The Sex Chronicles: Holding off sex for vibrators.

(Part 1 from 1)

Katie reached her dorm at the stroke of midnight. After asking for directions, taking elevators, and bumping into multiple make out sessions. She was finally here. She was ready to lay down and go to sleep, hopefully she didn;t have a loud roommate that'd keep her up all night.
She pulled out her room key and opened the door. The room was dark and she could hardly see. Katie felt the walls for the light switch. She heard moaning. Someone was having an orgasm. Maybe it was best not to turn on the light, for fear of seeing an ugly, hairy pussy.
"Whose there?" A voice whispered in the dark, the moaning quickly stopped. "Shit!" Another voice chimed in."I haven't fucked your ass yet, what the fuck?!?" Katie covered her eyes and turned on the light. A beautiful, sexy dark-haired girl lay naked on the bed. Her pussy was wet with cum. Beside her, a brown-haired guy with a monstrous penis. "I'm sorry." Katie bit her lip, embarrassed. "Its okay, I'm Pamela." Pamela smiled and turned back to the guy. "Now you can fuck me."

Katie watched in horror as they continued their heated sex right in front of her. Suddenly, her pussy felt wet. She needs a penis to grind on her right about now. She flipped off the light and got back in bed. Moans floated through the night.

When Katie woke up, Pamela was buttoning her shirt. "I'm going out." She nodded and tried hard not to stare. Pamela's boobs were perfectly shaped and her nipples looked so juicy, she wanted to suck on them. 'Enough with the fantasies, lets get to class.' She thought to herself. Before Katie could get up, Pamela groaned." Could you help me with my jean zipper, guess I need to get back on the treadmill." Oh no, this is what she dreaded. She'll get horny and who knows what will happen.

Katie bent down and carefully zipped up Pamela pants. "Thanks." Pamela grabbed her book bag and poured out into the crowded halls. What was she going to do? She obviously wants to fuck Pamela and its killing her. Katie looked around the room for a sex toy. She needed one desperately. 'Maybe Pamela keeps some vibrators.'

She searched her drawers, but there was nothing. "Damn, I'll have to buy it." Katie stomped her foot. Was a vibrator really worth missing class. She rubbed her pussy. It was wet.

Katie cut across the yard and into the Girls bathroom. Two girls were kissing and making out in a stall. She took the biggest stall she could find and locked it shut behind her. Katie took out the vibrator from her bag and pulled down her pants and panties. Finally, she could have her orgasm. She inserted the vibrator in her pussy and began to push it up and down. It felt so good. "Ahhhh, yeah, Ahhhh" She moaned louder, louder, and louder until she was literally screaming.

She pushed it faster and faster. Oh gosh, she was dying. Katie hung onto the rail above the toilet. She was gonna cum. "I'm cumming!" She cried. The kissing from the two girls had stopped. They both listened to Katie's stall, having orgasms of their own from her moans. "I'm cumming!" Katie cried even louder. Oh yes she felt it coming. As she pushed the vibrator in and out, she rubbed her clit. Causing the cum to come faster.

"Oh yes, YES!" She moaned. Her voice bouncing off the walls. The cum oozed out pussy. She took the vibrator out, and moaned. The two girls moaned too and sighed softly. Katie was a freaky girl when it came to sex. She rubbed her cum all over her mouth. She was now ready for Pamela.

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