The R-ape of Virginia P

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

This is how the story was told by different angles including the rape victim herself on interview by a local tabloid reporter.

Husband Sr.Pi: Virginia is of a Spanish descent and her family owned this huge track of land in the province. That day we are there for a vacation. I took my time off from managing my Rice mill business in Manila.

We headed for the stream. It's noon time and no one would be within a mile radios from us since everyone is working in the farms as usual. She said she felt like stepping into the water. It was so clear and tempting. I told her to go ahead. She said she don't want to wet her bra because it was new and very expensive brand. I shrug and said so what. She said she don't want to wet her shirt neither because she will wear it for the morning trip to the market.

Then she said 'you think there's no one around to see if I take off my shirt and my bra so I can wear them back dry?'. I said no. But then she was so tempted with the water. She looked around and then she took off her shirt and bra and handed them to me. She was standing there covering her breast with her arms as she waded to the middle of the stream.

I watched her as she was walking with her shorts tightly in her nice butt and the soft skin in her back. She's only 26 and 5 years into our marriage, but no trace in her gorgeous body that she had given birth to our 3 yr. old daughter back in the city. Her hair was straight black and up to her shoulders. Her skin is Caucasian white and soft. She has the most beautiful face that has strong resemblance to the actress Phoebe Cates. She had all the right curves and right angles in her body. She is a trophy wife for me, thanks to the old custom of Spanish family arrangements.

Gangster one: We were the Elega gang and just bolted out of jail three weeks ago. There were 9 of us but we have recruited 5 more who are mostly younger cousins of members. Our leader was a 30 yrs old man named Ulysis, but he was recaptured earlier. I was only 22 and the second eldest and vice gang lead, the others were 18 and 19 while the three young recruits from the city streets were only aged 11, 13 and 15. We were heading south overloaded on a commandeered jeep.

Witness one. I was on my way to bring rice lunch to my older brother working in the sugar farm riding on a bike. When I pass by the stream I saw senior Pi reading and Mrs. Virginia Pi in the water. She was naked from waist up. She didn't notice me at first as she was standing in waist deep water and I had a good view of her breast and her nice body. She was so gorgeous. I immediately had an erection. I pretended to stop to wash my hands. Sr. Pi had a look of anger in his eyes sensing that I was looking at her wife. Virginia Pi quickly sat back to the water but it was so clear and my eyes was still glued on her chest. Without saying a word I proceeded with my bike. After a few distance I heard her and Sr. Pi laughing.

Husband Sr. Pi: I was so mad at the farm hand checking on my wife. I'm always jealous with men and boys looking at her with evil eyes. Virginia just laugh it off. I told her she had enough for the day but she insisted a few more minutes before we go back to the farm house.

Virginia Pi: I was flattered with all the attention I always get from men and boys in the city and more so in the farm. The farm boys mostly have never seen a city woman much more naked city woman. I can always catch them stealing glances at my breast or my legs.

I thought we will be completely alone in the farm house near the stream in that remote part of the hacienda. But then I stared seeing some movements up in the far banks. At first I thought of getting up from the water and put on my shirt on, but then it stopped so it may just be the same boy trying to have one more look at my breast before finally going his way. So I continued frolicking in the water.

Gangster one: As we abandon our jeep and set on foot we chance upon a bike riding boy and we held him up for some food. We ask if there are authorities from his direction and he said no. He said he only saw the rich man's wife naked bathing in the stream. After warning the boy to keep quite our whole group composed of horny youngsters and sex starved prison escapees immediately want to go there. I insisted not to, for concern because it's slightly out of the way. But we went ahead.

Virginia Pi: The movement from the far side stopped. But then I was horrified a few minutes later to see a group of dirty looking boys suddenly appeared behind my husband. They don't look familiar and most of them were carrying some fire arms. There were no rebels in our province so I was puzzled. Maybe they are local farm guards from the neighboring hacienda. My husband didn't notice them at first. One of the boys grabbed my shirt and my bra from the twig.

Sr.Pi: The boys were looking at her holding her bra and shirt passing them around. I asked them who they are but they ignored me.

It was a very horrible sight. A very beautiful naked woman was dipping in the water in a hot noon. Naked before the eyes of strange sex starved young boys with their mouth wide open in awe.

I asked them again who they were loudly and they look at me and pointed their guns on my feet.

Virginia Pi: I tried to regain my composure. I thought I could reason out with these boys. I wasn't sure who they were. I tried to be nice and asked them their names. We started conversation. Then I asked them to hand me my bra and shirt. One of the guys who look so scary with his dark face and fierce eyes grab my bra from another boy and told me that he would like to put it on me.

I pretended to smile. He smiled back and gesture for me to come out of the water. I didn't want to loss the friendly atmosphere so I came out with my arms crossed on my chest to cover my breast. They were all looking at me as if they were hungry dogs who just saw meat for the first time in years.

Sr. Pi: I had the opportunity to escape and seek for help. But I was thinking no one can help us since they are an armed group of around 15 boys and men. The police are far off to town. I can't leave Virginia. I saw Virginia slowly climbing out of the stream. The bandits immediately gathered on her.

Virginia Pi: The scary face was holding my bra. I asked him to give it to me. He just smiled and playfully raise it and told me to grab them from him. I couldn't because if I unfold my arm I will expose my breast. Finally he put it in my hand and I quickly put them on just briefly exposing my tits. I asked for my shirt but he said he will keep it to replace his tattered old one.

I continued trying to be nice and engaged in conversation. I asked them their names and then they started bragging about their crimes and their escape. It was scary but I tried to stay calm. I was standing their in my bra and shorts surrounded by rapist and robbers. Then I told them that I and my husband are going back to the farm house to do some chores. They look at each other and strangely nodded so I started going. To my horror they were walking behind us.

Husband Sr.Pi: At that point I knew the gang are going to rape her. We continued walking and hoped we can talk them out of it later.

Gangster One: We reach the nearby farm house and we followed them inside. The wife now appeared nervous. She didn't sit down. She told us that we can take everything from the farm house and leave. But there was nothing much to take. The gang started pocketing every little article we can find there.

Gang Recruit one: I'm only 11 at that time and the youngest recruit. I was so aroused to see the wife wearing only her bra and shorts. Her skin was so smooth and bright. Her lips were so thin and red. Everyone was having an erection watching her.

Sr. Pi: Virginia was still trying to have friendly conversation with the bandits. But they already hogtied me and gag my mouth. They sat me by the wall at the corner. The leader of the gang started touching Virginia's shoulder as she was talking about the city. Then he grabbed her breast. Virginia stopped him holding his hand. The rest of the gang were looking. I tried to wiggle out but the nut was tight.

Gangster One: I feel the softness of her rich girl skin in my hands. I run my hands in her shoulders and arms and then in her back and then in her chest. I grabbed her breast and squeezed her bra. Now I want to see her titties underneath. She was starting to cry. It was unclear to me who will be first or next, the rest of the gang are closing in on her too, a little bit shy but almost exploding. Virginia held my hand and told me to stop. She was in tears and she said if we have to rape her she don't want her husband to see. She needs some privacy to do it inside the room.

Virginia P: I couldn't let my husband see me getting raped. I went inside the room and lay down in bed. The room is small and can't fit them all. I waited for a few seconds but it seems hours.

Finally they came in. The gang leader and about 7 boys. The first 3 boys jumped on me and started licking my hair and face and neck and then they unhooked and pulled down my bra and started sucking my nipple and squeezing my boobs. A fourth boy found a way to get into my shorts and pulled it down with my panties and he just started fingering my pussy while his gangmates were sucking my breast. I felt so violated. I was tearing up but not making any sound except my hard breathing as I was looking at the roof. The other 3 boys started stroking their cocks just over my face and then shove them to my mouth. I refused to take them.

Suddenly one boy was on top of me while the rest moved to the side. I didn't look, my eyes was in the roof as I felt his dick inside of me pumping me so hard. I was shaking feeling his dick but I tried to stay calm. Then his body vibrated and he cum inside of me. As soon as he pulled his cock out another one came right away. My whole body was aching. Two boys came to the side and put my hands to hold their dicks as I got fucked hard by their gang mate. They were taking turns on me. I was thinking only my husband is suppose to do this to me. When I counted 7 I thought these group was done but each took another turn and I can hear some of the guys outside the room protesting that it's their turn now to fuck me.

They continued. The leader was shouting for those who are finished to exit the room so the others could get in. I was sweating a lot and so were they. It was very intense and they were fucking me so hard the whole house seems to shake. Most of them cum again 3 or 4 more times. Then towards the end when everyone seems to have a piece of me I was shocked a kid of about 11 years old was sucking my nipples and 2 others about 14 and 15 were joining him as the rest were chanting. "That's your initiation boys"

They were just kids and they were licking my whole body. They don't know what they were doing but were just following what they saw from the other gangster. Finally the youngest boy shove his cock inside of me. It was so disgusting, so small but he was panting hard and his tiny body shook and he unloaded what little he could give. The other two then followed taking their turn on me. When they were done they got congratulated as if the won a prize. It's their first time.

Finally they were all done with me. I couldn't stand up and was drifting from consciousness due to exhaustion after 3 hours of repeated rape by 13 boys. I was laying in bed staring at the roof. I was covered with cum and sweat all over my body and face.

I couldn't get up and my husband was tied up. Finally the farm help boy came before evening checking if we need some food. He untied my husband but he couldn't get up as well with his limbs tightly bended and tied for hours.

The farm help boy found me and he wiped my naked body. I could see that he was aroused looking at me and saw his dick sprang in erection. I thought I could get raped again with all that horror. But he left and came back with more people to help.

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