to blow!" "Nah Nora, but I need to talk to you about this..."Victoria replied and Nora looked very concerned and she was curious of what her good friend had to say.

"Before we arrived here this year, I'm sure there was another girl that was just like you and was getting money, and I'm sure she eventually feel miserably and desperately. You need to stop, or that'll be you, Nora." "That girl probably didn't have ass like me,"Nora doubted. "I have ass, and as long as I have ass, there will always be cash." Victoria looked at her funny, and began to eat her chicken sandwich. "I guess you're right....good point.."

The next day when the sun rose Nora got up, she knew she missed 2 classes but she knew her teachers wouldn't mark her absent. She took her time getting ready, put some clothes on and headed out the door. Right off the bat she noticed her reserved parking spot was taken, and she was pissed. When she got in the building she found a lover of her's and asked him who took her spot and he replied, "It was the girl who already claimed it 2 years before you did."Nora was confused until she saw a huddle of guys checking something out, and very interested.

What they saw was a fat ass, a real big booty and not just a small bubble butt, owned by Rebecca. Nora had no idea who Rebecca was, all she knew was that it was ON. Rebecca was a junior who had left school for a number of months, but before then she was what Nora was, but times 2. She had the perfect body plus the fatty donk that every guy dreamed of. Nora became angry and after lunch (she gained no money that day) she confronted Rebecca in the hallway. "Alright, so who the fuck are you?" Nora pointed in Rebecca's face. "I was here 2 years before you making a living off my big ass, and I need to do it again before I drop out.

There is no way your ass looks better than my fat ass, no way in hell!" Rebecca said angrily. " Nora was afraid that Victoria might have been right, that she would fall if she didn't stop, but she knew if she could make Rebecca leave she'd still be stacking bills. So she swung at Rebecca with all her might and motivation......only for Rebecca to block it and easily take her down and straddle her to the ground. Rebecca then covered Nora's mouth and suffocated her in her big ass until Nora passed out....

Nora woke up and realized her whole body was wrapped in duct tape, and she couldn't scream for her life because her mouth was taped shut. All she could do was squirm and flop like a fish until someone came in the room. The room was a very small room, and she wondered what kind of room it could be until she flopped her body around and saw the toilet. As soon as she did, Rebecca came in and smiled evilly. "Well hello Nora. You're here because ylj made a dumb choice by trying to attack me. You really think you can do that Nora? Nope, you won't get away doing that."

After that Rebecca set Nora's head on the seat and squatted over her face as Nora thought she knew what was coming and began to squeal and whine. "A lot of guys see my ass as a very wonderful thing, well I'm about to unleash the not-so-wonderful part on you!" Rebecca yelled and she let out a squeaky fart onto Nora's nose, Nora began to squirm forcefully to no avail as the smell filled the small, crowded bathroom. The funky fume air filled Nora's nostrils and seconds later Rebecca fired another blast straight up her nose with her phat booty. *PHRROOOOMPPHHOOOOT!*

The room was very stinky, it was ridiculous. *FROOOOIMFFFFTTPHHTTTPP!* Rebecca then took her panties off and opened her ass cheeks so that Nora's nose went in her ass and she exploded a nasty disgusting and smelly fart up her burning nostrils.*BROIOOOOMPPPHHHHOOOOIOT* The gas was very powerful and had Nora's eyes watering endlessly as he nostrils inadvertently inhaled enough of that huge fart that she passed out. Rebecca was very satisfied.

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