The Sex Unbelievable Secret Sex life of Mrs. Diane Erebus.

(Part 1 from 2)

As usual we have to say this is fiction, so alright, to be published yeah.

The facts are presented in the manner prepared by investigative reporters;

Husband Mr.Eric Erebus:
That night Diane was combing her hair facing the mirror in the dresser with her back towards me. She was naked from her waist up with a towel wrap around her hips. She just came out of the shower. She hadn't change much since we got married some 7 years ago. I can see from the mirror the outline of her gorgeous body and her perfect round tits with a cone shape tip leading to her two erect pink nipples. The curb in her body even from the back view was perfect and the towel followed the nice outline of her butt. Diane is half Korean half white who grew up in Hawaii. Her hair was up to her neck and she looks like she is in her early 20's though she is 29 at that time. She is a trophy wife for me. We were planning to have kids but we put it off so I can pursue a career opportunity to work as a chemist in a petroleum company in Iraq. But I got blown up in my second month in the job. After 6 months of coma and 18 months of rehab I finally got home with Diane. It has been over two years since I touched her.

The last two years had been so tough with me. The loneliness and boredom of being alone almost consumed me but I tried to stay faithful with my husband. That night he came home he was lying in bed embarrassed about his disabled state. His legs were amputated above the knees and his left hand was cut off as well. He wear prosthetic limbs but refuse to learn to walk with them. His thighs and tummy were scard so badly and the part were there used to be his nicely figured strong dick was a tangle of made up tissues and connecting hoses and tube for his urine catheter. "Come on Diane, let me see you". I turned around, I was naked from my waist up. "You haven't change Diane, your body has remained firm and perfect, what a shame to leave you here alone for 2 years". I move closer to him and I stroke his hair with my hands. The doctor told me he has lost all sexual ability and sensation. "Diane you are a young healthy woman, when you were alone here had there been nightmares at night?" I didn't quite follow what he meant and I just shook my head. He was in pain and he closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Yes there were opportunistic men who tried to take advantage of my vulnerable state during my loneliness while Eric was in the rehab. A lot of young men from the office invited me for disco, party or just dinner but I all turned them down not wanting to be seduced to cheating on my husband.

One Friday night as usual during end of the month I stayed late till 8:00 pm to beat the deadline. I have always been late in my work tasks since Eric had been hospitalized. I was working on my computer when I felt a hand touching my shoulders. At that moment it had been rough, just the 9th month since Eric was injured. Part of me want to instinctively react but I stood still feeling the hand that started to massage my shoulder. I slowly looked up and it was Jim, our 24 yrs. old Janitor, maintenance guy at our floor level. Jim is a black guy who had been previously convicted of a rape attempt and we were alone in the second floor after everyone left at 5:00 p.m. I heard him whisper in my ear "Diane I know you needed some touch of care, you've been alone for long, I'm an expert on that, I've been seducing women since I was 17". I was scared but on the other hand I must admit that I was sexually aroused. My husband Eric and I had been to the wildest of sex in our younger years in college and he made me feel the utmost pleasures on sexuality. I was longing for that kind of pleasure again. Jim continued massaging my shoulders and part of me wanted to stop him but for some reason I allowed him to continue.

Jim slowly unbutton the first two top button of my blazer and started massaging my front neck and chest. He inserted his hand underneath my blazer and then his fingers started going inside my bra. I started breathing heavily. "Diane I know how you feel, it's guilty pleasure, don't be afraid, no one has to know, we are all alone here" I was getting very very nervous but I was also aroused and I started to feel wet inside of me. His finger started playing with my nipple while his other hand was massaging my shoulder. He started running his tongue on my ears. My eyes wondered up to the ceiling and then back to my disk. When I saw Eric and my picture I come to my senses. I stood up and stepped back. "No Jim I can't do this" he attempted to put his arms around me hoping he could put me back to a seductive trance but I pushed him and I firmly told him to back off. He apologized afraid of his records to be brought up and he left me. That night when I got back to the house I took a shower and started touching my self. But I'm probably one of the few women who don't know how to touch themselves and I didn't enjoy it so I just went to bury my sexual desire with comedy movies till morning. I haven't cheated on Eric that night.

Husband Eric Erebus:
Two months after that night I came home and it was already spring. Diane and I were going to her company party. Since it was my first time to go out of the house we brought my nurse. After dinner and VIP speeches it started to get boring as the dancing started. Diane sat by my side just watching her colleagues dancing on the floor. A young colleague from another department in the lower floor came to us and after introduction asked me if she could dance with Diane. It was quiet awkward and I was a bit jealous but I couldn't say no without sounding pathetic. Diane refused, but I prodded her to go and dance with the young man. The music turned from fast beat to slow and I was watching them dance with that young man's arms around Diane feeling the soft skin in her back. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped gown that was wide open in her back. She looked so graceful dancing with the music.

That night when we arrived Diane and my nurse helped me bath and placed me in bed. Afterward Diane came out of the shower too, ready for bed. I watched her as she took off her towel and put on her negligee. From the lights behind I could see her figure, she is so gorgeous, healthy and young. Her face is that of a goddess, oval shaped, thin red lips and brunette hair, soft eyes, all that men and boys could only dream of. How lucky I am to have her in my bed and yet I can't do anything. She came to lay beside me in bed and I looked at her, she is so beautiful but since I've been home I never attempted to touch her for I know it will just be frustrating for her and for me. I didn't have any sexual sensation, she has just become like an object of beautiful art for me. Whatever remains of what used to be my dick couldn't even feel the urine that involuntarily come out of my body.

I asked her if she enjoyed dancing with the young man. She said not so much though I can sense that she longed to be touched and maybe to be fucked by him or by any strong male. I was sorry for her. I started kissing her in the check and she kissed me back. "Eric I missed you so much" she said in a low sad voice and I tried my best to kiss her in the lips. We were french kissing and she just felt so hot and alive. I was in pain but I tried not to show it as Diane was carried by her passion locking our mouths in intense lips to lips action. I shove my cut off left hands down and used my good right hand to touch her neck and shoulders and then her breasts which feels so good underneath her thin delicate negligee. I felt the softness and the smoothness but there was no sexual sensation at all, I totally lost any sexual feeling. I tried to go along to please her as she started to accelerate her breathing and she reacted to my every touch and move. I then started running my fingers in her tummy and then to her thighs and then slowly inserting it to her pussy. I felt the well arranged hair inside her and I run my fingers in the way I remember running it when I was a complete man.

Diane's breathing became so intense. She put her arms tightly around me and her body was vibrating in pleasure, it had been over two years since she was touched like that. She unintentionally squeezed me so hard and her fingers dig deep grasping into my skin.."yeah Eric come push it some more, fuck me hard Eric, please come inside me" she was asking for more as she seems to be reaching orgasm "more Eric... more...come on honey pump me hard" she was imagining that I was pumping my penis inside her as we used to do. But then I was so exhausted and in pain, my fingers were stiff and couldn't move any more."Please Eric don't stop, more Eric more please.."she begged. I couldn't do anything, my arms were locked and stiff and my whole body was in pain. The unremoved tiny shrapnel feels like needles pricking all over my body."Please Eric don't stop, please fuck me... fuck me Eric.." I just couldn't do it and I got angry, I shouted at her "bullshit Diane, you know I couldn't do this!!!" I collapse on my back and she stood to a sitting position in the bedside and she cried with her shoulder clearly sobbing, her soft and smooth skin glowed nicely in the dim light. "I'm sorry Diane" I managed to murmur as I was trying to ease my pains.

Diane Erebus:
I couldn't leave Eric, he is my soul mate. I haven't known any other men. We started dating in high school and married right after college. It's clear I can't be with other men, Eric is my husband and no one can take his place in me. But how long I can resist the temptation of my sexual needs and my desires. We never attempted to kiss or touch each other again after that painful attempt. Sometimes when I'm talking with some friends whose husbands were assigned overseas they told me that they had been having secret affairs and it wouldn't hurt if it wouldn't be known. But the consequences of getting caught were grave resulting to divorces and even physical confrontation. I know Eric couldn't bare it if I will have an affair.

Witness I lousy Pimp:
I've been arranging male prostitutes with sex starved client. But I never had any normal young beautiful lady for a client. Most of them were gays like me or super fat, ugly undesirable loveless outcast women who just happened to have some little money. My boys are mostly street wanderers who are also physically undesirable and uneducated. I don't even have sex with them. I don't monitor them and don't guarantee that they are safe both by health or by crime record.

One day I was in the park and I noticed a man in a wheel chair reading a book. Beside her sitting in a beach towel is a very beautiful woman wearing bikini tops and brown shorts. Though I'm gay I always get attracted to beauty and so I observed her. She was intensely looking at the same boys I was watching. A group of highschooler playing volleyball most of them naked from the waist up. The woman I would know later as Diane was locked on a masculine white handsome young boy as he demonstrated his muscle with each stroke of the volley ball. It was clear to me now that the woman was horny for sex. On my way out of the park I passed by them and I handed a scratch paper to the woman unnoticed by her disabled company. I wrote, "For discrete sex with young boys call this number".

Diane Erebus:
Two weeks after a gayman handed me some phone numbers I was feeling so empty. Eric had been lying in his bed losing his will to live. We exchange the usual I love you honey but there was no physical relationship, he is so traumatized of what happened when he tried to use his finger on me. Eric didn't want to go out and I was so bored and lonely watching countless movies and even rated R ones. My sexual needs had so intensified. I got solicited for secret dates by unscrupulous office mates who know of my vulnerability. I must admit a couple of times I almost decided to try going out with some of them. But I'm concerned that these kind of guys can't help not bragging about their conquest fucking a lonely woman. I don't want to hurt Eric. It was already 1:00 a.m. on a Friday and I still couldn't sleep. I zipped some red wine and then I saw the scratched paper again, and for unknown reason I tried calling, a young voice replied, "hello ma'am...I'm available at this you want some pleasure?" I couldn't speak for a few seconds.

Investigator's note:
Diane's first sexual encounter was with a shy 18 years old immigrant from Ghana. It's only his second time and his first was a Gayman. Boy no.1 is darker than night, malnourished African kid growing in the city streets sustained only by craps of surplus side walk burgers. Mrs. Diane Erebus was his first woman customer and a very beautiful and gorgeous woman at that and he got paid well.

Boy No.1.
I was nervous, the deal was concluded on the phone and though she sound like a soft spoken young woman I didn't know for sure what she is. I gave my price of $20 but she said she could pay more. We agreed that she will pick me up at a designated street. My last experience was horrendous and I couldn't get an erection. The fat white gayman was furious but I demanded to collect my $20.00 anyway after kissing his disgusting mouth.

A very nice BMW pulled over and I approached the window. I couldn't believe my eyes, a very beautiful woman driving asked me nervously if I was the designated name Zack. I nodded and she opened the door. She drove around and asked me where we should go. I told her that we have to avoid bigger hotels because I am a minor and could get noticed so we went looking for a smaller motel. I stayed at her car waiting for her to get a room. Then she went in and I followed. She told me to lock the door and she started undressing. I was in awe, I never saw such beautiful body. I had sex with some black slut before but I didn't enjoy them. For the first time I was shaking and trembling. "What's the matter Zack? are you alright?" she said half smiling. I could only managed to nod while I choked on my saliva. "You're suppose to be the professional, aren't you going to pleasure me?" she said half jokingly.

Diane Erebus:
I was uncertain of what I was doing. I can't imagine myself there, alone with a 18 years old boy prostitute in a motel room. It's not in my character as a descent wife. I expected to find a professional strong bodied handsome man to walk me through my sexual frustration with my husband, but I got this skinny innocent shy ugly black boy who was equally uncertain of what we are going to do. I was standing there wearing only my bra and panty. I told him that it's his turn to strip. He took off all of his clothing. Though he was young and ugly I got excited to see his very erect penis. It had been two years since I saw my husband's dick. I miss the feeling of toying with it and then sucking it in my mouth. My husband Erik trained me well to suck his dick during our younger days.

I approached Zack and he started to shake. "Don't worry Zack I wouldn't harm you". "It's not that, I'm not worried ma'am, just this is my first time to feel this are so beautiful.." I silenced his mouth with my finger and I started running my hand on his black body. Normally I wouldn't get aroused with skinny ugly boys but I was so sex starved for years that Zack looked sexy to me. I run my tongue on his neck and then to his chest and small nipple. "Do this same thing on me Zack" I whispered on her ears. I stood straight and unhooked my bra. Zack started licking my neck and then run his tongue into my chest just as I did with him, then he started fondling my breast with his hands and started sucking the other with his mouth and soon he was like a hungry lion fiesting on my breast.

I told him to stop and then I slowly run my tongue to his abdomen and to his thigh bypassing his very erect dick, then I came back and toyed with his penis first with my hands and then I shove them to my mouth just like what I used to do with my husband Erik. He was panting, breathing hard I could see his chest and abdomen pumping air as he felt utmost pleasure while I suck his dick inwards and outwards from my mouth. Everything just came back to my mind as if I was doing this with my husband Eric. When he seems to be about to burst I instinctively do what I always did with Eric and I squeezed the head of Zack's penis making him recoil and setting his dick ready for sexual intercourse.

I laid down in bed. He immediately jumped on top of me. He slide his dick deep inside me and I never felt so penetrated, not even with Eric. As he started pumping me I just remembered he didn't put on any condom but it was too late as I was building up orgasm, my mind was that of my husband on top of me. "Come on Erik pump me harder, and harder.." He was breathing hard and he was really shoving his little cock deep in me, I could feel his every thrust as it gets faster and faster. Finally I felt my body vibrating, at that point he ask if I was ready because he was about to burst too. We exploded almost at the same time and we were both shaking, just in time I was able to kick his hips so his cock was out spraying his cum on my thigh and in the bed sheets. He collapsed beside me exhausted. "I never felt like this before ma'am..." While we lie in bed we had a brief chat, I told him I was just lonely because my husband is sick. He told me his sad story in the street. He wants to do it again offering me free services when I'm horny. But I said I don't want to stick with one partner because it could get serious and I don't want to hurt my husband. I gave him $200. before I drove him to the street where I picked him up.

Husband Eric Erebus:
That Friday night I woke up around 2:00 a.m. and Diane was not in bed. I thought maybe she just couldn't sleep and went to breath fresh air outside. Then I woke up again around 4:00 a.m. Diane was combing her hair just out of the shower, which was odd at that hour. It occurred to me that maybe she was cheating on me but then maybe I was just too insecure and jealous, she is not the kind who could do that.

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