The Seminar

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Iím a school teacher and teach the sixth grade, the grade where the boys are starting to learn about sex and I am a very attractive women and learned fast that wearing short skirts gave me total control over the boys. I am married, no kids and working on my PHD and I received a letter in the mail from a the college I was doing my doctorate work at saying there was a 10 day course being offered at an upstate meeting complex that had all the amenities, like golf, etc. and the credit would be applied to my doctorate.

The course was offered for $300.00 but had a disclaimer that said if I passed to course with a 4.0 GPA it would be free for me and my husband said I should jump on it as he knew I could get the required grade in my sleep. I applied and was accepted and the week after the fourth of July the class started and I arrived at the appointed hour, 9Am, was checked in, attended an orientation and found out I had a roommate.

It did strike me that all of the teachers were young, attractive and eager like me and there were only 12 of us and we were told we were all that signed up for the course . I also found out my roommate worked for the ďCollegeĒ as did all of the other teachers roommates and we were told it was because it was a crash course and they were there to help us get through it and we all bought it.

I met my roommate, a very tall, very athletic looking black girl with muscles and she said she was a part time body builder and entered contests around the state. Our bags were in the room and we unpacked and she said we should take a shower before the activities started and I said I had one that morning and she walked over to me and said, baby lets understand one another, for the next ten days I own you and you will do what I tell you to with no sass, backtalk or lip and if you donít you will wish you had. I asked her if she was fucking nuts and she told me to get naked and fast and I told her to kiss my ass and was going to leave.

She grabbed me by my hair and it hurt and I donít deal well with pain so I stopped in my tracks and she grabbed my blouse and ripped it right off of me and I was scared as I knew I was no match for her in any way. She told me to take the rest of my clothes off and I did quickly and she was touching me while telling me I was hot and she grabbed my pussy and kissed me and I couldnít help myself as I felt that twinge in my pussy. She told me to undress her and when I did looking at her muscled body I got that twinge back and I got wet.

She took me in her arms and pulled me into her hot body, kissed me with tongue and my pussy went wild as her muscles really turned me on and for a long time I had wondered what it would be like to be with another women. She picked me up like I was a feather, put me on the bed, laid next to me and put her hand between my legs and said, spread em cunt and I did and she kissed me as she worked her finger into my pussy.

My entire body was on fire including my brain and as she was telling me I was her cunt now and she owned me I got even more turned on and my pussy exploded cum for her and she told me I was her good girl which strangely made me feel so adult. While she was working my pussy she asked me if I had ever eaten a pussy and I said no and she said I was going to eat hers and I knew I as going to or deal with pain so I choose her pussy. I got between her legs and her cunt was wet and the aroma was maddening and all I could think of was burying my tongue in her hot cunt and I did. The feeling was overwhelming for me as I tasted her hot wet cunt and it felt so good on my tongue and I started working her sweet pussy for all I was worth doing what I like done to me.

She was moaning and saying, oh yes baby, eat me baby, oh fuck baby eat me you fucking cunt eat me and Iput my finger in her ass and she uttered a low scream and came like an oil well gushing and I couldnít believe how good it tasted. I wanted more as I was really enjoying her sweet cunt and I made her cum 7 or 8 times when she made me stop saying I was going to kill her. She pulled me up to her and kissed me and asked me if I liked eating her pussy and I told her I loved eating her pussy as it is so much better than I thought it would be. She kissed me very passionately and told me I was going to love this time with her being her bitch and then she told me spread my legs and she got between them.

She licked my pussy and it was like an electric shock going through me it was so fucking good and I moaned saying, oh baby as she buried her tongue in my pussy. I was on fire and in another place as she worked my pussy over and was asking me whose pussy I was and who owned me which of course I said she owned me but I didnít remember that until she showed me the video. I do know she had fingers in my pussy and ass while sucking my clit and when I came not only my brain exploded but my ass came a foot off the bed and I screamed.

She came up and kissed me and told me I was always going to be her bitch wasnít I and I said yes and she said itís yes mistress so I began calling her mistress. Then she put on a strap on and made me beg her to fuck me and I was on my knees saying, please fuck me mistress please fuck me, I will do anything you want but please fuck me and when she drove that eight inch cock into my pussy I screamed and came like a volcano exploding. I wrapped my arms and legs around her panting like I was out of breath and told her that was the biggest thing my pussy ever had in it.

She kissed me and kept fucking me and when I was about to cum again she told me to tell my husband she is the best fuck I ever had and I said it as I didnít want her to stop fucking me. She made me cum more times than I ever had at one time and I knew for sure she could make me do whatever she wanted as I was her bitch/slave. We took a bath together and I washed her from head to toe using my tits and hands and I ate her on my knees as she stood over me and told me I belonged on my knees to her pussy and I agreed. In one short day I was in love with her pussy and would do whatever she wanted me too so I could eat it and I was also her slave as I dressed us both for dinner.

When we got into the elevator there were two other couples there and both teachers were looking a bit scared and the one kept rubbing her ass so I knew she was not cooperative to start with. My mistress pulled her dress up and told me to kiss her pussy and all I could think of was getting my tongue in her pussy and got on my knees and put my tongue in her pussy and was in heaven. She told me I was a good girl and let me work her pussy for a minute and told me after dinner I can have it for dessert. Then the other two mistress had their bitches kiss their pussies but they had to get mean to do it.

At dinner I found out that all of the mistress either work in the college athletic department or did and were all dykes and had hatched this plan to get some of the hottest teachers in the state to come to this seminar so they could make us their bitches. They had access to the school stationary and seal and made it seem really official and like me not one of the other teachers checked with the college thinking it was the real deal. After dinner we all went into a conference room and we had to undress ourselves and our mistress and there were chairs along the wall.

The mistresses sat in the chairs and us slaves sat on the floor and ate our mistresses and I was too busy making my mistress cum to see what was going on with the others as I couldnít wait to have her cum in my mouth.

After mistress came for me I thought, wow, it didnít take much to make me her whore as I really loved eating her pussy and swallowing her cum. And I had no idea as to what was yet to come for us slaves. After the last mistress had cum the leader took the podium and said all of our clothes had been taken out of the rooms and all that was left were stockings and heels and she held up a smock and said when we left the room our mistress will put it on us and take it away when needed. One of the teachers said, you are going to keep us naked all the time and the leader said yes and after tomorrow we will be the only ones here so you wonít need the smock then held up a collar and leash and said she will call us up one at a time to put our collar on us.

The collars had our mistresses name on them and were all black with a white leash and she put them on us and when I went up she said my mistress said I am a very good girl so she will have a treat for me later and that excited me as I was hooked on mistresses pussy. We put the smocks on and were led back to our rooms and I spent the night eating and fucking mistress as she let me use the strap on, on her and my treat was eating the leaderís pussy which I did enjoy.

By noon the next morning we were the only people besides the staff as the mistresses had rented the entire place and we found out the staff could use us sexually anytime as long as we were not being used by the mistresses. After spending the morning entertaining mistress, the leader and her bitch as I did have sex with the other bitch and I enjoyed that too. After the last guest had left mistress took me to the pool and the lifeguard was a handsome young man about 20 and he took one look at me and told mistress he wanted to fuck me.

I knew it was going to happen but still was not prepared for this and told mistress being her bitch is one thing but fucking another man is cheating on my husband and I couldnít do that. Mistress grabbed both my nipples , twisted and told me do as told and the pain was excruciating so I agreed. Mistress got my pussy ready as when she started eating me I forgot about the young stud and when I was about to cum he drove his big cock all the way into my pussy. His cock was as big as the strap on and my eyes were closed and it felt so good I moaned real loud and said, fuck me baby fuck me.

I lost all sense of my surroundings as I was on fire and the big cock was pounding my pussy and I was in fuck heaven and I just kept cumming.

I had my arms wrapped around him but he had my legs pinned to my shoulders as he pounded me and he was muscled up like mistress and it was just too much as I gave myself to him. He asked me if I liked his cock and I said god yes and he told me I was the best piece of ass he ever had. The cum flowed like a river from my pussy and when mistress started rubbing my clit I ass came off the ground as I screamed and came harder than I ever had before. When he pulled out he said clean my cock whore and I opened my mouth and cleaned his cock savoring his and my cum and mistress had me thank him for fucking me.

We swam for a few minutes and another young stud showed up with a small hard on so mistress had me eat her while the stud fucked me in the ass. That was new thing for me but mistress lubed my ass up and his cock was at best not quite five inches so if fit perfectly in my ass and I loved having him fuck me in the ass while I ate mistressís pussy. When he came in my ass that was pure heaven for me as it was hot and felt so fucking good so I asked mistress if the stud could do me again alter and she gave him our room number and told him to come after his shift.

We went back in the pool and about ten minutes later a female staff member showed up wanting her pussy eaten and she was not much to look at but I was curious to see what she tasted like so mistress had me lay down and the girl sat on my face while mistress finger fucked me. I licked her pussy and was amazed at how good it tasted, even better than mistresses and I started eating her like an animal having its food being taken away and it didnít take long to make her cum and that was even better. With mistress finger fucking me and that sweet pussy cumming in my mouth again I lost all touch with reality and had a death grip on her thighs so she couldnít pull away.

I donít know how many times she came but quite a few and I swallowed every drop of her cum. I was now a complete bisexual whore and loving every minute of being a slut, whore/slave/bitch. When the girl could not take anymore mistress had me stop and put her pussy in the girls pussy place and I continued eating mistress until my jaw hurt.

Then we went to the room to take a nap and I was asleep in less than a minute and upon waking up I bathed mistress and myself and dressed mistress and this time in the elevator it was one of the same couples form the day before but this time the teacher as all over her mistress. I did see the teacherís ass was a bit red and had a few welts on it and when we got to the dining room I saw she was not the only one.

After we sat at our table a young waiter came over, pulled his cock out and said suck it cunt to me and I looked at his rock hard six inch cock and took it all in my mouth and got lost in sucking his cock, something I have always liked to do and when I was finished I had given him the best blow job he ever had. Mistress told me I was such a good girl it made me wet and then another stud showed up and he was black and my thought was, yum, a black cock and it was beautiful, about 7 inches and shoe polish black and I sucked it like he was going to take it away from me and you have no idea how much I enjoyed it but in the end it was still a cock and once it was in my mouth it could have been any color and I would have enjoyed it.

After dinner when we went into the conference room I noticed some of the teachers had leg irons on and welts on their asses and tits and I wondered how they took the pain. All of the mistresses had a number and the leader paired up the numbers so we would be in two couples that night for sex and the number we drew the teacher was a hot Hispanic girl and I couldnít wait to see how she tasted as I now had a real taste for a pussy .

Back in our room mistress took a device out of the drawer and told the teacher it was an electric shocker and if she didnít do it right mistress would clamp it to her pussy and shock her into a stupor. Mistress then hooked it up to her and gave her a jolt and after that she did whatever she was told and that started with her and I doing a show for the mistresses. Her pussy was good, not quite as good as my mistress but good and after I made her cum 6 or 7 times she was game for anything and when mistress put the strap on, on me she was begging me to fuck her.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and as I fucked her she asked me to make her my bitch as she loved fucking me and eating my pussy but thatís another story as she did become my bitch. After I fucked the bitch mistresses swapped slaves and my new mistress for the night took me back to her room and turned me on to a new thing. She spanked me while talking dirty to me and she made me cum and she also peed in my mouth and told me I was a born whore as I ate her pussy. After I satisfied her she made a call to the desk and 3 studs showed up with hard-ons.

She told them I was all theirs and pulled a chair up to watch and I have to tell you I was turned on seeing those had cocks and then they each took a turn putting their cock in my mouth and I was not happy when they took it out of my mouth. They put me on the bed and lubed up my ass and had 3 fingers in my ass before impaling my ass on the guy laying down and I was not happy as it hurt a bit.

Then I was pushed back and a cock was rammed home in my pussy and the owner said, look the little cunt likes it and I did, then I had a cock in my mouth and the cock in my ass was starting to feel good and this was the first time I had 2 cocks in me let alone having 3 in my fuck holes. The cocks in my ass and pussy were moving slowly and I could feel them rubbing together and I lost it and all I know is it was the best fuck of my life.

First the cock in my ass came and all I could say was mmmph as my mouth was full and then the cock in my mouth came and when the cock in my cunt came I moaned, oh fuck, fuck, fuck and I came. The cock in my ass pulled out and he went to wash it and the one in my pussy was put in my mouth with the words, clean daddyís cock good you cunt lapping little whore and I did.

After that night I was in demand, all the mistresses fucked me whenever they wanted and they even had a private party where they passed me around all night. The staff, both sexes used me whenever I was free and it was usually 2 or 3 of the studs using me together as they couldnít spend the night with me but they would walk up to me and put their cock in my mouth. Now I like to suck cock and having all those cocks to suck was like having a smorgasbord of cocks to suck and fuck too plus I got to eat a lot of pussy too.

They also had a night where the slaves got to sleep with each other and I had first pick and picked my Hispanic bitch who is now my full time bitch. The female staff got to have a night with the slaves too and that was fun as they all spanked me and fucked me and made out with me.

Our last night there as slaves we were shown the videos taken of all of us from day one and they had everything, when the mistresses stood over me and played with each other and came all over me, the mistresses all peeing on me, the studs standing over me and covering me with their cum, all the cocks I sucked and fucked and watching it I knew I was a whore but was not ashamed as it was fun for me.

We were all given a little gold star tattoo on our ass and told we now always belonged to them and will be the slave for whichever of them wants to use us and if we ever say no our husbandsí friends and family will get a copy of the video. I donít know about the others but I get used 2 to 3 times a month and I look forward to those phone calls.

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