The Lift

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It was late afternoon, I was still at work, daydreaming. Thinking of how my lover would caress and kiss my body all over that night. Just then my boss walked in giving me a large document to type. Damn, I wanted to get home early. I wanted to surprise my fiancé by lying with his choice of favorite lingerie on the bed when he got home. 

So much for that fantasy, I got on the phone and called my fiancé to tell him I would be late at work. He said he would see me at home. I started to type the document, cursing my boss. I could have been home making love to my lover. It was about half past eight when security called me from down stairs, they said that there was a strange man asking for me. Not knowing what to expect, I got up, walked down the hall and entered the lift. 

My heart was pounding. Who could this strange man be? Why would he be looking for me at this time of night? As the lift opened I got out, not knowing what to expect. As I walked towards reception, I got a huge fright when a man jumped out from behind the wall. He had a dozen long stemmed red roses in front of his face, when he lowered then a familiar face was revealed…. My fiancé! He decided to surprise me at work. We walked towards the lift and got in, the whole way in the lift I wondered what it would be like to have sex in a lift. 

As we got to the office, he pulled up a chair and sat beside me. I felt so frustrated not being able to make love to him. I rushed to finish the document. The moment I pressed the print command his hand was going towards my pussy. What was he up to?
I could feel my wetness and see the bulge in his pants. He wanted to have sex, right there and then. I pushed all the files from my desk to the floor. I gave him one lusty look, got on the table and spread my legs. 

He came towards me, kissed me and went down on his knees. I knew what was to follow, a deep muffing. He lifted my skirt up, around my waist. He pulled me closer and started to tease my clit with his tongue. I was so wet and so horny. I wanted him right there and then. I said: “Eat me, I want you to eat me.” He sucked on my clit harder and then he fixed his attention on my wet warm hole. He probed his tongue in and out. “Deeper!”
Suddenly he just stopped. 

A small pause and then 2 fingers dove into my pussy, it felt so good. I was at the point of screaming at the top of my lungs, when he pulled out his fingers and inserted a better sensation, his cock was penetrating the edge of my pussy. He put the tip in and extracted a little. Then in a little more and out a little. “Fuck my pussy, I want it, I want it so bad, I can’t take it anymore!” He worked his cock in inch by inch, then out. Then all of a sudden when I least expected, he rammed his cock deep inside me. 
“Oh that feels so good!” “Don’t stop” “Fuck me baby, fuck me” “I want it so bad!”
He stopped again. 
“What’s wrong?” 
“There is someone at the door” 
“Miss are you ok?”
“Damn it’ that security guard.” 
“Quickly get dressed”
“We’re fine thank you”
“We’ll be leaving shortly, I just want to get my printing work from the printing room”
“That’s ok miss, take your time”
Damn just when I was about to cum that stupid security guard walked in!

We left straight away. I wanted to get home, I needed to cum so bad. 
Driving home I kept on thinking of having sex in that lift. 
I got home before my fiancé, as I unlocked the house my fiancé pulled in. 
“I see you’re a bit of a turtle when it comes to driving”.
“You’re very brave saying that standing over there”
“So what are you going to do about it?”
“Come here and I’ll show you”
“You’ll have to catch me first”

As I ran into the house, I ran straight to the bedroom. By the time I got to the room my shirt and skirt were halfway off I dropped them to the floor and jumped on the bed. 
When my fiancé stepped into the room, I was on the bed with only a g-string and a bra. 
“Now that’s how I like you, ready to be fucked”
“So what are you waiting for?”
He pounced on me like a wild cat. He started kissing me and he took one breast in his hands. I knew he was now going to suck it, just like a baby. And so he did. 
Oh that feels good! He started moving down, kissing my tummy, licking around my navel. 
“No stop! I just want you to fuck the living daylights out of me now, I can’t take it anymore!”
“Ok, whatever you want honey.”
So he moved on top of me and started working that hard, warm cock into me. 
“Faster, faster”
“Pump it, pump it harder!”
“Wait, I’ll get on top and then I can ride you in my ass.”
He loves fucking me in my ass. He was on his back in a matter of seconds. 
“Good, are you ready?”
“Oh yeah baby!”
I sat on him taking his cock with my hand guiding it into my pussy, just so the juices would wet it. Once it was wet, I gently pushed it back towards my ass. I always love a 
ass fuck. It was a little tight at first, but then it just glided in. Inch by inch until his cock was completely covered by my sweet, tight ass

I started riding him, it was so nice, and I just had to stop myself from coming. 
I started pumping harder until I couldn’t stop my orgasm anymore. 
“I’m cumming!”
“Me too”
“Oh yes, oh yes cum in my ass. You know that’s what I like”
“It feels so good”
I kissed him and got off for a shower. That was good sex. I still wondered the next day what it would be like having sex in that lift. 

I phoned my fiancé to meet me at work that evening. It was dead quiet, just as the previous night. With one difference the security guard fell asleep in his chair. So we wouldn’t be interrupted tonight. 

When my fiancé arrived I told him that I was almost finished. 
“We could always stay here and do the same as last night”
“Boring, besides I have another plan in store for you”
“You’ll have to wait and see” 
I gathered all my things and locked the door behind us. We walked down the hall to the lift. I knew exactly what to do. I pressed the lift button. 
“What are you up to?”
“Just watch and learn”
We got inside the lift and I flipped the elevator switch, the lift couldn’t move up or down and the doors were not able to open. 
I walked over to my fiancé and I started kissing him. 

“What’s going on?”
“I want to fuck you, right here, right now.”
“Here?” “Now?”
By this time I had his pants unzipped and his shirt was unbuttoned. 
He started to caress my thighs. He then moved his attention to my breasts. 
He held each breast and lightly squeezed.
“Oh I like that”
I kissed him for about a minute and then moved to his crotch. I lowered his pants more. 
I pulled the boxers down and his cock sprung free from its ‘trap’. I slowly moved my mouth to the tip of his cock. I took it in one hand and circled my tongue around the head. 
Then I started to suck on the head of the cock. He really liked that, me too. 

He suddenly went down on his knees in front of me, started kissing me and after our lips parted he said “I want to make love to you”
I whispered in his ear “Yes”

He laid me down in the elevator and moved on top of me. His cock found its way to my cunt in no time. 
“Make love to me”
He started pumping slowly and then a little faster. 
Then he was pumping me as hard as he could until he came inside me. 
Exhausted, but we both were in ecstasy. My fantasy had been fulfilled and he ruptured like a volcano inside of me. 
We both got dressed and from the lift we went straight to our cars and drove home seeing who would be there first. That was a night I would never forget.

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