The Promotion

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Iím a CPA and have been working for the same company since I graduated college which is 7 years now and they are promoting me to office manager and the company is world wide and has a policy that newly promoted or hired management employees must under go a 3 week training course at company headquarters in New York City. I am a five foot five inch raven haired brown eyed bitch with a 34C bra size and a killer ass I am told and have been married for 4 years and we have a good marriage but the sex could be better and I play with myself a lot. The company pays for everything for the training course, airfare, hotel and food and the hotel was a stately one in Manhattan near the water and when I checked in there was a tall, blond Amazon waiting for me with big tits. I had a problem trying not to stare at her chest as for some reason she kind of excited me even though the only time I was with another woman was when I was a teen and we practiced kissing on each other. She took my hand and welcomed me and it was like a jolt of electricity going through me when she held my hand and she got a bellhop to take my bags, two of them of course.

In the elevator she told me there were supposed to be 3 of us training but the other 2 didnít work out so it was just me and she was staying with me in the room. She explained that it will make it easy on the both of us as we wonít have to the office every day as most she could show me in the room but we would have to go a couple of days into the office. I thought this was a great idea as I wouldnít have to get up every morning and run around getting ready to go to work and when she said we will order breakfast in every morning I knew I hit the jackpot. In the room the bed was a king and she apologized saying it was the only room that was open and I thought, what the hell not a big deal and told her so. She helped me unpack and then she took papers out of a briefcase, spread them out on the desk and said she wanted to get comfortable before we started and she took her clothes off and hung them up naked. I couldnít take my eyes off of her as her body was so beautiful and flawless and when she said, do you like what you see I stammered and turned red and she said, itís your turn baby, take your clothes off. I still couldnít take my eyes off of her and I had that ache in my pussy now and she came to me, lifted my chin and kissed me and I just couldnít help myself and kissed her back.

After the kiss she started to undress me while telling me the second she saw my picture she knew she was going to fuck me and I felt kind of proud I guess you could say and she kept kissing me as she undressed me. She took my blouse off and then my bra and my nipples were rock hard and she took one nipple and rolled it between her fingers while she sucked on the other nipple and my pussy was so wet it was running down my thighs. She then began taking my skirt off while telling me that for the next 3 weeks she owns me and I will be a good girl and do what ever she says and I just made a noise as she took my skirt and panties off in one move. Here I was standing naked in just thigh high stockings and heels in front of this Amazon and she told me she loves a hairy pussy which of course I have and she put her hand over my pussy and I moaned. Here she was towering over me, kissing me while playing with my pussy and all I could do was moan and when she said she was going to give me the best fuck I ever had I moaned loud. She also was telling me that I was beautiful and she knew I was going to be good fuck while making me so hot nothing existed but her and her hot body pressing against mine while her hands were roaming my body. I was in a state I had never been in before as there was no question she could make me do what ever she wanted and when she told me to tell her I wanted her to fuck me I had to gasp it out.

She had 2 fingers in my pussy and then she put the third finger in and she asked if my pussy was happy and I made a noise and then she said, cum for me you little cunt lapping whore, show me what a hot cunt you have for me and I came and Iím a squirter sometimes and this time I squirted like I was peeing. She put me on the bed, got between my legs and ate my pussy like it had never been eaten before, she had my legs all the way against my shoulders and put a finger in my ass and 3 in my pussy while sucking my clit and I went crazy. She made me cum like 6 or 7 times and I squirted every time and twice she kept my cum in her mouth and kissed me letting my cum run into my mouth and that was so hot it just added to it all. After she finished with me she was holding me and running her hands over me, kissing me and talking to me and it wasnít long before that feeling came back and she said my lessons were about to begin. She rolled onto her back and told me to start playing with her and suck her tits and I had wanted to suck her tits even before I saw her naked so I did as I was told and I latched onto her tit like a baby sucking and didnít want to ever stop. I was also stroking her pussy and clit and putting a finger in her pussy and she was panting and said, thatís a good girl, make your mistresses pussy happy and she came and it just flowed out of her like a mini river.

Then she told me to get between her legs as it was time for the second lesson and I hesitated so she grabbed my hair and said, do what I tell you bitch or you wonít like what comes next and I have to say it was not what she said but that I was curious. I got between her legs and the aroma was intoxicating, a mixture of perfume and pussy juice and her pussy was wet and I licked it and much to my delight I loved how it tasted. I went at her pussy in earnest and she was telling me what to do or what she wanted me to do and she came for me and I swallowed every drop of her sweet cum and then I did what she did to me. I put a finger in her ass and 3 in her pussy while sucking her clit and she went nuts, moaning and making the cutest noises and she came and told me to put my other finger in her pussy and one more in her ass. I have small hands and was able to also put my thumb in her pussy too and after a few times fucking her pussy my whole hand went inside her and I was fisting her and her ass was coming off the bed fucking my hand. This time when she came her ass came about a foot off the bed driving my hand into her pussy past my wrist and she was yelling fuck me whore, fuck me and I did. After as we lay there I told her that was the best sex I ever had and she kissed me deeply and said we just got started and I wondered what else was to come.

We ordered room service and when it was delivered she made me lay in bed with my legs spread and I thought the bellhop was going to lose his jaw and eyes and on the way out the Goddess said something to him but I have no idea what. We sat up with our pussies touching and fed each other and feeling her pussy rubbing against mine had my whole body boiling over and when we finished eating she told me to lay back and spread my legs. She got out of bed and got a purple strap-on out of her bag, put it on and got between my legs and that cock was bigger than my husbands and she told me it was my dessert for being a good girl. She pushed my legs back and was rubbing that cock on my clit and then she put her fingers in my pussy and opened it up some, then she put the head in my pussy and asked me if I wanted her to fuck me. I said yes and she made me ask her to fuck my pussy but she made me say, please mistress fuck my cunt, please fuck me and I will do anything for you and she drove that cock all the way into my pussy and my pussy had never been so filled and I came. She fucked me missionary, doggy, on my side, against the wall, on the desk and sitting on her lap and I had never even been close to being fucked like she fucked me nor I had I ever come so much. Then she strapped the cock into my pussy and sat on my face and while I was eating her she leaned back and worked that cock in my pussy and I knew for real she owned me as I came some more.

We slept on top of the comforter as the sheets were soaked with our cum and the hotel had a plastic sheet covered by a thin kind of mattress and the sheet took all of the cum but mistress had two bottom sheets in the closet and we at least got to sleep on a sheet. Before we went to sleep she made me tell her about all of my sex life and she was stroking my pussy and when I got hot she took me into the bathroom and made me cum in there. The next morning I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and when I came out she was laying with her legs spread and a big smile and I crawled between her legs and had an early breakfast. After I was laying on top of her and she told me what a good girl I am and that I am a quick study and will have no problem passing the course and it didnít sink in until later that the course was me being her bitch/slave. We did go over stuff for about an hour a day and the rest of the time I was her slave and I loved it as I came constantly, when I was eating her she would let me play with myself and I always came. That second day she had to pee and she took me with her into the bathroom, put me in the tub and stood over me and peed on me and it was hot and felt good and then I ate her and this was a ritual every day after that. She also had the Kama Sutra and every day we would do 2 positions from the book as she loved fucking me with the strap on especially that I always begged her to fuck me.

The next morning after I ate her she tied me up so my legs were wide open and put a blind fold on me and started playing with me and of course it only took a minute or so to get me smoking hot. She made me cum then got out of bed for a few seconds and then told me she had a surprise for me and she got back on the bed, at least I thought it was her at the time. I felt what I thought was the strap-on rubbing on my pussy and I was so hot the juice was running down my ass and mistress said, enjoy baby and the cock was driven home and I realized after a few seconds it was a real cock but I was so far gone I just enjoyed a real cock bigger than my husbands. After the cock owner came in my pussy he put his cock in my mouth and I licked it clean like a good girl and mistress asked if I enjoyed my fuck and when I said yes she said good as itís not over yet. Mistress cleaned my pussy and then told the cock owner to eat me as I have a very tasty pussy and when he started eating me mistress sat on my face and I was in heaven as she talked dirty to me. After I came the cock was hard again and was put back in my pussy and I begged mistress to untie me so I could at least hold too whoever was fucking me but she said no and said I was just a hot cunt for the cock to fuck. I have to say that laying there tied up being fucked and not knowing who was fucking me was really hot and the entire time my husband never came to mind, just that big cock pounding my pussy.

Again after the cock came it was put in my mouth to clean and the whole time the cock owner never said a word, just made some grunting type noises and he fucked me 3 times that morning. After the cock owner left mistress untied me and said for being such a good little cunt she was going to take me dancing that night and I was overjoyed as I love to dance. I wore thigh highs, heels, no bra or panties, my skirts waist turned down so it was very short and a silk blouse that made my nipples hard and we went to dinner at a lesbian bar and grill that had a big room for dancing with a DJ. The one thing about dancing at a lesbian place is most of the music is slow stuff and while we were dancing mistress was kissing my neck while rubbing my ass and then she kissed me on the mouth while grabbing my pussy and the whole place could see she what she was doing to me and I was hers to use as she saw fit so I just enjoyed it all. It didnít take long for her to make me cum and have a puddle of cum at our feet but when she yelled to a waitress that her bitch had just cum on the floor I wanted to die and to make matters worse there was a lot of clapping. When we left the place it was about one thirty in the morning and there streets were full but that didnít stop mistress from taking me into a doorway, pulling my skirt up around my waist and finger fucking me. There were people watching and I was now so turned on I didnít care and was begging mistress to make me cum as the fire raged inside my entire body and mistress made me beg a lot before she made me cum. Again there was clapping but this time I smiled and said thank you which pleased mistress no end as she walked me down the street with my skirt around my waist and in the hotel elevator she stripped me and had me walk down the hallway to the room naked and by the time we got there I was so turned on the pussy juice was running down my legs.

The 3 weeks were a dream as I would have never believed I had that much cum inside me or that I would love being a sex slave and the next to the last day mistress said she was going to get me transferred to New York. She also took me and had a blue rose tattooed on my ass and around it in old English it says I am her property and she made good on her promise as I am packed and ready to fly to New York. I am moving in with mistress as when I got home my husband never even noticed the tattoo and his love making really sucked and I wanted the fire back in my sex life so I really belong to mistress now. She also told me that the big unknown cock would be available to me but under the same rules so I will never know who is fucking me and my pussy is soaked thinking about it.

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This is a story with a rather lengthy lead in to the sex at the end of it. If you like stories that lead up to the sex this is for you and yes this brain washing technique really works...