The Jaylynn Chronicles: The Truth about Last night

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My aunt Debbie is by far my favorite aunt. She's one of those really cool aunts. I can remember when i was younger me and my friends would stay at her house and she would buy us alcohol, plus she smokes weed. What cool aunt doesent.

One day i was talking with her on the phone, it had been so long since i had spoken with her. She was coming into town and was going to stay with us for the weekend. I was so excitted to see her again. It had been a few years since she moved to dallas i missed her so much.

The day she got here i was out back in the swimming pool wearing a lil pink hello kitty bikini. My favorite. My dad yelled for me, "jay jay your aunt Debbie is here." I ran as fast as i could no towel no changing just wet half nude teen body moving full speed for the front. Seeing my aunt Debbie was so excitting. We hugged and laughed and she commented on how grown up i looked. I told her i am grown up I'm. Eighteen. That's when i saw her friend she brought along. He was an older man mid fifties. Nicely tone and slightly balding. He introduced himself to my dad and I and being the sweetheart that I am I gave him a hug as well saying, "any friends of aunt Debbie are friends of mine." He smiled and said thank you.

We all went into the house and they sat talking while i decided to go change. Upon leaving the room i noticed aunt Debbies friend Charlie looking at my lil wet bubble butt as i walked out and up the stairs.

Changing into a pair of really short white shorts and a white tee i re joined them in the living room. We all chatted about the past and aunt Debbie helped us get more acquainted with Charlie. I was sitting in a chair with my legs up, not noticing that the shorts were open slightly in the leg area. My father next to me and my aunt next to him talked and laughed. Charlie was sitting across from me and as I looked at him i noticed him staring up my shorts. Noticing that i saw him he glanced back at my aunt but i could completely tell what he saw and what he was thinking.

Night rolled around and i decided it was my bed time. I changed into my sleep shorts and hello kitty sleep shirt and gave huggs all around. As i hugged Charlie he told me that it was nice meeting me and whispered that i was more beautiful then my aunt Debbie discribed. Thanking him for the comment i headed to bed. Upon leaving my father said he had to work the next day so to make sure and make Charlie and Debbie feel right at home. I said, "sure thing dad," and headed off to bed.

The next morning my aunt Debbie woke me up early saying, "jay jay im gonna run to town for a couple of hours, Charlies still sleeping he was exhausted from the long drive, but if u need anything text me, I'll be back later." She kissed my forehead and i drifted back to sleep.

I was laying in my bed half asleep when i heard my bedroom door open just slightly. I kept my eyes shut but open just enough to see Charlie peeking in. I was laying in a slight fetal position only half covered. I had no doubt he could see my little plump booty. He opened the door more and just stood there staring. What is he thinking i wondered to myself. I rolled over a little exposing more of my butt careful not to give away that i was awake. He lowered his hand to the bulge in the front of his pants and caressed it gently. Amazed i couldent believe my aunts boyfriend was actually imagining himself fucking me. This turned me on, i mean he's not bad looking and I've always been attracted to older men so this was starting to get my little juices flowing..

Making his way over to my bed i could feel him slide the covers over slightly exposing more of my 4'11" 100 pound teen body, and i could see him tugging on the bulge in his pants a little harder so i rolled over and stuck my ass completely out still pretending to be asleep.i felt his hand caress my butt slightly raising my shorts a little hoping to get a peek at my teen clit. After a little hesitation i could feel his finger slide up inbetween my legs and touch the bottom of my pussy. I flenched a little and he retracted his finger and started to leave the room. I turned and said, "Charlie? Do you need something?" He came up with a quick answer saying he was gonna get some breakfast and wanted to know if i wanted to go, so i answered saying sure just let me get dressed. He turned to leave and i told him to stay and keep me company please. A little hesitant at first he walked over and sat on the bed.

Stepping into my closet i retrieved a small sundress and asked him if he liked it? He told me it was nice so turning away i slipped out of my shorts and tee shirt leaving nothing but my panties on. I looked back and Charlie was in total shock. Smiling i asked, "what's the matter, am i making you nervous? " He shook his head no so i turned and walked over to him. Looking into his eyes i said," you can touch me if you want, i wont tell anyone." I grabbed his hand and put it on one of my A cup breast. Caressing it he moved his mouth to the other, licking my puffy pink nipples.

I sat down next to him staring into his eyes i started unbuckling his pants, and running my hand into his boxers i could feel the hardness of his large member. I stroked it inside his pants as he sat back and watched. He helped me release his beast which was now rock hard standing at attention in front of me. Moving down to my knees in front of him i started double stroking it with both of my little hands staring at him as he moaned saying, "that's it babygirl put it in your mouth." I opened my mouth wide sliding it in stretching my teen jaws wide. Up and down i sucked on his huge dick until he stood up dropping his pants to the floor, taking me by my head and fucking my throte. The deeper it went the harder it got. Tears formed in my eyes from the gagging sensation and when he would pull out strings of saliva would hang from my chin mixed with the salty taste of pre cum.

He took me by the arms in a tight grip lifting me up and placing me on the bed. He was incredibly strong, lifting me was as easy to him as lifting a sack of groceries. Taking me by the hips heraised my legs, removed my panties and started caressing my little shaved pussy. The smile on his face said enough. I knew he liked what he saw and i did too.spreading my legs wide he moved onto the bed in front of me and started rubbing the rim of my butthole. I pulled my legs back as far as they would go exposing my brown tunnel to him fully. He spit on my hole and started entering me with his middle finger. Once to the knuckle he would bend his finger inside my tiny ass in a come here type fashion. The feeling was different then I've felt before. The slight pain was really turning me on.

After a few minutes of fingering he planted his face in my asshole completely bypassing my tiny pussy. Stabbing his tongue in and out of my brown box he licked my ass with an incredible force. I felt like i was in heaven. He licked and sucked my asshole until i felt as if i was going to spew girl juice all over his face. I moaned with complete ecstasy grinding his face into my ass.

Raising up he moved to his knees holding me in the same position on my back legs far and wide. I watched as he took the enormous mushroom head of his cock and lined it up with my butthole. He thrust slightly moving the tip in, but the tightness dident have much give. He smiled at me saying, "that's a tiny little shitter you got there girl, hope i don't hurt you." And before i could say anything he thrust harder ripping my tiny shit tunnel wide and exploding half his cock into me. I screamed as he smiled retracting and slamming into me again shooting a little deeper. It felt as if i had a twenty four ounce can in my asshole. Laying down on top of me he reaced down spreading my ass cheeks and crashed into me again tearing my fleshly teenage asshole wide filling it all the way with this elephant trunk like cock.

He started bucking harder and harder clashing with my young body. The pain was great but the lustful feeling of being dominated by this older man over came that feeling with every plunge i felt his cock drive deeper and deeper i thought to myself, if this thing gets any longer he's gonna be ripping apart my intestines.

Stopping, still fully emerged he sat up spread my cheeks wide and pulled out with a quick FLUMP. The hallow sound plus the amazed look on his face as he looked at my wide spread butthole let me know that my girl tunnel was a distroyed gapping cave. He spit into it but missed the sides completely. I felt it hit the bottom of the cave.

Turning me around he shoved my face into the bed and stood on the floor taking me by the hips and ramming his cock into my asshole again. All the way in. All the way out. All the way in. All the way out. Over and over he repeated this. He took two fingers and worked them into my extremely wet pussy while he did so feeling the tightness of my bald vagina. Reaching down he shoved his moist fingers into my mouth saying, "taste that pussy, taste good huh? You like tasting it don't you?" As he probed my mouth and ass i wasent able to say anything. I tried but it only came out as a gurgling sound. Charlie said, "you're a bad little slut and im gonna fuck you good,"thinking to myself what does he call what he's been doing, i felt him slam hard into my asshole again,slicing into the puffy anal walls like a knife through butter. Holding my ass cheeks he rapidly crammed cock into me over and over. Sweat dripping from his chin onto my back. I bit the bed spread tring to muffle my screams but it was no use my teenage cock tunnel was being demolished and there seemed to be no end coming anytime soon.

Charlie quickly pulled his cock from my quickly tightening anal cavity and turned me over lifting me up into his arms. I strattled him like a child being held by her father, putting my arms around his neck and laying my head on his shoulder. He lifted my ass and slid his cock in. The puffy swolt tissue tore as he slowly slid into me. Thrusting in and out he bounced me like a basketball up and down on his pole not missing a beat. Our bodies intwined sweat mixing from the the exausting workout he was displaying i could feel my asshole getting sore. I knew the next day i would be so brused from this but i dident care i was loving it. Kissing my lips he probed into my mouth with his tongue, still bouncing me up and down on his meat pole, not even close to being finished with the exploration of my little body.

"You smell so good baby, i can smell that little pussy, o that smell is so inviting," he said as he layed me back down on the bed retracting his cock from inside me. I spread my legs wide and felt my asshole. It was swollen like an innertube. Closing up and pulsating. Wiping sweat from his head he sat me up and placed his cock in my mouth i started sucking fast moving it in and out of my mouth. Once again he took me by the head and worked his monster down my throte stopping and holding me there. His pubes tickled my nose, my eyes watered, the oxygen was completely cut off. The tip of his dick was easly touching the bottom of my throte. A gagging sound kept tring to escape my mouth. I needed air. Finally at what seemed like the last moment he pulled out. Air rapidly engulfed my windpipe as i gasped and sucked for oxygen. Spit strung from cock to mouth. He took me by the legs pushing me to my back and laying on top of me he slammed his fully erect flag pole into my unfucked pussy. I screamed as he muffled the sound with his hands. "You felt that dident you little girl? I know you did. Im gonna take from you whatever i want and if you fight its gonna be that much better for me. I like it rough." I wasent going to fight, i was gonna let him have whatever he wanted but with his hands covering my mouth there wasent anything i could say.

He started thrusting into me with all his might. My little pussy dident know what was happening to it. Opening wide for this mammoth invasion he pounded me like an oil rig ripping into my girl hole. He raised up still pounding and still covering my mouth looking into my innocent face. He pulled my legs up and wrapped his arms behind them bringing them way up and placing both big hands around my throte. Slightly choking me he used my neck to slam my body down driving him deeper and deeper into my cunt. "Baby you're so tight i can feel you ripping inside. So warm so soft i think you might make me cum," he said as he piledrived dick bombs into me over and over.

As his speed increased i could feel my juices building and an orgasm developing inside me. My body shivered and pulsated as he said, "you gonna cum baby, yeah i feel you bout to cum for me." Slamming harder and harder i screamed out as he pulled his dick from inside me spread my teen puusy lips with his fingers and watched as i squirted streams of cum. He started fingering me rapidly making my pussy blast over and over. I could feel the wettness running down the crack of my ass and could see the streams of girl juice shoot out of me as he tickled the inside of me.

Not even letting me regroup he plunged his cock back inside of me shoving his wet from pussy juice fingers in my mouth spreading my lips and saying, "taste that little snatch, taste good huh?" I screamed out, "yes," as he dug into me fiercely.

Grabbing me by the legs he pulled my petite body to the floor hard, rolling me over to my back he climed on top and pushed his cock between my butt cheeks. His body weight crushing me he wrapped an arm around my neck and thrust his cock back into my already distroyed completely sore asshole. The pain shot through my body. I screamed which seemed to only excite him more. Thrust after thrust he crushed my teen anal cavity. I reached down spreading my cheeks to help with the massive entrance he was breaking into. I cound feel my ass sleeve extracting with every tug of his cock. His speed kept rapidly increasing. The wetness from when i came still coated my hole. He raised up placing both hands on my head pushing my face into the carpet i heard him say, "here it comes, here it cums, AHHH FUCK HERE IT CUMMS!" And with one last distructive thrust hot milky jizz blasted deep into my asshole. Pound after pound he shot massive loads of cumm into my rectum.

Fully emerged he colapsed onto me. Both of us completely spent. Pulling out he rolled off and layed motionless next to me on the floor. I pulled my legs up to my chest as he sat up, and grabbed the top ass cheek spreading it and looking and my distroyed gaping asshole. As the cum ran out of it he scooped up a glob on his finger and stuck it in my mouth. Staring into his lustful eyes i sucked his fingers tasting the thick salty baby batter that was blasted deep into my asshole.

He stood up and helped me to my feet. My legs were like spagetti. He walked me to the restroom and ran a bath for mr placing me in the tub. Kissing me he headed towards the door, turned and said, "sorry if i got a little carried away, but you have got to be the best I've ever had. Hope everything is ok between us?" I gave him a blushing smile, and he said, "our lil secret?" I shook my head yes as he smiled and left the bathroom.

We never fucked again and no one ever found out about our time together. I still love my aunt Debbie more then anything. Her and Charlie stopped seeing each other shortly after they returned to dallas. So i never saw him again. But ill never forget how great of a morning that was. XoXo

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