The New Roommate

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I am originally from Pittsburgh, Pa got married, moved to Philadelphia, got divorced and have a really good job so I stayed in Philly after the divorce and I’m now twenty-four, living alone. My best friend, who still lives in Pittsburgh, called me to ask if her kid sister, Mia, could stay with me for three weeks so she could attend a soccer camp in Philly. Mia is going to be a senior in high school, is very athletic, plays on the softball and basketball teams besides the soccer team and is trying hard to get an athletic scholarship. I said, “You even have to ask, just let me know what time to pick her up at the airport” and then we had our usual two-hour conversation. I get to see Mia every time I go back home and we are pretty friendly so I didn’t see it as any kind of imposition and was actually glad to see her when I picked her up at the airport, touch of home and all that stuff. She was walking towards me at baggage claim at the thought hit me she was a grown woman. She was five foot ten, had an athletes build, small chested, long legs and was very nice looking, a feature I thought, that wouldn’t hurt her in her search for a scholarship. We hugged, she kissed me on the lips, something she always has done since she was a little brat chasing after her sister and me but this time she did it with an open mouth and her lips were moist. I really didn’t think anything of it except it was a nice sensation, got her stuff and we went to my apartment.

I only have a one-bedroom apartment and when I told her we were going to share the bed, unless she would rather sleep on the couch, she opted for the bed. I had made room for her stuff so we unpacked her stuff and got her settled in. I had our dinner delivered because she said she was a little tired and would like to stay in and we ate on the living room floor because I had put in a really plush rug and she said she loved sitting on the floor to eat. We talked about everything as usual, when I asked her about a boyfriend she told me that there was nobody right now, she was concentrating on school and sports for the scholarship. It was getting late so I suggested we go to bed and continue the talk in the morning and we went to the bedroom. I told her I always sleep in the nude so I would have to find something to put on and she said she always slept in the nude too, it was healthier for the body and it wouldn’t bother her if I was nude, would it bother me if she was nude. I told her it wouldn’t bother me a lick, interesting choice of words I later thought, and she would sleep better for sure. We got undressed and I was just stepping out of my panties and Mia said, “Damn woman, you’re built like a brick shit house, no wonder my sister always envied your body. Do a slow turn for me so I can check you out” I remember that she was always very forward and spoke her mind so I didn’t think anything of it and I raised my arms like the models do and did a slow turn.

She whistled a wolf whistle at me, we both laughed, I said, “Now you” and she did the same thing and I whistled at her. She said to me, “Christ girl, you are really hot” and I said, “You’re not to shabby either” then I asked her if her sister really envied my body. She said, “Hell yes, I’ve been hearing about your body since I was six years old”. I told her I had no idea her sister envied me and she said; “Why not, you have a killer body, do the turn thing for me again” and I did the turn thing again while she whistled at me. We laughed, climbed into bed and my bed is only a full size bed so our bodies touched, sending electric shocks through me. I didn’t think a lot of it, just hot bodies touching but then she asked me if felt the electricity and I chalked it up to static electricity but I told her I felt it and what I thought it was. She rolled onto her side so she was facing me, her legs touching mine and asked me if I had ever kissed a girl and I said, “What kind of question is that”, she said, “well my sister” and stopped. I laughed, said, “Your sister has a big mouth, we were thirteen and wondered what it felt like to kiss someone, so we kissed, just to see” She said, “Is that it, just once” and I said, “No, we had practiced on each other a few times”. She said, “Neat, you guys were lucky you had each other” and I said, “Yes we are lucky we have each other”. She was looking into my eyes, reached her arm across me, pulled me to her, said, “Did she ever kiss you like this?” and kissed me like a man would, open mouth, wet lips and my pussy flooded itself. It was a long kiss, I don’t know why but I couldn’t pull away and I just relaxed into her body. She put her leg over mine, I could feel her hot pussy pressing into my leg, her tits pressing against mine and we kissed like that for a few minutes. I had wrapped my arms around her, pulled her tight into my body, my pussy was leaking and my brain was on fire. 

We came up for air, I started to ask what she was doing but she kissed me again, my pussy went into warp drive and we made out like two lovers for about fifteen minutes. I had never been kissed quite like that before, her lips were soft and moist, I got lost in them and I don’t think I was ever that hot in life. My pussy was screaming, I was grinding it into her leg looking for relief when she spread my legs apart and put her hand on my out of control raging pussy. I think I screamed, “Oh yes Mia, oh yes” and she started working her finger up and down my pussy. Between her lips on mine, her fingers doing my cunt, I completely lost it and I was hers to do whatever she wanted to do to me. She slid two fingers into my pussy, stopped kissing me long enough to say, “That’s my good girl, you want mama to take care of your poor little pussy?”, I was moaning, “Yes, God yes Mia, take care of my pussy” and she said, “Momma will take care of her good little girls pussy for her” She put her lips back on mine, started finger fucking me fast and hard, I moaned loud and Mia said, “Good girls tell momma when they are going to come”, I screamed, “I’m cumming momma, I’m cumming” and the cum shot out of me like it had been shot out of a cannon, drenching Mia’s arm. I was in complete ecstasy, panting, moaning and begging for more. Mia said, “Momma’s good girl is a squirter, isn’t she?” I panted, “Yes, squirter” and then Mia said. “You are momma’s good girl aren’t you?’ That was the moment I gave myself to her completely when I said, “Yes, I’m momma’s good girl, I’m a good girl” and she said, “Yes baby, you’re a good girl”

She went back to work on my pussy, playing with my clit and put another finger into my pussy, finger fucking me with three fingers now and fucking me hard. She said, “Tell momma when you are going to cum, baby” and it was only a minute before I was screaming, “I’m cumming momma, I’m cumming” and the floodgates opened again. She had me so hot I would have done anything for her then and when she told me to cum for momma again, I think I sprayed the whole room with my pussy juice. She said, “You have to cum for momma one more time baby, can you be a good girl and do that for momma, baby”. I said, “Oh yes momma, yes, I can cum for you again momma” my poor pussy was torn apart shooting another stream of hot cum all over everything. I was panting like a racehorse, Mia was holding me in her arms saying, “That’s my good girl, that’s my good girl” and I was in heaven hearing her tell me I was her good girl. I didn’t know it at the time but she now owned me body and soul. She kissed me very deeply, making my pussy twitch and asked me if momma made her baby happy and I answered yes. She said, “No baby, it’s yes momma, now tell me again” and I said, “Yes momma, you made your baby very happy”. She said, “Your such a good girl” and my heart jumped with happiness and she kissed me again; then asked me if baby liked having momma kiss her. It came out of my mouth so naturally it was scary, “I said, “Yes momma, baby loves being kissed by her momma” and Mia now knew she owned me body and soul. 

We lay there with her caressing my body, I was in heaven and she said, “We don’t want my baby wearing clothes around the house anymore do we” and I replied, “No momma no more clothes” Then she said, No more panties when we go out either, momma wants to be able to touch baby’s pussy whenever she wants” and I said, “No mommy, no more panties. She kissed me, said, “Momma has such a good girl” now momma wants to taste baby’s pussy” and I spread my legs without her having to tell me. When she put her tongue on my pussy, if there was any doubt in my mind about this affair it was washed away with my cum. She started working my pussy with her tongue and I flipped out, my ass was moving all over the bed and Mia was having a hard time keeping her tongue on my pussy. She grabbed hold of my legs, pushed them back so they were touching my shoulders, leaving my pussy wide open for her to continue her attack on my cunt. I now couldn’t move, all I could do was moan and let her have her way with my pussy. She buried her tongue in my cunt hole and I gave her a shower of hot juice. She made me cum three more times before be fore lightening bolts tore my pussy apart and I passed out from pleasure. When I became aware again of my surroundings, Mia was on top of me kissing me, I could taste my cum on her lips and her face was shiny from my cum and she told me to lick her face clean. I started licking my cum from her face like it was the most natural thing in the world. She said, “Momma’s baby is such a good girl” and my heart was happy while my pussy was twitching.

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