The Prostitute

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The gorgeous woman of 26 years swallowed the semen and zipped up Kirk’s pants. She kissed him lightly and smiled as she gracefully inserted her breasts into the cups of her bra.
“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” Caitlin asked.
Kirk smiled. “Always! How many times did you cum?” he asked.
“Eight this time.”
She was a brunette, short hair, slim and sexy of a 25 inch waist. Her breasts were rounded and perky and her ass was so tight that it was hell to enter her anally at first.
She kissed Kirk one last time and exited the apartment. She looked at the pool and longed to take a dip but she wanted to do something else first.
Caitlin had always been turned on by hiring prostitutes to fuck. Before, she would always hire one to come to her home but this time she wanted to get one from the streets.
She climbed into her car and drove down to the red light district. She reflected her time with Kirk and smiled. Kirk was not a prostitute. He was just a friend who she would occasionally fuck once he was in the country. He had owned the apartment building there amongst other stuff and had his own private pool which she made full use of. However, tonight she wanted to be with a prostitute.
After eight orgasms she was usually satisfied but tonight she had to satisfy her appetite that she had craved for the last week.
She slowed down and lowered the car glass on the passenger side, surveying all of the hookers as she cruised down. So far, there were only women…no men.
She stopped at the corner. Looking left and right she never noticed the woman approaching her car.
“Wanna have some fun?” she asked.
Caitlin looked at her startled. She could not be more that 24 years old. She was slim and sexy and her breasts were not as perky but something about her made Caitlin think twice.
“Yes,” she said. “What’s your name?”
The woman climbed in. “Heather.”
Caitlin smiled and introduce herself before going into a dark alley and switching off the engine.

“I want a full fuck!” she said.
Heather nodded, no. “I only do blowjobs baby.”
“Only that?”
Heather could see the disappointment on her face but nodded yes. Caitlin wanted more but she could not resist the woman.
Heather pocketed the money and leaned over to the driver’s seat. She smiled as she came back up. “You know, this is not going to work. Wanna go in the back?”
Caitlin giggled. “Yeah.”
They moved to the back. “Comfy?”
“Yes,” she whispered. “Um… Can you get naked first?”
Heather smiled at the request. “Sure.”
She striped off her clothes revealing her spotless, silky body. She sat down and arched herself like a snake before pulling apart Caitlin’s pussy. She smelt it first, playing with it.

Caitlin leaned back, opening her blouse and letting her silky breasts hang out. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt Heather’s wet tongue enter her. She gently grabbed on to Heather’s hair stroking it lightly.
Heather was too taken up to notice anything. She was enjoying herself immensely as she sucked on the tiny knobs inside Caitlin’s hot, wet pussy. She spread the cheeks wide and felt the clit erecting on her lips as the hot juices struggled to come out. She dug her nails into her inner thighs as she stretched her legs. The sweet smell of perfume emanated from inside the pussy. It was obvious that Caitlin had sprayed perfume inside her cunt before coming here.
Heather melted inside her pussy as it became hotter and wetter. Her tongue dug deeper now, sucking in the liquid, forming salivary bubbles mixing with the juices. Caitlin’s moaning enticed Heather more as she rocked Caitlin back and forth with her tongue.
Caitlin pulled on Heather’s hair as she felt her orgasm exploding into her lover’s mouth. The sucking sounds of the pussy juices enticed Caitlin more and she exploded with another orgasm just as Heather slurped up some more.

The clit was deep in Heather’s mouth. She did not want to release it. Her pussy was red and Caitlin could not believe how far her pussy could take her.
Heather soon inserted her middle finger into the wet pussy driving it in and out. Caitlin could contain herself no longer. She screamed out , awakening the whole alley.

Heather stroked her harder enjoying herself. She continued to slurp on the juices that spilled on the car seat. The hot, wet, sweet smelling cum just enticed Heather more.

Caitlin slouched deeper into the seat as she jammed her pussy into Heather’s mouth and began to drive up and down. Heather held her mouth steady over the clit as Caitlin rode her mouth faster and faster, masturbating herself.
“Baby! Darling!” she screamed. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”
“Babes! I’ll give you anything you want,” Heather replied, fingering herself secretly.
Soon, Heather rose unto the seat next to Caitlin. Caitlin was naked now. She had thrown off her blouse. Caitlin pulled out some more money and gave it to her friend.
“You deserve that!” Caitlin said.
Heather smiled and kissed her hard. “You love tasting yourself?”
“Oh yes.”
“What about other women?”
Caitlin smiled. “I only did it once. I don’t think I really tasted her.”
Suddenly, Heather pulled out some rolls of money and inserted it into Caitlin’s pussy. She yelped.
“Now, you get down on me!”
Caitlin watched her, perplexed.
“You wanted someone from the streets well now I want you. I’ve never done this before but you really entice me.”
Caitlin had to be told no more. She kissed Heather and knelt in front of her.
“This is for you, honey?” Caitlin said, in her most seductive voice.

She dipped her head into her pussy and was immediately encouraged. Her pussy had smelt of sex. It was working whole day. She immediately inserted her tongue into the dirty cunt and played with the already erected clitoris.

Heather smiled as she lightly took in the orgasmic feeling. She spread her legs and then clamped them against Caitlin’s head as she sucked deeper into her pussy, sucking out the old juices and making way for the new ones. Heather heard herself moaning before long. It was ages since anyone had made her moan. She grabbed on to Caitlin’s breasts and groped them as she bent over to suck on her back. The ticklish feeling on Caitlin’s back made her push into the pussy more and more as the juices squirted out, washing her lips.

Heather pushed her pussy forward as her hands fell back, rocking herself in the car, letting the full orgasm take effect. Caitlin tried to anchor Heather by holding down her naked legs but Heather was too strong for her.

Caitlin spread her own legs and ducked deeper into the unexplored pussy, causing two more orgasms to explode simultaneously. Heather jumped up, moaning and screaming. Caitlin sucked in all the juices as the tiny pink pussy knobs rubbed against each other in her mouth, while she fingered herself.
However, Caitlin broke into an orgasm by mere touching herself. She had not even began to masturbate. Heather screamed out for more.
This time Caitlin turned her over and dipped her fingers under her ass to reach her pussy. Heather laughed out in glee as she felt Caitlin’s wet pussy against her ass.
No sooner had she said that Caitlin’s strong fingers went into action and soon Heather was bobbing up and down as if the finger was a dick.
“More lover! More!” Heather screamed as the orgasm fought to explode.

Caitlin turned Heather’s neck with her other hand and quieted her with a kiss, their tongues wrapping each other in unison. Soon Heather rocked on the seat, still kissing and Caitlin knew that she had exploded as he finger became wet and slimy.

They both settled on the seat.
“Do you make house calls?” Caitlin asked.
“No, but if it is you I would make an exception.”
She took out her card from her handbag, scribbled her address at the back and inserted it into Heather’s pussy. Heather gasped in glee.
“My number and address. Come tomorrow night.”
“What about my other customers?” Heather asked, seductively.
“Forget them. I’ll pay you for the entire night.”
“You should consider going into this business.”
Caitlin smiled and thought of Kirk’s hard cock up her ass and pussy ever so often. “I don’t need to…but come tomorrow and consider it a training session.”
“Yours or mine?”
Caitlin laughed. “Kirk would be the judge of that.”
Heather laughed. “A threesome. Kinky. I love it!”

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