The Lamia

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Upon the bleak Scottish moors in winter a single wanderer seeks solace from the storm. What he stumbles upon looks to be simple good hearted assistance but there is more to this refuge than meets the eye.

*** It is in the bosom of a woman that the ray of the Divine splendor will receive human form. (Vedangas).

Empty Moors.

The Scottish moors are bright with purple heather in the late autumn. Two months later the color is gone and the cold grips the huddled hawthorn and heather. The wind blows, cutting through to the bone over the lonely stretches of wasteland that seems to belong to no one. Occasional gusts carry snow that is too impatient to settle. It just wisps across the browning reeds and bare heather.

Sheep farms cling to the landscape like grey huddles of weathered stone. Some of them are just the shells of abandoned ruins whilst others still contain warmth and succor for the farmers that watch over this grim land. But sanctuary is few and far between. It is seldom that those cottages and bothies are inhabited now in this twenty first century.

Some-whiles, hill walkers from the lowlands and cities stride along the dogleg tracks and weaving roads, intent on their next halting place and wondering how it was that they left the well trodden heights to wander in the featureless morass of reeds and heather. Then all is quiet again, a place of buried secrets, furtive concealment and self sufficient society.

Under a heavy sky and whipped by knife-like wind, Brian stood by the grey stone monolith and wondered which direction to go. Basically there were three possibilities. Choose a direction and stick to it, put up his tent and wait for morning light or backtrack to find the road that he had left at the very least five miles behind.

To be frank, none of them were in the least bit enticing and he cursed the moment that he had decided to split from the rest of his party and take a short cut. Once again he pulled the map from his pack, and the compass and tried to fix his position with some degree of certitude. But it was already getting dark. The clouds blanketed the light and visibility was dropping to the point where the familiar peaks, hills and features of the bare landscape were merging into an umbra of uncertain dimensions.

Brian had stood only ten minutes but already it was almost too dark to see more than a hundred yards. He decided to seek out a dell; a shallow depression sheltered from the wind and pitch his tent. As he walked, stumbling over clumps of heather and splashing through brown seepings and mud, he felt the first drops of the coming rainstorm.

Then he found himself on a track. Not a sheep path cut into the heather but the slightly overgrown double track of vehicles. Hoisting his pack higher, Brian tried to decide which way was the best way. But his hands were too cold to root the compass back out of his pack and the wind would have torn the map from his grasp.

Mentally he tossed a coin and headed left. For a mile the track wandered, seeking out the contours as the rain became sheets of cold water that lashed Brian and ran in rivulets down his back as it penetrated his waterproof coat and brought cold to chill his flesh.

Suddenly he saw light through the grey rain. A sliver of steady electric light that beckoned him on into an overgrown farmyard. Several stone buildings stood roofless around an area overgrown with hawthorn and grass. With a stumble Brain went to the door of the lit cottage and knocked with his knuckles on the weathered wood. It seemed to him that the wind must have carried away the sound but the door opened and light flooded into the yard.

A middle aged woman waved him into the house and Brian stumbled in as he was beckoned.


The cottage had seemed almost like a ruin in the dark of the moors but inside it showed a modern face. Snug and comfy the room was lit by a small chandelier and warmed by a fire in the hearth.

"Thank you so very much, the weather is getting nasty," said Brian as he turned to look at the woman who had opened the door.

She was as tall as him, in her late forties and might have had a generous figure but it was hidden under her tweed jacket and skirt.

"Not a good night to be on the Heatherstone Moor," she smiled. "Foolish in fact, very foolish."

"I know," he replied. "I lost my way..."

"Not the first, I'll warrant," she said. "I am Elspeth, Elspeth French, or at least that is the name that you can call me by.

"Hello, I am Brian. I hesitate to impose on you but I wonder if you could offer me a place to doss down for the night. I'm not sure that my tent will hold out in this weather."

As if to emphasize the point the wind whistled around the cottage and rattled the shutters in its grip.

"Of course, how very romantic! The lonely woman succors the stricken, lost traveler as the storm gathers in the northern sky," she said as she helped him lower his pack to the ground and strip off his coat.

Brian nodded his agreement and wondered what this woman was doing alone living in one of the most remote parts of the moors.


Elspeth proved to be a welcoming host. Whilst Brian slipped off his wet boots and changed his sopping trousers she disappeared into another room. He could hear the clatter of pans and plates as he finally managed to change. He peeped through the crack in the door to see her making a meal.

From behind he could appreciate her full figure. Wide hips and generous waist. the jacket that she had worn was draped over the back of a chair allowing him to see her starched blouse and occasionally the profile of large rounded breasts and slender neck.

As Elspeth worked, she whistled through her teeth, fully taken with the task in hand. Brian felt a little uncomfortable at his imposing on her so he retreated into the living room and had a little look around.

He noted that though there were a couple of paintings on the walls there was not a single photograph. No ornaments, knick knacks, horse brasses or candlesticks adorned the walls or surfaces. The room was comfortable but devoid of personal touches. A writing desk brooded in the corner of the room and a closed laptop computer sat as the only item on its polished surface.

Brian relaxed a little and sat in front of the blazing fire. He could feel the heat warming his bones and felt a tiredness that came from within that overwhelmed him like a soft blanket.

Elspeth, once more wearing her jacket, entered the room and set a bowl of soup before the weary Brian.

"I think that this will warm you through," she said as she placed the tray on his lap. As she did so she planted a little kiss on his forehead.

Brian thanked her and started on the soup. It was a thick broth, salty and strong and was accompanied by thick wedges of crusty bread.

"Thanks," he mumbled as he finished it off.

Elspeth did not eat. She sat intently watching him, silently from another armchair. When he finished she took the plate from him and planted another kiss on his forehead.

"You must be so tired," she said. "Do you want your bed?"

Brian nodded. He felt weary and spent. He followed Elspeth into a small bedroom where she pulled back the covers on the old fashioned metal framed bed and said, "Sleep well, Brian."

'I think that she fancies me,' thought Brian as she brushed his lips with hers. 'Elspeth is not unattractive, in a sort of motherly way.'

The tweed was a little too middle-aged and she was not so much attractive as striking. Her figure promised much but she was not trim or slender the way that Brian's girlfriend was. Elspeth was more solid and sexual.

'Firm and plentiful,' he thought as he drifted into the regions of dream.

As he did so, as his thoughts touched on Elspeth he felt a stirring. An awakening in his loins. An erection gathered strength and pushed the sheets into a tent. Brian could feel the strongest erection that he had ever had. His prick was like cast iron as his hands investigated the rod of his cock with startled hands. His heart was beating strongly and a pulse made itself felt in his head as he wondered at his loss of control.

His right hand massaged the stiff organ and pulled slightly at it. As his hand slid down his shaft he thought of Elspeth and wondered how he had become fixed on her so strongly.

Now fully awake he decided to rid himself of his feelings with a slow wank as one hand held the covers from the sensitive tip the other ran along the shaft, building up the pressure.

As he approached the peak he heard a sound and opened his eyes to see Elspeth standing in the doorway. The broad smile on her face showed her appreciation of his sexual activity as she entered the room to join Brian.

A Dark and Stormy Night.

Brian thought that he would lose his erection in shock at Elspeth's entrance but his prick just strained in his hand tenting the sheets over his naked form.

"I think that you are just what I need tonight and it looks like I am what you need..." she whispered as she reached down and lifted the sheets. "Rampant. Fucking gorgeous. I must have you..."

He lay in shock as she admired his naked body. One hand grasped his cock, the other moved as if to cover himself and then fell to the bed as if realising that modesty was wasted.

Elspeth climbed onto the bed and sat astride his body. "You know that you need it," she said as her hand raised the hem of her skirt over her stocking tops and allowed him to see her push her panties to reveal the lips of her hungry slit for a brief moment.

Her sex hung over his as she waited for a moment. Brian was in too deep, but not deep enough. His hand guided the tip of his prick to touch her soft flesh. It was almost an involuntary action but Elspeth took it as the signal to begin. With a small movement she revealed the condom that she had concealed in her hand and rolled it over his straining flesh.

She sank her body to meet his; the lips of her sex pushed his hand down the shaft of his cock and pushed his straining erection into her body. Brian felt himself being sucked in. He tried to reach for her breasts as he moaned but her strong hands pushed his hands to the mattress.

Now she had swallowed him all. Every inch of his massive prick was rooted in her belly, her knees moved to settle and trap his hands as she allowed her full weight to rest on her young lover.

Brian moaned. He could feel the tight clasp and suction as she moved and quivered. Her hands played with his nipples for a moment, strumming them and then drifting to his mouth.

He wanted to speak, wanted to moan, wanted to express his passion but her fingers closed his lips whilst her hips started to move. Slightly side to side. Imperceptibly up and down. Her body found a rhythm that made Elspeth shudder. That just added to his tension.

She built up the movement slowly. Brian felt that he could not come. He was a rod, a dildo for her to pleasure herself on. He could feel a rushing in his ears that presaged orgasm but the peak just never came. The heights remained at a distance, allowing Elspeth to extract the pleasure he gave in full measure.

Now she was plunging on his prick. Every motion pulled him and pushed him into her like a piston. She cried in pleasure as one of her hands found her pussy. She helped herself to his body while she reamed her own. She bent and bit him, she kissed his mouth when he tried to speak and she gripped him with her thighs.

Her other hand frantically guided him and twisted his straining prick but still he could not come. Still he was rigid and an impaling tool but the orgasm escaped him. Finally she slumped over him after a shuddering final orgasm. His nipples were marked with the imprints of her teeth. Long scratches scored his pale flesh and her lipstick was smeared over his face.

But despite the violence and the unrestrained passion he had not come. The release had escaped him and he was left, firm and unfulfilled, buried to the hilt in her warm embrace.

Elspeth moaned and slid a little on him as though testing whether or not she could go again.

"You have to come for me lover," she moaned as she slowly got into motion, sliding on his pole with a smooth motion. "It is required."

Brian still felt like a rock. His prick was as stiff as glass as she pleasured herself on him.

"I need to come," he gasped. "Please make me come!"

Elspeth smiled slyly and slid off his prick. With a twist she turned to face his feet, still astride his quivering body. Her ankles pinned his shoulders whilst her shoes framed his face. The hem of her skirt fell to cover her thighs as she slowly pulled off the condom and massaged his erection with the palms of her hands.

Now he finally felt as though he was moving towards orgasm. Brian groaned and bucked slightly as one of her hands gripped his balls as the other slowly fucked him with firm controlling strokes.

Deep within he could feel that first urgent movement that told of coming climax. Her hand had found that slow speed, but deep stroke, that promised a fast orgasm but Brian needed slow. The pleasure was too overwhelming and he was in the grip of an expert.

"Am I going too fast for you darling?" whispered Elspeth knowing full well that he was in her power whilst the sex lasted. His breathing, his moans and the way that he tried to delay signaled that he was hers. There was no way that she was going to let him escape without binding him by cords of lust.

"God no, yes! Slow down, please, please," he said as he writhed under her.

Elspeth knew that the drug on the condom which had delayed him by making him less sensitive would be losing its potency but that the Viagra that she had administered with the soup was going to last a while longer yet so she had to decide how to proceed. Slow, slow, quick quick then slow.

She shuffled back, sliding the dark tent of her skirt over his face. Now he was in darkness, the tops of her bare thighs enveloped him and forced his face into the satin of her panties whilst one hand worked his prick and the other slid to his ass.

The squeal of his coming sounded from under her skirt as she pulled his cock back tightly. The fingers of her other hand pressed against the base of his cock and closed all possibility of him spilling his cum. He felt a strange surge as he ejaculated into his bladder, Elspeth was in control.

As he relaxed after the climax he found that he was smothered in the moist perfumed world of Elspeth's thighs. It was delicious, never before had he been allowed into that intimate area of a woman and allowed to soak in the warmth, the scent and the soft flesh. It felt right, it felt good and overwhelmingly he felt an affection for the woman that he had fucked but never seen other than fully clothed.

His prick was still rampant, a tower that promised Elspeth more joy as she turned again to settle on the erection with a slither of her hips and a lifting of the gusset of her panties.

Once again he was inside her, pressing against her clitoris with the root of his cock as she took her leisurely pleasure of his body. She knew full well that he would be able to fuck her for at least another hour before the Viagra faded and his cock lost its rigidity.

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