The Time Three of us Cuckolded our husbands

(Part 1 from 1)

HI! My name is Madelaine and my two friends, Judy and Monica. We went to a bar and were having a drink when we noticed a man sitting alone in a nearby booth. He was sort of handsome and well built, though not one of those ugly body builder types. None of us like all that excess muscle that will someday just become so much blubber.

That of course is neither here nor there. The three of us had come to the conclusion that what we needed in our sex lives was something radical! We had swapped around with our husbands but they seemed more interested in watching football or other sports than in us. It was Friday afternoon and we all noticed that the man had looked us over once or twice. Now like our husbands we were all in our late forties and we had kept our figures. You know? large boobs, slim waists, not too large butts and hips and long shapely legs. The three of us keep our dark hair long and neatly done up. Judy and Monica both have kind of hazel eyes and mine are green. Anyway, after a little while the bartender brought us three drinks we had not ordered and said, "Compliments of the man at the bar. He sent this over to you."

He handed me a card. It was simply an ordinary looking business card with the name-Lance, with his company logo- two coiled cobras facing each other and the company name-Cobra Enterprises.
Interesting, but nothing earth shaking. None the less we invited him over and after a while we told him our problem. He said, "You know, I bet I can help you with that."

He paid the bill and left a generous tip for the bartender and led us out to his car, and Oh My God! The car was a stretch Rolls Royce. As we approached a young man leaped from the seat behind the driver and opened and held the door for us. Lance said,"First we must have a blood test. I am very careful not to let any disease in. Don't worry about the doctor. He has many years of experience and does not make mistakes."

A man in a lab coat exited another identical car and came over and the door was held for him as well. He took not only our blood and saliva, he did the same for Lance.

Lance explained, "I almost never leave my home, but when I do he always takes a sample just to be sure that I have not come in contact with something bad. And no I am no Howard Hughes, but I am careful since I bareback."
He handed me a phone and said, "Call your husbands. Tell them what you have in mind and that a limo will pick them up at your house. Warn them of the blood test. Some men can get rather scared about it but it is simply for their own protection."

I asked, "What if they refuse?"
"Then I shall simply send you home."

I told him, "We also thought about getting someone to put us in bondage and then raping us."
"I do not rape. If I do not have your consent there will be no sex. I can however, at your request, put you into some rather creative bondage situations."

His home was as spectacular as the cars only more so. As we were seated in a comfortable seating area our husbands came in and of course the required questions, "What the hell is going on?"
I said, "You'll see soon enough."
Soon our host came in and said, "All your tests are just fine. No problems at all. I am Lance and you would be Joseph, Robert, and James. This way."

He led us toward a blank wall and suddenly an elevator door opened and he led us all in. There were no buttons to push and he said, "My playroom, please."

When the elevator stopped we stepped out into a long wide corridor with magnificent views along the outside through huge windows. We went through another concealed door and into what appeared to be a rather large gym and exercise room. We soon found that it was all that and much, much more. A very scantily clad girl approached and held out an earthen jar and said, "Please to draw your number. We each drew a heavy gold disc with a number on it and another girl attached it around our necks with a gold chain. My number was one and that apparently made me the lead in whatever was to come.

Our host had disappeared and when next we saw him he was seated, almost nude in a rather ominous looking chair. The girls led us over and seated us in the order of our numbers on a comfortable bench with back rests. A huge screen came up and the lettering on it was specific enough:

You will address me as master.
You will be my slaves.
You will have sex when I say.
You will have sex with whom I say
You will perform sexual acts at my direction.

The intent of this was to cuckold the three males while they watch.
The three females will also be cuckolded as they watch.

If one of you disagrees then all will be sent home without further discussion.
If you all agree we will begin shortly and then you will be returned to your residences on Sunday evening.
Food and proper clothing will be provided and no harm will come to any of you.
I was led, still fully clothed, to him and was told to kneel before him;

I knelt on a pillow between his knees and he said, "Remove the towel and place both hands on my penis.
I did as I was told and Oh!! God. It was a monster!! With both my hands on it there was still a lot sticking out!!
A little screen came down and he put a stylus in my hand. "Put your mouth on my penis and sign there above your name."

I did as I was told and then he said, "Turn to your right and take witness no. one in your mouth. When he has signed take no. two and so on until all six of your witnesses have signed and then return to your seat."
After all six of us had signed, he made me come back to him. "Just so we can keep the record straight, you will measure me and report to your group. I am sure that my penis is not the largest, but it suits my needs very well."

He handed me a tape measure like dressmakers use and I measured his length. I said breathlessly, "It is almost fifteen inches and six and three eighths around."
He said, "For those who are not engineers, the six and three eighths translates into a little over two inches in diameter. You will all love it."
He said, "Prepare them."

Several of the scantily clad young people, both male and female, came over and began to disrobe us and place all our clothes in plastic boxes with our name on top. One of them asked, "What value on the certificates, Master?"
"We will start them at five thousand apiece."

We found out later that the certificate could either be taken with us or left on deposit to gather interest.

The young people took us into a huge shower. We were all given enemas and douches and thoroughly scrubbed and dried. After drying we were dressed in sports bras for the females and wife beaters for the males. The lower garment was simply a belted breech clout, and some comfortable moccasins completed our ensembles.

The men were led out and placed in chairs near something called the oval. We were led by Lance over to face a group of young men sitting on benches. As I said before, I was no. one and Judy and Monica were four and five. Lance said, "Pick three and lead them to the oval."
The young men were all clad in black wife beaters, black jockey straps and black tall Apache style moccasins.

They all stood on the bench of the oval and Lance said, "Strip them. There is a zipper on the back of the moccasins. There is a hook behind you to hang their jockey straps and wife beaters on. The moccasins go in the box below the hooks."
After we had them stripped we were directed to step up on the oval and the young men stripped us and put us down in the center. One got behind, another in front, and the third stood on the bench. All of them were getting an erection in anticipation, and soon each of us had a penis in our vagina, another in our rectum, and the third in our mouth. We were being thoroughly fucked, sodomized, and deep throated by young vigorous men. Lance stepped in behind the one in my mouth and said, "Talk to her. Tell her how my penis feels in you. Make her want it so bad she will beg for it!"

I was already beginning to beg him for that monster cock. The boy was too! "Oh!! Please Master!! Give it to me!! Please!"

Lance stepped down, leaving the boy begging. He walked over behind where our husbands were sitting and began to rub their shoulders and then rub his penis around on their necks and sides of their faces. They were turning and kissing his penis. He then walked over and took Joseph, Monica's husband, by the arm and led him over. He put him in the oval with me and said,"Put your face next to hers. Lick his balls. Make him come all over both of you."

Joseph said, "Oh please, Master. We are not gay!"

He said, "The term we use here is not gay. It is queer for both genders. I am a bisexual. Sometimes I want a female and other times a male. This weekend I shall have three of each. You will be totally in love with my penis by Sunday evening, I promise you."
He was totally right about that.

He did the same with Robert and James. The boys had been instructed that they could not ejaculate into any of us but must pull out and ejaculate onto our faces and bodies. He then removed Robert, Joseph and James and made them select three boys for each of them and put them in the oval next to ours. When they were all in the oval he said, "Put your penis into the one in front of you. The other will enter your rectum and the third you will suck."

As each boy finished they rotated and soon we had had all three in all three holes. We were also covered in ejaculate. Lance made the three of us get out of the oval and lay face up on some benches, with our legs hanging off the end. We were strapped down with our arms stretched above our head and our legs spread out and strapped. The area under our buttocks suddenly elevated several inches.

Our six witnesses came over and slid out of their jockey straps and then began to masturbate and shoot huge globs of semen all over us. Their penises were huge but not as large as the Master. After ejaculating all over us they began to lay on our cum covered bodies and fuck us silly. One said, "We are preparing you for the Master." The men each ejaculated into our vagina and we were filled to overflowing. Our husbands were led up with collars on their neck and hands secured behind them and fastened to a tight restraint belt around their waist and connected to their collar as well. They were forced to their knees and then their faces pushed into our vaginas. The woman controlling them said, "Use your tongues! Clean them out in preparation for the Master.

Lance came by and took the leash of Joseph from her and said to the boys, "Clean him up and bring him to me in the steam room. Bring him wet."

The rest of us were also cleaned up and brought to the steam room, where we were seated where we could watch. Joseph, his restraints removed, was brought in and knelt before the Master, who was totally nude and sitting in another of those imposing hairs. "Open the case to your right."

Joseph did so and there was an amazing sight in there. Master explained, "Those are inflatable cock rings, or spacers if you prefer. The fur is mink and the color bred into them. The inside fur is female juvenile ermine. This set sells for seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I get it a for a little less since I own the company that grows the animals and makes them. The gold one is three inches, the silver four, the platinum five and so on. I would suggest the ruby since it is eight inches. That would leave you seven inches of two inch penis. None of those boys are more than seven and non are as big around either."

Joseph selected the ruby and placed it on the masters penis. As told he attached the little control cable and pushed the white button. The thing inflated and Master said, "Stand up."

The master stood and embraced Joseph and kissed him, while his hands roamed over Joseph's body. Joseph was trembling and sweat pouring off him as it was all of us. The Master sat in his chair and pulled Joseph back onto his huge penis. "Work yourself down onto it."
Joseph asked, "Did you give us Viagra or something?"

"Or something, only ten times better and without the side affects. This will help you stay erect for about four hours depending on your weight and other factors, and will assist you in ejaculating and achieving orgasm several times. We have found no ill effects to the heart or other vital organs. We hope to market it late this year, pending government agencies approvals. We have had it in test for over eight years."

Joseph had succeeded in getting all of Master's penis in up to the ruby spacer. Master stood them up and pushed him against a chrome bar in front of the chair. He pounded him until Joseph was screaming with pleasure. Master said, "Masturbate!"
As Joseph neared climax he was handed a cup and told, "Catch it in this."

He did as he was told and Master made him drink it. Two of the witnesses were summoned and one knelt in front of Joe and the other stood on the chair and thrust his penis into Joe's mouth. Soon all three ejaculated and Joe felt Master shooting a huge load into him as well. Master pushed him off and said, "Clean him up and prepare him for dinner. Bring me no. one."

I was brought over to him and made to remove the spacer. He stood me against the bar and made me bend over it and begin sucking on one of the witnesses penis. I felt him entering my vagina from behind. I was going wild. In my wildest dreams I had never envisioned a monster cock like this. He was stroking me and my feet came off the floor at every thrust. I was in ecstasy and all were watching as I ejaculated and orgasmed over and over. Then when I thought I was done he told me, "Suck him! Make him wet and slippery!"

He stood me up and I got another sensational feeling. The one I had made all slippery began to enter my vagina alongside Master's. I began to scream and beg and another huge penis was shoved in my mouth. OH! IT IS SO WONDERFUL!! The other four witness men were shoving their penises into the first two and also Master. I could feel them all ramming their huge penises in and grunting and groaning as they climaxed. I was covered in ejaculate. It was all over my body, especially my breasts and face and my hair was filled with it. We were all taken in and cleaned up and given clothes for dinner. After dinner all were sent off to bed except for Robert, my husband, and I.

Master took us to his own bedroom and said, "Disrobe. We shall sleep together."

He took Robert in his arms and kissed him and began to make him get an erection. He made me suck on Robert's penis until it was slick and then his monster, the same. We lay on our sides and he entered me and told Robert to enter me from behind. We went to sleep that way and later Master took Robert as he was taking me.

*** In a few days I will write more about the rest of the weekend. Madelaine.

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