The Naked Weekend

(Part 1 from 2)

*** (Some people and events in this story can be found in two other stories, ‘The Second Time’ and ‘An Evening at Del Grande’s, Parts 1 and 2’)

Seven months had passed since our vacation on St. Lucia where Gwen must have received miles of black cock thanks to Del Grande’s party and his connections. We had seen David and Gloria several times, cementing our relationship into a comfortable and satisfying sexual foursome. One other issue had also been resolved; Gwen had found a black guy for regular and frequent meetings. We found Josh much easier that we thought it would be after placing an ad on an internet website. At 31 years of age he was a Cordon Bleu chef and owned a swanky restaurant downtown. More importantly for Gwen he was an excellent lover with a long, thick cock.

We had dined at Josh’s restaurant several times and he always reserved the same table for us….it became ‘our table’ and we enjoyed many fine meals. One evening Gwen ordered a stuffed chicken dish and when half way through the meal, began to laugh quietly to herself. I asked what she found so funny and she said here she was eating stuffed chicken while thinking this chick would like to be stuffed on this table by Josh. The idea was certainly a horny one and a little while later I excused myself to visit the washroom. I went to Josh’s office instead and told him of Gwen’s thoughts. We agreed to make it happen the following morning when the restaurant was closed. I returned to our table and during dessert Josh came over and sat with us. He said he was preparing a special breakfast the following morning for a few friends and asked if we would like to join him. We arrived at 8:15 and Josh unlocked the door and let us in. Gwen looked around and said, “I see we are the first to arrive, I hope we’re not too early.”

“Not at all, you are here at exactly the right time,” Josh replied with a smile as we reached ‘our table’ and Gwen noticed that instead of table linen and flowers the table was covered with pillows.

“What’s this,” my wife said, looking puzzled.

“Well,” I replied, “this chick is about to get stuffed.”

She was naked and on the table in no time and I watched as Josh kneeled between her legs and ate her pussy. He stood and walked around the table, pulling Gwen until her head tilted back over the edge and then fed her his foot long sausage. While she sucked Josh’s dick, he held her legs and I mounted her, loosening her up for the main event to come. We changed positions and Josh stuffed his huge erection into Gwen’s very wet slit and fucked her for a multi orgasmic 15 minutes before I creamed down her throat and Josh exploded inside her. After we dressed Gwen announced that was the best breakfast she had ever had and now the chick had been well and truly stuffed, could we go and get something to eat.

I had an idea for the following weekend and suggested it to Gwen. She became very excited and urge me to ask Josh at once. I telephoned him and he gave his enthusiastic approval. Josh would arrive about 7:00pm on Friday evening and he and Gwen would remain naked and do exactly as I ordered, when I ordered, until Sunday afternoon. They would only speak during sex to express their desire or pleasure and Josh would only ejaculate at times of my choosing.

Josh arrived promptly a 7:00 and joined an already-naked Gwen in the den. He removed his clothes and his cock began to swell as he stared at my wife sitting in a chair with her legs spread wide. I told them to stay as they were and went into the kitchen. I took an English cucumber out of the sink I had filled with warm water, dried it off and carried it back to the den. I lubed the end and rubbed it against Gwen’s swollen labia as Josh looked on, his cock growing by the second. I told him not to touch it and slowly inserted the cucumber into my wife’s wet pussy and thrust it back and forth. I buried about eight inches of the vegetable then went over to Josh. His cock was three quarters erect and I took hold of it and began to masturbate him. “You want to fuck my wife don’t you?” You want to stick this big, black dick where that cucumber is don’t you?” I said and he just nodded as his erection became rock hard in my hand. “Fuck yourself,” I said to Gwen and she grasped the cucumber with both hands and plunged it in and out. I led Josh over to the chair and guided his cock into Gwen’s mouth. I took hold of the cucumber again, removed it and saw the gaping, wet pussy just begging to be filled. I fingered it and played with the clit while she choked on black dick and had a strong orgasm that covered my hand with her juices. I rammed the cucumber back in and brought her to another climax.

“Okay Josh, give her a good fucking, we both know she wants it but I don’t want you to come.”

I removed the cucumber and Josh mounted Gwen and pumped into her vigorously. After a few minutes I told him to stop and lie on the floor then motioned Gwen on top of him in a sixty-nine. I fucked her from behind with the cucumber while Josh played with her clit and she mouthed his cock and balls. Gwen had another orgasm as she drooled over her beloved black cock until I told them to stop.

“Let’s have a drink,” I said and lifted Gwen up and pulled her close and we kissed as I mauled her ass and probed her slit. I mixed the drinks and we took a break, Gwen and Josh on the sofa and me in a chair. With drinks finished I told them to kiss and fondle each other. I noticed how Gwen’s fingers expertly teased the big, black knob and caressed his balls while Josh pinched her erect nipples and probed her vagina. “On top now, Gwen,” I demanded and she swung over, grabbed the huge dick and sat down onto it. She leaned over and I saw how it crammed her pussy, Josh squeezed and fondled her ass as he helped her slide up and down on his cock. White pussy juice dribbled down his shaft and onto his nuts and Gwen murmured with delight as the cock slid all the way into her. I had the change positions, Gwen on her back on the sofa and looked on as Josh pounded into her. This is what Gwen loved most, a big, black cock, or cocks, fucking her hard and when we were on St. Lucia she discovered she could take this kind of fucking all night long, having multiple orgasms.

I separated them and they sat next to each other on the sofa. I ate Gwen’s muff while she toyed with Josh’s dick and squealed to yet another climax. “This naughty slut need a spanking,” I said and bent Gwen over the end of the sofa. “Josh, I want you to spank her arse a few times then give her several lengths of your cock, keep repeating this until she cums again. She will suck my cock as you do this.” I sat on the sofa and her tongue went to work and I hear several loud slaps followed by a gasp as Josh plunged himself to the balls into her. It didn’t take long for her to orgasm and I got up to look at her ass. It was slightly red and her pussy looked so inviting I couldn’t resist fucking it myself and spanked her lovely bum as I did so.

It was approaching midnight and I called the evening to a close. Josh went to the guest room, showered and went to bed. While Gwen showered I had the sudden, overwhelming urge to cum over her face. When she came into the bedroom I had her kneel in front of me and wanked until my load burst forth and satisfied my urge.

At 3:00am I woke Gwen, picked up a blanket and led her to the guest room. After waking Josh I told them to follow me and I led the way downstairs and out onto the patio. We have neighbours and although they could probably spy on us if they were determined the garden is secluded enough that I reasoned the chances were slim. Gwen was a little nervous but also excited on the off chance that someone might see her naked with her big, black stud as we ventured into the garden. I spread the blanket beneath the maple tree and told Gwen to lie down and Josh to fuck her. I wondered if my wife would be able to keep quiet when she was being pounded deep and hard. Josh mounted and began slow, bringing his cock almost all the way out before sinking back into Gwen’s hot box. She squealed in quiet little bursts as Josh increased his speed and let out a loud cry as she creamed onto his dick. I looked towards the neighbours but saw and heard nothing. I whispered for Gwen to get on her hands and knees so Josh could fuck her from behind. This would be a hard test for Gwen to keep quiet, she liked this position for the deep penetration it provided, I also told Josh to fuck her until he came. Josh’s cock slipped in easily and Gwen gasped when it was all the way in. What followed was a wild, doggy-style fuck that increased in intensity until Josh shot his load in a frenzy of moans, groans screams. Again I looked but saw and heard nothing from the neighbours. We scurried back inside and settled down for the night.

I prepared breakfast while Gwen and Josh sat naked at the kitchen table. After we ate I said I wanted to see Gwen fucked on the table and she dutifully lay down on it. Josh rubbed his hardening dick along her already wet slit and onto her clit then entered her. I just watched as he held her legs high and wide and slid his big cock into her with effortless power and smiled in amazement as she came over and over. Rob, the first black man Gwen had sex with had ate her pussy on the kitchen counter and then fucked her halfway up the stairs. I reminded Gwen of this and told them to repeat it. Gwen sat on the counter and Josh munched on her cunt and I played with her tits. We then went to the stairs and she climbed a few steps, bent over and spread her legs, giving us a lovely view of her ass and pouting pussy. “Give that pussy a good fucking,” I instructed and Josh manoeuvred behind her and did as he was told. I then had Gwen sit at the top of the stairs and Josh fucked her as I stood below and watched his black dick, glistening with cunt juices, pummel my wife’s eager pussy.

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