The Perfect Fall

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Jessica had been fucked for three straight hours by over a dozen black men. Cum dripped out of her pussy and ass and her raven black hair was coated with love juice. As another cock penetrated her well fucked ass Jessica pondered her predicament. How she, a married women of 40, who was a virgin when she married, with two kids, and had never even considered cheating on her husband, could now be a dirty whore with a black mistress whose body was used daily for the pleasure of many. Here is her story:


Looking back now there were so many hints of what was to come…so, so many. Yet I was oblivious to it all…until it was way too late…or maybe I never had a chance.
My name is Jessica Jamieson. I married my high school sweetheart at 18 and had my kids at 20 and 21. My two precious children are 19 year old Becky and 21 year old Mark.

In all honesty, I am, well was, a great mother, a passionate high school teacher and a faithful wife. I grew up in an old-fashioned home where my mother did it all while my dad worked and she did all of the housework, plus marking, plus raising the kids while her husband was often gone. I inherited my mom’s old-fashioned values and act and dress the part. I do not own any jeans, wear only long skirts or dresses, nothing that would be considered slutty, but always looking professional and proper.

My daughter Becky is very pretty. She is in her first year of college, but still lives at home. She has blonde hair as well and the very same blue eyes I have. She is an amazing athlete on a volleyball scholarship and a straight A student. Being an athlete she always dresses in casual attire. She is a very determined woman who is always in control and takes no gruff from anybody. She is much more like her father who is an ex-NFL linebacker and now a speaker on the motivational speaker circuit.
My son Mark is a good looking guy who was a high school football star and currently is in the military.
My life would change forever, without me even knowing it, innocently enough on May 7th when new neighbors moved in. As I have always done, I baked my famous apple pie for my new neighbors and brought it over to welcome them to the neighborhood. I was surprised when I first met Amy and Derek, a black thirty year old married couple with no kids. Amy carried herself with a power that I was immediately jealous of. Derek was a muscular man who looked like he just left a GQ magazine. I remember I briefly considered how good looking their kids would be, although I would later learn that Amy could not have children. After a brief conversation, I left after giving Amy an open invitation for coffee.
A week later Amy came over for coffee and we became instant friends. Amy was different from me in every way. She dressed very provocatively and was outgoing and funny. Yet, we got along famously. Amy was a psychic that stayed at home. She also was a writer and had a love of making wine. Over the next month we hung out a few times and got to know each other better; plus Derek and Martin, my husband, both had a love for playing pool and drinking Amy’s homemade wine.
As I got to know Amy better, I learned that Amy’s dad was actually a pastor and Amy left home at 16 and never went back. She was a wild child then and had not really changed. Amy always dressed up because she loved people checking her out, wore nylons always because she loved the feel of them and they made her feel sexy (although she only wore stay-ups or garters and stocking as she wanted to always be ready for a good fucking, her words not mine); around Amy, I was more open and felt more free, and soon realized that maybe I was a bit of a prude. Martin and I had sex maybe once a month, I had given him oral sex maybe five times, never swallowed and had not even considered taking it up the butt. Amy, on the other hand, fucked Derek at least once a day, sucked his cock regularly, loved the taste of semen and enjoyed a good ass fucking as well. I was shocked by all of this, yet fascinated by every word that came from her. When she learned of my rather lame sex life, she brought me over a few special girl only toys. One in particular, which she called her eternity O toy, she insisted I put in me right then. I excused myself and, although somewhat embarrassed, I inserted the little toy and turned it on. The small vibrations kept me horny at all times, yet did not disrupt my day. It was the ultimate pleasure toy.
Although it never occurred to me at first, I was fascinated by the many attractive women, almost all college girls, who often paraded in and out of Amy’s house. I assumed they were all clients, but I would later learn I was incredibly mistaken. The fact that they all dressed like they were heading on a date should have been a clue.
Then things began to get more interesting. Karen, my best friend and vice-principal, who lived across the street, went into Amy’s house; she was dressed in a mini-skirt that was very unlike her. She left two hours later and I called her over. I asked, “Karen why are you dressed so provocative?”
“Oh this, nothing really,” she said quite embarrassed, “Amy was showing me how to dress a bit sexier for my hubby.” After a bit more random discussion, Karen went on home.
Again, a subtle clue of what was forthcoming, but still I was clueless.
About a month after Amy and Derek had moved in next store things began to change. We were over at Amy’s; the boys playing pool, as usual, while we were watching sex and the city and drinking wine. Derek, who had kept the talk generic until now asked: “So I hear your wife doesn’t blow you?’
Martin, looked up surprised as he was about to make a shot, and said, “How do you know that?”
“She told my wife.”
“Well, she has a gag reflex and her jaw gets sore.”
Derek laughed, “Do you know that Amy sucks my cock pretty much every day and she swallows my load every time. Well except when we make our porn vids, then she takes a load on her face.”
“You make porn vids.”
“Sure, it makes the sex hotter. Often we add a second chick or a second dick. Amy loves a couple cocks at once and also loves pussy.”
“Fuck off.”
“Come here,” Martin followed Derek into the TV room in the basement; Derek grabbed a dvd, threw it in the player and pressed play. “This one,” Derek said, “was with three cheerleaders from the college where we used to live.” Mark was stunned to see three girls all in cheerleader outfits and Amy dressed as their coach. Amy tells them to all bend over and they all reveal they are wearing hooters pantyhose with holes at cut for access to their pussy and ass. “You can’t do the cheer properly, so you must be punished.” She then revealed a 8 inch strap-on and took turns fucking all three girls calling them ‘sluts, whores, dykes, etc.’ She then had all three service her. Derek said “There are also tapes of her being gang-banged by 7 basketball players, me fucking a variety of sorority chicks, Amy seducing a variety of women including a waitress, a couple secretaries, a politician, a few sales people, etc; of course, there are many of her and I fucking with other couples and complete orgies.”
“Wow man,” Martin said stunned.
“Do you want to fuck my wife?” Martin looked shocked. “Of course, I would have to be allowed to drill yours.”
“She would never go for that.”
Derek smirked, “If Amy convinces her it is ok, you are in?”
“She would never…”
Derek cut him off, “Dude, my wife has seduced many women, and almost none ever can resist her charms. Oh sure, some take a while, but Amy always, always get what she wants.”
“Well I would love to get more pussy.”
Derek laughed, “By the time Amy is done with your wife, she will be begging you to fuck her ass and then will suck your cock right from her ass. She will do everything you ever fantasized and some you never even considered.”
“Dude, let’s go play some pool.”
Meanwhile upstairs, the girls are talking. Amy dressed in a red one piece dress and black stockings says, “Jess, it is time for a makeover.”
“What do you mean?”
“Let’s shock the shit out of your hubby.”
“How so?”
“Come upstairs to my room.”
Upstairs, Amy said, “Jess, we are going to make you look so fucking hot that your husband is going to take you home and pound you.”
I blushed. Amy rather bluntly, “Get undressed. Take off all your clothes, lets take a look at you.”
I hesitated, assuming she was not serious. Amy, clearly lacking patience repeated, “Get undressed, we don’t have all day.” Her frustration was clear.
Slowly, I unbuttoned my blouse, Amy realized my insecurity and awkwardness, stated, “Honey, you are a beautiful woman, you don’t have to be shy.” I took off my blouse and then slid off my long skirt. “Oh dear, pantyhose, we really do need a makeover. Like I have told you before, pantyhose are not sexy. Stay ups, garters and stockings now they are sexual.” With that, Amy hiked up her much lower skirt showing me the top of her stay up beige stockings. She then pointed to my toes and said “and reinforced toe? Honey, men love to see each toe in sheer nylon. For now on you only buy sandlefoot stockings. Plus, you always have to have your nails painted. Mine are usually painted red, look.” I look and have to say her toes in beige stockings and toenails painted red do standout. Amy walked over to her closet and said, “Get those grandma pantyhose off, I got just the thing for you.” I took off my pantyhose and waited in my bra and panties. Amy came back to me and told me to sit on the end of her bed. “Now honey, you obviously spend money on your bra and undies they are sexy, now we just need to redo everything else.” Amy knelt to her knees and I sat back and wondered what she was doing. Then she opened her hand and revealed red nail polish and said, “Honey, let the makeover begin.” As Amy did each toenail with delicate precision, caressing my foot with sexual teasing, she continued to talk, “Jess, when I am done with you, your hubby is gonna come in his pants. He is gonna fuck you so hard I’ll hear your moans. You’ll orgasm so hard, you will quake with pleasure for hours.” Amy heard my sigh and said, ‘Honey, did you just sigh?”
“Um, yeah, it’s just…”
“What sugar, you can tell me anything.”
“It’s just, I have never orgasmed from sex. I always have to silently masturbate after he falls asleep.”
“Fuck off. You never get off.”
“Never,” I whispered.
“I orgasm over and over again when Derek’s big thick black cock hammers me. How big is Martin?”
“Um, I don’t know exactly, 5 inches.”
“Fuck off, that wouldn’t get me off either. Derek is 9 plus inches of hard steel. Martin doesn’t at least get you off with his tongue?”
“Oh God no, that is grouse.”
“Sugar, having your pussy licked is not disgusting, it is beautiful, amazing, fucking orgasmic. I am going down and telling your fucking husband right now he is not doing his job.”
I panicked, “No, no, no, he offered lots, but eventually quit when I always said no.”
Amy sighed, “Honey,” as she sits up, her lips inches from mine, “You have to let him. You deserve the pleasure. Amy grabbed a package from her bed and opened it. She moved to my leg and surprised me when she grabbed my leg and slowly, with such tenderness, my panties went moist, slid a black stay up stocking onto my leg. She then did the other leg, even slower, and I, for the first time ever, was completely turned on by another women. She then came up to me as if she was going to kiss me and moved to my ear and whispered, “You look fucking gorgeous, good enough to eat.” She breathed into my ear for a few more seconds, but what seemed like an eternity, and then stood up. She went back to the closet and returned with a black leather skirt, well skirt is a generous term, a piece of clothing that was the top ¼ of any skirt I had ever worn before. It made micro, seem long. She said “Put this on.”
“Um, no, I couldn’t, I.”
“Now sugar, I want to see what you look like dressed to fuck.”
“Now,” Amy stated with just a slight bit of force. Not wanting to annoy her I take the skimpy piece of leather and put it on. “Turn around and model for me.” I finish off my glass of wine, my 4th, and then twirl like a little schoolgirl. “Nice,” Amy said smiling.
“It doesn’t even cover the top of my stockings, I could never go out anywhere like this.”
“Of course not,” Amy replied. Thank God I thought, then Amy started, “You obviously need a blouse.” Amy went back to the closet, pilfered through her closet and then came back with a blood red blouse. I put it on and it barely buttoned up over my firm breasts. “Fuck you look hot. Let’s go downstairs and show the boys the new Jessica.”
“God no,” I stated in shock.
“Oh yes baby,” Amy cooed. Amy poured the last of the wine into our glasses and I shot it. “Let’s go,” and Amy grabbed my hand and led me downstairs. As we reached the last stairway, I stopped, Amy looked me straight in the eye and said, “Honey, you need to do this. You have been sheltered from real pleasure for way too long.”
“But what about Derek?”
“Oh he will behave, seeing you dressed like this will get him hot and then he will take me upstairs and fuck me with his massive cock until I pass out of delirious orgasmic joy. Now let’s go.” Before I could reply, continued, “Oh crap, you need hot red lipstick to finish the ensemble.” Before I could even think, she leans in and kisses me on the lips. The originally shock of her lips touching mine, went instantly to pleasure and then quickly to disappointment as the she broke the kiss after only a few seconds. Amy smiled, “There baby, now you have some nice red lipstick to match your fuck me attire.” She then handed me a lipstick stick and shrugged, “I guess I could have just gave you that.” Without any time to process what just happened, she yanked me down the stairs. The boys were playing pool and stopped abruptly when we entered.
Martin’s mouth dropped in shock and Derek just smiled and said, “Wow Martin your wife got one of my wife’s famous do-me-now makeovers. Jess you look amazing.”
“Thanks,” I replied, and then showing a confidence that I did not know I had, “I walked over to my husband and said, “Well honey, what do you think, am I good enough to eat.”
Martin began to respond, “Um, wow…”
Amy interrupted, “Derek, did you know that Martin never goes down on his wife?”
Derek in mocking shock, “No…”
Martin regained a bit of his composure stated, “Wait, I have offered, I, wait, what do you girls talk about when we are not around?”
Amy walked over to Martin and responded “Girl stuff, what do you boys talk about?”
Martin attempted to bumble his way through this when Amy broke the tension, “Martin take his hot piece of ass home and give her a fucking tongue orgasm. Do you know she never orgasms from you and then masturbates after you fall asleep? “
Martin clearly surprised by all of this said, “No, honey, why wouldn’t you tell me?”
Just as I am about to respond Amy suggested, “Who cares about the past, let it go. Tonight is a new night. Martin make your wife happy, we will leave you down here to, well, you know, Derek and I will go upstairs and well, you know.” With that Amy and Derek left.
Martin walked over to me and kissed me with a passion I had not felt since we were courting. He then lifted me up onto the pool table, pulled off my skirt and underwear and after sliding his hands up my stocking legs he went to my already drench pussy and started licking. Instantly I could not believe I had refused this all these years, the pleasure was amazing and so much different then when we made love. He licked and licked and after only a couple minutes he triggered an orgasm so intense I squeezed his head between my legs and quaked with joy. Martin then dropped his pants and flipped me onto all fours and did me doggie style, something that we had not done in years. The next few minutes were amazing and being fucked after an orgasm made the whole experience more surreal. I felt his hand tense around my ass and knew he was about to shoot his load in me. His cum filled my pussy as he kept pumping in and out. We then both collapsed on the table exhausted and in love. I looked at the clock, it had been only 12 minutes total from the time Amy left, but it was the best 12 minutes of pleasure ever and I knew my sex life had changed forever. After a few minutes of recovery, we get dressed and went home; me still dressed in Amy’s clothes.

A few days later I went over for our usual Friday 10AM coffee (I only worked four days a week); I walked into the livingroom and was completely caught off guard. Amy had her legs open and had our mailwomen in between her legs licking her pussy. Amy, acting as if nothing was different, said “Good morning Jessica. Your coffee is on the table here.”
I could not move. Amy smiled and laughed, “Don’t worry about her Jess, she is just being disciplined. She twice has overstuffed my mail and I had to teach her a lesson.”
I paused and finally said, “Um, Sarah is eating you out?”
Amy responded, “Yeah and she is quite good at it. Sit down Jessica.”
I paused for a minute, but did sit down. For the next couple minutes Amy talked to me about the weather and next weeks party she was hosting as if having a girl between her legs was the most natural thing in the world. Amy then stopped and said, “Just a sec honey, Hmmm,that’s it bitch suck my juices, I’m cumming…” After about 30 seconds she demanded, “Slut, say hi to my friend.”
Obviously humiliated, Sarah, my postmistress for the last 10 years, said “Hi Mrs. Jamieson.” Her face was glistening from Amy’s orgasm.
“Hi Sarah,” I responded awkwardly.
Amy broke the awkwardness by making it even more awkward, “Jess would you like Sarah to eat our pussy?”
“Um, no thanks,” I replied.
“Your loss,” Amy shrugged pulling her skirt down and said, “OK Sarah, you may go.”
“Thanks mistress,” Sarah responded and exited quickly.
Amy explained, “Jessica, I am not a lesbian. I love cock way too much, but girls eat pussy way better then men do. I am sorry, I figured she would be done before you got here, but she took her time down there and I lost track of time. “
“Um, its ok I guess, I mean I knew you were a sexual being, but I just never thought that Sarah would be a-a…”
“Lesbian? She’s married honey?”
“Well I never asked, but she was wearing a wedding ring.”
“I could never do that.”
“Oh honey, I know, but you don’t know what you are missing.”
“Doesn’t Derek mind?”
“Hell no, Derek and I often have more than just the two of us in the bedroom. “
“Oh. I-I-I still can’t believe I just saw Sarah on her knees eating your vagina.”
“My pussy darling. You got to understand Jess, some women like to be dominated, to be used, to be treated like a slut. I could tell Karen was submissive the first time she fucked up. I also knew she would fuck up again.”
“Honey, all women have a submissive or dominant streak in them. Mine is dominant, but most are submissive.”
“I don’t think I have either.”
“Oh you do, you just have not found it yet.”
“I don’t.”
“It’s OK sugar, you can be yourself around me.” Amy looks at her watch and says, “Oh shit, my next client is in 20 minutes and I need to shower so I don’t smell like I just got fucked. Let yourself out sweetie.”
I left and spent the rest of the day in a stunned haze. I masturbated twice that day and that night I threw Martin on the bed and sucked his cock and then rode him like a cowboy on a buckinghorse. After awhile, I jumped off and took it back in my mouth tasting my own juices for the first time ever. I sucked it with feverous abandon until he shot a hot load of semen down my throat. Not unpleasant at all, I continued to bob up and down until his cock became limp in my mouth. I then, in my first dominant moment in the bedroom ever, demanded he eat me out. After a great orgasm, I slipped into a blissful slumber.
A few days went by and I had avoided Amy as I sure did not know what to say to her after seeing what I saw. Although Amy and I had spent almost no time together since the makeover and the awkward last coffee date, her influence had been great I had bought a whole new wardrobe, much to my husband’s delight. I had a garterbelt, I had stockings and stay ups in a variety of colours. I had a few new much shorter, although still classy, skirts; skirts that were long enough for school, but short enough to reveal I was wearing stockings if I sat a certain way. This new me was exciting. I was always horny and Martin and I were going at it almost every day he was home. As I was taking groceries out of my car, I saw Karen crossing the street, clearly leaving Amy’s house, heading the other way was a young coed who couldn’t be over 19. Karen was wearing a red one piece dress and stay up black stockings all clearly in view. I called her over.
“Hi Karen.”
“Hi Jessica.”
“What are you wearing?” I asked.
“A sexy outfit for Amy,” she replied matter-of-factly.
“What?” I responded surprised.
“Oh come on,” Karen stated, “You have seen me going over there a dozen times, you have seen many other hot sluts go over there, what do you think we are doing, having coffee?”
“Um, I.”
“Get your head out of your ass Jess, Amy is my mistress. Did you see that hot brunette who just left Amys? 10 minutes ago, I was fucking her with a 8 inch strap-on while she ate about mistress Amy. “
“Karen you didn’t?”
“Jessica, shut up. I know you saw Sarah eat out our mistress. Did you know that Sarah will eat your pussy anytime you ask? “
“Um, Amy did offer her…”
“Honey, you should take up the offer, she has an amazing tongue. Better than any pathetic man can do. Now sugar, I got to get ready for a PTA meeting and then after that I have to go back to Amy’s so Derek can shoot his load in my ovulating pussy. “
“Yes, Amy can’t have a baby, so she wants me to carry Derek’s child. And I would never say no to my mistress.”
“Karen you can’t, you have a reputation.”
“Jessica, Amy has a power that is way more powerful than a reputation. Plus Jessica, it is not worth resisting. Someday soon, you will be at her house, on your knees, begging to eat her pussy. You will be hammered from behind my Derek’s massive rod and you will be gangbanged by whole sororities,” she paused to stare at my shocked face, “And you will come over to my house, knock on my door, look into my eyes with your condescending smile and beg me to fuck you in the ass.” She then moved to me and shoved her tongue down my throat. She then broke away and said, “Three things Jess. One, this conversation never happened; two I can ruin your career if my secrets ever come out; and three, pay attention closely Jess, everything around you is changing.” As fate would have it, Sarah happened to be delivering the mail as this conversation was coming to the end. “Sarah, would you be willing to eat out Jessica right now?”
“Oh yes, I would love to eat Jessica’s pussy,” Sarah eagerly stated, looking me straight in the eye.
“What would you do?”
“I would lick her pussy so slowly, so tenderly, that the orgasm would be just lingering there and after what seemed like an eternity, I would pick up the pace and bring her to an orgasm that would make her explode her pussy juice all over her face. I would then continue licking until she begged me to stop and would bring her to a second, even bigger, orgasm.”
Jessica speechless, and rather wet, vaguely heard Karen demand, “Sarah, lets go to my house and you can do that to me.”
“Oh yes mistress,” said Sarah.
Karen looked me into the eye and said, “Penny for your thoughts Jess.” She then moved to my ear and whispered, “Just submit Jessica, just submit. One more thing. Is Amy’s special O toy in you right now?” I blushed, she laughed. “Oh Amy, you are even closer than I thought.” She then walked away with Karen following her like a puppy dog.
I went inside, grabbed one of my new three toys Amy had given me, this one a black 8 inch vibe, and fucked myself hard and fast. After an orgasm, I laid there and started to consider all the hints that I should have seen before. There was, of course, Karen and Sarah and her parade of schoolgirls coming in and out, but there were many more. The way Amy talked, dressed, the way she made me do dress up that day. The way she touched me, kissed me. It did turn me on, but I was not a lesbian. I would not submit.
Another hint of what was to come should have been obvious when Becky started to dress differently the past few days. Gone where her sport shorts and sweats, replaced by short skirts, sundresses and pantyhose. This should have been an obvious sign, yet I just assumed it was her finally finding her sexuality (which ironically was exactly what it was but in a much, much different way than I could have ever imagined). She has also started hugging me more and giving me kisses on the cheek. Yet, it wasn’t until I did her laundry that I noticed that they were not pantyhose, but rather they were stockings and they were all sandlefoot. Instantly, I wondered, ‘No, she did not have my daughter.’ The more I thought the more relived I was. Becky was at school all day, had practice after school and was always home for supper. She went out occasionally, but I would notice if she was going over there all the time. That day at supper, Becky came in right on time and I watched her closely. I wanted to know if anything was different. She came in, dressed in dark beige stockings, a pink skirt and white blouse. This was releatively new as usually she came home in her volleyball gear. She came in and gave me a hug and this time her hands ended up on my ass. They lingered there a longtime and as she kissed my cheek I could smell pussy.
That night though she did not leave the house, but I did. I headed over to Karen’s. We were friends, she would tell me the truth. I knocked on the door and she answered it in a robe. When she saw it was me she smiled and said, “Are you here for that ass fucking?”
“God no,” I stated, “I need your help.”
Karen shrugged and said, “Come on in. “ I followed her in and after she closed the door she dropped the robe to the floor. She was dressed in a white garter and stockings and was wearing a large strap-on cock. “OK honey, what can I do for you?”
Although I already knew Karen was very attractive, I never realized how perfect her body was. Large firm breasts, nice legs, green eyes and beautiful long flowing red hair. She was short, not even 5 feet, but she was a powerful package. Breaking away from staring at her body I said, “Why are you wearing a cock?”
“Because I was fucking someone when you knocked,” Karen stated matter-of-factly.
“Oh, I can come back later Karen,” I stated and started to leave.
“Don’t be silly, he can wait.”
“Yes, Principal Walker.”
“Oh yes, that fucker tried to stop me from getting the vp job that male chauvinist pig. Now I am teaching him a lesson. Ellie and Heidi are here too.” Ellie was our school secretary and although quite pretty, she was over 200 pounds and was walked over by Mr. Walker all the time. Heidi, was a first year teacher, who was almost fired last month by Walker for her progressive ways. Heidi was a black woman who was very blunt and quirky. For example, she always wore white, had red streaks in her hair and was very touchy feely with all the women. I assumed she was a lesbian, I was soon to find out I was right.
“Um, ok, I am going to leave,” I said, starting to leave.
Karen blocked the door and said, “Oh no, first tell me what I can do for you.”
“Fine,” I stated, “Do you know if Amy has seduced my Becky?”
Karen smiled, an evil, Queen from Snow White smile, and said, “Not that I know of. That said, everyone who meets Amy succumbs to her powers if Amy wants them too. And your daughter is one hot little piece.”
“You are sure Amy never said anything.”
“I’m sure. She said, she would get you to be her willing fuck toy, but she never mentioned Becky to me. Now do you want to come see this?”
“No, I gotta get going.”
Karen grabbed my hand and pulled me with her into her bedroom. I tired to resist, but truthfully, I was curious and Karen knew that. What I found when I got there though surprised me more than everything else I had seen in the past couple weeks. On his knees was Principle Walker, straddling his secretary and being fucked in the ass while the young black Heidi taped it. Walker looked at me, humiliated, but yet kept bouncing up and down on the thick plastic cock. Heidi smiled at me and said “Hey Jess grab a strap-on.”
I just shock my head no as I watched the seen. Heidi gave Karen the camera, unbuckled the strap-on from Karen and hooked it up to herself. She demanded, “Karen bend over.” Karen obeyed and without any lube or foreplay plunged the massive cock into her. Karen bounced back on the toy as she continued taping Walker taking it up the ass. Heidi looked directly at me and said, “Jess, I know what you are thinking…what the hell? It is actually all really quite simple. First off you must realize that most, if not all, white women are submissive and want to be controlled. History shows this. Women stayed home, while their men looked after them. Although times have changed, some things don’t. Deep down white women need to be dominated and they gravitate to powerful people; now since black women are stronger it is not surprising that attractive powerful women like me get our pick of the white slut litter. I have had many white women eat from my pussy, beg and grovel just to be allowed to lick my delicious pussy. I knew Karen was submissive early and had her eating my box under my desk the first week of school. Now after Walker tried to scare me with his glorified power, we decided we had to get him back. Now as you know, Walker wanted a man for his vp and with the knowledge that he was moving up to director next year we had to make a play. So one day, Karen walked into Walker’s room and demanded he recommend her for the principalship. Walker suggested he had other people in mind and Karen simply walked over dropped to her knees unzipped and began sucking his cock. Walker eventually held Karen’s head and began fucking her mouth till he shot a load of cum down her throat. This became a daily routine for a while until one day Karen came in and blindfolded him and she then brought in a grade 12 student, Jill, in case you were curious Jess, she is just one of my 5 cheerleaders who regularly service me, who had just turned 18, and she sucked him off and just as he was cumming, I pulled the blindfold off revealing the whole thing had been filmed. His cum sprayed onto Jill’s face and the floor. Karen then told Walker how things were going to be and demanded he lick the cum of the floor. When he did as he was told, we knew he would be easy to use. Because Walker is like many men of power, they thrive off this perceived power, thus hiding behind their insecurities. They try to bully people they think they can and since he treated Ellie so badly, we thought she should have the opportunity to get back at him. So Jessica are you like most white women? Do you want to be dominated? Now a girl like you Jessica, your mind says this is wrong, that you are not a lesbian, yet your body says different. I know for a fact if I came and touched your panties they would be drenched. If I walked over and started kissing you, you would quaver in pleasure and eagerly become my slave. That is what your body says; yet your mind keeps saying, ‘No this is dirty, wrong. I am a proper women.” She pulled her strap-on out of Karen and took it off. She then demanded Ellie, get over and eat her pussy, Jessica do you want to fuck Walker?”
I am stunned by it all. The actions, the words, the theory. I am also scared she is right. I know it is wrong and yet my panties are drenched. Before I may break, I turn around and walk out. As I leave, I hear Heidi call out “Jess, it’s only a matter of time.”
I got home and was exhausted. Martin was out of town and Becky was in the livingroom watching tv in pajamas now and yet her feet were in stockings. I wanted to ask, I needed to ask, yet I couldn’t. I then sat down beside her and we watched tv for a while. We talked about school, sports, etc and then I went to bed. As you probably can expect, I fucked myself to sleep first.
It had been a week since I saw Sarah between Amy’s legs, since I learned my good friend and neighbor was a lesbian slut, since I watched my principal take it up the ass and a couple days since I wondered if my daughter was being seduced. It was Friday again and that meant coffee with Amy. Now it was not unusual for Amy and I to not see each other throughout the week, but it was rare. Now I should note that even though I went over there to demand that Amy leave my daughter alone and that I was not veer going to submit to her, I spent a great deal of time getting ready. I wore the same black stay-ups she had given me earlier, a black skirt with a relatively revealing slit on the side, my only thong and a satin red blouse. Again, like Heidi said, my mind said no, but my body said hell yeah. Yet, I convinced myself I was going over there to clear everything up. I get to Amy’s house and walk in. What I saw next should have surprised me, shocked me, angered me, yet it did none. Amy was on the couch her black legs, in white stockings, spread wide while a girl in a cheerleaders outfit and beige stockings lapped at her pussy and Derek fucked the girl from behind in the ass.
Amy looked at me and said “Wow sugar, you dressed rather hot for coffee.” I shrugged and so she continued, “Jessica, I know you know about Karen and I know Heidi, my niece by the way, told you about her philosophy and now I will explain mine. “ She grabbed the girls’ head and pushed it into her pussy. Amy moaned and said, “Fuck Jessica, your daughter sure can eat pussy.” I blinked and then looked closer and realized that I was watching my daughter eat my friend’s pussy while she got ass fucked.
It was then that I knew as a mother I had to do something, to protect my baby. I began to move closer when Amy spoke, “Jessica, you are doing the mind over body thing right now. You are thinking, I have to protect my daughter. But from what honey? Your daughter loves to eat my pussy, loves to get fucked by Derek and is as submissive as they get. A few days ago I went over to see you in my next phase of your seduction and you were out. Your daughter answered dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. We chit chatted and as we talked she eventually told me she had a date tonight and did not know what to wear. I brought her back to my place and we tried on a few outfits and each time my hands would linger longer. I knew in minutes that she was mine. I simply said to her, ‘Honey, have you ever been with a woman. She said she had played with some of her teammates in the past and then I simply kissed her. Over the next couple hours she ate my pussy; I ate hers, I fucked her pussy, she fucked mine; I demanded obedience, she obeyed. I gave her my credit card and she went out and bought a new wardrobe, one you knew had to come from me, but yet you did nothing. She has been over here every day this week as my personally slut and Derek has fucked her delicious white pussy every day and you just watched her ass be deflowered.” I went to speak, but what was there to say. Amy who had clearly just orgasmed on my daughter’s face smiled at me and said, “Whore, tell your mommy what you are.”
My daughter looked at me in complete bliss, her face drenched with pussy juice, “Mommy, I am Amy’s whore. I am a slut for black pussy. I am a fuckhole for black cock. My place is here on my knees. Please mommy don’t be ashamed of me. Oh my god Derek, fuck my ass, come in my ass so mommy can see what kind of slut I am. Yes, yes, oh my god mommy, Derek’s black cock is so big you got to try it mommy.”
Amy then said, “Derek pull out of this white trash slut.”
“No,” Becky cried.
Amy slapped her in the face and said, “Whore, sit. Now your mommy has a decision to make. She can take you right now and leave and save you from this sexual debauchery. She can save you from being gangbanged by an all black football team, save you from being a cocksucker at my next orgy, save you from seducing your coach, save you from becoming my whore or she can submit to her rightful place on her knees as my servant.”
Becky begged, “Mommy, mommy please, join me.”
I looked at Becky, I looked at Derek and saw the biggest cock I had ever seen, I looked at Amy who said, “Jessica, you are the prettiest white woman I have ever seen. You are strong, but you know you want to eat my pussy. I could have had you last weekend, but I don’t want to seduce you, I want you to want to be my slut. But understand, when you take off your skirt in a couple minutes, when you crawl over here on your hands and knees, when you lick my pussy in front of your daughter, when you allow your daughter to take a load of my husband’s cum in her ass, I will own you. You will fuck my husband whenever he wants your white ass, you will eat my pussy every day, you will be fucked by many men, eat out many women, and do many, many other dirty things.” She looked at Becky and said to Derek, “Give the slut 5 hard strokes in the ass, no more.” Derek obliged and I did what my body had decided long before my mind had. I submitted. As my mind continued to argue with why this was wrong, my hands took off my skirt. As my mind logically explained my role as a mother, I crawled over to Amy. I looked at her shaved black pussy. I looked Amy straight in the eye. Amy smiled, “Jessica, are you ready to be my slut.”
I nodded.
“Jess, I need to hear it. I need to know you want this.”
I looked at Becky who said, “Mommy, I love you, please do as your told.”
I whispered “Can I be your slut?”
Amy smirked, “We will have to work on your dirty talk.” She then pulled me up and kissed me with such tenderous and passion that I instantly knew I had made the right decision. I completely understood why Karen had submitted. As I briefly reflected on the past couple months it all made sense. My submissiveness was always there. I eagerly listened to her stories, I obeyed almost all her suggestions, I took her clothes and wore them, I almost orgasmed as she dressed me, I kept a toy she gave me in my pussy for the past month. I knew, as our tongues danced around as we explored each other, that I was hers; that I would do anything to please her. She broke the kiss and I instantly slid down her body and began to lick her pussy. The first taste was all it took to know I was hooked; I licked, I sucked; as her body began to react to my work, I got more excited and began to feverously attempt to make her orgasm. When she did, it was like Niagara Falls, her juices were an oasis of joy on onto my tongue and face. I lapped up every drop I could, refusing to stop. Eventually, Amy pulled me up and kissed me.
I whispered to her, “I love you.”
Amy smiled “I love your tongue in my pussy. For a girl who has never done that before, you are quite good.”
“Thank you. I want to be your best pussy pleaser.” I smiled back at my daughter, I surprised myself and her when I said, “Amy, I desperately want to be your whore. Before I change my mind, I need to get this on tape, Derek go get a camera.”
Derek laughed and said, “There are 5 cameras in this room taping all this.”
I shook my head, “Figures. OK here it goes. Mistress Amy, please allow me to be your whore. I want to do everything for you. I want to eat your pussy,please your man whenever he wishes, I want to give you my daughter as a gift. I want to eat your pussy and any pussy you want me to until I am the best cunt muncher you have ever had. I am a rich white whore whose only purpose in life for now on is to service black pussy and cock. I want to swallow black cum, I want to savoir black pussy, and I want to feel a cock in my ass and please allow me to eat out my daughter. I want to be more than just another slut for you. I want to be more than Karen is to you. I want to be your dirtiest slut, your kinkiest whore, your most obiedant slave.”
Becky moaned as Derek clearly re-entered her tight white ass, “Thank you mommy, thank you for allowing me to take this massive black cock in my ass. Will you suck the cum out of my ass after he comes mommy. Will you eat my pussy till I spray my pussy juice all over your face?”
“If mistress Amy allows me to, I will suck out every drop of black cum from your whore ass and I will eat your pussy anytime you want. “
Amy, clearly impressed by the complete degradation of her new whore, said “Jessica you will be a good slave. Now go crawl under your daughter and eat her pussy as she gets her ass fucked. “ I eagerly obeyed. I licked and sucked on her young ripe pussy, which was a challenge as her body shook with each stroke of Derek’s hammering. Suddenly Becky quit moving and I quickly realized that Derek was spurting into my daughter’s ass. As soon as he pulled out, I leaned up and started sucking the cum out of her ass. The act was so dirty and so wrong and yet I loved every second of it. I sucked hard, then I pushed my tongue as deep into her ass as I could. As soon as I could not find any more cum, I turned around and dove to Derek and shoved his still stiff cock into my mouth. I eagerly retrieved every last drop of cum I could find.
Derek moaned and said, “Holy shit bitch. You are one nasty whore.”
Amy now wearing a strap-on, walked over to me and without any warning plugged my pussy. Unlike Martin’s puny pecker, this cock was long and thick. I don’t know if it was the length of the cock, the width of the cock or the complete submission, but I orgasmed after only a couple minutes and again and again. All the while, I kept sucking on Derek’s cock, who unlike Martin was useless after one load, was ready for more. Derek pulled his cock out and replaced the plastic cock with his thick real one. At first he went in slow, when I tried to buck back on his cock, he pulled out. He then went back in and he fucked me in a way I have never even considered. He fuck me so slow that I desperately just wanted to buck back, he went deeper than I thought was possible and then would just sit there in me to the hilt. Then he would do a few fast powerful strokes and then pull almost completely out. Every once and a while I would try to speed up the fucking and he would pull out. Finally I succumbed to the teasing pleasure and enjoyed what I think was an hour long fuck. Slow, fast, deep in, almost out and finally when he went for broke he hammered his rod as fast as heavenly possible always thrusting in all 9 inches. For the first time ever I orgasmed on a real cock and I did so at the same instant his cum sprayed into me. I kept bucking back never wanting his cock to leave me. Finally, he pulled out his massive cock finally shrinking. My pussy was only empty for a couple seconds before my daughter returned the favor attempting to retrieve all Derek’s cum from my pussy. Eventually I collapsed exhausted.
I looked at Amy who was in he same position as a couple hours ago, my daughter was also in the same position, back between her legs. Amy smiled at me and said, “Jessica, happy with your decision?”
For the first time in a long time I smiled too, “Oh yes, I have never felt so free in my life.”
Amy laughed, “That is ironic, you give yourself to me and you feel free.”
I shrugged, “I am free. I no longer have to pretend to be the perfect wife. I no longer have to fake orgasms for my small cock husband. I can now have orgasms. I have now felt pleasure I did not even know exist. And lastly, I know that you will make me a perfect whore. ‘
“Oh that I will. Now I must tell you I promised Karen she would be the first to fuck your ass. Thus, you are not allowed to taste my pussy or any other pussy, touch a cock, until you go over to her house and submit to her.”
“Yes mistress. I will go over there tonight.”
“I assumed you would. Now tomorrow I am having a party. It is a costume party. It will turn into an orgy. You and your daughter will be servants for the evening. That means you do whatever any of my guests request. Anything. At midnight you will put on a special incest show. Also, your husband must come over to me to discuss our new situation.”
“What do you have planned mistress?”
“Well Derek and him get along really well so I want to allow him to be a part of this. I will explain the situation and if he is willing to submit to me as well, he can keep being married to you. He will then be allowed to fuck some of my whores, but never his wife as you are now only allowed to fuck who I want you to. That said, I would like to see him fuck his daughter or maybe have his daughter fuck him.”
Becky lifted her head up, “Oh mistress, can I fuck daddy? Can I use the penetrator?”
Amy laughed, “Sure honey, now never again quit pleasing me without permission.”
“Sorry mistress,” Becky said and returned to Amy’s pussy.
I began to get dressed when Amy said, “Tomorrow we will go and get costumes for the evening. Faster, faster, uhhhhh. Jess your daughter has an amazing tongue. Becky sometime soon I want your whole team over for a special party.”
Becky smiled and said, “I have eaten and been eaten my half of them, the others are stuck up bitches.”
Amy laughed, “Well that can be changed. Jessica lay on the ground.”
I obeyed. Amy straddled my face and then without warning a hot liquid sprayed all over my face. I opened my mouth and drank as much of her piss as I could. Something that should have been complete humiliation, just seemed like a logical transition in my new role as whore. After she finished, I leaned up and licked her piss from her pussy. I then said, “Thank you for the piss mistress.”
Amy got up and said, “Oh Jessica, we are going to have an amazing time together.”
Becky crawled over and began kissing me with such tenderness that my pussy began to get wet again. Amy laughed and said, “Ladies enough. Jessica has a job to do before anything else.”
As we left, I turned around to see Derek hard again had slid his cock into his wife’s ass.

I wondered what to wear for the evening event. I knew I was about to take a strap-on in the ass. But I wanted to let Karen know that I had the power. I wore red stockings with a matching garterbelt, the black leather skirt that revealed it all and a see through blouse with no bra. At 7PM I made the walk of shame and knocked on the door. To my surprise, although nothing should of surprised me any more the door was opened by Jill in her cheerleading outfit, she smiled at me and said “Come on in Mrs. Parker.”
“Thanks Jill,” I replied politely and entered. I should note that Jill, the girl who sucked off Principal Walker, in the blackmail plot earlier, was a rich bitch at school that dated the quarterback of the team, and bullied many of the other girls. She was one of the girls I disliked yhe most as I felt sorry for the girls who were not as pretty, rich, etc as her.
Jill led me downstairs and I was greeted by Karen with a video camera dressed in a full silk nylon body stocking with a convenient openings at her pussy and ass. On the couch was Heidi with her legs open dressed in white stay-ups her shaved pussy in clear view until Jill walked over there, dropped to her knees and began licking. Beside her was another black women, about 40ish, also wearing white stockings with a garterbelt and she had the biggest breasts I had ever seen on a woman. Between her legs was a redheaded cheerleader, which I assumed was Lauren Zinger, which it was. Lauren was a pretty girl, but moreso she had it all. She came from a well-off family, but she did not flaunt it. She had the highest average of any student in the school. She was polite, friendly and respected by all. Besides being a cheerleader, she was school president and captain of the debate club. Yet, there she was, on her knees, eating black pussy, like a dirty slut. On a separate chair was another black woman, late 50s I guessed, who had large sagging breasts and she too had a cheerleader between her legs. The blonde hair did not give me a guarantee of who it was. The older, larger woman, was wearing red stockings and was telling the blonde that she was a shitty pussy eater and that she was white trash that needed to be trained to be a good whore. With that, Karen walked over, grabbed one of the three empty wine bottles from the table, and plunged it into her ass. A muffled scream erupted from the old ladies’ pussy. Karen then said, “Jessica, get over here and fuck this slut with the bottle.”
Clearly Karen was testing to see if I had submitted, although my outfit probably gave it away, I walked over to the blonde, took the bottle, and started to fuck her gently . I tried to figure out who the girl was, but her head was buried so deep in the large black woman’s legs it was impossible to tell. The black woman, who I later learned was Heidi’s grandmother Edna, demanded, “Fuck her fast in the ass, none of this gently shit. Or I will shove that bottle up your ass. “
I understood quickly my role and the blonde cheerleader in the ass fast with the bottle. Karen smiled and said, “So Jessica what can I do for you?”
I looked her in the eye and said, “I want you to be the first to fuck me in the ass.”
Karen smirked and said, “But you were so offended by my behavior just a couple days ago.”
“I know, my mind thought it was wrong, but my body overruled me. I now understand why you submitted to Mistress Amy, we had no choice.”
At this moment Heidi screamed as an orgasm shook her body, this was followed by the other black woman’s, Tamara I would later learn,(and Heidi’s best friend) orgasm. Edna then pulled up the blonde by the hair and demanded “Jill get her expert tongue over here and do a better job then your useless friend. Heidi, I think the blonde bitch needs to be disciplined.”
The blonde cheerleader was Brittany, the dumbest girl I had ever taught. She had a rep for being the school slut and one always assumed it was true. Heidi grabbed he by the hair and but her over her knee and spanked her bare ass, the bottle still in it.
Karen continued, “Surprised to see your students here?”
“Not Jill since I already knew her story and not Brittany because she is, well, Brittany. But Lauren, I am stunned to see Lauren here.”
Heidi laughed “Did your fall from purity teach you nothing? All white bitches need to know their place. Some like Brittany here are too easy, she was already a whore and will never be a great pussy eater she is to fucking stupid. But she will be a good fuckstick for the boys. A pretty white girl whose only purpose is to suck and fuck cock. Jill also was rather easy. She wants to move up the ladder and figured out quickly where the power was. But Lauren she was different. She walked in on Jill fucking Brittany in the changeroom and actually apologized and left. I realized quickly that Lauren hated confrontation and she would also be easy prey. She can’t say no. Her whole life has been about pleasing others in different ways, I knew she would be very good at pleasing me. Girls like Lauren have been trained to focus on only one thing: success and thus when they first feel the pleasure of their sexuality, something they have avoided their whole life, it overwhelms them. After their first fucking or their first pussy, they usually become addicted to such pleasure and become the best submissive slaves. Also, because they have spent their whole life at the top and trying to be the best, they use a similar work ethic in the bed. So I simply called her in my office one day and said, ‘We need to talk about your role as a cheerleader. Come to my house tonight at 7.’ Of course she did. When she arrived, similarly to you tonight, she walked in to see Jill on her knees eating me out. Carla, who is out of town tonight, had let her in and she returned to eating my mom’s pussy. (Carla was Jill’s twin sister) I said ‘Lauren, you must understand as a cheerleader your role is to be more than just a supporter, you must do everything in your power to help the team win. To motivate them. ‘ She just starred at my naked body and said ‘I don’t understand.’ I then clapped and our three football coaches walked in stark naked. ‘Honey, our coaches need to be stress free to do their job. Take off your clothes Lauren.’ She paused and I demanded, ‘Now.’ She quickly undressed. ‘You want our team to win right?’ She shook her head yes. ‘Have you ever been fucked?’ She shook her head no. ‘Have you ever sucked cock?’ Again no. ‘Ate pussy?’ No. ‘Well, by the end of today you will have a new answer for all three questions. On all fours.’ Lauren obeyed. (I should note that all three coaches are large black men. Our head coach Bill is a well built machine and quite hot; our other coaches who I have no idea what they do are both unattractive with Biff being at least three hundred pounds). Biff shoved his cock into her mouth, while coach plugged her pussy. Brittany took Warren’s in her mouth. Long story short, Lauren took all three men’s cum and finished by eating my pussy.”
I looked at Lauren who looked humiliated by the whole ordeal. “Now, now Lauren, don’t look ashamed. You’re a slut. It is who you are. Tell your English teacher what else you have done.”
Lauren clearly did not want to tell me, someone who taught her daily and respected her greatly, her dirty secrets, so I broke the ice, “Don’t worry Lauren, I ate cum out of my daughter’s ass earlier today and would love to eat your pussy right now in front of all these women.”
This seemed to relax Lauren, “Well it all started two weeks ago. After being gangbanged, I went home ashamed, but I was so horny that I couldn’t stop thinking about how good having sex made me feel. That night, I fucked myself with a brush, but it wasn’t the same. The next night, after practice, I told Jill my feelings and she took me to a party at the college and I spent the night taking cock after cock after cock. I was ashamed, but I loved it and wanted more. Jill says I fucked over 30 guys, and I realized everything I had been missing.”
Heidi laughed, “Don’t forget your love of pussy.”
Lauren let out a small chuckle, “I have also become addicted to eating pussy, and Jill, Carla and Brittany have been using me as their personal pussy pleaser every day since. ”
“Well enough fucking storytime,” Karen declared, “I have to fuck my friend’s ass. Jessica bend over the stool there. ” I obeyed. Karen continued, “I am going to love this. Is the tape ready Jill?” Jill replied of course and then Karen yanked off my skirt and after a little gentle insertion to get me lubed, she plunged her strap-on in my ass. Did I enjoy it at first, not really, but as the strokes continued the original pain subsided and a strange pleasure replaced it. I began to meet her strokes and the whole plastic cock disappeared in my ass. The show went on for 15 minutes or so and the next couple hours blurred in lesbian debauchery. I ate out Heidi, I fucked Jill, Lauren and I 69’d and Heidi’s mom finished the night by fisting me until I passed out. I eventually staggered home tired and sore, knowing that tomorrow was even going to be crazier.

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