The Summer storm

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It had been a beautiful day on the west coast. The sun was hot and there was just enough of a breeze to keep the body cool. The waves that were crashing on the beach had been slow and fun. There were all kinds of bodies frolicking in the water, body surfing and boogie boarding. But the evening was fast approaching and there was something in the air, a smell and a feeling that could only mean a storm was heading itís way into shore. The couple had rented a cabin on the beach. It wasn't a big place, a one bedroom with a kitchenette. But it was cozy and romantic. It had a fireplace and a hot tub out on the deck. They had enjoyed the day on the beach, but were even more excited to see the clouds rolling in and the surf get uglier. They had heard that the west coast storms were something to see and also awesome to hear.

They had a nice dinner and were cleaning up when they heard the thunder and the wind blowing up. They had a shower earlier in the evening after coming off the beach. They had thrown on some nice big fluffy terry-towel robes to lounge around in. Normally it would have been too hot to wear these, but the wind had picked up and it was a little cooler now. She sat down on the couch to read a little of her book and he went out to sit in hanging swing on the deck. It was cool outside and there was a smell of salt in the air. The wind had picked up quite a bit and the waves were getting bigger and bigger. They crashed on the shore and sent spray into the air. It was deafening with the wind, the thunder and the surf crashing in. It was scary yet soothing. He sat swinging in the chair when she came outside. She brought him a drink and had one for herself. She was all wrapped up in her robe and her hair was blowing in the wind. She walked up to the railing and watched as the sky darkened and the water boiled. There was a small light on the porch that illuminated her against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. She turned around and saw him watching her. He had that look in his eyes like it was the first time he had ever seen her. He was smiling, so she smiled too. This was romantic. Who would think that a storm that would probably knock out some hydro lines somewhere and swamp some boats tied up in the nearby town, could be so romantic, but it was. She slowly walked over to where he was sitting and stood in front of him. She raised her glass to her lips and had another sip. She then handed the glass to him and stepped back. She closed her eyes and listened to the storm brewing. She could feel the wind at her back and could feel the mist in the air. She could also feel his eyes looking at her. She untied her robe and let it fall open. Even though it was cold, her body was hot and it welcomed the chill that surrounded her. The robe opened to expose her bronzed skin and delicious body.


She stepped forward as his hands reached out to caress the sculptured figure that stood before him. She wore only her panties under the robe so her breasts were bare and exposed. The cool summer evening made her nipples erect and hard. He pulled her in and started kissing her belly. His hands traced circles up and down her back and hips. She still had her eyes closed and she swayed a little with the wind. His hands explored the silken body running from the back of her thighs to a spot between her shoulder blades. His lips were kissing and nibbling every inch of her belly from her panty line to just below her breasts. She tasted sweet and her scent was that of coconuts. He brought his hands around and cupped her breast. His fingers pinched and flicked at her nipples. He caressed and squeezed just the way she liked it and she moaned ever so quietly. He continued his kissing and caressing until he could feel her body go limp. With the storm brewing all around, she opened her eyes and looked down at him. She smiled and slipped her fingers into her panties. With one quick move she dropped her panties and stepped out of them. Her body now had goose bumps pop out all over. He pulled her in tighter and kissed her now exposed pussy. He gave her pussy a little flick of his tongue and squeezed the cheeks of her ass. He loved this body and could caress it all day and night. She held his head with her hands and pushed his face deeper into her. She slowly backed off a little and bent down in front of him. He continued caressing her as she untied the belt of his robe. She pulled his robe open and exposed the swollen cock. 

She took it in her hands and stroked in, exposing the head to the cool air. A drop appeared on the head and she licked it up sending a shiver through his body. She stood up again and looked into his eyes. The storm was continuing to build with the winds getting stronger. His body also now had goose bumps and his nipples were hard and erect. He pulled her in once again and she proceeded to climb up on the swing straddling his lap. She lowered herself down onto his cock and let it slide slowly into her. She pushed down to take it all in and then squeezed her pussy to create an inescapable trap. She kissed his lips and he drove his tongue deep into her mouth. Their tongues played with each other while their hips gyrated and bounced. The wind blew harder and the thunder cracked. The waves crashed on the shore and the nearby rocks sending plumes of water and mist into the air. She pushed and pushed, trying to get his cock deeper and deeper into her now swollen, wet hot pussy. He sucked on her nipples and squeezed her ass with each thrust. The sound of the storm covered the cries of ecstasy from the couple. The cool wind on their exposed bodies only made them wilder and more erotic. Her robe had fallen off her shoulders and her whole upper body was exposed to the sea. The swing was rocking back and forth with the movement of their bodies. His hands were pulling at her hair, caressing the exposed shoulder and breasts. She was pinching his nipples and pulling his face into her.

Their bodies were hot and sweaty and the salt air gave them a glistening effect. She was on her final thrusts when like magic there was a lull in the storm. They both cried out as the orgasm hit their bodies. This time they could be heard as the storm was quiet for that brief moment. It was like the sharing of love and body stopped all time.

The couple held one another and kissed each other so gently, that their lips barely touched. And with that kiss, the wind, the thunder and the waves all started their act once more. She rested her head on his shoulders and they rocked back and forth in the swing. He pulled the robe back over her shoulder and they continued to hold each other. They looked into each other's eyes and smiled. They sat and listened to the storm brewing, enjoying all that life had to give.

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