The Long Hot Summer - Three for the Road

(Part 1 from 1)

*** DISCLAIMER.  The Long Hot Summer – Three for the Road is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Also note that my works generally contain sexual themes, objectionable language and behavior that most people should avoid. If you are easily offended, unable to discern the difference between fiction and reality, dislike the use of profanity, are uptight, or afraid that reading this material may pose a danger to your sanity, then you should immediately cease reading any further.

The author accepts no responsibility for any thoughts you may form after reading his works.


Chapter 1

“How long have you been there?” Maggie asked Ronnie quizzically.

“Not long.” he said slyly, “I didn’t have to be right here you know, I could hear everything in the next county!” he laughed. “God Almighty! You two are quite a pair, I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to keep up!” he continued, smiling.

“Did you have fun?” he asked, looking at Maggie.

“Oh God Yes!! He’s wonderful! And, everything you said he was, and more!” she said excitedly, and more enthusiastically than I would have liked.

“More! More? Oh God! Is he better than me Mags?” he asked jokingly. Much as I tried I couldn’t see any sign that Ronnie was the least bit apprehensive.

“A gentlewoman never divulges details about her lovers!” she responded, in an exaggerated southern drawl. “I will say, however, that you might have to work harder,” she continued, accentuating harder as she smiled seductively, “in the future, Young Man!” exaggerating that drawl until it was painful.
Avoiding direct eye contact with either one, I cringed as she and Ronnie bantered with each other. For my part, it was a very uncomfortable position to be in since I really didn’t know how my cousin was going to react to her sudden infatuation. Increasingly, I felt ill at ease about the direction their conversation was taking.

“Whoa! Sounds like I’ve got some competition!” he remarked playfully, cocking one brow.

“Finally!” Maggie teased, absently running her hands over my chest. “Was she nervous about something also?” I asked myself.

As he and Maggie verbally dueled, Ronnie took two neatly folded blankets from under his arm, and spread them on the ground beside us. Unhurriedly, he motion for us to move on the blankets he’d just lain out.

“I can’t, Ronnie my Love!” Mags said, grinning sheepishly.

“What? Why?” he asked, looking quizzically at Maggie.

“We’re sorta like stuck!” she replied, shrugging somewhat comically.

“Yeah Right!” he quipped in disbelief.

“No really! We are stuck!! My new lover here is lodged in my cervix and I can’t get him unstuck.” She said, shrugging nonchalantly.

“No Joke??” Ronnie asked, excitedly, bending down to take a look, genuinely interested. His unexpected excitement and inordinate attention to the phenomenon was making me a bit uncomfortable. Not to mention it was embarrassing.

“Yeah, it true!” I interjected, slightly irritated.

“Damn! That is so cool!!” he began, excitedly, Ahem… In a weird sort of way, of course.” quickly correcting himself, suddenly changing the subject.

“Well then roll over here you two, so you can get off that wet grass.” he suggested, motioning to us again.

Holding Mags close to me, I quickly rolled to my right, using my forearms and elbows to brace myself, keeping most of the weight off of her, and rolled us gently over one full turn, ending up with my back to the blanket; Mags laughing with delight, and squealing like a little girl.
Ronnie lay down next to us propping himself up on one elbow, head-high with Maggie and me. He leaned over and gave Mags a long passionate kiss, making her squirm on my member. Alright, I have to admit that it was awkward watching those two suck face so passionately, just inches from my own. Especially, since she was currently impaled on my tool, which was responding quite favorably to their affectionate display. Awkward or not, my body didn’t seem to care. When they eventually came up for air, without hesitation, Ronnie leaned down and tenderly snaked his tongue into my mouth, my groin immediately responded, growing even harder within the small woman atop me. The sensuousness of his kiss swept over me in waves, the familiar little tingle at the base of my spine, headed toward my groin, and signaling all conscious thought was fleeing, replace with abject submission to my lover’s desire. His mouth devoured mine, pinning my head, as he enforced his will orally, with mind numbing precision. My body slackened as his passion cascaded through me, hurling itself furiously toward my groin and beyond, coming to an abrupt halt at the far end of my form, my toes curling elatedly. Mags alternately kissed our ears and cheeks, as Ronnie continued to kiss me deeply. She slipped her arms around both our necks bringing her face down touching ours, squeezing tightly, as she kissed us lovingly on the forehead, nose, and finally, lips.

“Here I am lying here with my two most favorite people in the world. It just doesn’t get any better than this!” Ronnie said, kissing Mags and me in turn, with his big boyish grin.

I carefully studied his face as he lay there looking from one to the other. He appeared totally at ease, and somehow satisfied with the situation he found himself in. Where I thought there would be conflict or, even jealousy, there seemed to be only mild amusement and tenderness in his eyes. His calm gentle demeanor immediately set me at ease and I kissed him deeply to show I loved him too.

“I love you Ronnie.” I said softly as our lips parted. He smiled warmly, but didn’t respond to my admission.

“Well, I can see you two are still fired up!” he said, caressing Maggie’s breast, “Your nipples are hard a rock girl!”

“Okay Ronald,” she said unsmiling, Ronnie was not short for Ronald; however, as I discovered, Maggie employed the more formal usage to let him know she needed his undivided attention, even though it was not actually his name, “someone has entirely too many clothes on! Off with them! And, get in here and cuddle with us big boy!” she said, as if ordering a sandwich for lunch.

“I guess if you insist Sweet Cheeks!” he said slyly.

Ronald dutifully removed his boots, then rose and peeled off his jeans and underwear, and stood above us half undressed as he was unfastened the buttons of his shirt. However, as he was removing his shirt, staring into the night sky, he said absently, “Sweetheart…,” “Yes?” we both asked.

A look of confusion, or possibly recognition, crossed his face. He paused a moment, and said, “My male Sweetheart; my little female Sweetheart.”
Yeah, that didn’t sound very clear to me either; convoluted in fact.

“This is going to get confusing in hurry!” I was thinking, when Mags spoke up.

“Okay, first order of business in this tripartite; we have to get these pet names straight or somebody’s going to be getting the wrong order at the drive thru window!” she said, genuinely amused. “I have dibs on any term I use as a “pet name” for either one of you!” Mags quickly interjected. “It’s my God given right as a woman, and I’m damn well invoking executing privilege since I spoke up first!” she exclaimed adamantly, giggling and rubbed against my groin as she planted a big wet smack on Ronnie.

“That’s BS!” Ronnie protested, “We’d need a directory to keep up all of your “pet names” he pointed out, laughing. “No way in Hell would either one of us less privileged males remember all that!” he exclaimed, waving his hands around absently as he spoke.

“Heck Darl’in, I don’t remember all of them when I get go’in!” she exclaimed. “But, that’s my final offer, take it or leave it!” Mags retorted, smiling wryly, moving her hands over his chest seductively.

“Offer!? I didn’t even know we’d entered negotiations for God sakes!” he countered, his hands and arms gesturing wildly above his head.

“See! I’m a damn tough negotiator! By the way, I’m also appointing myself the arbiter!” she stated flatly.

Quickly he exclaimed, “We’ll worry about this tomorrow! I can see you are going to be impossible to deal with tonight because you got some!” Ronnie said snidely, chuckling as he promptly looked at me, “David Sweetheart,” turning a “HA!” look of satisfaction toward Maggie , smiling broadly, “can you carry her to camp?” he inquired.

“Oh, no problem Ronnie, she’s light as a feather. Why?” I asked, not quite sure where this was going.

“Well, I thought we’d all snuggle around that wonderful fire you’ve got going, and it would be warmer. Especially since someone we both know is acting like the Bitch Ice Queen of all times.” he said, sticking his tongue out at Mags.

Maggie promptly sat straight up placing her hands on her hips, assuming a formal chastisement pose, which lost most of the effect since she was nude, and impaled on my manhood at the time.

“Ohhhh! I see! So, I’m the Ice Queen!? Boy, are you are going to pay for that one Ronald!” she quipped, her green eyes alight with indignation.
“Somehow, I already knew that Sweet Tits!” he glibly retorted, placing his hands to his head in mock distress, “And, you may quote me!” he said, making the obligatory, double finger quote sign for effect. “Seriously though, there’s a damp chill in the air out here and the winds picking up a bit. Does that sound good to you guys?” he asked, waiting for a response.

Mags looked down at me and said, “Let’s go my Eveready Man, my “hiney’s” getting a little cold with us just laying here.” She wiggled onto my member giggling and hugging me.
“I’ll get the blankets and plates.” Ronnie quickly said. “Here Mags, hold the clothes.” Ronnie said, as he piled our clothes in between our chests so she could hold them.

I walked steadily back to the camp trying not step on anything in my bare feet. Of course I couldn’t see a damn thing, having to feel my way around, so it was slow going. Slowly but surely we made our way back to camp, finding Ronnie there putting the blankets down below our saddles. Kneeling down, pulling Mags closer to me, I eased onto my back resting my head on my saddle. She lowered her head into my chest and snuggled possessively, making little noises of satisfaction. Ronnie smiled sweetly down at us as he moved the other saddles next to mine. He pulled two more blankets out of one of the panniers, and doubled them over the two of us saying, “Here, this’ll keep you guys warm.” Ronnie was pulling his shirt off, as Maggie, feeling amorous once again, rubbed her hardening clit against my pubic mound, while gently kissing my chest. Of course I wasn’t going to go soft with that going on, and the site of Ronnie undressing didn’t help one bit.

“You are insatiable my little goddess.” I said admiringly.

Ronnie lay down on his side next to us, his body touching ours, resting his head on Maggie’s saddle, gazing intently at the two of us. His eyes were soft and warm, as he casually stroked our bodies, in turn. I would have given anything to know what he was thinking at that moment.

“You two really hit if off didn’t you!?” he said sincerely, somewhere between a question and a statement.

Maggie stopped grinding her hips into me, laying her head on my chest facing Ronnie, meeting his eyes. Her little body relaxed as he slid under the blankets with us. It’s difficult to describe what I sensed exactly, but something unspoken passed between them as Mags laid looking into Ronnie’s eyes; an uncomfortable knowing look, that briefly shown in Ronnie’s expression, then vanished.

“I love him Ronnie, I really love him. It’s real!” she said firmly, with a calm confidence to her voice that could have stopped a runaway train. I couldn’t feel my heart beating, as she paused. “There was something there when we made love, I can’t explain it. He’s the One! I just know it!” she said, her voice controlled and measured, fighting to contain her abundant giddiness. “We are destined to be a family, I feel it, I just know it!” she said flatly, squeezing me tightly as she met Ronnie’s eyes.

“Oh my God, what did she just do, damn it!” I wondered, mortified, as the man I loved shifted his eyes to me.

“Well! Do you love her?” he asked brusquely, eyes hard, his expression unreadable.

“Ahhhh,” I stuttered, “Yeesss, I think so! BUT, I love you too Ronnie!!” I quickly added, as I reached out to touch and reassure him, dejected at the way this was turning out.

Ronnie took my hand in his as I reached out to him, his face impassive and unreadable; never taking his eyes off of mine, he hastily leaned down and kissed me with tremendous intensity and passion. The anxiety that had held me in its grip, drained away with his kiss; overcome with emotion, I wept as he lovingly caressed my mouth with his velvet tongue, and releasing my hand, tenderly caressed my face.

“What’s wrong Sweetheart?” Ronnie asked tenderly, “I love you, and Maggie definitely loves you, everything is wonderful. You might say I’m the luckiest guy around; I have the two of you, and we have each other.” he exclaimed, hugging Mags and me closely to him.

Too ashamed to open my eyes, I desperately attempted to hug my two Loves tightly to me. I was so horrified at my outburst, my partners’ reactions to my tears when completely unnoticed. Presently, tears were dotting my face and chest, as Maggie and Ronnie both, sobbed softly. Maggie clung to me like a child, whimpering, and reassuringly hugging me. Tears streamed down Ronnie’s cheeks as he poured his heart and soul into his kiss, holding his mouth over mine as if he were afraid I’d run away, should our lips part. Both of these wonderful people gently sobbed with me, although they did not seem the least bit uncomfortable expressing their emotions, unlike me.

You might say my particular problem with getting close to people and/or exhibiting emotion, was due to the way I grew up; emotions were totally foreign to me, and not something to cherish. Since I was eight years old, when my mother married Steve my stepdad, she drilled into me and my sister’s heads that we had to be stronger, better, and tougher then everyone else. “Life was hard!” she would say, “And, nobody is going to give you anything, so you have to better than they are, work harder, and you can’t settle for second best! You have to stand on your own two feet and don’t expect anyone to help you, you have to help yourself!” She’d lecture. In school we were expected to be the best and bring home straight “A” grades, which I did. And, as some would come to realize, I was not the meek undersized guy that just anyone could push around, although I portrayed that image to other people. My easy going demeanor kept me out of trouble, plus the fact my Mom would have killed me, if I’d engaged in anything but exemplary behavior. The other major factor that shaped my standoffish character was my alcoholic stepfather. We learned very early on that if you showed any signs of emotion around him, which he equated with weakness, you paid dearly for it, usually when he was drunk. Frankly, my sister and I really didn’t have much of a childhood. So, now you know, show any genuine emotion, and it was used against you, or you got the crap beaten out you. For the longest time, I really was never sure what the love thing was all about; I didn’t feel it!

Ronnie pulled away and kissed Maggie’s cheek affectionately and again greeted her with a long sensual kiss. Mags met it eagerly, grinding her hips into me more aggressively. As they tenderly kissed I caressed her perfectly shaped breasts and traced the outline of those rapidly hardening nipples. Her body reacted as if my fingers were made of ice, each nipple achieving rock hard firmness, jutting upward a quarter of inch above her light brown half dollar sized areolas. The smooth alabaster complexion of those magnificent breasts, contrasted by the deep rich tones of her ample areolas, was an awe inspiring sight, as I deftly rolled and pinched those impressive rigid ripples until she was moaning loudly. My flesh grew within her love cannel, while Ronnie artfully delved into her mouth, driving the woman absolutely stark raving mad, from I could tell.

Maggie fondled Ronnie’s chest and nipples, all the while rubbing energetically against my groin, and quietly moaning. After some period of time where I mercilessly fondled her nipples, a hand brushed my scrotum, returning again briefly, as it worked back and forth between Maggie’s cheeks and my ball sack. Ronnie grasped the base of my penis with his thumb and forefinger, just outside of her tight little hole, and forming an “O” ran it up and down the quarter inch or so of my cock that was reachable. We were very wet from our pervious love making, so his finger slid easily in the small space he was able to reach. After a minute of stroking my tool, his hand slid from my cock to just below the entrance to her love tunnel. Running his fingers around the base of my shaft and rim of her sopping hairless entrance, he placed his index and middle fingers flat again the bottom side of my cock and slid up to Mags fully stuffed hole. Without warning, using my shaft as a guide, Ronnie pushed down my cock, and forward with both fingers, sinking them in her vagina up to the knuckles. We both involuntarily gasped as two fingers glided effortlessly between her cunt wall and the underside of my shaft. The feeling was wonderful as he stroked both of us, making the already tight fit even snugger.

Maggie’s eyes flew open the moment Ronnie sank the full length of his fingers into her. The look of total ecstasy on her face was breathtaking to behold. At that same instant, I arched my back reflexively, also unprepared for his incursion. She increased her pelvic motion to meet his trusting fingers, forcing me further into her lovely cavity. The dual sensations produced by his fingers, and my cock, invading her little cunt was evidently driving her crazy; erratic pelvic gyrations, accompanied by loud moaning, grew rapidly in intensity. Abruptly, Ronnie removed his fingers from our tight little space, leaving me to wonder what he was doing now, but knowing him it would become quickly apparent. Sure enough, moments later Maggie gasped loudly, extricating her mouth from his in a swift rending motion, her green eyes growing enormously wide in cogent surprise, as she threw back her head, mouth opened wide in silent exclamation. Enraptured by the wave of bliss cascading over that petite form, she sat motionless; teetering precariously upon a fine razor’s edge of blazing naked lust, breathlessly poised on the brink of imminent fulfillment, seemingly powerless to expel the impending scream. Agonizing seconds passed; then her back arched brutally as a shriek detonated deep within her tiny chest, bursting forth with staggering ferocity, protracted and deafening; the orgasm was torn violently from her womb, propelling seething torrents of exquisite pleasure undulating throughout her racked body.

Maggie’s head lazily slumped onto my sweat covered chest as the climax receded. Ronnie was rising to his feet from his previous position beside us on the blanket. As I watched, he stepped between our legs and knelt down, lowering himself on the blanket out of my view. Maggie’s body lay gracefully draped over mine, limp and lifeless for all intents and purposes. The violence and intensity of her climax had invigorated my desire to come in her once more, and I glided within her unmoving form as she lay atop me.

Ronnie’s hand gently caressed my balls as I moved within this beautiful little woman, at the moment lying limply slumped on my body. He removed his hand from my scrotum and after a few seconds I could feel his delicate tongue tracing the curve of my soft sack, upward along the base of my shaft, to where it met her tight little hole. He sensually licked and sucked the base of my manhood where it entered Maggie’s vagina, and around the lower labia to the base of her little starfish. After some minutes of stimulating us with his tongue, he rose to his knees producing the bottle of baby oil. Dribbling a few drops, at first, over the base of my cock and balls,and lightly massaging them, he moved higher as it appeared he was massaging our little lover’s crack and ass, while applying additional oil. Mags stirred slightly as it appeared the tip of the oil bottle was inserted into her crack and squeezed for a number of seconds. The little beauty atop me, managed to coo softly giving me a weak hug as he forced the cool liquid into her anal cavity. I knew all too well the wonderful feeling the silky oil produced as it seeped into your body. Setting the bottle down, Ronnie leaned over Mags shoulder and kissed me lovingly for a few seconds. Drawing back, he whispered into Maggie’s ear as she continued to lie like a rag doll, covering my body with her lovely figure.

“Mags, we love you!” he said quietly. Lightly stroking her hair, he continued, “We’re going to make love to you, my darling, both of us.”

“Uh,uh-huh.” she replied lazily, acquiescing completely.

Ronnie slowly rose to his knees taking a position directly behind Mags inviting cheeks. Bending over her tiny body he place one hand on the ground to support himself, and grasped his fully erect member with the other. Sliding forward, placing his bulbous head against the oily tight puckered hole, he pushed quickly into her, forcing his head past the sphincter muscle, which popped neatly in; the love button clamping snuggly around the rim of his circumcised muscle, her tight little passage opening to accommodate his thick flesh.

The insertion of his large member drew an immediate response from Mags, as her demeanor immediately transformed from one of near catatonia, to wholly alert wide eyed surprise. Drawing in large gulps of air, she thrust back into his advancing love tool.

“Oh my, oh my!” she murmured, “That’s really tight!” Maggie exclaimed, looking up into my eyes, flushed and panting rapidly, her mouth poised as if to speak, emitting soft guttural noises, as her eyes glazed and refusing to focus.

“Oh my goodness!” she continued, as Ronnie pushed roughly into her.

It was amazing to me that she wasn’t in pain, but her expression gave no indication of it; there was only a self-absorbed distance look in her eyes. As my cousin pressed further and further into that petite body, her eye lids fluttered delicately, her mouth gaping, delirious with enjoyment. She emitted soft guttural noises as his thrusting slammed her rock hard clit into my pubic mound. Ronnie’s cock was rubbing the underside of my lodged member as we attempted to coordinate our thrusts into her tight body. Backing my tool out to ram into her, I felt it pop free of the cervix. “I am out!” I said to myself. Now that I could move with some authority, I would satisfy her little twat. We wordlessly coordinated our movements in Maggie’s body, getting down the rhythm of the other’s thrust. That little bundle of energy had come to life again and was clutching me tightly, her throat forming sexy little rasping sounds, as we both moved mercilessly within her delicious little form. That magnificently perfect body was opening up to us with every thrust we made into her hot welcoming orifices.

“Oh Jesus! You two are wonderful! Wonderful! fuck me harder, fuck me harder, guys! You don’t know how unbelievable you two feel in me! Just don’t stop!?” she begged, pushing her supple body backwards to meet our thrusts.

“Don’t worry about that beautiful,” Ronnie said over her shoulder, “we’re going to fuck these holes until you can’t walk for a week!” he remarked, slamming every inch of his love muscle roughly into her ass.

“Are my two loves going to give me a baby now?” she whimpered with pleasure.

“Hey, you better ask David, he’s the one pounding your juicy little cunt!” Ronnie laughingly commented.

Softly whispering to me in between dainty grunts of satisfaction as we pounded her willing orifices, she asked, “Would you, ummm,”, she muttered, “Ahmm, would, hmmm – you...” she struggled to articulate, “you, ummmmh, give meeee, ahhh baaabbyyyyyy…!?” she asked sweetly as her voice trailed off.

“Yes, my love I’ll be happy to give you one!” I replied, surprised that I meant every word of it! “I’m going to give you as much of me as I can tonight.” I said, looking over her shoulder at Ronnie, who just winked and smiled at me. “What did he know about all of this?” I kept asking myself, as I did my best to give her what she wanted.

Maggie moaned, and gently giggled, as the large amounts of cum I had deposited in her earlier in the evening, began noisily spurting out of her sopping love tunnel, now that my cock head wasn’t holding it in her womb. Full of lust, love, and the pleasure of what we were doing to her body, she melted into me and nuzzled my chest, giving her physical self completely and totally to the two men in her life; utterly submissive and trusting as she lay there and accepted us. Maggie cooed, and moaned, and whimpered, delightedly as we assailed her receptive orifices. She moved her small arms under my shoulders to the outside, clasping those tiny hands, palms up, to embrace me, her head moving on my chest with every forward thrust, drool running down the corner of her mouth in her delirium.
Ronnie now laid flat against Maggie’s back with his arms on either side of us support some of his weight. Looking into those hazel eyes, I recognized the faraway glazed look of extreme pleasure, just as his body brusquely lurched, fiercely convulsing for several seconds, and injected a huge load of seed into Mags; smiling with satisfaction, as he pumped her ass for a minute or so, until softening. Before pulling out, however, he kissed her lovingly on the cheek and collapsed next to us on the blanket.

Maggie took the opportunity to lean over and give him a long lingering kiss, while I continued to move my length within of her sloshing womanhood. Once she and Ronnie ended their kiss, I sat up, holding her little body to mine, and smoothly rotated her around and under me. Ronnie, fully sated, was on his back in the twilight realm now, somewhere between conscious thought and dreamland, so we were left to our own devices again, just me and a beautiful, insatiable woman.

“I think Ronnies’ going to sleep? Damn the luck!” I mused aloud, smiling at the gorgeous auburn hair work of art beneath me. Mags grinned up at me with love and satisfaction flaring in those gorgeous green eyes; pulling me to her, pressing moist, needy, scorching, lips against mine. Slipping her tongue between my parting lips she probed my willing mouth, as I sucked her deliciously deeper into my throat.

Moaning lasciviously, and pulling her lips from mine, she shoved a tongue in my available ear, darting in, and around, the entrance. Eagerly sucking my ear lobe into her blistering mouth, she nibbled along the entire length. Ablaze with renewed desire, I lowered my mouth to the curve of her neck and, lightly at first, bit down on the tender soft tissue. She cooed demurely and repositioned her neck, as an offering to my oral caresses. Taking this as a sign of approval, I sucked a large portion of her soft smooth flesh into my wanting mouth and bit down harder this time. Maggie gasped in pain and excitement, consciously bearing her shoulder and neckline, and submissively opening herself wide, raising those sculpted, insatiable, hips to meet my thrusts.

“Mark me Baby! Mark me as yours! she eagerly suggested, with wanton expectation.

“Oh God, this was turning me on!” I thought excitedly. “My cock just got incredibly hard!” I was thinking, biting down harder on her shoulder.

Mags recognized my response to her intimation immediately, as I enlarged and hardened inside her sensitive little tunnel. “God David, this is really getting me hot! Bite me lover! Mark this little Cunt and make me yours! Bite me hard and fuck me til I cum all over that huge dick of yours!” she pleaded, running her hands seductively over her soft sinuous mounds, tweaking and pinching the hard tan nipples with her thumbs and forefingers, as they jutted, taut and rigid, skyward, afire and aching.

“Look at my nipples Baby! You see how hot you’ve got me!?” she said, literally purring with lust, brutally twisting and pulling her huge hard nipples.
At her words, I looked down at two perfectly proportioned breasts, glistening with sweat and heaving sensually, thimble sized nipples protruding sharply, hard and erect with arousal; her hands furiously kneading the alabaster flesh of her supple body. She was a picture of loveliness and desire, and I wanted her more than anything in the world, and I prayed she felt the same about me.

We were both unbelievably aroused by our new found fetish, but to my surprise, I discovered that the prospect of inflicting a physical mark of lust and love upon her body, even though temporary, had put me far above any normal level of arousal; my response was immediate, massive, and fierce, driving me to new heights of untamed desire. Blood raced to my groin, engorging my already painfully erect flesh; a more instinctive and animalistic aspect of some primal nature enveloped me, utterly consuming my being. Only barely conscious of my actions, my normally firm restraint vanished, replaced by uncontrollable lust and desire; burning white hot throughout my body and demanding to be satiated.

Passions intensified exponentially, as we fed off of each other’s more base emotions. Maggie too was spellbound by the all consuming sexual hunger, as she purposely facilitated my brutal assault on her body. Fingernails mercilessly raked my shoulders and back, as she fiercely sucked and hungrily nipped along my trapezoid with her teeth. The pain of her nails on my back was exquisitely delicious; our bodies moving fluidly, writhing provocatively, impulsive and uninhibited, unresponsive to anything except our physical interaction and needs. Maggie’s fingers slowly traced the curve of my shoulders downward through the smooth muscled dip of the small of my back, roughly grasping my firm cheeks in both hands, and cruelly digging her nails in as she pulled me further into her hungry burning flesh. There was only lust remaining now, gone was any pretense of love or other nobler ideals; we were reacting, purely instinctually, to each other’s carnal wants, needs, and desires.

Placing one hand on her abdomen, a middle finger snaked under my thrusts to the top of her labia and she vigorously rubbed her love button, which was already hard and erect, and peeking out from under its sheath. She quit teasing her clit after some minutes and her index and middle fingers slowly slipped around my shaft and massaged the lips of her very wet vagina, gliding easily up and down the skin surrounding her labia. Drawing her hand back, Maggie placed two fingers in my mouth for me to taste her aromatic juices. She tasted salty-sweet, and delicious, as I sucked and licked around and between her digits, savoring the taste of her juices as they mingled with my and Ronnie’s sticky fluids. Gently hooking her fingers in the bottom of my mouth, my little sweat drenched angel pulled me down closer to her lips.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass, okay!?” she said, motioning me backward. “I want you in me, now! BUT! Don’t come! That’s for my pussy you big baby maker!” she giggled, her green eyes alight with unfathomable lust and hunger.

“Alright, if that’s what you want stick those shapely little buns up here and I’ll ream you until you beg me to stop!” I remarked, ready to take her wherever she wanted to go on this ride.
Mags propped up on one elbow bringing an arm across her body and rolled onto her stomach. Once in position she moved her hips back, raising up on both knees with her head down, elevating those wonderful alabaster cheeks directly in front of me. I reached in and grasped her waist with both hands and pulling her ass back to my waiting rock hard member. She rose up on her arms as my large head moved against the little puckered button. Expecting a fair amount of opposition to my advance, I thrust forcefully at her entrance, but my large tool popped in past her starfish and its full length glided smoothing into her yielding flesh.

“God, you are tight, but I went right in.” I remarked, amazed.

“Yeah? I love being fucked in the ass, so Ronnie reams me every chance we get!” she said excitedly, backing hard into my forward thrusts.

“You’re not upset that he had me first, are you Stud!?” she asked seductively, the corners of her mouth turning up slightly.

“Not hardly, you perfect piece of ass!” I replied, lustfully.

“Doooo, Iiiii feeeelll okkkay Baby??” she asked hoarsely, writhing as I moved within her tight little hole.

“Oh yeah, Baby! You feel like butter.” I commented, driving into her ass.

“Ohhh, ohhh, aaah Stud Muffin, that feels soooo good!” she moaned, working two fingers inside her well lubricated cunt.

Maggie moved with reckless abandon as she threw her small form against my hard member, muttering incoherently, and giggling incessantly; delirious with pleasure. The command she had of her ass muscles was phenomenal; the more aroused she became, the more skillfully she manipulated her tight ass, sending delicious undulations over and around my engorged tool. After about ten minutes I felt some minor contractions around my swollen member and assumed she was experiencing a small orgasm. Her body tensed for several seconds, in silence, and then she resumed pumping my rod enthusiastically.

Mags was a picture of loveliness as we screwed each other brains out, for the pure enjoyment of the sex. The view of her body as I stroked her from behind was amazing, and made me pump her even harder. Gently, I ran my hands up the full length of her cheeks to the top of her shoulders, gliding smoothly over her glistening sweat soaked extremity. Reaching around, I fondled and squeezed her breasts, roughly pinching, and then pulling, hard on her nipples. She moaned loudly and squirmed backward against me.

“Oh Baby, rougher! I want it rougher.” she moaned, dipping her tits into my hands.

So I gave it to her rougher! “Here you go cunt, how do you like this!?” I exclaimed, pinching her eraser sized nipples very hard, squeezing her soft mounds together.
“Oh my God, YES! YES! Harder you fucking pussy!” she quipped, trembling noticeably now.

“Oh my, she is really getting into this rough sex.” I thought. “How much is too much?” I wondered.

There was a lot to be said about her tolerance for pain, appetite for pleasure, and obsession with the duality of both. It was never freakish, and basically mild in nature, but we accommodated her when the mood struck. I wasn’t into the pain thing, but if she liked it once in a while, so be it.

Mags went down on her stomach pulling herself free of my invading member, and quickly rolled onto her back. Promptly coming to a sitting position, she pushed me roughly back so that I lay flat with my legs tucked under me. Giggling wildly the entire time, she engulfed my hard cock and worked that very talented tongue, swirling around the head, and darting in and out of the slit opening. Bobbing up and down the full length of the shaft, she would occasionally remove my hard member, and lick the underside, from the base to vee shaped tip of the head; stopping there to lightly nibble the small flap of skin located on the underside. Slowly, Mags would work her way back down the shaft, licking and kissing it tenderly before moving back to the tip, then nibbling around the protruding fleshy rim of the head. Her expert mouth was driving me stark raving mad with lust. She finished by licking and sucking my balls clean, exhibiting a very large smile of satisfaction when done.

“Apparently, she doesn’t mind a little ass to mouth.” I concluded, as she sat up.

Holding out her hand to me, I took it and she helped me sit up. Silently guiding me with her hands, I was artfully turned and placed on my stomach. “Well, this is interesting.” I muttered quietly. Two hands clasped my waist pulling me to my knees as she quietly spoke.

“Put your chest on the ground for me Sweetheart and stay that way. I’ll do all the work.” she stated calmly, rubbing my abdomen with one hand.

I did as I was told and in a few seconds, those very skillful hands moved between my closed thighs, parted them slightly, and deftly massaged my lower back, the top of my buttock, waist and hips. Ever so slowly, Mags slid her hands, palms down, around my waist to my lower abdomen; massaging around my pubic area, but careful not to touch the throbbing member rigidly bobbing there. One delicate hand danced lightly back around my waist, gliding down my left cheek to the soft sensitive skin of my inside left thigh. What Maggie was doing to my body was incredible. The hand tracing my abdomen moved to close around my aching penis. My body shuddered as she delicately stroked my tool, ceasing after moving the full length of the shaft seven or eight times. Lightly holding the trembling shaft steady, with dainty fingers, she placed a thumb atop and two fingers underneath the soft skin running from the base to the tip, applying light pressure upon the hollow fleshy tube on the underside. Slowly, she repeated the movement five or six times before rolling the tip of her middle finger, under and up the slit, neatly capturing a large dollop of precum. I looked back to see Mags place the finger in her mouth and suck it clean with an expression of delight.

“Ummm, you taste sooo good Lover, I can’t get enough of you!” she remarked, dreamily.

Casually, the hand holding my manhood, slipped back and around my hip, skirting my cheek, and coming to rest on the top of my right thigh. Delicate lips caressed my left cheek, sucking and nibbling, progressively up the outside of my crack, around, and to just inside the outermost dimple. Simultaneously, my love’s delicate fingers playfully skittered across my lower inside thigh, up, and around, my scrotum to the sensitive ganglia of nerves located just behind it, ever so gently dancing around the small area with her fingernails. Oh God, the feeling was indescribable, as those little fingers came together, like picking up a quarter with only the fingernails. My cock shuttered and throbbed with every sensation she elicited from my fever pitched body.

“Maggie, you are a fantastic lover, my Darling! That feels so unbelievably erotic! You are driving me crazy Baby Doll!” I exclaimed, moving with her touch.

The little devil knew she had me right where she wanted me too!

“Beg me big boy! Beg me to play with your little tickle spot, if you want me to keep going! I want to hear you say it.” she said, ruthlessly teasing me.

“Oh, my little Baby, please don’t stop! Please!? I do whatever you want, just don’t stop you beautiful little prick tease!” I unashamedly begged her.

“You’ll do anything I want?” she asked wryly, running her nails around the fleshy area below my scrotum.

“Yes, I’ll do anything you want! Now, please don’t stop!” I pleaded with her.

“Swear it, my big lovely man!” she said, feverishly.

“I SWEAR IT! Okay!? I swear it!!” I replied, desperately.

“Well now, we’ll hold your big cock to that. Remember; you owe me now! ANYTHING I WANT!” she remarked, ominously elated.

“Uh,oh! What the hell did I just do?” I asked myself, thinking at the time the feeling I had in the pit of my stomach wasn’t just about the sensations she was stirring in me.

Maggie kept delicately tickling the spot below my scrotum for quite a while, making me extremely hot. She had gradually increased the nibbling around my cheeks until it had progressed to taking a small portion of my cheek between her teeth and biting down, some of them fairly painful. I squirmed as she drew her lips from my cheek and place them on that little tender spot she had so deftly stimulated for the last half hour. The hot wet sensation of those lips caressing me there made me buck and squirm with pleasure. It was difficult to control myself, as a warm sensual feeling flowed through me in waves. Just when I didn’t think I could take anymore of this torture, she dropped down and took both my balls in her mouth, sucking very hard, pulling back, and away, from my body, as she bit down on the top of the sack.

“Oh God, you did it to me again you Cunt!” I cried out in pain.

“Mmmmmm! Uhhhhh-hhhhuuuuhhh!” she murmured thickly, my balls filling her small mouth.

The little minx bit down once more, softly humming, as if thoroughly enjoying my discomfort. However, my most important rule in this type of situation is to avoid pissing your partner off when they have your balls in their mouth. Actually, that’s my number one rule!

The pain Mags was inflicting started to have an undesirable effect; my manhood was softening. She finally released my balls and her little tongue traced its way back up to my small sensitive zone. Lingering there for a short time, I was surprised to feel that nimble little oral muscle glide up between my cheeks and delicately rim my love button.

“Oooh Sweetheart,” I began, “you do have a magnificent little tongue!” I remarked, moving my ass around on her tongue.

Her only response was to push her tongue into my little hole as far as she could.

“Oooooh, oooh, that’s wonderful. Ooooh, ahhhh, ummmm, God!” I sputtered, nosily.

Maggie giggled and tried to shove it in farther, licking from my little hole to my scrotum, repeating her sensual lashing. Before I realized what she was doing, she was on her back between my legs pulling me down into her mouth once more. As soon as the tip of my cock met her lips she greedily sucked my full length in, swallowing it whole. That was fine with me, let me tell you. Her hot mouth was tremendously soft and wet, so I stroked her gently savoring the sensation; that is until two fingers forced their way into my ass! The girl knew what the hell she was doing; as her fingers rolled downward and expertly massaged my prostate. Whatever condition my member was in before, it instantly sprang to complete hardness with her timely assistance.

“Good golly! That woman is dynamite!” I silently jumped for joy, pumping my rigid flesh into her mouth to the utmost.

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling any pain as she noisily slurped my cock and rubbed my hard abdomen, stroking my ass with her fingers. It was total bliss for me, right up until she pulled her hand out and mumbled something, with my cock still her mouth, which sounded like, “Ont Mv!” Which I eventually interpreted to mean, don’t move, assuming it wasn’t a foreign language, so I held still as she kept me in her hot wet orifice, as she moved about for some seconds. The instant she touch my little hole again, in the brief moment that followed I recognized the distinctly silky smooth feel of baby oil dripping into my crack, as four of her fingers penetrated my tight entrance.

“Ohhhh Yes! Uh-huh, uh-huuuhhhhh, oooooh fuck!” I managed to squeak out, as I poised on the brink of blowing a load into my girl’s inviting mouth.

“Baby Girl, I almost blew a load in you that time.” I said, panting heavily.

Pulling my hard member from her mouth, she simply said, “Save it for the baby, Baby!!” and smiled up at me sweetly, putting my tool back in her mouth.

After another minute or so of her special attention, I felt I was over the most trying part, and had reasonable control of myself, so I settled in and enjoyed her undivided attention. Mags was giving my little hole a good pounding, which I was thoroughly enjoying, when she bit down hard on my cock. “Ouch!” I yelped. She did it again with more vigor.

“Damn Mags! That really hurts!” I said angrily. To which I heard a muffled giggle. “She was really getting a kick out of this!” I thought, “The little sadist!” I grumbled to myself.

Wrapping her thumb and forefinger around the top of my sack at the base of the shaft, she squeezed hard, pulling it away from my body. There was a spasm of pain and then a long stream of cum shot down the urethra ejecting into the back of her throat. Mags moaned excitedly as she yanked my ball sack again. Surprisingly, another spurt of hot viscous fluid shot out in a long stream, and I hadn’t come. “Wow, that’s cool! She can milk me like a cow without making me come! Super!” I thought elatedly. Again, she went through the squeeze and yank movement, only this time, as I was concentrating on the way she was milking me, she pulled a “Me” for lack of a better term!

Placing the thumb in the palm of her hand, as she started her forward thrust, she slammed into my opening up to the knuckles. Sucking my cock ravenously, Mags pulled her hand out before I could react and slammed it back in, determined to succeed. Fortunately for me, she has very small hands. On her second attempt, the knuckles that had previously offered some resistance, caught for a moment as they contacted my love button and then glided past into my welcoming cavity. She swallowed in surprise as a large load of cum filled her mouth, forced out by the pressure on my prostate. Instantly, I knew how Ronnie had felt as she slid into me up to the middle of her forearm.

“Ooooooh mmyyyy!” I exclaimed in surprise, “Oooooooh yessssss my little Cuuuunt! Fuck me with your little arm! It feels so fuckkkinggggg amazzzzing! PLEASE? PLEASE? I’ll do anything!” I shamelessly begged her.

“That’s TWO you owe me!” was all I heard as she briefly removed me from her mouth and then continued.
“There I go fucking up again!” I said to myself, wondering what those two faux pas were going to cost me, in the future.

Maggie didn’t have any mercy on me that night; she pounded my ass furiously for I don’t know how long before she unclenched her hand, and using those delicate fingers played with the inner lining of my anal cavity. As she pulled outward her small hand opened in an umbrella-like fashion, allowing her knuckles and finger tips to exert light pressure on the cavity walls as she pulled out. To say it was a unique feeling wouldn’t do it justice; I can say it was fricking amazing, and I craved it, after that first time. Fortunately, Mags loves to take me like that, when we’re really worked up, and Ronnie practically creamed himself the first time he witnessed her fuck me. By the way, he loves it too, with a slight variation, which I’ll get to sometime!

Mags and I were having the time of our lives when she pulled out of my ass and promptly slid out from under me. It was great having sex out here, without a concern in the world, and I was definitely loving the feeling, and the freedom.

“Hey Baby, roll over on your back.” Maggie commanded.

I went down to my stomach and rolled over, looking over at Ronnie, “Crap! He’s slept like a baby through this entire fuck session! Amazing!” I thought, pleasantly amused.

Mags moved up and straddled my face lowering her adorable hairless pussy to my mouth, looking down at me as I sucked her clit between my lips in preparation for eating her tight twat. The eyes are one of the most expressive features of a person, beside their kiss, and those eyes said it all, as I rolled her rapidly hardening clit between my lips and tongue. She is truly a bundle of nerve endings because I’ve never seen anyone that can get so aroused, so fast, and orgasm as many times as Maggie. In no time at all, those perfect hips were grinding that hairless mound into my mouth. I reached behind and slid two fingers into her juicy twat. My own cum was still seeping out of that wonderful little nest and mixing with the juices that were flowing out of her in increasing quantity. She had definitely livened up, grinding her little hole roughly into my mouth, moving her erect clit in tight little circles. My tongue darted from the clit it was teasing, deeply into her tunnel, when she grabbed my hair and repositioned her hole directly over my mouth. The small body straddling my face humped and ground my face, greedily, as the little moans grew more intense. Taking the initiative, I swiftly removed my fingers from that sopping twat and extending three digits, in a cone shape, aggressively shoved them in her ass without warning. “Payback is a bitch!” I thought smugly, slamming her ass non-stop.

Predictably, those green eyes rolled back in her head, a wave of spasms racked that sweet little pussy, contracting around my hard tongue, and her tiny body jerked involuntarily for long seconds while she silently climaxed, with the exception of a small grunt that leaked out, as my fingers violated her little tan hole. Mags looked down at me wearily.
“Fuck me and make me come just one more time! Is that okay?” she asked, earnestly.

“Of course! I’ll make you come as many times as I can.” I replied happily.

“Hey Baby, if you get one more out of me you’re a God!” she said, smirking drowsily.

Maggie lay down on the blanket as I rolled to the side. Once she was comfortable, I quickly moved back between her shapely legs, lay forward and slipped easily into her waiting pussy. Amorously, she eyed me as I began the arduous journey to bring this delicate flower once more to height of pleasure.

“Come here and kiss me, I want to see what we taste like!” she remarked playfully.

I leaned in and placed my cum soaked face to hers, pushing my tongue deeply into her mouth. She kissed me for long minutes, and then, catlike, lapped at my mouth and chin; rolling the tip of her tongue around her lips when the grooming was completed, purring contently.

Reaching underneath those shapely shoulders, I embraced her supple body, clasping my hands over the graceful contour of her shoulder line. Holding that tiny form tightly, I moved roughly within her, grinding into an erect clit. Mags spoke softly to me, in excited tones, as I entered her over and over again, that marvelous body opening expectantly to each advance of my manhood, her demeanor passionate and joyful. Those expressive green eyes fixed on my features as we moved in unison, intent upon the same goal. The corners of her lips slowly curled up as she donned a new determined expression.

“Do you think you can shove that big thing back in my womb? I want to feel you come in my “far place” lover.” she said empathically.

“Well, you know we got stuck the last time and…” I remarked, before Mags interrupted.

“Big deal! If you get stuck I’ll just sleep on top of you until you go down.” she said casually.

“Davy, do this for me, please?? If I’m pregnant, I’m probably already there. I’m filled to the brim with you; another load won’t make any difference whatsoever. Honestly, I want you in me there because you make me feel so good.” she finished, waiting silently for me to respond.

“Okay! Okay! You beautifully, manipulative, piece of very talented ass, I’ll fuck you until you are satisfied! You are one demanding woman!” I remarked, thinking how close I’d come to her and Ronnie, and how much I loved them both.

Without a word Maggie grasped her ankles, crossing them behind her head, as if it were nothing, and lay there waiting for me to plunge into her.
“My God you’re limber! Did you learn that as a cheerleader?” I asked, inquisitively.

“That and seven years of Yoga!” she laughed, a broad smile crossing her face.

I placed myself atop her little frame, wrapping one arm around her waist and the other around her shoulders. My shoulders and arms pinned her legs back, which wasn’t necessary since they remained firmly locked behind her head, in an amazingly inviting fashion, I thought. Yep! It made me hot; as I thought of all the positions we could make love in now. Bringing myself back to the business at hand; I lifted my hips and smoothly inserted my full length into the little auburn haired minx. Her cervix was barely touching the tip of my head so I rolled her hips up a bit, and she somehow contorted her abdominal muscles to allow her lower back to move to vertical. This forced me to get to my feet and as I examined the situation, I got an idea that turned out to be brilliant. It looked too awkward to try and enter her in that position, so I turned the opposite direction with her head and feet to my back. I bent slightly placing my hands on her waist, pushing her hips toward her face and thrust into her. It wasn’t possible to see her expression in that position, just her sweet pussy staring up at me, but as soon as slammed into her little hole I went well past the familiar little elastic opening. This was a fantastic position because it put me well past her cervix, discovering new parts of the far place. Only this time I wasn’t stuck; I was meeting some resistance as I popped into her womb, it grasping my head as I continued to thrust. My cock head was hitting her very back wall now, and apparently it must not have hurt because she was thrashing wildly under me.

Maggie when absolutely nuts when I pushed head long past her far place; she grunted loudly each time I popped in and out of that tight little opening. Within minutes my little girl expelled a deep guttural sound, followed by multiple soft squeaking noises, before her body tensed and shook, gripping my cock, as she exhaled loudly. To my complete amazement, my little bundle of passion recovered and spoke almost immediately.

“Davy, please keep fucking my little “cuchie”! Make it sing for me Baby!” she said, completely serious.

“Okay my little Goddess, I’ll see if I can, uh-ah, make it sing Baby!” I replied somewhat tentatively. “What in the hell does that mean?” I was thinking, befuddled and bemused by this new “singing” revelation.

Deciding to give it the ole college try, I relentlessly pounded into her tight hole. Mags had the cutest little grunt when I thrust past her cervix and I did enjoy hearing it so, but when she combined it with her moaning it drove me crazy with lust. Always, when she reached that point, it was a sign of pure pleasure on her part, which doubly excited me. Maggie murmured something I couldn’t make out with my back to her, so I pressed on determined to give you another wonderful orgasm. The girl was delirious as she moaned and murmured to herself, and fondled the back of my thighs. Before I was quite ready, her breathing changed and body began to tighten, I slowed my pace so we could hopefully climax together. Working myself deeper inside her, I pushed the head of my cock past the cervix opening and rapidly moved within her two to three inches, letting my head pop in and out of her far place, hoping to stimulate Mags to the best orgasm of the night. I punched in and out of that little opening for many minutes. Initially, she jerked and bucked wildly, receding into moans of varying intensity; however, in the final few minutes before orgasm she went as limp as a rag doll and lapsed entirely into dainty guttural grunts. Then her most intimate little place began to sing!

The first few high pitched sounds came while I was moving circularly gyrating in her, as I moved in and out of her love tunnel. High pitched muffled squeaks began to surface from deep within her pussy as I drove forcefully into her. Quickening my assault on her little treasure, that slim, taut, body gradually slackened, bathing her indolent form in luxurious tranquility, as air squealed from that pleasure palace with every downward thrust; increasingly a more pronounced timbre emerged from the little confine. Fascinated, I did my best to make her sing, so to speak, and was quickly lost in the endeavor; enjoying myself, and the carnal responses to the attention I was paying to her undulating juicy twat.

In a short while, her pussy slowly tensed as and the moans returned; it was obvious she was close to another climax. I rose up withdrawing the tip of my throbbing member right to the pulsing opening, and rammed downward, faster and faster, repeatedly thrusting into her, as the pressure build in my groin and my orgasm began to build to crescendo. Her body was awakening, beginning the initial stages of her upward climb to release. That little pussy pushed against the wall of my cock as I slid my full length within her repeatedly. Maggie’s passion was building quickly, as was mine, and judging the time to be right, my fingers found the sopping wet crack of her ass, and delightedly, I drove four fingers inside of her wet, willing, opening. Mags jerked spasmodically, pushing forcefully into my advancing cock, her ass violently gripping my fingers, as she screamed long and loud, shaking intensely, that small form exploding a cavalcade of multi-orgasmic ecstasy; her juices flowing freely over my impaled member, the overpowering physicality of it engulfing her. My lover’s violent eruption, and subsequent writhing, triggered my orgasm. In my lust, and need to release, I clinched the upturned hips before me and pounded into her small body with tremendous force, climaxing deeply in that tiny womb; then continued to force my stiff member into her limp and unmoving form until the spasms had ceased, and the remainder of my seed had drained into her most intimate space. I’m uncertain how many loads I forcibly injected into that petite little woman, but she loved every ounce of it, as evidenced by her excitement once I released her abused body.

When I was reasonably certain that the last drop of my white vicious seed was safely within my lovely Maggie, I ceased my movement and gently laid her small body on the blanket. She immediately lowered the feet placed behind her head and set up, pulling my dripping penis into her mouth, and licking the remaining combined fluids from my softening member. She sucked and fondled my quickly softening penis with her tongue and lips, drawing out whatever remained of my sperm. Once my love was satisfied, she lay down and held out her arms, silently motioning for me to come to her. Without hesitation, I lay in those welcoming outstretched arms, her frail body supporting my weight with a feather-light grace, as she tenderly hugged and rocked me for long minutes; before placing her still warm lips to mine and lovingly, once again, touched my soul.

You know the truth of a woman, and her love for you, by the undeniable fidelity and magnificence of her kiss. Some say the eyes are a window to the soul; yet, I contend a woman’s kiss is the doorway to her heart. While some, of the female persuasion, may be adept at deceit, misdirection, falsehoods, and a myriad of other things, with varying degrees of proficiency; it is a certainty that not one can impart a kiss with an intensity and genuine sincerity, which does not dwell within her heart. Her eyes, and words, and body, may deceive; however, where the heart is concerned, the veracity and candor embodied in the intimacy of her soft lips, can never beguile. Where love is regarded, her kiss can no more mislead, than she could betray her own heart.

Warm and comforted, I lay, my head resting between Maggie’s breasts; it was the remembrance of those endearing kisses which occupied my thoughts. While it was easy, I thought, to accept as genuine, the overriding love manifest in her embrace and expressions, my thoughts always returned to the magnificence and purity of her ardor, so aptly conveyed with the tender caress of those soft pouting lips. Then, as now, her kiss symbolized the consummate validation of a love that was impossible to express in words; that conveyance being the quintessential criterion our bond was founded upon.

“I love you sooo much!” Mags said sweetly, beaming as she hugged me tightly. “I wish you, and I, and Ronnie, could always be like this.” she said, more to herself then to me.

“A wonderful, yet unrealistic dream; unattainable of course, but she had enough hope for all of us, why not embrace the naivety.” I thought, soberly, struggling to break the hold of my ingrained cynicism. So, to nurture Maggie’s lighthearted optimism, I took less troubling approach.

“What? You want to lay in the middle of a pasture for the rest of your life!? What’s that about!?” I remarked comically, placing my arms around her waist.

My petite, innocently sweet, girl just giggled as she slapped her palms down on my shoulder blades, making a popping sound. Glancing quickly at Ronnie, I saw no reaction as he slowly rolled over tuning his back to us.

“God! I think he could sleep through a hurricane!” I joked, “That boy can sleep!” I commented, quietly laughing.

“Oh Yes he can, my Baby! Too much for my liking!” she said, in mock irritation, giggling and slapping me hard on my back again.

At that, I was up on my elbows and forearms, and face to face with that little instigator, before she could blink.

“Oooh, you are fast; when you want to be!” Mags, said suggestively, double entendre written across her face as she grinned maniacally.

Without giving her a chance to get another syllable out of that perfectly shaped little orifice, my mouth closed over hers, my tongue snaking down her throat, desperately trying to give that woman the best kiss I could mentally conjure. I simply recalled the intensity of her lips caress, and strove to return the love. Maggie draped her arms loosely around neck and reciprocated with a wonderfully passion example of the original. Enthralled, with the mutual passion of our kiss, my body reacted. “Oh my God – I can’t believe this; I’m getting hard again!” I thought to myself, stunned. Nevertheless, nature being what it is, my body responded once more to this gorgeous little thing I’d fallen hopelessly in love with.

My groin pressed directly against hers, so there no way I could hide my excitement. Amazingly, she didn’t seem to notice my rapidly growing member, which was exerting increasing pressure against her labia. Unsure how Mags would react to my arousal, I didn’t attempt to slide myself into her. She continued to kiss me passionately, and I her, with gathering intensity, sensing my head slowly extend past the labia and partially enter the little opening to her velvet tunnel. Although my hard flesh was sore from the last day, it felt surprisingly good as I lengthened and expanded in circumference, slowly marching forward against the parting moistness of her flesh. Gradually, my hungry member was finding its way to heaven, as I lay atop her unmoving. She was as hot, wet, and tight, as hours ago, and the silky smoothness that encompassed my sore member, offered fulfillment as I creped farther into that dark little place. Still, Mags gave no indication she knew I was slowly inching into her body.

“You are a horny little devil!” she finally said, grinning and giggling.

“I’m sorry Maggie, I really don’t know what came over me. It seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to you! I know you’re tired it’s not a problem, we can go to sleep.” I said, apologetically.

“Well, I don’t care about that, as long as you come in me, Sailor!” she laughingly added. “Baby, you fuck me as much as you want, anytime, anywhere, okay!?” she continued. “I want to wake up and go to bed with you and Ronnie in me.” she said frankly. “I may be a sweet girl to the two of you, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like to fuck! So, don’t ever apologize for wanting me or putting you dick in me, ever again!” she said, raising her voice for effect.

“It would please me to no end if I woke up every morning with one of you buried in me to the hilt.” She said, smiling distantly at something as she thought.

During her diatribe, so to speak, I had steadily grown inside her and was quickly approaching a fully erect state. Kissing me once more for long seconds, Maggie fixed her beautiful emerald eyes on me for several seconds, and then pulled me to her chest, leaving her arms around my neck. Her head next to mine, she lightly kissed my ear and whispered, “Let’s go nice and easy this time and make it last. I want us both to come real slow this time, so we can enjoy each other. How does that sound, Davy??” she asked, in a reverent manner.

“Oh Sweetheart, that sounds sexy! Anyway I can have you is wonderful! You’re too precious, not to take my time with you.” I replied earnestly.

My face pressed to hers, something wet ran down the side of my cheek. I lifted my head to find her quietly sobbing, but before I could say a word, she piped up, “Oh, nothing for you to worry about my Love, I’m just really, really happy.” she said, letting the tears flow freely, pulling my mouth to hers. Mags paused to gaze in my eyes, “David, I truly love you. So much so, that if you ever left me I’d die! I don’t think I could take loosing either one of you, but you hold a very dear place in my heart. I love you more than I can every hope to show you. I only hope I can make you happy.” Mags said, with complete conviction in her voice, as her penetrating gaze burn into me.

“How could you not love this woman!?” I asked myself. “I Do!” I replied, silently answering my own question.

“Maggie, they say there’s a true love out there for everyone, and if you’re lucky you’ll find that person someday. All I can is that I must be blessed because I’ve found two!” I replied, appreciatively. Whispering into her ear as softly as I could, I said, “I also love Ronnie very much, but you too hold a very special place in my heart. There’s some kind of a special bond between us beyond the love; I felt it tonight when we kissed as we made love, and I can’t deny something miraculous occurred, but I’ll be damned if I know what.” I said, puzzled and frustrated by my inability to quantify what had happened.

“It doesn’t matter; we both feel it and we both know it happened.” Mags stated definitively, “What’s important is what we do now.” she said determinedly, hugging my neck as if to reassure herself as much as me.
“And don’t worry about our bond, connection, whatever you want to call it, coming between us and Ronnie; he knows you’re the one, he sensed it! That’s why he wanted us to meet tonight.” she stated, as if it were predestined.

Okay, admittedly I was just a little more than freaked by this revelation, from a woman I was pretty damn sure I was in love with. It was decidedly unnerving for someone, like me, that approached every issue analytically. My brain was not yet ready to accept the mystical qualities of my lover’s belief system. Defensively, I caught myself looking over my shoulder for an Indian Shaman to magically appear and explain the entire plotline within the space of a moderate monologue. Didn’t happen! The other shoe didn’t drop! So, I shrugged and moved on mentally.

“What does that mean Mags? I mean, I’m the One! It sounds a bit melodramatic! No offense!” I said, carefully choosing my words, and blanking my expression. I certainly didn’t want to give the impression that I was mocking her, since she was obviously very serious about this “thing”!

“Oh Crap! I shouldn’t have told you that, now you think Ronnie and I are nutbars!” she blurted out, frustrated with her apparent faux pas.

“No, no, I don’t think that. But, you have to admit it sounds a little farfetched; even if I don’t know what the “One” means, it sounds ominous.” I responded, chuckling with mild amusement.

“Ohhhh, fiddlesticks! I knew you were going to react like this! You’re as bad as that sleeping engineer over there!” she remarked with mild irritation. “I had to work on him for years until he believed!” she said flatly.

“Believed what, Mags?” I asked, quizzically.

“Why Me of course! Silly!” she retorted, wiggling further onto me.

“OHHH!” I commented, sarcastically.

“Don’t you give me “OHHH!” in that tone of voice; future father of my child!” she retorted. “You’ll See smart Alec! Time and circumstance will prove me to be correct!” she said with steadfast determination, as she lovingly kissed me.

“What the Fuck? She’s not getting away with that! What does the “One” mean??” I thought. More than a little peeved at being verbally sidestepped.

“Once more Mags, what does the “One” mean?? And don’t avoid the damn question!” I said firmly.

“I can’t tell you that right now, it’s not the time, but I promise to tell you when I can. I promise!” she replied, laying on the Southern Baby Doll innocence, and accent, a bit thick.

“There are a lot of things I can’t tell you right now, but it will all become apparent soon. And then it will make a lot more sense. For now, please just trust me on this, okay!? Please just trust me a little longer?” she pleaded, holding me tightly and trembling.

“There are things about me that I can’t talk about with you yet, but I promise, that in time, I’ll tell you everything. You have to trust me; that’s all I ask of you. I know you love me, and trust is part of the big enchilada, so bear with me.” Maggie said, putting on her best bedroom eyes, and halfheartedly attempting to hide the frustration in her voice.
“AND DON’T ASK RONNIE, EITHER!” she snapped, warning me sternly, “I told him if he tells you anything about this, I’d cut him off, in more ways than one!!” she said emphatically.

I wasn’t quite sure if that was a joke, or not, by the way she said it. But, one thing was for sure, I was going to ask Ronnie what the devil was going on, the first chance I got. “There! We’ll see who knows what about whom!” I thought, sighing silently, wondering if the grammar police would have issued a warrant if I’d committed that last sentence to paper!? My mind does work in mysterious ways…
It was almost impossible for me to get my mind off of the vague and ominous words Maggie had spoken. There was a hell of a lot of intrigue in the air, all attributed to a little country girl. None of it made a damn bit of sense and it was going to take Ronnie to shed some light on it for me; assuming he was willing. My train of thought was derailed by the lithe figure beneath me; “Sweetheart?” she asked sweetly, “Are you going to make love to me? Or, are you going to fret over that?” she queried shyly, again with the soft and demure innocence act. “Uh-huh, and I’m supposed to melt away because you get all gushy and bat your eyes!? I said to myself. “Hmmm. Well, she is gorgeous! And, she is willing! I do love her, and coincidentally my dick is sticking in her at the moment!” I considered momentarily, “And, it would be a damn shame to waste a perfect moment such as this!” I managed to rationalize, drawing in closer to that fabulous and inviting little body.

“I would be an idiot if I didn’t take advantage of you in your emotionally weakened state, so since I’m not an idiot…” my words trailing off, as I moved unhurriedly within her wriggling, receptive flesh.

Maggie’s only response was a subdued girlish giggle. She held me tenderly, kissing and nibbling my neck and shoulders, her tiny hands gently caressing every inch of skin within arm’s reach, sinewy fingers randomly dancing over the muscles running lengthwise down my back. Stopping at my buttocks, she lightly, but firmly, squeezed my cheeks and ran her soft, warm, appendages over and up my hips and sides.

The lingering, thoughtful, manner in which we now made love had a conspicuous effect on my lover; the love light in those emerald eyes growing in intensity as I gazed upon her gleaming countenance. Maggie progressively took on a totally submissive posture, her body practically melding to my own, radiating warmth and tenderness with each caress. Without discernable conscious effort, she opened her body and mind fully, to my own. Supple and delectable breasts surrendered graciously to my presence, gracefully abiding my carnal incursion, while willowy arms fervently encouraged my body’s unremitting attention. The assiduous attention I was lavishing upon my love’s diminutive embodiment had arguably placed her in a highly receptive and docile state of being.
Mags softly fawned and cooed, wriggling sensuously, at my continual movements within her. The feel of her hot silky flesh, as I moved the entirety of my shaft leisurely throughout her length, was agonizingly exquisite. Every fiber of my being shamelessly enjoyed her undulating flesh and overt desire for me to dominate her physically; that moment where self, gives way to passion.

“Ohhh My Love,” she cooed, “I am yours; forever! I give myself to you, body and soul.” she said, lost in the throes of deepening love, and abiding lust.

“Take me; my body is yours to use anyway you want.” she gasped languidly, weakly arching her back as I moved into her.

“Ohhhh God, I love you!” she squeaked, pressing her warm thighs tightly against my invading legs.
Maggie’s shapely legs tightened as a tremor ran through the length of her small frame, emerald eyes rolling slowly up under their lids, replaced by solid white orbs; goose bumps raced across her arms and legs as she devoured the delicious sensation of the micro orgasm. Unlike previously, she did not rush to meet the pleasure headlong, instead, acceding to it, savoring the subtleties in its lengthening tendrils as they unfurled, subjugating every nerve ending of her petite frame with rapturous sensuousness.

Recovering, she sighed easily and tenderly, her mouth over mine, softly exhaling into me as our tongues caressed. The natural aroma of her feminine form, combined with pheromones, and our abundant bodily fluids, was intoxicating to my senses and tremendously arousing, filling me with intense desire. To my complete surprise, as we made love I found myself telling her, “Oh My Maggie, I want to give you a child!” I said tenderly, in a subdued tone. “I want to make your little belly swell, and your breasts grow heavy with milk, my love!” I went on, my manhood growing harder with every word that left my mouth. She gently held me in her embrace, bringing her knees to her hips, spreading and straightening her legs into a gymnastic “split”, and relaxing; eagerly pulling me further into her love nest.

“Oh Davy I love you, my sweet wonderful man. You are truly the “One”; we are all going to be sooo happy together! You just can’t imagine how wonderful it’s going to be, all of us together. I will make you both so happy…!” she cooed, clinching my hard tool with her sharply contracting vagina.

“Ooooh! Oooooh!” she cried, joyfully, “Oooh, that’s a nice one!” she exclaimed, nuzzling my neck as her little body softly constricted. Her micro orgasms and the subdued convulsions were seriously arousing me; I lost all my inhibitions, cares, and worries, and focused solely on the luscious receptive woman before me. Looking down, our green eyes met, and I was instantly drawn down into a bottomless emerald pool of all-consuming passion. Lost and helpless, caught in that loving and compassionate gaze, I would have given her ten children if she’d asked. The truth was slowly dawning on me that I would do anything for her and Ronnie, as they would have for me. From that moment on, I never again questioned the validity of my feelings for either one of them.

“Another bridge has been crossed.” I thought absently, not understanding my own conclusion, until much later.

Still nuzzling my neck, Mags ran her hands down and around my sweat drench lower back and cheeks. “Do I excite you my Darling?” she asked, genuinely curious about my feelings for her.

“Maggie, how can you ask that!?” I said, indignant, “I’ve been completely erect all night, and I’ve come in you more times than I can count! What do you think!?” I said rhetorically.

“You can make me come by looking me, my studly Pooh Bear; I just want to make sure you’re happy with me! That’s all! I just need to know you want me, for something more than this body, my Love. I need you to want ME.” she said, using her arms to encourage me further into her little hole.

“Ahhh! There it was; finally, I was beginning to understand her apprehension. Someone had done a job on this thoroughly wonder woman. It had screwed up her perception and obviously her self-worth is shot to hell also. “What kind of evil asshole could do something like that to such a wonderful soul?” I asked myself, hoping I had the opportunity to meet him someday.

“Mags, don’t ever worry about me being happy with you, ever! Baby or no baby, I’m here to stay unless you run me off.” I said firmly. “God woman, how do I prove to you that I love you for, well YOU, damn it!” I quipped. “Now! About that baby…!” I remarked, my voice trailing off as I pushed deeply into her velvet womanhood.

“Will you still want me when I’m pregnant?” she asked, earnestly expecting a response.

Pausing, I looked deeply into those emerald pools of tenderness, and said, “I’ll always want you, dear lovely woman. You are my alpha and omega for women; the one and only woman I will ever love.”

She kissed me sweetly, looked at me longingly and added, “You may sleep with others, but I better be the only one you love, you little devil!”
I shrugged, not really know what to say to that, but in my mind, she was the “One”!

With that, her head dropped down and resumed nuzzling my neck. Maggie nibbled and cooed little nothings, which were impossible for me to make out with her mouth buried in the nape of my neck. It was apparent to me that whatever she was saying was for her ears alone, so I just enjoyed her closeness. Sheathed inside this amazing little woman, I was surprised at how wet her tiny pussy had become. Her juices were literally streaming from my balls when I pushed into her body.

“Gee Maggie, you are unbelievably wet! It feels fantastic!” I said, admiringly.

“Really!?” she said in surprise, “Oooh, I’m so happy you like it Baby!” she said excitedly. “I may have squirted a little since I’ve been having a lot of those wonderful little orgasms, while you make love to me.” she exclaimed. “You just make me so damned hot, I can’t help myself! And, I love those little things because I can keep having them as long as you stay in me like this.” she said, beaming up at me happily.

“Oh Honey, I’ll make love to you as long as you like! You are my little Goddess, and this is one of the ways I can make you happy.” I said, grinning broadly as I gave her a peck on the lips.

“You’re too good to me Davy; I really don’t deserve it you know, but I love you for it!” she said petulantly.

I’d had about enough of that self-debasing attitude from this amazing little woman, and the time was now or never if I was going to say something.

“Don’t you ever say that to me again, Maggie!” I said, irritably, “I love you, and you deserve every good thing that can possibly happen to you, period! So, I don’t ever want to hear you denigrate yourself in front of me again! Okay!?” I stated, resolutely, glaring at her still form.

Not waiting for a response, I kissed my auburn haired Goddess deeply, and when I finished, she surprised me by demurely replying, “I’m sorry David. Please forgive me?” she begged, cowing as if she expected to be punished for something. “You don’t understand…” she began, “God! I’m just not prepared to talk about this with you right now, Sweetheart. I just can’t, I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed, equally angry and apologetic.

Seeing the obvious pain in the eyes I said, “No need Mags, we’ll talk about it when you’re ready, and not before. It’s obviously very upsetting, so don’t worry about it. Whatever it may be is not going to change my feelings for you, so it can wait until you are comfortable talking about it.” I commented, dryly.

I felt a chill as Maggie looked up at me with terror filled eyes, weeping uncontrollably now.

“Don’t be so sure it won’t change the way you look at me, for one! And two, I will NEVER feel comfortable talking about it, EVER!!” she said pathetically, taking rapid deep breaths between the uncontrollable sobs.

“Oh my God Baby! It’s okay. It’s okay.” I said soothingly, trying to comfort her with a reassuring voice, as she wept loudly, in my arms.

Her overpowering reaction caught me completely off guard. “My Love, please calm down and remember that I love you, that’s all that matters now. Nothing in the past will ever come between us, I promise you that!?” I said softly, hugging her tightly to me.

“It’s a difficult…” she began, sniffling, “difficult thing for me to think about, much less discuss Sweetheart.” she said, dejectedly. “I love you very, very much; as long you know that, I don’t give a damn about the rest!” she exclaimed, dolefully.

“Okay! Now put it out of your mind my Love.” I said, “Let’s make a baby!” I suggested cheerily, hoping to take her mind off what must have been a horrible subject. “One day, I’m going to have to deal with this, whatever it is.” I said ominously to myself.

“Oh Yes, please, can we once more!? I’d love to my Darling!” Mags replied, her old self springing back to life.

“Now, that’s more like it!” I exclaimed mirthfully, still troubled by her distress over this unknown problem.

Mags moved her legs back into a “split” and drew me down, my hard member gliding smoothly into her silky treasure. “Oh my God, she feels sooo good!” I thought, elatedly. My little darling knew precisely what I was thinking as she studied my face; “You feel wonderful too; soon to be father of my children!” she softly stated, as if fact. The woman had a way of touching me in places that no one else could. Let’s be honest; here I was willingly attempting to impregnate her, despite every logical thought in my brain screaming out at me to be sensible. On the other hand, I was truly flattered that she desperately wanted ME to be the father of her children! I mean, seriously, if you think about it for a second, any woman asking you to father her children is a tremendous honor. It was gratifying that this beautiful woman would even consider sleeping with me; much less ask that I father her child. On the other hand; the awesome responsibility associated with children was another matter altogether, and something I didn’t want to think about right now. Unfortunately, I was exactly what it seems like, confused.

It really didn’t matter as far as I was concerned because, at this point, I was fully committed. There was enough white sticky seed in her right now to crew an aircraft carrier. No matter; I was resigned to the fact that I actually loved her and would be happy if she were to be pregnant. My mother on the other hand, would be furious with me, but she’d get over it. I know her, she’d love the baby regardless. Mike, my stepdad was another issue, but I could give a damn!

“Whoa!” I thought, “What are you doing? She’s not pregnant yet, so don’t sweat it until you have to!” I said to myself, calmly and logically reassessing the situation.

Maggie’s little bodily contractions snapped me back to reality; she was squeezing me firmly with those amazing vagina muscles, and that slim body was jerking more noticeably now. Looking down the length of her body, I watched taut abdominal muscles ripple like a wave as the spasms continued; hopelessly fascinated with every facet of her perfect body. She called out to me; I raised my eyes to hers, as she spoke.
“Davy, you feel so damn wonderful, I’m just coming one right after the other. For God sakes don’t stop what you’re doing! I don’t want this ever end! Ooooh yessss! This is going to be a good oneeeeee…!” she mumbled, the last of her words trailing off, unintelligible.

Mags never moved except to wriggle and contort as the orgasms swept over her; she laid there absorbing the pleasure like a sponge, making her body available for my use, and her satisfaction, as it were. You could say she just lay there and took it! Truthfully, my cock was thoroughly enjoying her little twat. She had gone from being incredibly wet to deliciously smooth and creamy. The sensation of her undulating tunnel was beyond erotic; that pussy secreting copious quantities of viscous, creamy, translucent, cum. Gliding, slowly and effortlessly, inside her hidden treasure, the silken folds of her womanly flower encompassing the rigid soft flesh of my manhood, was incomparable. Concentrating on the rapture of her wonderfully delicate bloom, as it spread anticipatorily for me, I tensed and shot a load of thick fluid deep within her before I realized what had happened. It felt to be a nice quantity that flowed into her womb; however, I didn’t come, so I thrust deeper to draw out the remaining seed in my tool.

“Oh Baby, tell me you didn’t come!? I wanted you to fuck me longer.” she said, disappointed.

“No my little cock hungry Goddess, I didn’t! That was just a prelude.” I said proudly.

“Oh thank God!” she quickly remarked, “I want more of you, my big fucking Eveready Man!”

We made passionate love for many hours, leisurely screwing each other’s brains out. That’s just the facts Ma’am! As they say. Mags lay in widening pool of our combined cum, that had been forced out of her love channel, and ran down her crack onto the blanket. She didn’t give a damn! That woman was so passionate and turned on, we could have screwed on a bed of nails and she wouldn’t have noticed. Over the hours that we lay there enjoying each other’s body, I spurted, leaked, seeped, and oozed a large amount of cum into my girl. Maggie’s cunt was very sensitive; it was apparent that she could feel the sperm as I shot it deeply within her. She was constantly urging, prodding, and begging for more of my cum. The more I put in her little hole the more she asked for. The little girl came, and came, and came as we fucked. She had to be exhausted from the trauma the orgasms inflicted upon her body alone, but you’d never know it by the way she greedily squeezed my cock with that pussy, or hugged and kissed me. It all came to a head, so to speak, early the next morning.

“Ooooh My Baby!” she was saying, “I feel the big one coming! Please tell me you can come!? I want you to come with me.” she said, hopefully.

“Oh, I can come my little girl.” I said breathing heavily.

“Baby!?” she said, “Now don’t go faster in me when you start to come, okay? I want you to come in me very slowly, just like I’m going to come for you, okay??” she asked, expectantly.

“UH-HUH!” I replied lazily, deeply into her, and my impending orgasm. It was going to be bigger than I thought if what my body was telling me was any indication.

“Okay Sweetheart! You just give it all to Momma when you’re ready, and I’ll come with you.” Mags said, very sweetly.

Well, that was exactly what was going to happen regardless. Trying hard to control my release, I stroked her pussy at a constant pace, until my balls began to feel the pressure of the build up, and drew up against my body in preparation for a nice discharge. Feeling the orgasm building with the pressure behind my balls, I unconsciously increased my rhythm into her hot creamy tunnel. Maggie instantly grasped both cheeks with her hands.

“Whoa, slow down Honey!” she said in a calm soothing voice, “Now just move a little slower and let your orgasm flow over you and come to me. Keep moving just like this and let it flow out of you and into me; don’t try to shove it in me. It’ll be a lot more intense, and last longer, if you don’t force it, you’ll see.” She remarked, calm and collected, as if giving instruction on learning how to drive a car.

That cool and focused demeanor of hers, had the desired effect; she was able to calm me down, which extended the time it took for me come around again to the brink of exploding in her. My baby was amazing as she helped me focus, and really enjoy a mind blowing orgasm with her.

“Okay Baby, I can feel you, and you’re about to come aren’t you?” she asked expenctantly.

“UH-HUH…. Ummm, yes my love! Almost thereeee!” I replied, with increasing difficulty.

“That’s fine my Love, keep it slow and don’t change your rhythm.” she said, an edge and eagerness to her voice now.

I knew she was right there with me when I said, “Oh my Lord, it’s all yours you beautiful, sexy, little piece of ass! Take it all Cunt!” I cried out, my orgasm at the point of ripping me apart.

That was the very last thing I was capable of verbalizing, as an incredible orgasm racked my body. It took every ounce of strength and will I had to keep from just thrusting hard into her tight cunnie, but I did as instructed, and it was wonderful. No! It was more like un-fucking believable!

“Oh my big baby maker, I’m commmming with yooooouuuu!” she said, her voice ragged as her voice trailed off.

When we came together it was like nothing that had gone before. My sperm flew through my groin at light speed, but this time, I didn’t try to assist my release by bearing down and increasing my thrusts; I simply moved within her body slowly, as she asked, never changing my pace, or bearing down to ejaculate harder. As Maggie says, it’s the simplest things that are the hardest to discover, and perform. The simple act of controlling my rhythm, as I came, made an unbelievable difference in the quality of our mutual sexual experience.

Maggie did indeed climax with me, almost at the same exact moment. I know because her vagina muscles went into overdrive and began a rippling effect from vagina opening to cervix, that only Maggie can perform. The first of my sticky essence started to flow into her womb at about the same instance. Mags, gulped large mouthfuls of air as she stilled her petite frame, save for the violently rippling abdominal and vagina muscles. She shook and trembled, ebbing and flowing with her orgasm, as large globs of sperm flowed into her well lubricated honey pot. Between clinched teeth, she managed to gasp out, “Iiiii cann feeeeellll yooouuu cummmmmmng Babeeee, Iiiiii wanntttt iiiiiiitttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll, Goddd! Uhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

With Mags massaging my fleshy tube with those very capable love muscles, I continued my established rhythm within her perky, thoroughly saturated, vagina. My sperm was more accurately, flowing out of me, than spurting, and to my astonishment, my lover was correct; cum was almost continuously flowing out of my body, in diminishing quantity, for close to thirty seconds. The truly remarkable part of my story is that I experienced sustained orgasms for about two minutes, and then, post orgasm spasms for a number of minutes after the more intense orgasms had subsided. Oh my God, it was wonderful! Maggie made it doubly so, as we lay together for five minutes feeding off of each other’s orgasmic contractions. She’d have a spasm, which caused a cascade effect that kept mine going, mine coming back around and rolling over her, causing a new round to begin. We lay together coming with each other for five minutes or so, and it was the most incredible five minutes of my life up until then. It took us both another five minutes, or so, to recover enough to move; and before I had the strength to roll off of her, onto my side.

Laying on my right side, leaning languidly against her body, I said, “Oh my God, my Love, that was the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. Oh Baby, I love you!” I said, emotionally drained, tears of joy and exhaustion falling onto her breasts.

Through the wavering vision my tears created, I looked wearily at Maggie. She lay on her back one arm still around my neck, eyes very wide, shallowly breathing through her gaping mouth. It was hard to tell if she was in shock, or just agog.

“Mags are you alright?” I asked, tentative. There was no response, just the sound of her soft breathing. “Maggie, are you alright??” I asked again, more urgency in my voice.

“Uuummm?” she murmured, smacking her lips in a dry fashion, as if awakened from a deep sleep.

“Would you like some water Baby??” I asked her, devotedly.

“Hemmm, hemm.” she coughed, clearing her throat. “Hem, ahhh, no my Love.” she squeaked out hoarsely, lapsing back into an unresponsive state.

Patiently, I lay alongside her waiting for some sign of cognition. A few minutes passed before she picked her left leg up and draped it over mine, and raised her knee, spreading her right leg outward. My little angel was still looking up at the stars when she ran her right hand down her sweat slick chest and abdomen, resting it on her hairless little mound. Mags briefly rubbed her little clit with her middle fingers, and then moved further down feeling her labia. She must have been pleased with the amount of cum flowing out of her because she smiled broadly still looking up into an ebony night sky. The two middle fingers of her hand slipped effortlessly into her wet entrance, where she worked them around for five or ten seconds before slowly bringing her dripping fingers up and directly into her waiting mouth; inserting the two sopping middle fingers, and greedily sucking them clean, licking her palm and the back of her hand. Once more she delved into her little cunt and worked those dainty fingers for some seconds before extracting them; guiding those dripping fingers to my mouth. “Taste us, love of my life, flesh of my flesh, now! We taste exceptional!” she said, admiringly. Without hesitation, I parted my lips to receive her. Placing four fingers between my lips, I gently closed over her tiny fingers, delicately massaging them with my hungry tongue, sucking and cleaning each one in order. She slowly removed her finger from my mouth and spoke.

“David.” she said absently.

“Yes my Love?” I replied quizzically.

“You are a fantastic lover! That was without question, the most intense and incredible experience of my life. I am so content right now I could float away. I feel as light as feather. My God! You are wonderful!” she said awe struck, lightly rubbing her lower abdomen above her womb.

“It took both of us, my little Goddess, to make that happen; it wasn’t just me, Baby Girl!!” I corrected her.

“Bull! she retorted, I just laid there and took what you gave me! And you gave me a hell of a lot! There must be a gallon of you in me right now.” she said, laughingly, hugging herself below her breasts.

“Well, I don’t know, let me see!” I said jokingly, as I quickly jumped down between her legs and started eating her pussy playfully. I didn’t expect she was up for any more sex tonight; I just wanted to eat her. “Damn!” I said, sucking on her little clit, “We do taste good Baby!” I remarked, lapping her labia.

The best laid plans of course… I wanted to get a taste of her sweet pussy and then we’d cuddle and go to sleep. My enjoyment of her womanhood left me sucking her little clit and lips a little too long. Maggie’s bent legs came to rest on my back before I even noticed her clit had hardened and was fully erect. “Well,” I thought, “I’m not going to leave her wanting after all of this, and it does give me a good excuse to eat this wonderful cunt!” I said to myself, amused, the tip of my tongue rolling around the delicate folds of those lips, darting in and out of her dripping opening. Her breathing increased rapidly as my hands caressed her taut abdomen and the inside of those soft milky thighs. Surrounding her clit with my lips, I quickly sucked the hard little button between them, rolling it around with my tongue, as I sucked on it inside my mouth. Scraping the base of that little pleasure point with my teeth, I bit down, letting it slip back out of my suctioning mouth, past my lips.

After a few minutes of loving stimulation, her hips began to meet my mouth as I teased the little cherry. Low moans escaped her mouth, as I inserted my love muscle deeply into her opening, moving my little pleaser in and out, and then back, sucking her lips and clit. When her hips began responding more forcefully; she was lowering them from my mouth, when I bit down firmly just behind her little erect nerve. Mags jerked wildly, but didn’t scream; instead she pulled my head roughly into her pussy. This time I bit down harder, causing her thighs to close around my head, pining me with a vice-like grip, between those soft strong thighs, and squeezing very hard. Bringing my hands down from her abdomen, I cupped her small cheeks, holding the pubic area slightly elevated, and licked gently to the outside of her labia and just inside her labia minor. Maggie responded by grinding her lips into my face, and humping my tongue. Quickly, I shifted my tongue upward to her clit and sucked it in; she moaned loudly, spreading wide her thighs, giving me the opportunity to again bite down hard behind her juicy little button, as I slammed three finger into her dripping ass, stroking that little butt hole as fast, and hard, as I could. I knew she would come immediately! And, I was right!

“Oooooooh Godddddddddddddddd, Dav...!” she tried to say, as her hips bucked violently, flying up off the ground, her entire body tensing like a coil, and stayed suspended in that position; I ate, and finger fucked her to another satisfying orgasm, in seconds. She remained fixed in that pose for fifteen seconds or, then exhaled loudly for a long moment, and collapsed, all four of her limbs spread wide, as if invisibly staked to the ground, immobile.

Picking up a canteen that was next to us, I took a long drink of the cool water and handed it to Maggie. After a moment she propped up on one elbow, took the canteen from me, and drank plentifully. She handed it back and I took another drink and corked it, laying it aside. Moving next to Mags, I pulled the top blanket over us and gently massaged her sweat covered breasts, abdomen, mound, and upper thighs. She relaxed under my touch and nuzzled my shoulder; looking up at me, out of nowhere, she remarked, “My Love, I’ll live with you anytime, anywhere, but the three of us have to stay together.” “Of course!” I replied, “I wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re the three amigos! We’re Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, and Bing Crosby - Three for the Road! You can’t split us up!” I said comically.

She gazed into my eyes once more, rolled on her side, placing her back to me, “Would you hold me? I want to spoon with the love of my life and fall asleep in your arms. Please??” she pleaded, rubbing against me.

“Like you have to ask?” I replied, sarcastically, “I was counting on it! One condition!” I quipped. “What is it my Love?” she asked, puzzled, “We make love again in the morning!” I said, smiling broadly.

“Like YOU have to ask??” she retorted, aping my sarcasm, “I was counting on it!” she quipped, aping my previous remark. “The only question is who, gets in whom, first!?” she said, laughing wearily.

Sliding in behind this incredibly sweet woman, I matched the outline of her petite frame with my own, donning that picture of perfection like a glove. Slipping my right arm under her neck and across one breast, my hand cupped her opposite side, just below the left breast. Draping my left arm over that tiny waist, and sliding a hand in the curve between her hips and rib cage; with both arms I hugged her tightly to me, relaxing my hold as her responsive body melted into mine. That small lithe form radiated great warmth for its size, as she squirmed gently back into me, securing a comfortable cuddling position, and softly cooing, “Sweet dreams, my Love.” as she immediately drifted into sleep. Surprisingly, although tired, sleep eluded me as I lay savoring the feeling of our bodies intimately joined, soaked with sweat, and a comingling of our fluids. With every breath, the natural perfume of her feminine form, and pungent aroma of sex, permeated my nostrils. Like a fine wine I took in her bouquet, rolling it over my tongue, delighting in the olfactory sensation, and allowing it to wash over me; her scent sweet and intoxicating.

The loving little woman lying in my arms had taught me a great deal that night, as Ronnie had before her; lessons about life, love, relationships, and most importantly, people. Whether Maggie was aware at the time of the breadth of her indomitable fingerprint upon my soul is difficult to say; we’ve never felt a need to discuss that which could not be verbalized, only experienced. What can be said is that I was aware of crossing yet another bridge in my burgeoning lifelong pilgrimage. And, traversing a world I’d discovered merely days before, ventured blindly down an unfamiliar road, either through circumstance or fate, and ambled headlong into an ever expanding universe of possibilities.

The road I’ve chosen, I thought ominously, may prove to be long and arduous, and fraught with ambivalence; where it would lead I hadn’t a clue, though I was confident I would not face alone whatever trials were yet to come. And, contemplating the immeasurable unknowns that lay ahead, there was solace in knowing “the two” would be there with me, the power of our love sustaining and strengthening us, ultimately coalescing and evolving, culminating in the Power of Three; the three lovers; three friends; the supreme “Triquetra”, Three as One! Three for the Road…

And I, the third of the three; well, I… I lay, sensing, without hearing, the low growl of distant rolling thunder, in a cloudless night sky, unable to comprehend this portent, and slept a fitful sleep.

*** The series will continue with: The Long Hot Summer – The Gathering Storm

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