The Long Hot Summer - The Far Place

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The Long Hot Summer – The Far Place is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Also note that my works generally contain sexual themes, objectionable language and behavior that most people should avoid. If you are easily offended, unable to discern the difference between fiction and reality, dislike the use of profanity, are uptight, or afraid that reading this material may pose danger to your sanity, then you should immediately cease reading any further.

The author accepts no responsibility for any thoughts you may form after reading his works.


Chapter 1

It was mid-afternoon when I was awakened by the cawing of a large crow, strategically perched on the front edge of the shack’s roof. Ronnie lay serenely beside me; his head resting on my chest, one arm loosely draped across my stomach. “How long have I been asleep?” I wondered, somewhat disoriented. Allowing my eyes a few moments to focus, I raised my head and briefly looked around. The horses were lazily grazing around the pond, and from the shadows stretching out to the east it looked like it has only been a couple of hours since I’d dozed off. Placing the bedroll next to my shoulder and gently lifting Ronnie’s arm, I slid out from under his head, laying him softy onto the bedroll, as I placed his arm next to his side. Amazingly, I had managed to extricate myself without awakening him. Once I was unencumbered I sat up -- drawing my legs up -- folding my arms around my knees hugging them to my chest. “Oh boy, I sure am stiff. I’ll bet I’m going to be sore by tonight”, I thought resignedly. “Well, I better get up and see how I feel.” I said to myself, wearily.

Slowly rising to my feet I felt like I’d gone three rounds with Muhammad Ali. “Whoa!” I thought, “That hurts!” unfortunately, “that” meaning my entire body. It was the good kind of hurt though, and as I gingerly walked toward the pond, my muscles began to respond and worked some of the stiffness out. My post virginal love cannel, that Ronnie had so vigorously pounded a few hours ago, at my urging I might add, was however, a wee bit sore. Ok, it was a lot sore! “I’m going to feel that in the morning.” I muttered to myself, as I continued to delicately make my way to the water’s edge. Once I’d reached the pond I carefully stepped a little ways inside the waterline; it was ankle deep and as warm as bathwater. I ran my hands through my hair and cupped them over my face, then looked down at my lean practically hairless body. “Geez!” I thought, somewhat surprised, “I’m covered in dried cum, practically from head to toe.” Well, not all of it was dry. His bodily fluids were flowing out of my love button and running down the inside of my thighs in mass quantities, producing a squishing sound as I walked. “How much cum did he actually pump into me?” I wondered, as I squatted inserting a finger from each hand in my little hole and carefully pulled the opening apart. “Ouch!” I muttered beneath my breath, “That fricking hurts!” I thought, Cum streaming out of my sore cavity, as I strained slightly to assist the outflow. After a minute or so I stood up and waded into deeper water to wash off. I swam for ten or fifteen minutes, washing off the remains of our love making, and enjoying the heat of the afternoon sun.

Absently, I thought, “It was probably time to wake Ronnie.” So, begrudgingly, I got out of the water, retrieved a towel from my saddlebag, and dried off. Casually strolling back to the shack, where Ronnie was lying, dead to the world, I carefully gathered my clothes, and dressed.

Moving to his side, I paused momentarily, watching him as he slept, admiring the smooth contours of his perfect, bare, body, and the gentle rise and fall of his broad chest. He looked so peaceful I hated to wake him, but we still had a long ride ahead and only five or six hours of daylight, so we had to move. I lay down on my left side, scooting toward him, as close as possible without touching his body. Carefully, I lowered my head on my arm and leaned forward until I was able to touch his lips to mine. Very lightly, I pressed my lips to his and gave him a little peck. “No response. He’s a sound sleeper.” I thought. I gave him another light peck, leaned back, and waited. “He must really be out of it.” I was thinking. So, I wetted my lips, leaned in angling my head slightly, and pressed my mouth to his, attempting to slip my tongue past his lips. I held my kiss for long seconds, and was about pull away when I felt a hand softly caress the back of my neck, pulling my mouth tightly to his. His lips parted slightly allowing my probing tongue to enter his mouth, which he generously accepted, as I imparted a heartfelt passionate kiss on my lover.

Chapter 2

He held me in like that for some time as I lovingly worked his mouth and tongue. To my surprise and shame, I was becoming aroused again simply sucking his tongue, without our bodies ever touching. I positioned my head on the bedroll and we continued to kiss passionately; his hand now moved around and gently cupped the side of my face, stroking my cheek, as I vigorously, and unrelentingly, worked my tongue in his mouth. “The kissing lessons were paying off.” I surmised, as he seemed totally engrossed in what I was doing to him.

By now, I had nice bulge in my jeans and couldn’t believe I was that excited again, after being thoroughly reamed just two hours ago. But, here I was back in the saddle, so to speak. I didn’t give a damn where we had to be now; I figured we had time for a quickie. Thinking to myself, “I am too sore to let him have me the way he seemed to love the best, but I could give him a hell of a blow job!” Mind made up, I reached down while we continued to kiss and searched for his manhood. Finding the object of my desire, I took him in my hand, and was disappointed to find him totally flaccid. I began to softly massage him, but his hand gently removed mine and guided it behind his neck. Not quite knowing what to think, I let my hand slid down his chest and abdomen to continue where I’d left off. However, as I moved down his lower abdomen, he wordlessly placed my hand behind his neck again. “Okay, I’ll play.” I silently quipped, confused by his responses.

So, I kept my hand where directed and enjoyed his mouth, albeit somewhat frustrating. In a short while he placed his left hand on my back, lightly rubbing it in small circular motions, as he worked his way down my shoulder blades to the small of my back, stopping at the top of my jeans. He delicately rubbed my back for a long while, eventually moving upward to my shoulders and the back of my neck. I was thoroughly enjoying the massage, which relaxed me to the point that my body was now flaccid, as was my penis. “Damn!” I thought. “Oh well, it does feel good.” I told myself.

He moved down my right side, delicately tracing his fingers back and forth between my armpit and the top of my hip bone; then over my jeans to the right cheek, stopping only long enough to give it a firm squeeze. It was totally relaxing, so much so, I had difficulty keeping my hand behind his neck as my body wilted under his touch. I didn’t notice he had moved closer to me, and only became aware of it when he rolled me onto my back, positioning himself firmly on my left side. He never interrupted our kiss, and had somehow managed to unbutton the top three buttons of my shirt, and was methodically working his way down by the time I realized what was happening. It didn’t take him long to unfasten every button and pull the shirttail free of my jeans; then unbuckle my belt and unfasten the top jeans button. “Where are we going with this?” I wondered expectantly, as he slowly lower my zipper and rubbed the taut flat area of my lower abdomen, just above the waistband of my briefs. My member was rapidly increasing in hardness as, he slipped his fingers under the edge of my waistband and slid down to cup and fondle my balls.

I was rock hard as his hand moved up over my cock and gently stroked the soft sensitive underside, just beneath the bulbous head. A small drop of precum dripped off the tip onto my lower abdomen as Ronnie expertly rubbed my tool to complete rigidity. It was throbbing with anticipation now, and begging to be dealt with. Lying there, aching for release, he removed his mouth from mine, set up, and pulled my jeans and briefs down to my ankles. Rising to his knees, he repositioned himself, pulling my boots off and sliding the jeans and briefs off as one. My socks were the next article of clothing to be removed; then he spread my legs, as he positioned himself on his knees between them.

Ronnie looked at me solemnly for a moment, and then asked, “Are you ready?”

“Yes.” I said quietly, my heart pounding. “I feel very sexy when you touch me, my love.” I said, dreamily.

His lips curled into a gentle smile, as he lower his head to take me into his mouth. He grasped my balls roughly in his hand, applying pressure, sending pain shooting through my groin, simultaneously enveloped my hardness with his hot wet mouth. It was a perfect mixture of pleasure and pain, which greatly intensified the sensation and pleasure for me. He was working my cock and balls mercilessly, as I was at the threshold of blowing a load into his sexy mouth; he sucked hard one last time and pulled away. “Fuck!” I was thinking. “You have got to be kidding me, what now?” I asked myself, irritated.

Chapter 3

Ronnie abruptly sat up and rested, sitting on the back of his legs as he knelt. He hurriedly reached down and clasped his hands into mine, pulling me up into a sitting position, then removing my shirt in one swift movement. Holding me upright, he leaned in giving me a beautifully tender kiss, then sat back, and in a soft, low, sultry voice said, “Sweetheart, I’m going to take your virginity.” “What the hell is he talking about??” I thought, dazed and confused.

“You already have, Ronnie.” I said, without emotion.

“Oh but I haven’t!” he responded, cheerfully. “So, you are going to do as I tell you, okay?” he stated, firmly.

“Okay.” I said flatly.

Without another word he picked up the baby oil bottle and dribbled oil over my hard cock and balls, stroking me until I was good and lubed. Dribbling a liberal amount of oil into his hand, he lifted one leg and rubbed it in and down his ass crack. I was sitting there wide eyed as he lowered his leg, wrapped his oily hand around my manhood, and stroked it until he could see precum ooze out of the tip.

“Okay, you’re ready!” Ronnie said, the confirmatory more for him than me. “Now, I’m going to get on my hands and knees and put my chest on the ground. I want you to get on your knees, put that big cock in my ass and fuck me like you love me, okay? Pretty simple, huh!?” he said, as he casually began to position himself.

My cock went from rock hard to granite while he was explaining what he wanted me to do. Every bit of eight inches plus was sticking straight out and throbbing. I simply said, “Yes!” and nodded eagerly.

He placed his chest on the blanket, raising his shapely ass cheeks in the air invitingly. I rose up on my knees ready to ream his sexy hole, and only then realized, to my dismay, our eight inch height difference was going to present a problem for me. “Hey Ronnie,” I said uncertainly, “I can’t enter you on my knees; you’re too tall, sorry.” I apologized, pensively.

He rose up on his elbows and looked around, surveying the situation, and said confidently, “We can do this; you just need to make a little adjustment.”

“Okay, here’s what you need to do.” he continued. “You’re going to have to stand and lower yourself down until you feel you can enter me. Once you’re in me, lean forward onto my rear and let me support some of your weight.” he said instructively. “You may have to put your arms around my waist if you can’t hold my hips. Just play it by ear and do what feels good to you, okay?” he said, mildly amused.

“You got it!” I said, determined to make this work.

So, he proceeded to put his chest to the floor, turning his head to the side, and brought his knees together to give me better access to his tight puckered button. I moved in behind him and squatted down a bit, placing the tip of my hard member against his little brown hole. Holding my hard fleshy tool steady with my left hand, I pushed into him, or tried to. His little button obstinately repelled my advances; in fact, it was pretty damn tight. “Damn” I ruminated, “He’s done this before, why is he so tight?” My thoughts were interrupted as I heard Ronnie’s telling me to, “Push harder, it will go in; you won’t hurt me.”

“Where have I heard that before?” I thought to myself, amused. “Ok, lover, you got it!” I replied energetically.

I placed the head of my blood swollen cock against his button again, and pushed with some force this time; watching in amazement as my large cock head pushed past his tight little button and popped neatly into his love cannel. “Now, just seven more inches to go” I thought to myself, lustily. Watching with fascination, I pushed my cock further into his tight ass, and it was tight. I heard him moaning and I only two inches in him so far. Remembering how he took my virginity, I began slowly working my severely swollen tool in and out of his tight little hole, pushing more of it in on the down stroke. I was about half way in when he told me to hold still, right there, so I immediately stopped.

“You have a really big cock Baby!” he said, gasping for air. “I love the way you fill me up.”

“I’m so glad you are enjoying this, I love to make you feel good.” I giggled like a girl.

“Oh yeah, you’re making me feel as fine as a spring day, Sweetheart.” he said, his muscles spasmodically contracting around my embedded flesh.

“I’m ready now Baby; work it the rest of the way in and make love to Me.” he said hoarsely, his voice anticipatory.

As instructed, I pushed forward and slid another inch in before I pulled out and repeated my assault. I had all but about two inches in his love cannel when Ronnie told me to ram it in him. I pulled out about three inches, and leaning over his upturned ass cheeks while grasping his hips, I thrust forward burying my entire cock up to his ass button. He cried out in pain and pleasure; I waited before continuing to let him recover. He didn’t hesitate long and started humping backwards into my cock, as I lay on the lower part of his back. Getting the message, I rose up a little, put my hands on his waist, and began to move in and out of him, drawing my cock head out to the button and pushing my length fully into his waiting hole.

Ronnie was moaning loudly now, and that, plus the fact that his love cannel felt absolutely fantastic, was rapidly raising my level of arousal. I gradually increased my movements within him as his moaning matched the tempo of my thrusts.

He moaned continuously, interspersed with shouts of “Oh God! Oh God, Oh GOD!” This of course had the predictable effect of creating an extremely high state of arousal for me. It was quite easy to tell he was delirious with pleasure, so to intensify his enjoyment I reached around and began stroking his cock, which was now VERY HARD. “My, he was enjoying this!” I thought proudly. Once I starting stroking him he shuttered, rammed himself into my thrusting cock, and screamed, “fuck me harder BABY! FUCK ME DEEPER! NOOOO! DEEEEPER! FUUUUUUCK ME UP MY ASSSSSSSSS SWEETHEART! DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, DONNNNN’T STOOOOOP, I’M CUMMMMMMMMMING!!!!”

His sudden climax caught me by surprise, as I wasn’t quite ready to come yet, so I released his cock to steady my hold on his waist and pumped his ass viciously, so he’d get off in big way. He came like a horse! I could hear loads of cum hitting the blanket, in audibly fat, dull, plops. “Where was all of this love juice coming from?” I wondered, in amazement. “I thought I had drained him dry over the last day, but he still has plenty to go around.” I said to myself. I was a bit pissed since it wasn’t going in my mouth, or ass. I do so love his cum.

Relentlessly, I pounded inside him, feeling his ass muscles constricting as he shot the last of his huge load onto the blanket. Without missing a beat, he breathlessly said, “Keep fucking my Baby, I want to feel your cum in my ass! I want your hot seed deep, deep in my ass! Fuck the shit out of me until you shoot your load in my Baby!” he said, lustily.

I didn’t really need any encouragement to keep at his sweet hole and fucked him hard for another ten minutes before I felt the cum building in my balls. As I was approaching my climax, I put both my hands on the small of his back pushing him down, tilting that ass up, pertly. His ass crack was so wet his cheeks were parting wide enough to afford me direct pubic bone on button contact. The new position allowed me to drive into him a little further. He must have sense my impending climax though because he asked, “Are you coming Baby?”

With some difficulty I replied, “Oh God Ronnie I’m right there.”

To my surprise Ronnie shuttered and bucked. “Baby, Baby, you’re gonna make me come again.” he squealed loudly.

“FUCK IT BABY, I AM CUMMMMMMMING!” Ronnie yelled, as surprised as I was. “FUCK ME HARD YOU SEXY LITTLE CUNT!!! “I’M CUMMMMMING YOU CUNT!!” he rasped, his voice breaking, as he submitted to me completely.

That’s all it took to push me over the edge, climaxing violently with him, as I pumped load after load into his hungry love cannel. It was the longest and most violent climax I’d had so far, although I can’t say with certainty it was my biggest load. However, judging from the quantity of white goo squirting out of my lover’s hole, as I continued to pump him, it was a lot. Enjoying the thorough fucking I was applying to his now sloppy hole, he moved and ground into me with my every motion. Finally, I pulled out, went down on my back and slid between his legs, taking his cock in my mouth, artfully sucking his prodigious manhood. I licked and sucked him clean, and, as had become my habit, I sucked his deflated tool to see if I could revive my stud.

After a few minutes he said fitfully, “You have me so turned on Baby I can’t stand it!” Rearranging my position, I slid further down between his legs, just below his balls, to get into a better position so I could take his full length; and pulled him down closer to me, continuing to work his cock into my mouth. Shortly, he was fully erect and very hard. “You can fuck for days.” I thought.

“Baby you’re too good, you’re gonna make me cum again.” he said, his voice raspy and wanton.

Taking him briefly from my mouth, “Well come then, you big lovely man.” I sensually replied.

Ronnie knew immediately why I’d moved; so with that he began furiously face fucking me. God, he was seriously pounding my throat in his excitement. I lifted my head slightly to meet his thrust and keep most of his cock in my throat in order to give him the maximum amount of pleasure. My cum was dripping from his crack onto my chest just below my neck, so I coated my fingers in the warm fluid and, as his ass was in an upward motion, I slammed four fingers in him up to the knuckles. That’s all it took! He came instantly, shooting another good sized load down my throat. While not the huge amount I’d taken previously, it was a nice chaser, which meant I was draining him finally.

My lover when limp very quickly after his final spasm, which was uncharacteristic, but then it had been a long night and day. Though I was elated to know he had that kind of stamina. In any event, as always, I enjoyed his cum so I lay there and sucked him dry, cleaning his shaft in the process, until he pulled out and slid down putting his face over mine. He looked at me through glazed eyes and said, “Baby you are going to be the death of me. I’ve never come so long and so hard in my life. I don’t think I’m going to make it through the next three days, much less the summer.” Smiling lazily, as he stood up unsteadily, putting out his hand and pulled me to my feet, he wrapped his arms around me and he rested his chin on top of my head. With my head nestled in his chest, comically I said, “Well, if I’m too much for you, you better find someone to fuck me so you can rest.” He laughed and said, “We’ll talk about that later.” I remained silent, but as he held me I was wondering, “He was joking, right!? He had to be!” And with that, I dismissed the comment.

Ronnie reached down put his arms behind my knees and back, picked me up, and carried me out to the pond walking in up to his knees, and with an evil grin slowly spreading across his face, dropped me. “Well, I needed to wash off again anyway.” I rationalized, as my head sank beneath the surface.

Chapter 4

We bathed quickly, gathered up our gear, and headed out. It was mid afternoon now and there was a lot of ground to make up, so we road hard for the next four hours, my rear end feeling every mile. It was still light as we pitched camp next to the waterhole in the farthermost edge of the northwest sector.

The northwest sector was comprised of three pastures, the largest of which was called pasture five, which we were currently settling down in for the night. I was shortly to discover that its far western boundary also abutted a small rural community.

As I began removing the panniers from the pack horse, Ronnie surprised me by mounting his horse.

“Where are you going?” I asked, somewhat miffed.

“I’m going to see how scattered the stock is. I’ll be back around dark.” he replied casually.

“Okay, I’ll unsaddle, feed, and brush down these horses, and start cooking while you’re gone.” I said flatly.

As he rode off toward the north I setup the camp stove and unsaddled the horses. It didn’t look like rain so I decided to forego the tent for the evening. I like sleeping under the stars and it looked to be a perfect evening for it; little did I know how perfect.

Fortunately, there was an extensive stand of trees that ran the length of western property line, so I walked into the tree line and foraged for wood to build a fire. After a couple of trips I had enough wood to keep a fire going for most of the evening. Before I lost the light, I fed and watered the horses and tied them off for the night. Once the light began to fail I lit the fire, laid out my bedroll below my saddle, and started cooking.

There really wasn’t much to do as far as the cooking; I just opened a family sized can of beef stew, poured the contents into a large cast iron skillet, and heated it up on the propane camp stove. Occasionally, I’d stir the stew, then sit down and lean against my saddle while I waited for Ronnie to return.

Dusk was quickly approaching as that great fiery golden orb began to sink below the horizon; casting deep hues of golden amber, reddish orange, and purple, against the retreating azure sky. And as the last rays of sunlight slowly withdrew into the west, giving way to the forbidding grayish hues of early evening; I somberly reflected upon the events of the past day, my mind flush with a variety of emotions.

“I’ve crossed some unseen threshold,” I thought to myself, “and it’s changing me, but to what purpose?” I wondered, profoundly.

Aimlessly, I contemplated recent events, and my bewildering and conflicting emotions, but was unable to find solace, or logic, in any of it.

Dimly roused from this deliberation by the crackle and pop of the brightly burning fire, I raised my eyes and gazed into an ebony abyss, strewn with limitless pinpricks of irregular light; and contemplated how infinitesimal we must be as a planet, compared to boundlessness that stretched before me. “What are my problems, compared to that?” I thought.
I realized that night had been ushered in as I sat lost in thought, and still no Ronnie.

The fact that he had not returned was troubling, since you never wanted to ride at night unless absolutely necessary. Horses couldn’t see any better than a human being, which meant they could step in a hole and break a leg, or lose their footing on uneven ground, and fall, possibly pining you under them in the process. Troubling or not, I didn’t know the lay of the land and my chances of finding him in the dark weren’t very good. So, I decided to stay put and wait until I was absolutely certain there was a problem, before saddling my horse and going out to search for him. I decided to throw more wood on the fire and sat down to wait.

Another hour passed before I finally decided that something had happened. I was on the verge of saddling my horse to go look for him, when I heard a faint noise in the distance. At first, I was tempted to call out to see if I got a response, but decided to wait. Listening intently, a few minutes passed before I heard the familiar creaking sound leather tack makes as a horse strides. Although I couldn’t see past the far reaches of the firelight, I called out, “Ronnie, Is that you?”

Pausing briefly, I called out again, “Hey Ronnie, is that you?” I yelled, uncertainly.

After a long moment Ronnie’s voice emerged from the darkness, “Who else were you expecting?” he said, laughing.

I could tell he was close now, so I bent down to stir the stew and asked, “You hungry big guy?”

There was an audible chuckle, “Yeah, I’m hungry, what ya got?” he asked cheerily.

“Beef Stew, Babe! Made it with my own hands!” I said laughing, as two horses rode into camp.

Chapter 5

Looking up, seeing two riders, I blurted out in surprise, “What the Hell?” “Ok, here’s something I really wasn’t expecting.” I thought.

“Cuz!? Good to see you too!” Ronnie said, with some trepidation in his voice.

Ronnie continued to say something, but I wasn’t paying attention. Instead, I was captivated by the sight of a lithe female form stepping down off her horse. After dismounting, she turned and walked gracefully toward me, extending her right hand and introducing herself, “Hi David, I’m Maggie! Ronnies’ told me a lot about you.” she said cheerfully. Taking her outstretched hand I stammered, “Ahhh -- nice to meet you.” glancing at my cousin, his face suddenly unreadable. “Well, this is unpropitious as hell!” I told myself, disdainfully.

Standing before me was a slim Auburn haired beauty that I made out to be about 5’2” 110 lb, her mid-shoulder length hair complimenting a set of perky 34C breasts. Maggie wore a cerulean blue cotton western shirt, accented with white piping; blue jeans that accentuated her athletic figure to perfection, and black boots with riding heels. Almost immediately, I realized I was standing before this little goddess, gawking, mouth wide open. She smiled broadly while speaking over her shoulder to my cousin, “Ronnie, he’s as precious and handsome and as you described him, only more so.” she said, mildly amused. I instantly blushed. Her smile broadening in response.

My cousin just laughed and said, “Mags lets bed down the horses and then we’ll eat, okay.”

“Sure thing!” she said, quickly releasing my hand and taking up her reins.

“You eaten yet?” Ronnie inquired. “No, I was waiting on you.” I said, peevishly.

If he could tell I was a bit ticked he didn’t show it, as he went about unsaddling his horse and brushing him down. Maggie was occupied bedding down her mount, so I busied myself unpacking the utensils and plates, of which there were only enough for two. When they were done they brought their saddles over to the fire and laid out their bedrolls next to mine. I ladled out the beef stew and handed each of them a plate and a fork.

“What are you eating?” Ronnie asked curiously. “I’m really not hungry, and there are only so many plates anyway.” I pointed out, my voice devoid of emotion, giving Maggie a sideways glance.

“You are so sweet; I could just eat you up! Thank you Sweetheart!” She said, in a slow distinctive southern drawl. “Sweetheart? I don’t think so!” I thought to myself. “You’re welcome Maggie.” I responded courteously, hating myself for my lack of courge.

“Darl’in just call me Mags, all my friends do, and I do believe we are gonna be very good friends!” she drawled, flashing a wicked smile.

“Yeah, and I’m the pope! Darl’in!” I thought mockingly, my expression remaining blank.

When they had finished eating I offered to wash the dishes; I thought Ronnie probably wanted to spend some time alone with her. “I mean come on; why else would he have brought her out here except to fuck her. She bedded her horse down, so it was pretty damn evident she was staying the night.” I reasoned.

Ticked off and uncomfortable with the situation, I wanted to get out of there. So, I took the lantern and walked a good ways around the pond, to give them some privacy; and began washing the cookware and plates. I made quick work of the cleaning and decided to give them plenty of time, so I didn’t interrupt whatever they were doing. Regardless, it was a beautify night so I lay back and gazed at the stars, trying to see how many constellations I could identify in the early summer sky. In the evening stillness, I listen lazily to the rising chorus of crickets and cicadas, drifting melodiously across the open pasture; self-absorbed, my thoughts drifted aimlessly.

Chapter 6

Laying there under the stars I lost track of time, completely rapt in thought, when Maggie’s voice, coalescing with the darkness, stirred me from my meditation.

“What’s you do’in sitting out here all by yourself, Sweetheart?” she said, sweetness dripping like honey off each word. “There she goes again calling me Sweetheart.” I was thinking, as she sultrily sashayed into the lantern light.

“Ah, well Maggie…” I began. “It’s Mags, Darl’in.” she quickly corrected.

“Right!” I said curtly. “Ah, Mags where is Ronnie?” I hastily inquired.

“Well Sweetheart, he’s back at the camp, he asked me to come find you.” she said playfully.

“Mags, do me a favor and don’t call me Sweetheart, okay!?” I asked, exasperated.

“Oh Sweetheart, Ronnie said you’d be a teensy bit sensitive about that, but to give it no never mind.” she said, mildly amused.

“What the fuck!?” I retorted angrily.

“Oh Hon, you need to calm down now and listen to Mags for a sec, okay.” she said, calmly resting her hand on my shoulder, while pushing a lock of hair back over my ear with the other.

“You see, your cousin and I have known each other since we were little kids. In fact, he’s the one that I gave my virginity to when I was fifteen. We’ve been fast friends and lovers ever since. I’d say we are about as close as you can get, without being man and wife, that is. In fact, we’re about as close as you two are now, if you know what I mean.” she said coyly, as she continued to nervously play with my hair.

“He told you about us?” I asked dejectedly, “Everything!?”

“Oh Sweetie, he tells me everything.” she said, in an irritatingly upbeat manner. “For instance; that he loves you as much as he loves me, and that we are all going to be fast friends! Sort of like a family, you know!?” she explained, her drawl lengthening. “Now admittedly, at first, I was very hurt and insanely jealous; I mean, how do I compete with another man, Sugar!? She said, with a mixture of resignation and levity in her voice, “But, after listening to my dear love talk on and on about you, and now that we’ve met, it’s not difficult to understand what he sees in You.” she said, emphasizing the “you”.

“What the heck does that mean? You don’t even know me!” I exclaimed, irritably.

“Why Sugar, it means that you are handsome, and sweet, and a really good person, or Ronnie wouldn’t love you.” she replied, with annoying conviction, “And maybe I don’t know you as well as Ronnie, but I have a good feel’in about you. Call it women’s intuition!” she giggled, patting my cheek as she would a child’s.

Mags looked at me and smiled sweetly before leaning over and saying, “Now give us a kiss Sweetheart!”

As she leaned in to kiss me, I remember thinking, “Sweetheart wasn’t sounding as offensive to me as it did before. She does sound sincere, and she knows that Ronnie made love to me.” I reflected. This was right before she closed the distance between us and immobilized me with a wonderfully sensual, hot, wet kiss.

Mags instinctively placed a hand behind my neck as her tongue immediately snaked into my mouth, probing with passionate intensity. The girl could kiss! “I wonder where she learned that!” I thought to myself, amused at the irony. “Well, I too had learned a few things from my cousin!” I mused, quickly sucking her greedy tongue deeply into my mouth. “Ohhh!” she gasped, surprised. Gently moaning, approvingly, I sensually caressed and sucked her tongue, pulling her body into mine. Smoothly, and with accomplished poise, she grasped the hand I had on her waist and guided it inside the cotton shirt, firmly placing it on her left breast. “I hadn’t recalled that her shirt was unbuttoned that far. Hmmm, she’s not wearing a bra either.” I mused. Gently, my fingers danced over the curvature of her breast and eraser sized nipple, which was fully erect, and firm to the touch. Mags twitched at my caress, thrusting her chest outward as I lightly massaged her soft fleshy globe.

She was completely compliant and pliable as I explored every inch of her breasts, and passionately kissed those luscious lips, sucking on her tongue seductively. Despite the apparent submissiveness, instinctively I knew who was actually in control of this situation, and it wasn’t me. I had a tigress by the tail, albeit a sexy and beautiful one, and I wasn’t exactly sure what the game was, or where it was going. Okay! I didn’t have a fricking clue what was going on. So, I decided to go along and hang on for the ride, and see where it took me.

You would think that with a beautiful and willing woman having you in a serious “lip lock”, while rubbing her quite ample body against you, you would, as a male, be unable to think about anything but the matter at hand. Not me! I’ve always, even now, found that my mind wonders, or more appropriately, goes off on a tangent of self-actualization, at the strangest times. For instance; Mags is a very sensual and sexually skillful woman (trust me on this one), and at this particular juncture in our blossoming liaison I began to have the strangest thoughts.

“What color are her eyes? Why don’t I know?” I began to think, surreptitiously, “And, how is it she can be out here with two guys all night? And, why would her parents allowed that? What kind of parents are they, for God sakes!?” I considered, indignantly defending her honor. Okay, weird I know, but that’s how my mind works, or doesn’t, and as I said, usually at the most bizarre times.

Turning my full attention back to the woman before me; I pulled away, with considerable difficulty I might add, and said firmly, “We shouldn’t be doing this, you’re Ronnie’s girl.”

Her face, inches from my own and shrouded in shadows, was unreadable and featureless; a stark contrast to her brightly silhouetted hair, as she sat motionless, her back to the fiercely glowing lantern. A long moment of silence passed between us before she responded, as if some resolution had been reached.

“David, you don’t know the half of it.” she said, speaking with calm resignation.

“That’s the first time she’s used my name.” I considered triumphantly, briefly losing my focus.

I would shortly come to discover that Mags was the sort of woman, that is determined, intelligent, and not to be trifled with when she sets her sights on something. And, at the moment, I was clearly the objective she was focused on. So, I watched intently as she relinquished her hold on my arm and promptly unbuttoned her shirt, letting the collar fall down her back just below the top of her shoulders. She proceeded to nimbly unfasten my shirt buttons, until I clasped my hand over hers, countering with, “NO, No, no. This isn’t going to happen.” I said determinedly, “You’re a beautiful woman, but sorry, No!” I proclaimed stubbornly.

Without the slightest hesitation, she clutched either side of my shirt below the collar with both hands, and leveraging her weight, rolled onto her back pulling me down on top of her bare torso. Once I was atop her small body she immediately wrapped her arms around my waist, and using her right leg, pushed off rolling us over so that she was atop me.

“What do you think you’re doing? I grumbled.

“Why, I’m doing what I want to do Sweetie Pie.” she said, as if a matter of fact.

“Listen Mags, I don’t mean this like it sounds, and don’t take it personally, but I really care for Ronnie and I’m not going to screw this up, okay. So, let’s cut the crap here.” I exclaimed, with growing irritation.

“Now, you listen to me you big Stud Muffin,” Mags said with considerable authority in her voice, “We are going to get to know each other; one, because Ronnie asked me to, and two, because I want to! If this arrangement is going to work out we need to see if we are compatible, got it!” she snapped, determinedly.

“What arrangement??” I blurted, incensed at the audacity of this woman.

“What the hell did she mean, by arrangement?” I wondered, peeved that I wasn’t consulted, and it obviously involved me!

There was only silence from Mags, and the sensation of her small fingers unfastening my shirt as she rose up from my chest to gain access the buttons beneath her. “What the hell!” I rationalized, “If Ronnie asked her to get to know me, quote unquote, then why am I fighting this?” I asked myself. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning, “What was it he said when I was joking about finding someone to share me with?” I tried to recall. Oh yeah, I remember, “We’ll talk about that later.” he’d casually remarked, at the time. My mind leapt into overdrive, “It was all coming together now; he had this planned all along. Maybe he hadn’t intended it to be quite this soon, but all along he knew he was going to get Maggie and me together; sooner or later.” I soberly concluded. “Regardless, she sure was gorgeous!” I thought, as I lay on my back visually taking in her bare breasts and shoulders, as her hands meticulously worked on the remaining buttons of my shirt. “I could do a hell of a lot worse, than this picture of perfection.” I told myself, resigned to the situation.

Chapter 7

The shirttail cleanly cleared my jeans, with a snap, as Mags expertly applied one quick jerk to the garment sides. With a look of absolute satisfaction, she lowered her upper body pressing her perky mounds into my bare chest. The sensation of her soft smooth breasts pressing firmly against my chest was indescribable. It was like nothing I had ever imagined, as I pulled her tightly against me, relishing the palpable sensations of our intertwined bodies; her silken skin supple, warm, and soft to the touch. Those sinuous, grapefruit sized, orbs were flush with warmth, as I slowly traced the outer edges of the delicate protrusions. My hands curiously explored the smooth gentle curves of her feminine features; her shapely form acquiescing approvingly in my embrace.

Lowering her head, soft, moist, lips met mine once more, lustily embracing; our tongues a mélange of carnal hunger and burning desire as they furiously intermingled. I was flush with excitement and raw lust, as her skillful tongue daintily probed my mouth, curiously darting in and out; snaking sensuously over and around the folds beneath my tongue. Artfully, she explored my chest and shoulders, her petite fingers dancing lightly over my muscled torso; the delicate touch electrifying. Slowly, I pulled the sleeves of the shirt below her elbows, forcing her arms to her sides. One at a time, she lifted her elbows, sliding her arms free of the confining sleeves, allowing the garment fall across her back. Haphazardly, I tossed the shirt to the side and lovingly caressed the warm flesh of her back and shoulders; occasionally cupping the firm cheeks just below her jeans, in my hands. Gradually bringing my palms the full length of her upper body, I paused, delicately squeezing the succulent circumference of her tightly compressed mounds, as they pressed upon my chest.

Lying atop me, I could feel the delicate pounding of her heart, and the hypnotic effect of her rhythmic breathing, as we held each other in tenuous embrace; my emotions vague and indistinguishable. “What was I feeling for the woman that lay affectionately embracing me? God, could I be falling for someone I barely knew, again!?” I asked myself, furiously contemplating the possibility.

Mags moved her hands in unison to her sides, continuing to kiss me zealously. Raising her smooth flat stomach slightly, her hands grasped my belt buckle and unhooked it; with the other hand she clasped my jeans zipper and quickly pulled it down. Shifting her weight to her knees, which rested on my thighs, and leaning slightly to her left side, Maggie was able to slide a hand past the waist band of my briefs and grasped my semi-erect love tool. I shuddered as she took me in her hand and began massaging my manhood to full erection. Once she was confident I was ready, Mags pulled away, stood up, and assumed a kneeling positioned at my feet, and then pulled my boots off. Deftly, she removed my jeans and underwear in rapid succession. Pausing briefly, she sat back, cheeks resting on the back of her calves, and admired my nude form; a pleased smile crossing her face as she scrutinized every inch of my physique.

Taking the initiative, I quickly sat up and moved to a kneeling position before her. Utilizing a single finger, placed between those beautiful breasts, I gently pushed her onto her back. Hurriedly, I removed her boots and unbuckled her belt; unzipping and removing her jeans and panties as one, and throwing them in a heap with my clothes.

“How in the hell could I be so damn lucky?” I said rhetorically, honestly amazed at my good fortune. “You are a goddess! I don’t know whether to make love to you, or worship you!” I said aloud, sincere appreciation in my voice.
My genuine heartfelt statement had unexpected repercussions for both of us, as I would soon discover.

She was up off of her back sitting in my lap, my raging “hardon” lodged between our bodies, pressing her mouth tightly to mine, before I could say “boo”. I didn’t realize she could move that quickly, but made a mental note of it in case I ever pissed her off. She was kissing me fanatically now, pressing her body as close to mine as she could get it. Finally coming up for air, she leaned back enough that I could see her face; tears were streaming down her cheeks. “Oh God, what did I do?” I asked myself, nervously. Concerned that I had hurt her feeling somehow I asked, “Mags, what’s wrong? Did I do something to upset you? I didn’t mean too.” I said, humbly.

“Oh dear! Silly ole me crying like that. I’ve upset you now, I’m sure.” she said, embarrassed.

“I’m fine Scooter Pie, really!” she said, unconvincingly.

The contradiction was that the tears were still flowing despite her attempts to stifle whatever was causing her emotional distress.

“Mags, sorry, but you’re not very convincing, and something is obviously still bothering you.” I remarked.

She leaned forward placing her head on my shoulder and sighed softly. It was fairly obvious that she was tormented by something because the tears continued to run down my chest for some time, until at long last she spoke.

“You are as sweet and dear as Ronnie said you were, do you know that.” she said ardently. “I think I’m the lucky one, Sweetheart.”

“I don’t understand.” I said, thoroughly confused by her statement.

“You know something!?” she spoke, hesitating briefly, “No one has ever said anything as sweet and poignant as what you just said to me.” she said, adoringly. “You and Ronnie are the only two people that have ever shown any real appreciation or affection towards me. When either one of you look at me it’s with love and tenderness; I don’t feel like some fucking piece of meat, or a whore!” she espoused, vehemently.

“Whoa!!” I was thinking, “She has been mistreated by somebody, somewhere along the way. I really liked her though, maybe too much!” I contemplated, apprehensively.

“Mags, you don’t know me. I mean, really, we just met. I could be saying those things in the heat of the moment for all you know.” I said, trying to downplay the impact on the emotional nerve I’d hit.

“You’re wrong!” she snapped, “I know you better then you know yourself. When you’re around me longer, you’ll come to understand that I’m seldom wrong about people. You could no more hide your true character from me than I could bring about world peace.” She retorted, adamantly.

She was so obstinate in her conviction that I was at a loss for a response. Which was apropos since she appeared to be in no mood to debate it. With my acquiescence, almost immediately, her features softened, taking on a mask of serenity. “Now, make love to me you lovable idiot!” she said sweetly.

How can you turn down a lady that can sweet talk a guy like that!? You can’t! Or at least, that’s what I told myself.

Maggie leaned into once more and bestowed upon me the sweetest, most passionate, kiss you could ever imagine. She put her entire soul into that kiss, and it wasn’t lost on Mr. Inexperience here, either. You just can’t fake that kind of passion. Okay, call me a sap and a moron, but here is another beautiful soul I’d met in two days, and I was falling for her. Things were becoming more confusing by second, but I went with my feelings before, and that turned out damn good, so I went with my gut feeling again.

“Heck! What’s the worst that could happen?” I asked myself, “I’ll have wonderful hot sloppy sex with a veritable goddess; she’ll use and abuse me, then throw me away? I could live with!” I thought comically. “But, could I really live with it?” I wondered, seriously considering the feelings I had for her. This was becoming a damn scary proposition; my feelings for her were already way beyond what they should have been. I didn’t want to get hurt, but more importantly, I didn’t want to hurt her. Strangely, my concern for her apparently fragile psyche trumped my own reservations. “A sure sign I’m damn well falling for her!” I anxiously concluded.

That girl was not short on passion or enthusiasm; she finished that devastatingly passionate kiss by slowly, and deliberately, leaning back just enough so that our lips barely touched, painstakingly running her tongue lightly around the inside rim of my lips, over and over, all the while fondling my nipples. This sultry piece of perfection’s every movement exuded raw unbridled sex and sensuality that dripped from her limbs, and oozed from every pore.

Maggie lightly kissed my lips once more followed by my chin, and unhurriedly progressed from jaw line to neck; laying down wispy gentle kisses as she advanced. Her touch was magical as she cupped the back of my neck in her hand, leaning it to one side, affording greater access to the soft sensitive flesh at the nape of my neck. Pausing there, she artfully licked and sucked the sensitive areas until I could no longer stand the mounting sensations her efforts were producing. Knowingly, she leisurely moved down my clavicle and lightly sucked the curve of raised flesh. Gradually, moving lower she kissed and nibbled my upper chest, eventually moving down to tease and tantalize my breasts and nipples, lightly running the top of her tongue around the taut raised edge. The excruciatingly methodical way in which she taunted and aroused me was a double edged sword, providing both intense arousal and incredible sexual frustration; agony and ecstasy in equal measures. Once she had brought me to an intense state of arousal, Mags raised her head and gracefully conferred upon me, another gentle and loving kiss. He full pouting lips tasted as sweet and fresh as morning rain as they softly pressed against mine. Cupping my head in her hands she guided me backward onto the dew laden grass. Continuing her affectionate and playful manipulation of my body, Mags once more drew one of my nipples into her mouth, sucking lightly, and repeatedly traced the outside edge of my erect gland, using the tip of her talented tongue. My head pounded with the thunderous beat of my heart, and the blood surging into my manhood, contorting and expanding its length and girth, as she continue to work her way down to my abdomen.

Looking down the length of my body, I watched as she gracefully caressed and kissed my lower abdomen, her Auburn hair draped to one side, hanging elegantly over a flawless neckline. The vision of this beautiful, gentle, woman lovingly devoting her full attention to pleasuring me was breathtaking. Without hesitation I abruptly sat up, placing my hands under her arms, drawing her to me, kissing her passionately. She eagerly responded to my overtures with tenderness and passion far surpassing my own. Placing her hands flatly against my chest, I was gently pushed away after a short time; she looked lovingly into my eyes and said, “You’re not gett’in off that easy you smoothie! Now lay back and don’t interrupt me again.” She said coyly. “Yes Maam!” I responded, respectfully teasing. “Now that’s what I wanna hear! Always!!” she said, giggling wildly.

Pushing me back down, she hastily scattered our clothes beneath her and lay on her stomach between my legs, her arms coming to rest on my thighs. Continuing where she left off, her velvet lips traced my lower abdomen, and then around my pubic bone, performing light kisses as she went. Mags was careful not to touch my throbbing member, as she kissed and licked around my pubic area, and then my inner thighs. Her deliberate and focused foreplay was causing me a great deal of discomfort. My cock and balls were extremely hard, and badly aching, feeling as if my groin were going to explode at any second. My biggest fear was that as soon as she touched my manhood I’d come instantly. When I did come though, it was going to be a gusher.

Mags gently parted my legs to gain better access, and gingerly sucked my left testicle into her hot, wet, mouth. The sensation was incredible, as it had been with Ronnie, and it was obvious that she had some experience handling a man’s genitals. Skillfully, she sucked and rolled the testicle in her mouth, using tightly locked lips to pull it away from my body. Surprisingly, after a few minutes I felt the other orb slide easily into her mouth. Both of my balls now securely encased in her beautiful little orifice, she proceeded to give me the ball sucking of my young life. I thought Ronnie was outstanding, but frankly, she quickly put him to shame, although I’m certain her taught her what she knows. Playfully, she pulled on my sack with her mouth, varying the intensity with which she sucked them, and occasionally biting down near the top of my ball sack. In this erotic ballet, she offered pain at times, quickly followed with pleasure. The technique she was so expertly appling to my balls prevented me from shooting my load prematurely. The woman was a truly a tigress, except she had me by the tail, and at her mercy. I could live with that too!

After a long period where she sucked my balls unrelentingly, Maggie softly grasped my rock hard manliness and began slowly working her hand up and down the full length of the shaft. Well, I was so aroused by her at this point that the slightest miscue would have pushed me right to the brink, and over.

I quickly spoke up, “Maggie.” I said hoarsely, “You’re going to make me come. You’ve got me so hot I am not going to be able to hold it.” I said.
She immediately released my balls from their lovely prison, rose to her knees and looked at me thoughtfully, hesitating momentarily, and biting her lip as if in conflict.

“Ronnie told me you’ve never been with a woman before. Is that really true??” she asked, eyeing me in disbelief.

“Yep! It’s true!” I replied, a bit embarrassed by the admission. “Why? Is my lack of experience a problem?” I asked, half joking, and half uncertain as to where this was going.

“Oh, it’s definitely not a problem!” Maggie replied, gently caressing my abdomen. “Listen my sweet and lovable Stud Muffin, it’s about a choice, that’s all!” she said, excitedly.

As corny as it sounds, I love the pet names she comes up with for me, and man, she can invent some bizarre ones when we’re making love. There’s nothing pretentious about Maggie or Ronnie and they’re completely uninhibited when we make love, which definitely has major benefits.

“Choice?” I asked quizzically, “What Choice?”

“Well Sweet Cheeks, it’s like this;” Mags began, “I’m the first, well woman, you’ve ever been with, and you’re going to come pretty quickly cause I’ve been really hard on your sexy self. So, I need to let you come, and we can get down to the real business at hand.” she said, very businesslike. I was beginning to feel like a potential corporate problem; the contingency plan of which was being discussed in the board meeting.

Maggie continued, “Normally, I’d give you a blow job and then we’d do something about my dripping “cuchie” (her preferred personal terminology for her pussy) and then get to the serious love making. But, seeing that I’m going to have the privilege of being your first, and hopefully only woman, I want it to be perfect when I take your “cherry.” she expounded. “So you lay right there and relax my big Pillow Toy, and let me do all the work. I’m gonna show you a real good time. If you think Ronnie’s ass is good, wait until you had some of this, you big cuddly Meatpacker.” she explained, laughing playfully.

I watched with my head propped up, hands behind my head, as this wonderfully vivacious, and nutty woman, that I was becoming ever increasingly enamored with, sat up and placed her mouth over my cock head, and then simply swallow my eight to eight and a half inches in a single gulp. The effect was immediate and excruciatingly pleasing.

“Ohhh My GAWDDDD Mags that’s incredible!” I blurted out.

“Don’t you dare come! Are you listening to me Sweet Dick!?” she commanded.

“Yes Ma’am! I’ll do my best, I promise!” I replied, trying desperately to reassure myself.

“Think Baseball, I kept telling myself over and over. Just think Baseball!” I thought, struggling to focus under the intense assault of her mouth.

Well, I’m here to tell you that’s totally urban legend BS, in my book. Whoever came up with that brilliant remedy and/or suggestion never make love to Maggie! I tried everything to take my mind off her incomparable “deep throat” abilities. Seriously! I tried some the most horrible things I could imagine; zombies (the Romero originals), NASCAR, Golf (in the gallery and on TV), Soccer, and even Secretary of State Clinton, nude. None of it worked. Thank God that she stopped before I blew it (no pun intended).

When Mags felt that I was nice and ready she pulled her mouth off my swollen member with a loud slurp. Rising and pushing my legs together, as she stepped from between my thighs, she squatted, positioning herself directly over my fully erect and painfully throbbing baby maker. Placing a hand on my abdomen to steady herself, and the other on my swollen member, she slowly lowered her love box onto the head of my pulsing tool. Very, very, slowly she continued to lower herself onto me until a couple of inches were surrounded by her very hot love tunnel.

“Wow!” I thought, “She is really hot, in more ways than one! She feels fucking incredible!” I thought, admiring her perfect body as I slowly disappeared inside.

After some effort, she was able to work me into her tight little hole, until my pubic bone resting against her labia. “Your beautify cock is not only long, it’s thick, but now you are mine!” she called out, possessively triumphant, as if she’d climbed K2 and now owned the mountain. Frankly, I believed her!

Without further ado she placed her knees on the ground alongside me and began rocking and gyrating her pelvis; that tight little pussy completely enveloping my hot throbbing member. The feeling of being encased in her hot wet body was absolutely heaven. The muscles of her vagina expanded and contracted mercilessly around my helpless, rock hard, cock. Precum was literally spurting out of my cock slit when she began to move with more vivacity. Her rocking, gyrating, motion allowed me to get some semblance of self-control back and I was able to forestall the urge to empty my load into her waiting womb. The longer she ground her beautiful waxed, hairless, pussy into my groin, the more I settled in and enjoy her amazing body.

Fifteen minutes or so went by before Maggie, who was lost in her own delights now, looked down at me with dreamy contentedness, and said, “Hey, you beautify piece of ass, you lied to me, you weren’t as close as you said you were.“ ,her voice husky and heavy with pleasure.

“Listen, you incredibly sexy bitch, I didn’t lie to you! I replied, sincerely. “You’re just so damn talented with that “cuchie” I somehow managed to hold off and got my Mojo back.” I replied languidly. “As sexy and wonderful a fuck as you are, I have no idea how I kept from blowing a load in your perfect body, and that’s the truth.” I remarked, genuinely amazed.

Maggie lowered herself from her sitting position, continuing to grind on my cock, and gave me another unabashedly sensual and loving kiss. If you ever been fortunate enough to be genuinely loved, then you know how it feels to be kissed by someone that truly loves you. If you do, then you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say, that at that very moment, I knew unequivocally that this gorgeous, sexy, to die for, Auburn haired beauty, really loved me. Why? To this day, try as I might to make sense of the events of that magical summer, I’m unable to explain how or why, things unfolded as they did. Nor can I explain the consequence of their inevitable impact upon the remainder of my life. I was, however, absolutely certain of one thing at the time; there was a new universal constant; Maggie loved me, wholeheartedly! Who knew! Go figure!

Roughly, I pulled Maggie tightly to my chest, drawing my legs up and underneath, as I rolled my body forward; clutching her petite frame tightly against me, I lay her on her back, positioning myself atop that perfect body, still firmly sheathed between her shapely thighs. Her countenance, at last, was clearly discernable; the high cheeks, elegantly sculpted mouth and prim nose, accenting her delicate porcelain complexion and graceful jaw line. Her features were a master work of art. “Stunning!” was all I could think. Secure in her loving embrace, my hard member moved steadily within her willing womanhood, as my eyes drank in her beauty.

Maggie grasped the sides of my head, desperate to pull my mouth to hers, as I held her lithe body tightly to mine. Drawing me down to within inches her face, she paused, gazing into my features franticly searching my eyes for something; known only to her. In the long silence as I continued to move smoothly, and tenderly, within her body; softly trembling, she gazed into my eyes a long while before speaking.

“Do you love me?” she asked anxiously at first. Could you love me?” she quickly followed; her voice frantic, bordering on desperation. “I know this must sound crazy to you! Hell!! I know how it sounds for God sakes!! But, I need to know! Oh God! I need…” she screamed, half pleading. “I need to know NOW! Please just say something!” she cried out in torment.

Momentarily shocked and overwhelmed by the intensity of her appeal, I hesitated, failing to immediately respond. Tears immediately welled up in her fiery green eyes, sorrow traversing her features, as she began softly sobbing. At that moment, I felt as if my heart were breaking; realizing only then the extent of her unconditional love, and the unashamed fashion she choice to reveal it to me. And, in that brief moment, my ambiguity had deeply offended her.

Lowering my lips to her ear, I softly, almost imperceptivity, whispered, “Yes Maggie, I love you. I love you for reasons I don’t yet fully understand, and despite every fiber of my being telling me this could not be real; but I truly love you.” I said, desperately struggling to understand my deep and conflicting emotions.

“Just promise me that you’ll never fall out of love with me because I don’t think I could take that.” I said, more pleading than demanding. “My life until now has been a never-ending series of disappointments and heartache. I’m not sure I could survive losing one of the only people that have given me back hope and happiness, and something I’ve never known, Love.” I exclaimed, bearing my soul to her. “You and Ronnie are to world to me and I don’t know if I could take losing either one of you.” I explained, my heart tightening in my chest.

When I finish speaking, that petite baby doll of a woman squeezed me so hard I thought she was going to break my ribs!

“Just one more thing to make a note of!” I thought to myself.

Chapter 8

As I was attempting to catch my breath, my 110 lb vice grip pulled my mouth hurriedly to hers and engaged me in another irrepressible kiss that, although I’ve tried, is impossible to adequately describe. Hopelessly lost in the lust and love of her embrace, the woman in my arms consumed me body and soul with her tender lips, and I happily surrendered. Meanwhile, I had somehow managed to remain erect during our exchange, sheathed inside her tight womanhood. Her misgivings allayed, she impatiently drove her hips into my groin, apparently desperate to consummate our love in the most intimate fashion possible.

Maggie’s body screamed dichotomy; her kiss coolly articulating tenderness and compassion; nevertheless, corporeally contrasted by a conflagration of raw lust and cogent desire. That petite writhing frame expressively beseeched ultimate fulfillment, as she desperately thrust her body onto mine. This diminutive woman had become the center of the universe; her blazing kisses matching tempo with the rhythmically movement of our sweat covered bodies, as I delved deeper into her silky smooth confine. My petite jewel was sopping wet and opened wide her delicate flower, instinctively receiving my thrusts, complemented by soft slurping noises that further increased my arousal. Moaning softly, eyes wide and glassy, her head lolled from side to side, listlessly, as our bodies lovingly coalesced. God, how I adored her expression as she yielded utterly to overpowering desire, lost in her own pleasure.

Her cunt muscles were now contracting at regular intervals, which could only mean she was close to climaxing. Kissing her ears, neck, and breasts, I quickened my pace. Mags responded immediately, clasping her hands around the back of my neck for leverage, sharply raising her hips to meet my thrusts. Thus began her “lust talk” as I call it, and all previous pretense of gentility was thrown to the wind.

“My big Stud Muffin, fuck you’re Love’s “cuchie” harder, Baby! Make me beg for your cock, my big Meatpacker. Make me come, or lose me, Stud! I want that big fucking cock in my ass next, and I want you to fuck me and make me a woman, you gorgeous piece of prime ass!” she screamed, randomly and non-stop.

“What a handful, and a cockful!” I was thinking, as I pounded her tight little pussy.

That girl was unbelievably wet as I make love to her. Cunt juices were streaming liberally over my manhood and down my balls, spurting out noisily with every thrust I made into her hungry muscular flesh. Amazingly strong vagina muscles griped my cock forcefully, contracting violently in response to my forward thrusts. It was readily apparent that she was about to climax, spectacularly. Grasping her tiny waist with one arm, in order to support her hips, I plunged into her, putting my free hand behind her neck, forearm on the ground, to steady myself. Substantially increasing my pace, I brutally assaulted her little cunnie as hard as I could, in an attempt to bring her to release. Embracing my tiny object of affection, as I gazed intently into her eyes, I had a revelation.

“Green!!” I said aloud, involuntarily.

“What my lover?” she breathless asked.

“Your eyes, they’re emerald green, exactly like mine!” I said amazed.

This was the first time I’d been able to make out the color of her eyes all evening.

Those big beautiful eyes widened in acknowledgement, her mouth opening as if to respond, and then; a massive tremor rocked her small form, brief recognition immediately replaced by an dizzying earth shattering orgasm. “AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, GAWDDDD! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyy GAWDDDD! BABY FUCK ME, PLEASEEEEEE! PLEASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE!! OH GAWD! UMMM, AAHHHH! OHHHH MY, OHHHHH MY, OOOOOHHHHHH MY BIIGGG SNUGGGLLEEE BUUUNNNY, MAKKE MYYY CUNTTT HUUUURTTTTT!” my beautiful girl screamed to the heavens.

Climaxing violently, her nails dug painfully into my tight cheeks as she pulled me into her with ever increasing force. The tubular muscles of her vagina convulsed spasmodically, rushing wavelike down her tight wet passage, beginning at the entrance of her steaming love tunnel and rolling with a rippling effect back to the opening of the cervix. The sensation of those muscles moving in such a prodigious fashion, down the length of my ever throbbing member, was extraordinary. I’ve never seen nor heard of this phenomenon, before or since, but then again, Maggie’s vagina is quite amazing; almost as amazing as she is.

My lovely, gentle, girl was anything but that, as she bucked and screamed through numerous and consecutive orgasms. Completely transfixed by the graceful, picturesque, form thrashing wilding beneath me, I was adrift in her sensual pleasures; unwittingly continuing to pound forcefully into her with reckless abandon. She screamed, “FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” nonstop, as she approached her next climax.

Maggie’s love making can only be described as extroverted, and once you wind her up, whether you like it or not, you relinquish all control. Basically, after a certain point, you’re just along for the ride (no pun intended here either). I should also note that hotels/motels tend to be a bit of a problem for us, if you know what I mean.

Nevertheless, as her fourth, or so, orgasm ebbed, she recovered enough to turn those sparkling green eyes up to me, capturing my gaze. It was easy to recognize the volatile mixture of raw lust and love in those captivating eyes, and something else, just beneath the surface that I couldn’t quite read. I was studying that aloof expression when she spoke.

“You are fantastic you big Stud Muffin!” she said, a huskiness to her voice. “Gawd I hope you’re not charging by the hour, we’re going to be here awhile, you big hard man you! And, I don’t think I can afford your rate.” she remarked offhandedly.

“Since I’m not charging, it looks like it’s going to be a long night my little goddess.” I replied, suggestively.

“Well, you just keep pushing that big hard cock in my little “cuchie” and we will be here all night! Did I remember to tell you I was multi-orgasmic?” she asked playfully.

“You’re multi-fucking amazing, is what you are!” I responded. “And, you’re incomparably sexy and beautiful.” I added, sincerely.

She averted her eyes staring at some point in space, “God how did I get so lucky!? You are a beautiful wonderful soul David, and I love you more than I can ever show you.” she said, her words catching in her throat.

Gazing once again into my eyes, her face soften taking on an aura of tenderness and compassion. Gently she pulled me to her; both hands behind my head, her arms resting over my shoulders, the full weight of my body now supported by her small form. I slipped an arm gently underneath the small of her back to help support my weight, the other I placed on the ground above her shoulder, my hand gently stroking her long Auburn locks. Maggie wrapped her legs around the back of my thighs, effectively preventing me from continuing to move within her. As I lifted my face to hers, a solemn determination swept across her features. I waited, saying nothing. Moments later, she pulled me to her waiting mouth kissing me tenderly; the kiss expressing infinitely intense emotions, the conveyance of which tends to rendered words futile. That kiss was borne of fire; her lips burning with overriding passion as they touched mine, sending waves of searing heat throughout my body. The conflagration consumed me, as small pin pricks of light exploded behind my eyes, momentarily obscuring my vision and numbing the senses. To say her kiss was an extremely poignant moment would be to grossly understate the immensity of the power captured in that microcosm of our lifelong relationship. The majesty and magic of that single act was, and always has been, indefinable, yet irrefutable!

Maggie gently ended that remarkably intimate kiss, and placing her lips to my ear, ever so softly whispered, “David, this is the real thing.” she stated, confidently, “I think you understand that now, don’t’ you. I don’t want you to fuck me, my Love, we’ll have a lifetime for that, I only ask that you make passionate love to me, here and now.” she said, gently pleading as we tenderly embraced.

She stroked my hair with a feather light touch as I lay blissfully on her shoulder. I never responded, or made eye contact after she finished speaking; I didn’t feel it was necessary. Intuitively, I knew she now perceived the full extent of my love for her, as I did hers for me. I simply lowered my head and, slowly this time, glided fluidly within her perfect body. Mags brought her legs up to the small of my back, locking her feet together, and elegantly draped her arms around my neck. It didn’t take very long for me to once more become fully erect.

The gravity of her words weighted heavily upon me as my movements became deliberate and increasingly passionate. Overwhelming lust gave way to subtler and more powerful emotions; the intimate coupling of our intertwined bodies, now forged an indissoluble bond of love, and understanding. The new sensations coursing through our bodies exponentially intensified our lovemaking. Moving steadily into this statuesque beauty, every nerve in my body responded to her slightest touch. I sensed the most minute ripple and contraction of her tight wet cannel as I continuously pumped her greedy orifice. Arching my back slightly upward I was able to afford myself a more advantageous position, in order to place my pubic bone in direct contact with her erect little clit. My hard member fully encased in her steaming tunnel, I ground into her clit with short forward thrusts, lifting my hips up and forward. Mags legs wrapped around the small of my back, had given me greater access to her vagina. The position allowed me to delve deeply into her warm wetness, and the minimal movement of my thrusts accentuated the silky-smooth sensitivity and pleasure of her velvet tunnel.

It was at this time that I made a wonderful discovery, which Maggie also enjoyed immensely. Continuing my grinding and forward thrusting, I moved an arm up to clasp one of her shoulders, in order to give me sufficient leverage as I ground into her clit. In doing so, I rolled her small rounded hips up, and slightly back, during one of my stronger forward movements, causing the head of my hard tool to encounter a smaller and tighter enclosure than the hot wet cavity I was so enthusiastically exploring. At first I thought I had imagined it, but on my second thrust I arched my back downward to get more of my baby maker into her, and contacted it quite easily.

Maggie immediately exclaimed, “Oooh, that was different.”

“Did I hurt you Sweetheart?” I quickly asked.

“Nooo. It was just different.” she replied, absently. “I’ve just never been touched there before, you big hunk of man.” she said seductively.

“Keep going Baby! I’ll tell you if you hurt Me.” she said encouragingly.

With that, I decided to place her legs in the crook of my elbows and lay atop her. This brought her hips up and back, placing her knees almost on the ground alongside her.

“Is this uncomfortable for you, with your heels almost behind your head?” I asked, considerately. “It looks uncomfortable.” I commented speculatively.

“No Baby Doll, I’m very flexible. I was a cheerleader you know.” she giggled.

“No, I didn’t know that.” I said. “I thought all cheerleaders were sluts?” I remarked, jokingly.

“Not this one, you big pussy Pounder!” she giggled wildly.

I plunged swiftly forward with the next thrust and hit the little opening once more; several inches of my manhood now outside my lover’s soaked entrance. “Hmmm!” I thought, “This position really lets me get into her little body. I don’t want to hurt her. Should I try it?”I asked myself, speculatively.

Maggie was squirming on my cock and softly moaning beneath me, so I decided to see if I could go in any further without causing her any pain. “She did say she’d let me know if I was hurting her.” I told myself. The small woman underneath me was growing more excited with every movement of my hard member; pushing onto it now grinding her hips frantically. I pulled out a little farther and thrust forward quickly expecting significant resistance, but to my surprise, after some initial opposition I could feel my rock hard appendage push past the little opening, clamping tightly shut around the head of my cock. Frankly, I couldn’t dislodge myself. Maggie squealed loudly when I broke through her deep little opening.

“Oooh, Love that feels fantastic! You are the best lover, and so good to me! I love you so much.” she said, giddy with desire.

“Aaah, Honey!?” I said, cautiously, “I’m, sort’a stuck.” I informed her, sheepishly, thinking she was going to freak out.

“Well, you poor man!” she said, mockingly compassionate. “You’ll just have to make me come like this then. That’ll teach you to have such a big woman pleaser.” she said, gaily.

“I’m glad She’s not worried about it!” I thought, somewhat flustered and surprised by her apparent lack of concern. “Well then, I better make this woman happy or she might trade me in.” I surmised, comically, thrusting into her again.

I really couldn’t pull out so I did my best to make her come with forward thrusts and grinding her clit. The fact was that her incessant moaning and the pinch of that tight little elastic ring grasping my cock head, were doing more to arouse me than anything else. Gradually, there was a subtle shift in the tone of Maggie’s soft moans, and the rhythm of her hip movement. “She’s almost there.” I conjectured, and increased my pace, thrusting harder into her writhing little body.

My thoughts were only of her and that nimble little body, as I was building to my own climax, when suddenly she grasped my head, jerking my mouth to hers, and delivered another one of her breathtakingly sensual kisses. “Damn, she and Ronnie can really kiss! It’s got be genetics.” I thought humorously.

She ended our kiss as quickly as she began it. Looking at me through gazed, passion filled, eyes she said, quite deliberately, “I want you to come in me.”

“Mags, are you on any birth control?” I questioned, soberly.

“You let me worry about that please. Just promise me you’ll come in me. Please, promise?” she asked pointedly.

“Well, well yeah, if it means that much to you.” I answered, in disbelief of my acquiescence concerning an action with potentially serious repercussions. “Wait! She didn’t say she wasn’t on the pill.” I thought sensibly. “On the other hand, there’s probably enough precum in her womb now to make six babies.” I rationalized, without much conviction.

Chapter 9

“Yes, yes, it means that much to me! Thank You! Thank you my Love!” she said, as she laid soft affectionate kisses along my cheeks and neck.

“You don’t know how much it really means, but I’ll explain someday, I promise.” she said earnestly.

“Okay, you sweet wonderful woman, I’m going to hold you to that!” I said with a smile.

With that, she clutched me as tightly as if I were a lifeline, and moved, farther onto my hard member. The mere promise that I would come in her had evidently greatly heightened her state of arousal and anticipation. Mags pulled me into her with increasing urgency, shifting her legs so her ankles rested on my shoulders. With a sliding motion, I pushed into her wet dripping body and moved pubic mound forward over her labia and clit. She was so damn wet the contact of my pubic bone sliding up and over her labia and clit, was making a slick slurping sound. Still unable to pull the head of my cock out of her tight inner cavity, I thrust forward and rocked on her sensitive spot. Even without full motion, my lovely partner felt absolute wonderful.

The first signs of orgasm came shortly after I felt the pressure beginning to build in my groin. The rapid increase in circumference of the shaft and head, and the familiar tightening of balls as they drew up against my body, with aching fullness; all a precursor to imminent discharge. Maggie clutched me harder, her vagina walls rippled and constricted, fiercely and irregularly, as her lithe body tensed. Her legs and abdomen became as taut as steel and her small body shuddered and wretched as the first waves of the orgasm swept over her.

With the perfunctory jolt of her petite figure, the first rapturous undulations of the climax beginning to overtake my beautiful lover. The muscles of her vagina constricted savagely, painfully enfolding my cock for a brief moment. Quickly recovering, I thrust harder and faster, her body still entrapping the head of my cock. With Maggie bucking and writhing beneath me, I place both arms under her back, grasping her shoulders, and thrust as hard and deep as I could into her tight undulating cunt. The head slipped farther past her little opening, inserting another inch or so of my manhood into her tight inner space. She instantly screamed and tried to thrust up to meet my plunge.


The orgasm didn’t deter my little girl; she begged me to keep going, which was not a dilemma for me. With the small amount of movement I was now afforded within her little love box, I slammed her as hard as I could manage. My face hovering a baby’s breath above hers, I watched as her head rolled lethargically from side to side, with the each movement of her small body, as I relentlessly pounded her sopping wet baby factory.

When it finally happened it came unbelievably fast. My balls abruptly tighten and drew up close to my body. The width and length of my penis rapidly increased and I felt a huge swiftly building pressure in my balls and scrotum; my body tensed to braking, legs and abdomen becoming rigid as stone.

She read the signs of my impending orgasm almost immediately, clasping her hands on the sides of my head to get my attention.

“Come in me Baby! I WANT YOU TO COME IN ME, PLEASE? I really want this, YOU HAVE TO COME IN ME LOVE! YOU HAVE TO, FOR ME? I want to feel your seed in my womb! I want you to fill me up! COME IN ME, PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE??” she pleaded with me, begging shamelessly.

I thought at the time it was needless for her beg like that. Frankly, I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was pointless since I was held firmly in place by her body. As if she willed it, her little baby maker refused to release my cock head, so I was going to come in her regardless.

Then, as if ordained, my entire body shuttered uncontrollably and jerked upward, followed by the surging pressure coming from deep within my groin, expelling thick hot sticky seed out of my body. The semen was as hot as molten lava, as it propelled with tremendous force up my vas tubes, down the urethra, and was powerfully ejected deeply within my wanting lover.

I groaned, as my body shuddered violently before I came, and then called out, “Oh My GAWD SWEETHEART! I’MMM COOMMMING IN YOUR SWEET, SWEET LITTLE CUNT!”


Maggie’s body shuttered fiercely. “Oh God, Baby! I’M COMMMING AGAINNNNN!!! OH GOD, YES! YES! I’M COMMMING WITH YOU! YOU ARE SOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOD TO MEEEEEEE!!” She cried out, tears streaming from the corner of her eyes.

“Oh My Beautiful Girl, I’m still COMMMMING in you, my sweet little baby doll.” I hoarsely muttered.

I think Mags came with me by force of will, combined with her uncontrollable excitement of having me come in her. As for me, I don’t know if it was the love I had for her, or the first time I’d every had a woman, but I came very hard and for a very long time. I’ve never experienced, since that time, anything quite like that first time with Maggie. I shot many, many smaller loads into her as I continued to pump her, and it’s the only time that I’ve ever had two orgasms within minutes of each other.

When I began to come she leaned up and quickly kissed me. It felt like I pushed well past where I had previously been, in the rush of pleasure that cascaded over me. The first load of cum I put into her was huge and I continued to thrust as I came. Another large load shot into her body, and then another, and another, with every thrust. She felt so good; I pushed harder, then faster, and more cum was injected into her little body. After a minute or so of thrusting into her, I could still feel cum flowing into that luscious body through my hard tool, although it wasn’t spurting out now. “Geez!” I thought, “Where is it all coming from?” The head of my love maker remained lodged in this beautiful woman, and I could feel my own seed squishing against the head as I pushed past her little tight spot. This really turned me on! I was aroused again, and while never softening, it hardened to granite once I heard my little Sweetheart screaming she was coming with me, again. “She sure can come!” I thought, admiringly. At that, my cock went into high gear and slammed her pussy as hard it could go. Without a lot of travel, I did the best I could to get her off once more as she continued fucking me. Maggie’s a dynamo!

I began pulling out a little harder as I thrust in her, in the hopes she would release the head, but no such luck. What did happen was that Maggie would let out a little guttural grunt and moan, each time I pulled back roughly again my captor. She was holding me firmly, but I was stretching her to the limit.

“Oh God Honey, that’s an incredible feeling. I’ve never felt like this before” she said, between grunts. “Keep doing that, oooh, don’t stop, you little Horney Toad!” she said huskily.

My dick was working that little elastic ring for all it was worth. Basically, because I loved to watch her face and listen to those dainty lady-like grunts coming from her beautiful little mouth. So, I concentrated on making her moan like a slut and come at least one more time.

It wasn’t long before my efforts were rewarded. Mags had been continuously moaning when I pulled out hard against her love grip and slammed back into her. This elicited a loud “Ooooh! Baby!” So, I really pulled out hard, still stuck fast, and rammed roughly back into that little body. “Oooooh, Don’t stop!” she pleaded. “If a little is good, a lot is better!” I thought, and started in on her like a jackhammer. It was nonstop hard slamming for a minute or so, and then I felt another orgasm coming on. Amazed, I said aloud, “I can’t believe I’m going to come again!” Once Maggie heard that, she shuttered, bucked violently, and came hard without a sound. She just tensed, bucked, and collapsed, after about thirty seconds, and was over as quickly as it started. I was a about ten seconds behind her, and as I started to come again, she pulled her ankles down to her ears and relaxed her body, never taking her beautiful green eyes off my face. Fixed on those emerald green eyes, I came as hard as the first time, although not quite as long. Load after load of cum emptied into my lover’s little belly, and the longer I thrust, the more cum that would empty into her. After four or five minutes of stroking her lovely cunt, I couldn’t feel any additional cum leaking out so I stopped and rested. The head of my cock though, felt like it was completed submerge in cum. There seems to be a little resistance now as I probe inward. “I must have completely filled her up in there.” I thought proudly.

Still gazing into my face, as if she could see what I was thinking, Maggie said, “Yep! It’s what you think Lover. You’ve completely filled up my “far place”. I can feel the pressure of your hot seed against the walls, bursting the seams to escape. The only thing keeping it from shooting out is your big cock stuck in me. My God, it feels great!” she proclaimed, happily.

“Wait a minute; Your What?” I asked, dumbfounded.

As we lay there, our bodies dripping with sweat, she said, “What??”

I tried to extricate myself from my female version of Chinese handcuffs, but amazingly, I hadn’t gone limp; it just wasn’t happen’in. So, to get my weight off this little wisp of a thing, I placed an arm under the small of her back, lifted her up and rolled over placing her on top of me. She giggled and hugged me when I lay down.

“Mags, I still can’t pull out of you, sorry! Now, what about this far place? What are you talking about?” I asked again.

She kissed me passionately once more and leisurely rested her breasts on my chest, letting me support her full weight. I promptly received another big hug then she looked up at smiling. Her cheeks were flushed and rosy, easily identifiable, even in the flickering lantern light. It would have been obvious to ever the most casual observer that this woman was happy and content, and had that “freshly fucked” look written all over her face. After squirming against me for a short while, she put her chin on her hands, resting on my chest, and looked at me.

“Are you lying on the grass or our clothes?” she asked me inquisitively.

“The grass, why?” I asked suspiciously.

“Oh! Well…” she began. Then her eyes widened and a big smile crossed her face, as I felt warm liquid cascade down my cock, run out onto my abdomen, down and around my balls, and into the crack of my ass.

“OOOPS!” she said sheepishly, “Sorry! I had to go and we’re still stuck together, so I thought...” she stopped abruptly. Another hot stream of fluid poured out of her and spilled over me once more.

“Gee! I must have really had to go!” she giggled, bouncing on my embedded cock. “You are still hard my Eveready Man!” She said with a girlish smile, continuing to ride my cock.

“God, I’m not getting limp and this is just making me hotter.” I thought feverishly.

“Yes, I am still hard Sweetheart, and what you just did made me even harder.” I said, smiling slyly, “Can you help me out one more time?” I asked casually.

“You better believe it my giant Tootsie Roll!” she said, with an exaggerated drawl. “Did it really make you hot when I peed on you??” she asked eagerly.

“Yes, I have to admit it did.” I replied, “The second time was even more of a turn-on.” I added.

“Great! I’ve had a fantasy about doing that for the longest time, and I feel so close to you, well you know. I was hoping you wouldn’t get mad at me though.” she said shyly.

I pulled her down and kissed her deeply for a long moment. She hugged me tightly, sat up and batted her eyes putting her index finger to her mouth innocently, and let go of another stream of her fluid one last time. She must have really had to go, because she urinated for a good fifteen seconds before drying up. If there’s anyone that can urinate on you and make it a totally sensual experience, it’s Maggie.

The little minx gave me a wink and laid her chest on mine moving back against me as I started thrusting in her. This entire episode had made me rock hard and very horny. There I was, looking up into the face of an angel that loved me dearly, pounding away at her and she was loving every minute of it! Mags couldn’t come again, but you’d never know it by the way she aggressively humped my cock. She loves to watch my face while we make love. That day was no different, as she gazed longingly into my eyes and spoke on and on of how much she loved me, and how beautiful and sexy I was. So, laying there with her atop me, using her sexiest voice to whisper loving nothings in my ear, my arousal rapidly intensified to a crescendo.

My cock head was still meeting resistance from my own cum, packed tightly within her furthest reach; and Maggie was diligently working me over with her vagina muscles, squeezing and teasing my hard member mercilessly. That little devil is psychic at times, and she looked me dead in the eyes, as I was admittedly enjoying her shamelessly, and said, “big boy you’re coming. Now, fill my womb and make me a baby!” she said without an ounce of emotion or hesitation. Those words registered with me, but at that moment I didn’t care, I came, and I came hard! Very hard!

“Oh Gawd Mags! HEREEEE COMMMMMMMMMMS YOUR BABYYYYYYY!!!!” I shouted, pumping another huge load into her.

I pumped and pumped more cum into this very small lady. So much of my bodily fluid had been forced into her over the last few hours, I was surprised her little stomach didn’t pooch out mimicking a pregnancy. I stroked her twenty or thirty more times to be certain she had it all, and collapsed under her. My Maggie is wonderfully unabashed; she sat up and moved her hips around on my dick as it stayed hard.

“My Eveready Man, how can you stay so hard for so long?” she asked playfully.

Before I could answer, she continued. “Thank you God! Now I can throw away my vibrators! Think of the money I’ll save on batteries.” She said, giggling uncontrollably. Between you and Ronnie, I’ll never need another vibrator, ever!” she asserted, continuing to giggle uninhibitedly.

“I really do love this woman.” I thought to myself, deliriously.
I lay there for some time recovering; however, my cock was still in a perpetually hard state, for some damn reason. Not that I was complaining about being lodged in a beautiful woman. Since we apparently weren’t going anywhere, I broached the subject once more.

“Okay, don’t avoid the question this time.” I said, in mock sternness, “What the heck is this far place?” I asked determinedly.

Mags tried standing; testing to see if we could uncouple; to no avail. I don’t know what was keeping it up! It had to be her; my body was in madly in love with hers, was all I could think.

“Well, you see,” Maggie began, “it’s like this,” she paused, lying down, wrapping her arms around my neck, and tenderly kissing me, “what you are so tightly wedged in” “More like vice gripped!” I interjected. She continued, her face donning a comical frown, “is my cervix; a less technical term for it is womb.” She said, instructively. “Which I might add, you have so graciously filled to overflowing with gallons of your wonderful seed!” she commented, smiling broadly.

“I can feel how full I am even now.” she said proudly, “You are the best, my Love!” she remarked, beaming cheerfully.

Chapter 10

Okay, I admit it! As much as I believed I loved this woman, at this point, a pall of emotional numbness had enveloped me.

“I need to go to college and take care of her.” was my first thought. “This meant I’d have to find a job somewhere around the university, and find an affordable place for us to live. Not an easy task in itself.” I exclaimed silently. “And, the big sticking point! I wasn’t ready for a baby just yet.” I considered, as butterflies tap danced in my stomach. “But what I’d like really didn’t matter if she was pregnant. We’d make the best of it. I did love her and damn it, I’d be a great Dad!” I mulled this over, optimistically. “Lastly, what were we going to tell Ronnie?” I thought, grimacing, as all of the realities came crashing down around me. Truthfully, I was definitely unprepared for this revelation! Frantically, my mind raced to analyze the myriad of possibilities, and the repercussions, of what impregnating this gorgeous example of womanhood, could ultimately signify.

As I contemplated the issues before me, Maggie cupped her hands around the curve of my cheeks; attempting to both comfort and console. Reflexively, I glanced up, our twin sets of emerald green eyes meeting empathetically; hers mesmerizing me with that tender, affectionate, gaze. In our nearness, her delicate breath fell warmly upon my lips, as we lay there, no one speaking. The gentle rise and fall that signified our breathing became one, in perfect unanimity with one another, our eyes coalescing in a non-verbal articulation of both love and apprehension. Maggie’s voice sliced through the pregnant silence, speaking softly, with cautious determination, as she began.

“I love you. I truly love you. You know that don’t you!?” she said, a statement of fact more than a question. “God, I pray that you love me just a tenth as much as I love you. I have had only two true loves in my life; you and Ronnie. Anything and everything other than you two, is inconsequential and irrelevant for me. I love you with all my heart and soul and I want you to believe that! You have to believe that my Love! I have to make you believe that!” she said, piteously.

“I have to be honest and tell you that as much as I love Ronnie, there’s something very special between the two of us that I can’t explain. I don’t know what happened tonight but it was something wonderful, and genuine, and real. I feel it here” she touched her heart, “and here.” She placed the palm of her hand over her womb. “Didn’t you feel it? Didn’t it touch you tonight??” she asked, her eyes hopeful and pleading.

“Yes Mags, I did.” I said, fighting to control my emotions, “It was wonderful, and amazing, and for that brief moment I felt like our souls has come together and joined. The sense of you is still with me. It’s like I’m carrying a part of you around with me now. I don’t understand what happened; at first I thought I just imagined it; however, I can’t explain away the awareness that some part of you is in here.” I said, pointing to my heart. “I feel you within me like a brightly burning light in the darkness. It’s impossible for me to explain it any better than that. But, I can say with certainty that I love you more than my own life! I don’t know how to show you that, so you’ll just have to take my word for it, I guess!” I explained, lightly stroking her cheek and running my hard through her full auburn hair.

“Will you tell me the truth if I ask you something?” she asked cautiously, her face impassive and unreadable now.

Hesitating pensively, I replied, “I’ll never lie to you Maggie; you have my word on that! However, don’t ask me a question you don’t want to know the answer to, okay!? I never want to hurt you unnecessarily, but I won’t lie even if I know it could. Those are the ground rules.” I said firmly.

“Fair enough, Boss Man!” she quipped, although her expression did not match the tone.

“You’re upset about the baby aren’t you!” she said, grimacing, “You’re afraid I’m pregnant!?” she said, rhetorically. “And, you think I’ve tricked you into getting me pregnant, don’t you?” she stated, more then asked.

“Maggie, since we’re being honest here, which is a good start to this relationship, I’ll tell you what I think.” I remarked, impassively.

“The fact that you didn’t tell me you could become pregnant, while pleading with me to come inside you, wasn’t quite kosher!” I snapped, watching tears well up in her beautiful eyes. “However, I had a choice, and your little omission concerning birth control was less than convincing, so I’m as culpable as you are in the matter.” I stated, dispassionately. “What I’m saying is, I came in you knowing there was the possibility of impregnating you; then I proceeded to come in you twice more after you expressed your desire to have a baby. I think, under the circumstances, it would be extremely disingenuous of me to blame you. Don’t you!?” I asked, rhetorically.

“Truthfully, as serious as this has become, I think we should talk about living together while I’m at the university.” I continued. “I have an offer from Georgia Tech and Ronnie’s going to be working in Atlanta, so it sounds like the perfect arrangement; we could all live together. But, I’d be lying if I said the possibility of having a baby didn’t scare the hell out of me right now.” I said earnestly.

“Maggie, I’d love to have a child with you, once I’ve finished my degree, and we were in a better position to support one.” I began, “But, it does scare me, and it would be very hard for us, even if the three of us lived together. I would have to work and carry a full load, to keep my scholarships. And engineering school is not a piece of cake. It would be a struggle and difficult for both of us.” I said softly. “Also, what will Ronnie think about all of this!?” I asked thoughtfully, “He may not be ready to deal with you, me, and a child.” I said flatly. “That’s a big responsibility for anyone.” I remarked.

“For the sake of argument, What if I’m pregnant?” she asked defensively, “Am I going to be a part of your life, or just some woman you slept with? I just want to now before I get hurt. At least I can be prepared for it.” she said flatly, her face awash with anguish, despite her effort to hide her emotions.

“Mags, if you’re pregnant, I’ll be ecstatic!” I responded with a spreading smiling, “We’ll celebrate, make love again and plan how we’re going to deal with the cost, school, and all of those incidentals that we’ll have to deal with. That’s it!” I said nonchalantly. “I love you and I’m definitely not going to run out on you and my child, for goodness sake!” I said, mildly irritated. “We’ll just take it a day at a time, and get through it. By the way, I thought you were the infallible expert concerning what kind of character I had!?” I remarked sarcastically.

“I am, and I know, you big dummy! I just wanted to hear you say it!!” she said gleefully. “Don’t worry, you’ll prove it to along the way, but remember this conversation. You’ll see I’m right about you!” she exclaimed.

“Boy, I can see this is going to be really tough, and I’m going to have to make some big adjustments. But she’s worth it!” I thought, with a modicum of burgeoning optimism.

“Mags, the only thing I’m really worried about is telling my Mom and your family!” I said, nervously.

“You don’t need to worry about telling my family a damn thing, my Love!! I wouldn’t subject you to that collection of low lifes, EVER!” she said vehemently. “My big cuddly Pooh Bear,” she began sweetly, “you’ll NEVER, EVER have to deal with those SCUMBAGS!!” she was angrily shouting now, pure hatred creeping into her demeanor.

Maggie collapsed hugging me tightly. I wrapped my arms around her and realized that tears were falling onto my chest and had begun to lazily roll down the sides of my upper body.

“Mags, please tell me you’re not worried about me abandoning you now?” I asked apprehensively.

“No Sweetheart, not in the least. I’m crying because I’m just so happy. You and Ronnie are the most wonderful men in the world. There aren’t many that are!” she said, disgustedly.

This was a side of that beautiful and tender person that I hadn’t seen. I wondered what elicited such hostility from this normally gentle, loving, woman. “I hope I never found out.” I thought. “It’s has to be something really terrible that happened to her.” I decided.

She raised her head and looked at me with one raised eyebrow, “Do you go to bed with an erection?” she giggled, back to her old self. “You’re still hard and I can’t get off of you.” she said, giggling harder.

“I guess I can’t control that darn thing” I laughed. “Most men can’t!” she quipped, her eyes gleaming mischievously.

Her giggling was accompanied by the sensation of her urine flowing freely down the shaft of my hard member, over my abdomen and balls, and spilling out on the ground beneath me. I was beginning to thoroughly enjoy our water sports. “We better get plastic sheets.” I thought, making another mental note for future reference. She was beaming with happiness and I wished I could always see her like this. But, I knew the reality of life, so I held on to the moments I could and tucked them away for later, when I needed them.

“I love you so much!” she said contently, “I’m so fortunate and happy to have you and Ronnie; I love you both so much. I’m happier than I’ll ever deserve to be.” she said reflectively.

“That was a strange thing to say.” I thought.’

“Well, I don’t think so Mags!! The import of Ronnie’s words, assailing the darkness.


From the moment Maggie first leaned in and kissed me with the entirety of her heart and soul, she unknowingly set in motion a succession of events that would ultimately shape all our lives, and those we touched; inexorably and irretrievably altering our destinies.

In introspect, that fateful kiss kindled something deeply inherent within me, long suppressed. And, in that pivotal moment as our lips met, the repressed anger, resentment, and frustration, fostered by a lifetime of mediocrity and abuse, was swept away; dispelled in the interaction of raw sexual energy and the fervent love we shared for one another. The malady of the soul that I was heretofore oblivious of, and had perpetually influenced my life, inexplicably ceased to exist, that early summer day. Unfettered at last, I became aware; the beginnings of a metamorphosis upon me. And with full knowledge, that in the fullness of time, the butterfly would emerge from its cocoon, stretch its wings, and fly; freed at last, to explore le possibilités ad infinitum.

In the end, the miraculous transformation that was to come had been irrevocably set in motion, simply as a consequence of the abiding love of two very special human beings.

It is with love and joy for them that I affectionately chronicle our enduring journey to the “far place”. A place of grace and light we all possess; where love, and joy, and compassion reside, carefree, devoid of our profoundly darker natures. And, where the well-spring of wonderment and childish innocence gushes forth; chaste and untouched, uninhibited by the cynicism of this world, nor the denigration of time, it perseveres.

And what I discovered there? Well, that remains a telling for another day…

The series will continue with: The Long Hot Summer – Three for the Road

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