The Reunion

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The reunion dinner was as light as it could be. John enjoyed the company of his friends but not as much as the company of his soon-to-be girlfriend, Dana. She was avoiding him for the past few weeks, trying hard to get over her ex. She had promised before her withdrawal that she would accompany John to this reunion dinner. Even John did not like her coming only because of a promise but he still let her come. He had not seen her in weeks and missed her dreadfully.

So far, things were progressing nicely. John and Dana fit in like a married couple as if nothing were wrong between them. The dinner ended three hours later and John and Dana bid farewell. They walked slowly but quietly to the car in the dark car park.

“You seem quiet?” Dana asked.

“You too.”

“The dinner was nice.”

“I found so too. So when next would we see each other?”

Dana sighed. “I don’t know. I don’t think of it that much anymore.”

“Still getting over some feelings?”

“I’m so mixed up right now.”

They arrived at the car but John escorted Dana to the passenger side, hugging her from behind. “I missed you. I miss you everyday.”

“Okay,” she simply said, not wanting to lead him on. John breathed hard. Before she would return the favour or kiss him or flirt with him. Now, she did nothing. Half of him was grateful though. He did not want to get together with her while she was vulnerable and on the rebound. 

“You still are seeing your ex?”

“He picks me up every morning for work.”

“So he still gets to see you even though you are broken up and I don’t get to see you?”

“But I call you everyday. I don’t call him.”

John smiled. “That’s nice to know. I know you went out with him for two years so I would always give you your room. I respect you, love you and would support you every step of the way.”

She gave a half smile. If she was smiling in her heart, he could not tell. 

“Your other ex calls you. You know, Rex?”

She nodded, yes. “Only sometimes. He calls just to find out how I am.”

“And trick you into trying to get you to marry him.”

“He knows there is nothing between us. I have absolutely no feelings for him.”

John hugged her tighter, kissing her neck. “But you said you want to set a good example for your younger siblings.” 

“I do.”

“Well, how can you allow the ex-boyfriends to call you, visit you and have the boy who you have feelings for, stay away?”

“John, it is complicated. I have feelings for you too but I don’t want to lead you on when I am not ready for that kind of commitment.”

He sucked her ears. Surprisingly, she did not pull away. She gave a slight giggle. “I’ll support you no matter what. I will give you all the time you need.”

She turned her head to her side as he hugged her from behind, around her waist. “Thanks.”

They kissed, their tongues playing slowly with each other. His hands groped her stomach as he slowly made his way to her hard breasts. She turned slightly, letting her pussy rub against his hard cock. Reaching for the car keys he opened the back door. They fell in. He closed the door to the back seat, inserted the key into the ignition to disengage the alarm and locked the doors. 

Dana smiled as John lay on top of her about to kiss.

She stopped him. “Only for now. Don’t read too much into this.”

“I love you.”

They kissed hard. She unbuttoned his shirt as his hands rode up her top. Her breasts were already poking out her bra as he ripped it off. She made her purring sounds as he slurped on her neck and made his way to her mouth. She loved kissing him. They sat up as she straddled his legs, kissing him harder. She unbuttoned his pants forcefully as he pulled off her top. Her bra slid to the ground. He eyed her thick nipples. It would be the first time he would taste them. He sucked hard on them, nibbling. Dana yelped, almost pulling away but loved it. She sucked on his shoulders as his shirt came off, working her way to his chest. His chest had no hair and she loved it. Her tongue licked every inch of it.

They pulled off each other’s pants and underwear. Lying naked on each other they kissed again. This time John was below. He turned his lover around and suddenly, he moaned. Dana’s mouth covered his cock. He pulled opened her vaginal lips with his thumb, kissing and slurping. The gyrations of hips told him that he was pleasing her just right. He used his forefingers to part the lips hiding the clitoris. It was erected and wet. He lightly tasted it and then went in to devour it. Dana could not contain herself. She moaned hard, sucking harder on his cock, bobbing her head up and down. 

Her orgasm was racing to the surface. John never let up. He stuck his fingers into her and sucked her at the same time. His other fingers from his next hand were in her ass, giving her a taste of light anal sex. She loved it. 

“John, John, John. Tease me more!”

Suddenly, they both cummed. Dana swallowed accidentally some of his cum. She never knew it to squirt so hard and quickly. John swallowed her sweet juices as they squirted on his face, lips and car upholstery. They continued sucking until all was done.

He lifted her to sit on him. Soon he bent her over and inserted his cock from behind into her vagina. She yelped, loving his entry. 


He groped her breasts as he rode her in and out.

“Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, yes.”

He rode her harder and harder as she ordered him. 

“Harder baby. It’s coming,” she ordered.

He sucked her neck and she turned to connect her mouth to his and suddenly more cum squirted into her as he cum squirted out. She pressed back onto him, letting his cock reach as deep as it could. She gyrated in circular motions on it until she collapsed on him.

She was done. The car had shaken itself into frenzy and the car park was now empty. She got off of him and hugged him.

They stayed like that for some time, just whispering their “I love you and I missed you.”

They kissed one last time and he drove her home.

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