The Switch

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Molly sat opposite her friend on the couch as the two women laughed at the memories of university. Molly was now turning forty years old and had not seen her roommate and best friend, Isabelle in a long time. Isabelle had turned forty last year. She was still slim and slender, her face smooth as if she was still in her twenties. Her dyed blond hair concealed her age. Molly was a little thicker, but very sexy. Her black hair was cut short which made the woman appear like a siren to be wooed by all.

Isabelle was now going through a rough divorce and she and her son, David decided to spend the weekend with Molly and her son, Shawn. Shawn was twenty-three years old, tall and strapping. David was a little shorter, muscular and twenty-five years of age.
The two boys were off in the mall together while the two women caught up.

“Your son has grown up to be so handsome,” Molly said.
“Oh yes,” Isabelle agreed. “All the girls are after him but your son is very handsome as well!”
“Thank you. He is on the cricket team in his university. He’s here now on vacation.”
“Really, “ Isabelle said before changing the subject. “I was so sorry to hear of your husband’s passing. You must have taken it hard?”
“Very hard. Shawn took it even harder.”
“Everything all right now?”
She nodded. “Yeah, time heals all wounds.”
“So where would I be sleeping tonight?” Isabelle asked.
“Well, my darling. I would show you. Follow me.”

It was midnight and everyone had turned in early. Isabelle laid on her bed, thinking of her messy divorce. How had things gotten so bad? She did not love her husband anymore and was certain that she had taken the right steps to get a divorce. She hoped that her son, David was not affected.

Isabelle climbed out of the bed and decided to go downstairs for a glass of water. She tiptoed into the corridor and quickly descended into the kitchen. However, the fridge light was on which meant that the fridge door was opened. She quickly turned the corner into the kitchen and saw Shawn there searching the fridge for some food.

“Couldn’t sleep?” she asked.
He jumped in fright. “No.”
She chuckled. “I am sorry. I did not mean to scare you.”

He laughed back, admiring the woman in her short, silky nightie. “It is all right. You want anything?”
Isabelle stood next to him and bent over, staring into the fridge. “Just some water. So how is school?”
He stepped back, leaning on the counter. “It is good so far. Nothing too hard as yet.”
Isabella smiled but noticed the bulge in his shorts. She looked away a bit embarrassed.

“You sure nothing is too hard as yet?” she teased him.
Shawn smiled and then grabbed her. “Maybe you can help me with this hard problem that I have.”

Isabelle did not know what to say. This was her best friend’s son. She wanted to back off but she did not. He was so handsome and masculine. She kissed him.
Their tongues met each other as if prearranged while their hands stroked over each other’s body, heightening their eroticism.

“I haven’t been fucked in a long time,” Isabella whispered. “No love, just fuck me baby.”

Shawn pulled off her straps and allowed the nightie to slide to the floor, revealing her lovely nakedness. He sucked on her breasts as she threw off his pants and allowed his warrior to stand to attention. She grabbed it, stroking it up and down. Shawn moaned as he raised himself unto her and allowed her to insert him into her. He felt the initial tightness of her pussy but soon it slid in and Isabelle moaned out. It was her weakness, she had to moan.

Shawn became so overcome with passion that he sucked on her neck as he drove his shaft violently inside of her. Isabelle welcomed the penetration as her hips gyrated on the counter, begging for more. They pushed and pulled on each other until Shawn soon felt his orgasm exploding inside of her. He still managed to drive his shaft into her, allowing the busty woman to moan out as her cum exploded to the surface.

“Shawn!” she moaned out.
Soon, Shawn pulled himself out of her and dipped his head into her wet cunt, sucking on everything she had to offer. She split open her pussy as his tongue penetrated into her river of cum. She moaned and soon felt another orgasm slithering unto the surface. She laid back on the counter as he anchored her legs to his chest while he absorbed all her squirts from the second orgasm. She moaned again and this time her hips gyrated more violently as she could not contain herself any longer. She slid to the ground and soon they were breathing heavily.

“Oh baby, that was good,” Isabelle said.
Shawn smiled.
However, none of them saw Molly staring at them from on top of her banister with anger in her soul.

Molly could not believe that her best friend would betray her like that. She quickly retraced her steps and knew that she could not face them tonight. She had to cool off. While making her way back to her bedroom she stopped at the light emanating from David’s room. His door was slightly ajar. She peeked in.
At first, she did not see David but then she caught him staring at the ceiling, lying on the bed. Molly’s first impression was that he was thinking of his parent’s divorce but then she realized what was going on. His hand was underneath his bed sheets playing with himself. She almost gasped but soon a smile slid to her face as she stared at him.

However, he stopped and sat up. Molly stared at him and almost ran away as David was staring at her. She entered and closed the door behind her.
“I’m sorry,” she said. “I saw the light on.”
He smiled, somewhat embarrassed. “It is all right.”

Molly stared at his perfect, muscular body as he laid there clad in only his shorts. Suddenly, the urge came over her. “Need any help?”
Before David could react, Molly pulled off his shorts and stared at his huge cock, pointing at her. She threw off her skimpy pyjamas as she slid unto the edge of the bed and bent over, smelling it.

“You’re almost there,” she whispered and suddenly inserted it into her mouth. David closed his eyes in ecstasy as he felt his cock being driven up and down by the experienced tongue of his mom’s friend. Molly loved sucking dicks as she expertly allowed her tongue to play with his shaft, titillating it without making it explode.

Soon her mouth was over his tip and she pulled on it rather violently as she bobbed her head up and down, enjoying the smell of sex from his cock. David raised his hips to rise with the bobbing of her head as he could feel his orgasm rising from the depths of his shaft. Suddenly, he exploded allowing his cum to shoot off into her mouth. His smile widened as he realized that this woman was not leaving his cock. She was swallowing everything. He gasped and gyrated even more violently making sure to empty himself as Molly sucked him dry, not spilling a drip.

David then collapsed on the bed as Molly crawled off of it.
“All done babe?” she asked.
“Oh yes. Unless you want an orgasm?”
“Not tonight, dear.”
She put on her pyjamas and headed back to her bedroom to see Isabelle standing there, angry as hell.

Molly locked her bedroom door. Her anger had soon returned and she knew that this was a face off.
“Fuck you bitch!” Isabelle said, trying not to shout.
“No, fuck you whore!” Molly returned. “I saw you with my son!”
Isabelle became quiet. She composed herself and continued, “and I saw you with David just now. I was coming to check on him but neither of you heard me open the door.”
“How could you betray me like this?” Molly asked. “Your moaning woke me up.”

Isabelle allowed a tear to fall down her cheek. “I am sorry. Even you know my weakness to moaning. I could not resist him. I saw so much of you in him.”
Molly approached her, not vex anymore. “You felt it too?”

She nodded. “Ever since that night we made love in that dorm, I wanted you. It was my best sex ever.”
Molly smiled. “Me too. We became so quiet about it because we thought that it was a mistake but it was so good. I wanted you so much.”
Isabelle stared at her. Suddenly, they kissed, falling back on the bed.

“Fuck me honey,” Isabelle cried out. “Fuck me for all the years that we’ve missed out.”

Molly tore off her own clothes while Isabelle did the same. “I’ll do better than that!” she promised and the two naked women jumped on each other, falling on the bed. Their mouths rubbed on each other as their tongues wrapped around the familiar territory. Their hands groped each other’s breasts as their nipples jammed unto each other in sweet ecstasy.

Molly jammed her pussy on her lover’s and they soon gyrated their hips allowing their wet pussies to slide and glisten. Soon, their gyrations turned hotter and more violent as their moans got more intense. Their orgasms were rising but they wanted to time it to explode together. Isabelle allowed Molly to take control as her orgasm was still within her. Soon, she moaned and nodded her head, signalling Isabelle to continue. The two women grinded on each other, tearing the bed sheets as their juices flowed out and their orgasms exploded in unison.

Isabelle then turned over and allowed Molly to position herself for a 69.
“I thought I would never enjoy this pussy again,” she said. Molly responded by sucking on her wet, soft pussy like mango.
Isabelle almost screamed out as their orgasms came almost instantly as their mouths washed over the red clits, vibrating them to ecstasy. Molly grabbed Isabelle’s inner thighs as she sucked harder into her pussy, making sure that she wasted none of the juices. Isabelle allowed Molly’s legs to lock around her temples as she caught the cum squirting out of her lover’s pussy like a fountain of youth. It took them close to a minute to lick each other clean before teasing each other’s clits with a little tongue lashing. The two women soon laid next to each other and kissed.

Suddenly, Isabelle turned Molly around and made her crawl into a doggie position. “Take this,” she said and instantly she pushed her own fingers into Molly’s ass. Molly cried out but soon masturbated herself in time to Isabelle’s banging. She cried out in pleasure as Isabelle was inserting her entire hand into Molly’s stretched ass, causing her to explode in an orgasm which covered any pain. She moaned out but Isabelle covered her mouth with her next hand and soon pulled it out.

The women kissed again and this time the room smelled of sex. Molly crawled out of the bed, kissed her new lover and opted to return to her room before their sons awoke. Maybe, Isabelle would stay longer than just the weekend.

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