The Peewee Club

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Samantha hitched up her skirt, squatted down by the side of the country road and waited. She was dying for a pee, but she was determined to wait until someone passed. Ideally it should be a cyclist; a car would pass so quickly the driver would only get a glimpse of what she was doing and if a pedestrian appeared she could not justify squatting in a pissing position until he got close enough to see. 

If she started pissing shortly after the cyclist appeared, she would still be in full flow as he passed. Now there was something unusual about this situation, something that made it obvious that Samantha was not just some poor girl who had been taken short by the roadside, quite simply, Samantha had not dropped her knickers! This, of course was intentional. Firstly, pissing through her knickers gave her an orgasm and secondly there were few men who could politely look away when they saw a woman deliberately wetting herself and Samantha’s orgasm was at its most intense when she was being watched.

Her patience was rewarded. A bicycle appeared round the corner, ridden by a respectable, balding middle-aged man with glasses. Samantha made sure her skirt was well hitched up, she opened her legs as wide as she could without falling over and, as soon as the man was close enough, started to piss. How good it felt as the dampness spread across her knickers so that some of the warm, golden pee trickled down her legs The cyclist did not fail her. He had been surprised enough to see a woman squatting by the roadside in the first place, but when he became aware that she was pissing through her knickers he could not take his eyes off her. Not only was she still pissing when he passed, she was on the verge of orgasm. 

The cyclist turned his head as he passed and kept his eyes on her, but when this became physically impossible, instead of simply continuing on his way, he stopped, leant his bicycle against the hedge and continued staring at Samantha. This was too much! She let out a moan, followed by something approaching a scream, and abandoned herself to orgasm, gently touching her dripping knickers as she did so. The orgasm brought her back to reality and suddenly she was aware that this man, although he looked harmless enough, could possibly be some sort of maniac. She stood up and looked at him. Suddenly she noticed a stain appearing in front of his trousers. It started spreading and she realised that he was wetting himself! Deliberately, too, that was obvious from the satisfied smile on his face. Samantha smiled back and the man, having emptied his bladder, proceeded to unzip his trousers and reveal a long, thick, still dripping prick in a state of semi-erection. He started rubbing it, slowly but firmly and within seconds it was standing upright. Samantha’s hand went down to her clitoris. She was already ripe for another orgasm. 

She pulled up her skirt and removed her soaking knickers. As the man’s hand moved faster up and down the shaft of his prick, Samantha’s fingers flickered over her clitoris and then one disappeared into her wet pussy. How good it felt. She kept her eyes on the man’s massive prick and thought how good it would feel inside her. Why not? She stood up and started walking towards the man, putting up her hand in front of her as if to say ‘Wait!’ But she was too late. When she was about three metres from the man, a stream of sperm shot out towards her, followed by another, smaller one. The man smiled, shook his prick, wiped it with his forefinger which he then licked, pushed it with some difficulty back into his trousers and did up his zip. Then he mounted his bicycle and set off down the road. Samantha wondered whether the man was married and what his wife would say when he arrived home with wet trousers. 

Always prepared herself, she took a clean pair of knickers from her handbag, slipped them on, put the wet ones in a plastic bag and set off for her car which was parked at a layby round the next corner.

Samantha belonged to the Peewee Club, and regularly attended their weekly meetings with her friend Penny. The club, which was strictly for ladies only, with a monthly guest night when men friends could be invited, had been formed by a couple of lesbians who were into pissing and the original membership of five had quickly swelled to over twenty, purely by word of mouth. Clitty and Labia, as the lesbians were known, had converted a large garage into a “pissing parlour” with soft, plastic covered furniture and floor drainage, where those who attended the meetings were able to endulge their “little weakness” in any way they liked. They were encouraged to use their imagination, though, and Clitty and Labia took photographs and made videos, purely for internal use. 

Everyone masturbated as well of course, and although the majority of members were officially heterosexual, many of them married, mutual masturbation was very popular. As the meetings lasted ninety minutes there were other, non-sexual, activities on hand, such as table tennis, cards, dancing and watching videos, all of which were performed in various stages of undress and invariably developed into sex-play. Penny liked to dance with Samantha and stroke her breasts. At a certain stage in the dance she would pee in her knickers, revelling in the feel of the warm piss trickling down her legs. She would then masturbate, or let Samantha masturbate her through her wet knickers.

Samantha was a compulsive masturbator and could enjoy at least six orgasms during the ninety minute session and, by coming with a full bladder and then drinking plenty of water while she was there, she was able to both start and finish the session with a pissing exhibition. There were climbing bars on one of the walls, and she liked to go to the top, turn round and piss as far as she could into the room. There was always someone below who enjoyed a warm shower. One or two girls like to take the piss directly in the mouth, but most liked either to stand and let it trickle over their breasts and down to their sex, or to lie down and take the piss directly onto their fannies while they masturbated.

The favourite card game was “pwhist”, which was basically the conventional knockout whist, except as each person was knocked out they had to perform for the others. This meant pissing or masturbating or both and the overriding rule was that no contestant could repeat the act of the earlier performers.Thus this had one girl pissing while standing on her head, so that the piss ran down over her stomach and breasts and onto her face, another pissing into her cupped hands and then washing herself with it and a third calmly pissing into a white trouser suit while calmly reciting “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”.

A few were into filling their knickers with shit as well as pissing. This was considered quite acceptable and most of the non-shitters were turned on by it. Some of these, Penny included, were tempted into trying it. Shitters were, naturally, expected to clean up afterwards and disinfect and deodorize themselves and any areas where the shit may have dropped! 

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