The Pickup

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Jerry asked, "Are you sure this is what you want?"
daughter said, "We have to expand our horizons."
Wife said,"And they both need to be really good looking."

Jerry went off in a cab to a downtown area where he knew there were some bars. It had been several years since he was in a bar and did not really understand the changes that had occurred. The bar he entered was considered a gay bar but he did not know what that was so he went on in. He was shocked to see some women dancing with women and men dancing with men. No where did he see any men dancing with women. "What the hell kind of place is this?" he asked the bartender, who was actually a shemale.

"This is a new age bar. We cater to people who are modern in their sexual views."
"Well I am looking for a male, female couple that are into group sex."

"That might be hard to come by in here. Tell you what, I have some friends here that are into kinky sex. I'll introduce you at that table over there."

Jerry took his drink over to the indicated table and sat down. The bartender arrived with two guys and two women in tow. He introduced them as Bo and Don and Jill and Jean. Bo and Don sat on each side of Jerry and immediately began to rub their hands around on his legs and knees and further up. He had to admit that he was kind of enjoying the attention, and these guys weren't bad looking. The two girls were a little hard looking but not all that bad. Jill asked,"Any females involved here?"

"My wife and daughter. They want a couple of slaves for the weekend. I'm about used up according to them. They don't beat me too much."
Jerry was getting turned on by the two guys and his dick was growing hard. Don was undoing his belt and the buttons on his jeans. Bo was already on his knees under the table and when Jerry's dick popped out he immediately started to suck it. Jill said, "I think the party is on. You coming along too Sheila?"

The bartender said, "I'm off this weekend so, sure I'll come."
Jerry thought, "This could be the best or worst thing I have ever done. Of course if it is the best, I'm good! If it's the worst, I'm dead! No in between."

Sheila had his own ancient limo and they all headed out to Jerry's ranch which is only about five or six miles from town. At the ranch they exited the car and went in to the living room where they surprised the ranch foreman and his wife on the folded out couch with Wife and Daughter. Since they were all naked all of the new comers immediately began to shuck their clothes as well. Party Time!

Jerry showed Sheila where the bar was and asked if he would mind tending bar for the weekend. "Only if I get a blowjob and a dick up my ass and one in my mouth first."

Everybody agreed and the ranch foreman, Robert, grabbed her and bent her over the bar and began to shove his huge dick up his ass. Bo and Don flipped a coin to see who would get to do the blowjob. Don won and instantly hit his knees under the edge of the bar. Sheila was screaming,"EEEEEEAAAAAHH! OH MY GOD THAT IS SO BIG! OHHH!OHHH!OHHH!YESS!YESS!YESS!OH IT IS SO GOOD!I LOVE YOU!I LOVE YOUR MONSTER UP MY ASS!and then Bo's dick went in his mouth and he was moaning, "MMMMMM!YYYYYYEEESSSS!AGAGAGGHH!"

Jill and Jean were on the couch with Wife and Daughter and Jerry grabbed foreman's wife and started fucking her. She screamed, "OHH ROBERT HE IS BIGGER THAN YOU!I WANT BOTH OF YOU IN ME AT ONCE!OHHH YESSS! MORE DICK! FUCK ME HARD!fuck me hard!fuck me harder!HARDER!HARDER!FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!"

I have to go. More later.

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