The Outpost

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My story starts when I was nineteen and joined the army, now Iím not going to say what country but there was always some kind of military action going on. I went through training camp, passed all the requirements and was shipped to small military base. I was given my weapon and was attached to a small five now with me, six man patrol to give me experience. We went on patrol every day for months and the only action I saw was when a farmerís bull got loose and we helped capture him. I actually got the rope around him and the guys were impressed that a female looker as they put it was able to rope a two thousand pound bull. Iím five foot eight inches tall, weigh in at one hundred and thirty one pounds and have a thirty four inch chest with a full ďCĒ cup and a killer ass or so I am told and you know I took a bit of abuse until I roped the bull. It was only a few weeks after the bull incident that I was called into the COís office and met the girl who was to be my new partner; we were being assigned to a forward two person outpost and Iíll tell you I was impressed with her size. She measured in at six feet one inch, had tits but no idea what size and muscles as she was wearing a an army issued tee shirt that showed her muscles off. The CO told us to introduce ourselves so I told her my name was Anne and she told me her name was Freddy, short for Frederica and we were told of our new assignment.

We went to the motor pool, checked out a humvee and the motor pool sergeant wise cracked, ďBring the vehicle back in one piece or you will become a piece for me. Freddy walked over to him, grabbed him by the throat and almost lifted him off the ground and very politely asked him if he would like to apologize for the remark and the serge couldnít get out sorry fast enough. I drove, Freddy read the map and she was damn good at it as we never got lost and made it right to the outpost, a small hut with a kitchen and two beds and a radio setup at one end. I said to Freddy, ďNothing like home sweet homeĒ, she laughed and said we will be okay and we began making ourselves at home. The last tenets left a list of things we should watch out for, where the water supply was and other pertinent stuff, plus a few tins of food and we had a monthís worth of rations, which gave us an idea how long we would be there. The former tenets also said in their note that all the time they were there, they never saw a soul and basically it was easy duty, just phone home every day and let them know we are alive. We found the place was stocked with sheets, blankets, soap and sun screen, so we were set. We made the beds and Freddy pushed them together saying just in case we had room to maneuver in case we needed it and I thought that was pretty smart of her.

It was sometime around ten in the evening and Freddy said maybe we should call it a day so we could go exploring tomorrow and again I thought that was a good idea. Freddy stripped and got in bed naked and she had some bush, it was hard to miss, I donít think she ever cut it and when I got into bed in my underwear she asked me why I didnít sleep naked. I told her I just never did and wasnít very comfortable sleeping that way and slipped under the covers. Freddy moved next to me and told me to take my undies off as she preferred me naked and I looked at her and asked her what the hell was she talking about. She said that we were alone up here for a month and she wasnít going without some pussy for that long so she was going to fuck me whether I liked it or not. I panicked a bit and started to sit up but Freddy pushed me back down with one hand and pulled the covers off me with the other. She said in a very menacing voice, cunt you take off the undies or Iíll rip them off you and dumb old me said, ďIím not taking them off, you can go to hellĒ and holding me with the one hand she ripped my bra and panties right off my body. She said you can scream all you want bitch nobody will hear you as she started to part my legs and of course I resisted, so she pulled over on top of her legs belly down and started to spank me.

I couldnít believe what it did to me, my pussy got wet and after a few smacks on my ass, I was moaning and grinding my pussy into her legs, I had never been spanked before and I was so turned on by it I was a bit shaken but sure didnít want her to stop. She told me later that when I moaned she knew she owned me and turned me over so she could get to my pussy. She was licking me from my ass to my clit and when she got to my clit she sucked on it for a minute and that special feeling started to take over and I was getting so wet my pussy was leaking cum. She tongued fucked my pussy for a bit and then slipped two fingers into my pussy while she sucked my clit into her mouth and at that point I went over the edge and gave my pussy to her. She was finger fucking me with one hand, sucking on my clit with her mouth and pulling on my nipples with the other hand and my ass had a mind of its own as it was moving up and down to meet her fingers. My mind was totally gone at that point and all I wanted to do was cum, I was moaning and making sex noises as Freddy worked my pussy into a frenzy, she kept getting me close to cumming and then she would slow it down, driving me crazy. After the third time she did it, she told me to beg her to make me cum and beg I did, I promised her I would be her bitch and whore and would do anything for her if she made me cum, I was saying anything just to get her to make me cum.

Then she took her hand away from my tit, slid a finger from that hand into my pussy and when it was all wet, she sucked on my clit hard as she shoved her finger up my ass. I actually screamed it felt so good and the cum shot out of me like a geyser going off and I came harder and there was more cum than at any other time in my life. I came so hard I think just about my whole body lifted off the bed and she wasnít done with me yet, she was back to teasing my cunt some more starting the whole cycle all over again. This time it only took about a minute and I was begging again but Freddy had a new wrinkle for me, she asked me how bad I wanted to cum and I told her I would do anything she wanted if she would make me cum. She didnít say a word, just turned around and mounted me, putting her wet pussy in front of my face and to my surprise, I loved the smell of her sexed up cunt. She put her tongue back in my pussy and she pushed her pussy into my face and I knew I was going to eat her cunt if I wanted to or not, so I put my lips on her wet slippery pussy and got my first taste of a red hot cunt and I liked it. I licked her hot pussy then and settled in to eating her pussy how I like mine to be eaten. I licked it, kissed it, tongue fucked it and was actually enjoying her pussy while she did the same to mine. I was now savoring the taste of her sweet cunt, licking it, sucking on her cunt lips and tongue fucking her and I was enjoying myself so much I didnít notice she had stiffened up and the next thing I knew I was trying to swallow her hot cum as it was pouring out of her pussy and covering my face and neck.

I loved the taste of her pussy juice, I licked and sucked her pussy to make sure I got all of it and in doing so, made her come again, almost drowning in her cum as I was not ready for it this time either. This time as I licked her pussy I was thinking about how much she came, she was like a waterfall when it came out. Now I took notice of how hot her body was on top of mine, I could feel her tits pressing into my belly and my tits pressing into her stomach and I had to admit to myself that this felt so fucking good, I wanted her to stay like that. I had hold of her ass and was pulling her pussy back to my mouth when she took my clit into her mouth and started sucking. My pussy exploded, cum squirted out of me like I was a garden hose being turned on and she made me scram at least three more times as I had the most orgasmís I ever had in my entire life. The last time we came we came together and I was totally in fuck heaven, I never experienced anything quite like that before and I loved what she did to me and how she made me feel. She got off of me, turned, took me in her arms and her face and lips were so close to mine, I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her like a hungry animal. She had made me so hot and feel things I never felt before I couldnít help myself as I kissed her with all the hunger and passion I could muster. I was so hot for her I was moaning as she kissed me back as I had feelings for her I never had for anyone before.

She rolled over taking me with her so I was now on top of her, took my face in her hands and said, ďChrist baby, you are the best piece of ass in history, you have no idea how much you turned me on, you are just fucking incredible baby, fucking incredibleĒ and she kissed me again. I kissed her back and when we broke the kiss I told her that no one had ever made me feel like she did and that the fire she put inside me was still raging. She told me that she never expected it to be like this and if a fire was still raging inside me she would put it out. She again rolled over so I was on my back and she was partially on top of me, put two fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me while telling me what a fucking good time we were going to have for the next month. I was on fire again only this time she was talking to me, telling me I was her little whore now and other dirty stuff and I was completely out of my mind with lust for her. It didnít take long before that feeling welled up inside me and I came like a fountain as she now had four fingers in my pussy, fucking me hard and I was begging for more. I have no idea how many times she made me cum but it was a lot and I donít even remember either passing out from the pleasure or falling asleep from the exhaustion, but I had never slept so sound I my life before. I awoke the next morning with Freddy kissing my face and tits and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her like I was some kind of animal again.

I couldnít believe how she made me feel, I had never felt the passion I felt for her with anyone before, it was almost scary and she made me so fucking hot, I came rubbing my pussy against her leg. While I was kissing her I suddenly felt this need or urge to sink my tongue into her sweet cunt and when I told her, she opened her legs and said, ďItís all yours baby, help yourself anytimeĒ and I couldnít get my mouth on her hairy cunt fast enough. I licked and sucked her sweet cunt, teasing her like she did to me and I got her to beg me to make her cum and when I didnít right then she called me a dirty little fucking cunt, a lesbian whore and other names that lit my fire, She made me so hot just talking to me that when I put my tongue in her pussy, I put my fingers in my pussy and we came together, but this time I was ready for her hot cum to come squirting out and had my mouth over her whole cunt so I could capture all of her hot girl cum and I swallowed every drop of it. I worked her into a frenzy as I kept eating her hot cunt and made her cum for me at least five times and she blacked out from all the pleasure. I lay there with my face buried in her pussy hair and dozed off for a few minutes, god I love the smell of her hot wet cunt and we both woke at the same time. I got up and performed my wifely duty because thatís what she told me I was now, her wife and made us breakfast in the nude, a first for me but I got used to it fast as the day we arrived was the last time I wore clothes the whole two months we were there. Yes we stayed for two months as they were a bit short handed at the time and we sure didnít mind staying and we got to fuck our brains out for two months.

I also became a spank whore, Freddy would spank me every day at least twice and I loved when she made me get dressed and then pulled my pants down to my knees, put me over her knee and spanked my ass good and I always came for her then. She also made me eat her pussy after every spanking and she would tell me what a fucking whore I am while I ate her and it made me crazy to hear her talk dirty to me. Iím still her wife, we did our hitch, got out, Freddy got a really good job and Iím her stay at home bitch. She also got a strap-on and I love when she takes me like she is a man, she can really pound my pussy and ass with it and I also love when she takes me missionary style, I wrap my arms and legs around her, we kiss and I completely lose my mind it is so fucking good. I still have that same feeling when I kiss her, like Iím an animal in lust and she has actually made me cum just by kissing me. Her pussy tastes better now than the first time I ate her hot cunt but I think thatís because of my cooking. Iím still naked for her in the house and we have taken a few vacations at a place that allows total nudity and fucking on the beach as I have developed this quirk now that I like to have Freddy fuck me in public, but then after all I am Freddieís little whore.

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